EDITORIAL: An unforced error ahead of union talks

Stormy waters lie ahead for the government – some of them literally – as it tries to keep on track for its deficit target of one percent this year.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: When it comes to cutting the line, it’s best to know the rules of engagement

We have all waited on a line, especially here in the Bahamas.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The strange, sick case of Jeffrey Epstein and why some people can never be satisfied

The world has watched the Jeffrey Epstein story unfold with the same kind of stomach-churning fascination with which it watched the Charlie Manson murders, curiosity piqued by a failure to understand how someone could do the things he did.

EDITORIAL: How about a living wage, not just a minimum wage?

There was a very quick retreat yesterday from Finance Minister Peter Turnquest after the subject of a possible rise in the minimum wage was broached.

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STATESIDE: Amid conspiracies and crises, a reality check on the world today

It’s so hard to keep everything straight in Washington, DC these days.

EDITORIAL: Plastics law to have teeth - now enforce it

When the ban on single-use plastics was first proposed, we warmly welcomed it in this column – with one caveat: It has to be enforced.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: Let us know when the lights are going off and at least we can plan around it

Bahamas Power and Light held a press conference on Sunday, and while many of us tuned in, none of us have better information that we had before.

EDITORIAL: Have we lost our way just to get shares and likes?

There are times when you wonder about the humanity of some people.

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FACE TO FACE: Rotary needs to change, not just for the sake of it but to make things better

The cover of the international magazine the Rotarian features Barry Rassin and his wife Esther with a group of flamingoes gathered in front.

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PETER YOUNG: The man to deliver Brexit or is Boris just full of flashy hogwash?

In last week’s column, I surmised that Britain was in for an autumn of political disruption over Brexit. The nation has been overwhelmed by this thorniest of issues that has provoked deep divisions and the resulting uncertainty and instability could become even worse.

EDITORIAL: No comfort over BPL’s failings

If the public was hoping for reassurance from yesterday’s BPL press conference, there was little to be found.

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WORLD VIEW: Caribbean contempt of Haitians is shameful

THE response to Haitians arriving in Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries has been lamentable at best and contemptible at worst. They have been treated, for the most part, as pariahs particularly by the ignorant and bigoted.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: My friends tell me that Nassau has more blackouts than a bar full of drunks

WHILE entertaining some of my fellow professional stand-up comedians, who were in town recently, you know libations were a must, so off to the pub we went.

EDITORIAL: It’s time to tell us everything, BPL

“This has gone beyond a crisis. This is an all-out catastrophe.”

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Why violence and hatred are so hard to understand

Let me state this up front. I am not a psychologist and I have absolutely no training in the psyche of anything. Sometimes I don’t even understand why my dog barks at nothing, or nothing that we can see or hear. Just stating all that up front so you don’t have any expectations that what I am about to discuss has any scientific basis whatsoever and is based solely on serious conjecture.