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A COMIC'S VIEW: Say no man to NOban

Once again - to paraphrase the Red Queen from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass - it takes all the running Bahamians can do to keep in the same place.

EDITORIAL: Brexit’s ripples will reach all the way here

DESPITE the continuing opposition in Britain of so-called ‘remainers’ following a referendum in 2016 in which a small but decisive majority voted to leave the European Union (EU), the process of Brexit is moving forward inexorably.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: We cherish excellence yet tolerate so much that falls short

Like thousands in The Bahamas, we have been glued to the TV since the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang started on February 9.

EDITORIAL: America's easy gun laws affect The Bahamas

AMERICAN politicians seem conflicted as to whether their second amendment right to carry firearms is more important to them than the lives of citizens who are being mowed down by those same firearms in the hands of mentally disturbed persons.

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CULTURE CLASH: Justice for all - it takes work

Social justice is, at the moment, an imagined future where wealth and opportunities are justly distributed. It is a world free of oppression and barriers due to gender, race, class, sexuality, religion, nationality, or all other identity markers.

EDITORIAL: Imagination is first step to ‘fixing’ Grand Bahama

POWERFUL images of hundreds of hopefuls lined up for a government-led job fair in Grand Bahama over the weekend delivered an unmistakable message. Grand Bahama is hurting.

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FACE TO FACE: The Mayor and his raccoons

When I was asked to pay a visit to the man they call “the mayor of Fox Hill” as he prepares to be consecrated to the Bishopric, I wasn’t ready for the surprise. No flashy car and lofty mansion here.

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WORLD VIEW: Firing up a furnace in an igloo – the OAS

A NEW report has been produced on the Organization of American States (OAS), a body that began with ideals appropriate to the geo-politics of the 1940s. Those old ideals were enshrined in a Charter that now traps the Organization and immobilises it.

EDITORIAL: Tug-of-War between Trump and FBI

LAST Saturday had the potential to be one of the great news days of 2018, and it delivered on that promise. In the continuing, deepening battle between Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the US Department of Justice and the FBI on one side and American president Donald Trump and his scarred administration on the other, last Saturday could have represented a home run for either side.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: It’s another fine mess in the House

After a “vote of no confidence” that the governing Free National Movement government shrewdly turned into an amended “vote of confidence”, the status quo remains in the House of Assembly.

EDITORIAL: The increased isolation of America

WE make no apology for returning in these columns to the issue of parochialism in some of the mainstream US media at a time when so many parts of the outside world are in turmoil.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Why Bahamians defy the retirement odds

Many of my friends are of retirement age. But they don’t, retire that is. Why would you choose to work when you could choose to not work, a question that assumes the choice is not based on a need for money, but is strictly a personal one? The question intrigued me so I began to a totally non-scientific study. I asked about ten people, ten being a large enough sample to provide a clue that would have one of two outcomes – reaffirm my guess or be such an eye-opener as to qualify for revelation status.

EDITORIAL: The scandals of Trump's government

READERS with especially long memories will recall the many political or personal scandals which in recent decades have brought down or destabilised parliamentary democratic governments in England, France and Italy among other places.

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CULTURE CLASH: Black Lives Matter - in The Bahamas too

It’s open season, but don’t worry. They’ll only kill the people they recognise, and only if they’re afraid. The Royal Bahamas Police Force is on a mission and no one cares to intervene.

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FACE TO FACE: The singer with words to say about the law

She is a Gospel recording artist who shares her gift at churches and events throughout The Bahamas and the world. She was a school administrator for 32 years, helping to nurture the lives of Bahamian children. Yet Lenora Taylor was treated with such disrespect by police, even in her senior years, that she felt obliged to share her story and call on the leaders of the Royal Bahamas Police Force to ensure the officers who deal with the public act with more professionalism.