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CULTURE CLASH: The climate change threat we cannot afford to ignore

WHEN we talk about climate change, it is often in limited, abstract ways. Climate change is not just about the temperature, land mass, or sea levels. The effects of climate change include economic loss, changes in atmospheric concentration, and cult

EDITORIAL: Bets on Trump not completing his first term

IT IS, paradoxically, so easy to overlook and diminish Donald Trump, despite his ubiquitous presence in the news media worldwide. It seems natural to underestimate and dismiss as a temporary phenomenon this fatuous blowhard who seems so sensationally self-absorbed and disloyal that it is a wonder he has any political allies or even business associates. Trump has proven to be a headline hog who has so debased the office of president of the United States that pundits and casual observers alike still bet privately and occasionally publicly that he will not complete his first term in office.

EDITORIAL: Ragged Island Experiment Opportunity of a Lifetime

Brilliant. That single word describes the plan outlined by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis to turn Ragged Island in the southern Bahamas into a regional model, sustainable island capable of withstanding threats from increasingly powerful storms and providing for its own power and clean water through renewable sources.

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INSIGHT: Lessons learned from Irma

WHILE the Bahamas was largely spared the widespread disaster and damage that the now historic category five Hurricane Irma was capable of, people of the Southern Bahamas – namely Ragged Island and Acklins – are left with the heavy burden of putting their lives back together. This is an enormous task for these families – one they are surely facing with some trepidation.

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YOUR SAY: A chance to change

The 2017 general election has gifted us with a tremendous opportunity to strengthen and entrench crucial democratic principles in the political, social and economic life of The Bahamas.

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WORLD VIEW: Climate change is here to stay

SINCE September 6 when Hurricane Irma, the most monstrous storm that the Atlantic has endured in history, thundered up to the tiny island of Barbuda and devastated it, I have been telling audiences in Washington, DC, and, through the media, to the wider world that Climate Change and global warming are a reality and here to stay.

EDITORIAL: Baha Mar attempts to break bread again

AS IF to make amends for an embarrassing blunder, the much troubled Baha Mar resort prepared dinner Thursday evening for Family Islanders who had been flown to Nassau and housed at the New Providence Community Centre to escape the wrath of Hurricane Irma.

A Comic's View: Mitchell skating on ice

Recently, PLP Senator and former Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell has come under harsh criticism, in the dailies, the talk show circuit and of course social media. FIESTY FRED - It's seems lately Mr.Mitchell is on thin ice socially. Mainly for his post e

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CULTURE CLASH: Nationalism and collective energy

THE past week has been hectic and panic-filled as the country prepared for Hurricane Irma which we expected to impact more islands and people than it did. We rushed to stores to buy food, water, ice, plywood, and all of the other supplies demanded b

EDITORIAL: BPL Finally Powering Up, Police Probe Must Continue

A WEEK ago as massive Hurricane Irma was barreling toward The Bahamas threatening life and limb, this newspaper, other media houses and the general public tore into Bahamas Power and Light for its lack of preparation. Where were the trucks that were supposed to be trimming trees ahead of the storm? Where had they been since the start of the hurricane season? With winds predicted at more than 150mph, fear of a strong storm surge and trees overhanging power lines from one end of the island to the next, we could be facing days, weeks, even months without power if heavy branches snapped and crushed supply lines.

THE DISINFRANCHISED: Back to school - but sadly not for all our children

One of the happiest months of the year for Bahamian parents is September for it means - back to school.

EDITORIAL: The calm before the storm - remain safe

WITH ALL the mind-boggling technical equipment created by man to track storms there is nothing that can outstrip nature’s early warning signals.

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CULTURE CLASH: D-average students aren't the problem - it's us who are failing them

EVERY year around this time, the entire country is frustrated by the BJC and BGCSE results. The “national average” becomes a measure of our worth and indicator of success, both present and future. For the past decade, this “national average” based o

EDITORIAL: Ready or not, here she comes

ON MONDAY, as Hurricane Irma swirled in the Atlantic gathering strength on what appears to be a direct path for the southeastern Bahamas, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis and officials from various ministries and departments held a press conference at Police Headquarters.

EDITORIAL: The final destruction of Baha Mar

IN his statement last week on China’s new restrictions on overseas investments by its nationals, Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Henfield, in reply to a Tribune reporter’s question, said he had not mentioned the position of Baha Mar in his press release because “it is sold and (in the process of completion).”