EDITORIAL: Work permits by the numbers

THERE has been a lot of noise lately over work permits – and the prospect of denying permits to businesses if they don’t have an understudy being trained. Well, listen carefully, here comes the sound of the backtrack.

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ALICIA WALLACE: It’s only $100 but its significance means so much

The recent kerfuffle about $100 is almost laughable.

EDITORIAL: Immigration sense or election trail rhetoric?

IMMIGRATION was in the Prime Minister’s sights yesterday – though his target was not always clear.

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FACE TO FACE: Our own Dr King ready to shake the political throne

It takes a lot of guts to start your own political movement. Many people have complaints about the system of government.

EDITORIAL: Last chance saloon for BPL

“THERE will be an end to load shedding,” declared Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) chairman Dr Donovan Moxey in December as the new Wartsila engines were unveiled. How many of us believed him?

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WORLD VIEW: Guyana-Venezuela and international law

GLOBAL attention on Guyana has focused on the current campaigning for general elections due on March 2. Reports indicate a vigorous campaign with the country’s newly found resources in oil and gas very much on the minds of the contesting political parties.

EDITORIAL: Speaker should learn when to speak

The current Speaker of the House, Halson Moultrie, came to his post without the benefit of experience of Parliament.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The culture of power is changing before our very eyes

Through the six decades that I have been writing thousands of published news articles, magazine pieces, more lately columns, I have steered clear of politics and have rarely tapped the overflowing well of famous people whose legacy descends into a downhill slide from grace.

EDITORIAL: Are we prepared for the next hurricane season?

As much as we have talked about the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, we must now turn our minds to a new hurricane season.

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STATESIDE: Is Trump about to lose another loyalist who just can’t take any more?

The latest public spat between US President Trump and one of his key cabinet members has involved a superficially unlikely but perhaps predictable cabinet secretary.

EDITORIAL: We must concentrate on the victims, not the politics

TODAY’S developments in the allegations against Canadian businessman Peter Nygard make shocking reading.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Whispered secrets which tell a much deeper story

Everyone is talking now, just as they were before, but with voices that are a little louder. It almost seems as though there is less fear. Memories are being jogged as stories are spilling and judgments are being made. People are finally saying, in spaces where more people can hear them, that they knew at least a part of what was allegedly happening behind the walls at Peter Nygard’s Lyford Cay home.

EDITORIAL: Marsh Harbour relocation a model for all our futures

Should Marsh Harbour be moved inland?

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PETER YOUNG: 30 years on, we remember Mandela’s walk to freedom

A free man at last. Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa 30 years ago.

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FACE TO FACE: What happened next to Sweet Emily, the Queen of Junkanoo

She was the biggest female name in Bahamian music. Her songs are still played, sung and loved to this day.