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DIANE PHILLIPS: Island hopping, anyone? Kudos to for whetting the appetite – now what?

BY any measure, the Ministry of Tourism’s website,, is breathtaking. Packed with beautiful beaches, dazzling experiences and perfect people, it is sheer eye candy, promising the best of everything in a sun-kissed destination.

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ONE ELEUTHERA FOUNDATION: Opening a path to a brighter future

CONFESSION time - I sat down to write this article and after several hours of skillfully crafting the wording I looked at the sea of words on my screen and scrapped it, deciding to start from scratch. Why you might ask?

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STATESIDE: Special counsel Jack Smith and the Elliot Ness comparison

JACK Smith is Elliott Ness. Or is he? Especially before he grew a scraggly beard, Smith resembled Kevin Costner playing the Treasury Department’s legendary crime-fighter and nemesis of notorious Chicago Depression-era gangster Al Capone, depicted by the peerless Robert DeNiro in 1987’s celebrated movie “The Untouchables.”

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FRONT PORCH – The insurgency of Mia Mottley: 21st century philosophy and vision for national development

MUCH of The Bahamas is stuck in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. During their three terms in office, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and the FNM did much to reform and modernise a backward-leaning and mostly paralysed state creaking with crumbling infrastructure and moribund mindsets.

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DEIDRE BASTIAN: Beware the pitfalls of worker termination

Have you ever been terminated? Have you ever had to terminate anyone?

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ALICIA WALLACE: Another year - another govt failure to advance women

WE ARE rapidly coming to the end of another year that our government has not made the necessary changes to legislation toward gender equality or for the advancement of women.

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FACE TO FACE: ‘Godfather of the Flats’ committed to protecting our natural resources

LONG before climate change, conservation and sustainability became the popular catch phrases that they are today, Prescott Smith was out in the world sounding a clarion call to protect natural resources.

EDITORIAL: The two stories of the FTX collapse

THE story of the collapse of FTX, the crypto exchange that so spectacularly fell apart, is one that is divided into two parts. There is the international story – which primarily affects the customers who put their money into FTX’s hands, and who now join the list of creditors seeking billions from the fallen company.

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WORLD VIEW: Fearless fight for climate fairness

SHOWING all the frankness that he demonstrates in his domestic politics, Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, marched fearlessly like Daniel in the Lion’s Den, when he made several demands in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt where COP 27 is being held.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Open your eyes and see the beauty of foreign in all of us

ON a bright, sunny morning last week, the students, faculty and staff of LN Coakley Senior High in Exuma poured out of classrooms and gathered along the halls and in the courtyard, filling every available foot of open air.

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Dame Dr Doris Johnson should inspire us all

One Eleuthera Foundation

It was a joy and privilege to find this quote in a speech by Dame Dr. Doris Johnson, a surprise archival gem while researching my doctoral dissertation.

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STATESIDE: Trump and McConnell were both right

DONALD Trump was correct. Mitch McConnell was also correct.

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FRONT PORCH: Hubris and the march of folly

It is at once fascinating and disturbing to observe how the lust for power, greed and other blinding ambitions, so often lead to folly and failure. Politicians, businesspeople and others over millennia, though repeatedly warned of their delusions, have pursued courses of action leading to disaster and defeat.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Many ways to meet the need for companionship

SOCIAL media is, and has always been, complicated. The platforms are fickle and the moderation is never strong or swift enough. Open to everyone, these platforms can become chaotic. While we can largely curate our feeds by choosing who and what we follow and like carefully, more and more, we are being exposed to what they follow and like. Many of our feeds are flooded with content we never chose to see, both because we are seeing others’ activity and ads are taking up a significant amount of space.

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FACE TO FACE: Success and challenges for two pharmacy industry forerunners

TWO phenomenal women, both forerunners in the Pharmacy industry in the Bahamas, shared their stories with me this week. We spoke of their journey to success, and the challenges along the way, including the most recent hurdle, which led them to join with pharmacists throughout the country for a shocking one-day closure of pharmacies.