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CULTURE CLASH: Stifling the press won’t get the job done, Dr Minnis

We have a media and communications problem in The Bahamas. Some would have us believe this is a reflection of the competence and work ethic of journalists, avoiding their own responsibility.

EDITORIAL: A Prime Minister who waded beyond his depth

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, invited to address the third annual Press Club’s awards banquet Saturday night, seemed to know more about the workings of the foreign press than the achievements of the Bahamian journalists sitting in front of him.

EDITORIAL: When will we say ‘enough’ and protect this land and sea?

ON FRIDAY of last week, The Tribune ran a story headlined ‘Activists’ Fear for Cat Cay.’ The article was accompanied by several colour photos taken from the air a few days earlier showing once-stunning turquoise waters off South Cat Cay in the northern Bahamas clouded by sand and silt.

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WORLD VIEW - Mugabe: a graceful coup

WHEN independence was finally wrenched from Britain in April 1980, Zimbabwe was described as the “jewel of Africa” by Tanzania’s President Julius Nyerere.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Stamp out this post office problem

Once again, this was a busy week of tackling issues in the country.

EDITORIAL: Welcome progress in just a week from government

In these columns last week we took the Free National Movement government to task for a sense of drift that seems to have developed recently despite its good start in office six months ago.

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Time to honour our nation's heroes

History waits for no one and clocks do not stop because a loved one dies. Each time we lose someone who means something special to us in our personal lives we wonder what more we could have done for them before they passed or how we might have acted differently had we known their end was so near.

EDITORIAL: Answers needed on Haitian sloop

When a Haitian sloop came ashore on the southwest coast of New Providence in the wee hours of Sunday morning Bahamians were outraged. How could this have happened? Why did the Royal Bahamas Defence Force not spot and capture the would-be migrants before the boat reached shore?

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CULTURE CLASH: MPs, prove your worth before even thinking about a pay rise

We, the Bahamian people, are frequent victims of the bait and switch. Parties in opposition agree with us, promise to represent our positions, then forget about us once they have consent to govern on our behalf.


LAST week’s church services and ceremonies in Nassau to mark Remembrance Day were conducted with customary solemnity, dignity and efficiency. They reflected, as they always do each November, the fine organisational work of those concerned in producing, with appropriate seriousness as well as pomp and pageantry, a national commemoration of those who perished in two world wars and other conflicts.

EDITORIAL: How to crack the traffic problem

It will not take yet another traffic study to tell us what we already know.

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WORLD VIEW: Time to level the playing field

The absence of meaningful consultation between governments and private sector organisations in the Caribbean is leading to the implementation of externally-driven laws and regulations which will not serve the region well.

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INSIGHT: The time has come for both political parties to stop playing politics with immigration

The Bahamas’ leading human rights lawyer continues his analysis of the Minnis administration’s December 31 deadline for illegal immigrants to leave the country.

EDITORIAL: A Republican rout - but what next?

Last week, most of the attention in the American political world was on the biggest, most significant election of this year.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Many mouths of Minnis

In 2014, the former PLP administration established the parliamentary select committee to determine salary increases for MPs. Needless to say, “nobody was on dey run”. The mid-term timimg for this proposal (as that former administration’s popularity