EDITORIAL: US cheek to issue travel warning

IT takes some audacity for the United States to issue a “do not travel” alert for The Bahamas because of the risk of catching COVID-19.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Cocooning in the time of COVID

Staying at home is changing our lives in ways we never imagined. We grew up thinking we had to go to school, get into and through college if we were able, so we could “go out” into the world and find a job and later, when we were old, be able to retire and stay home.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: If the animals could talk to Farmer Minnis

In the days following the outbreak of COVID-19 at the Grand Barn, many areas of the Farm started to deteriorate quickly. Farmer Minnis held a meeting on a Friday and told all the animals that he would lock down the farm for the weekend starting on Saturday.

EDITORIAL: With the national lockdown underway, the real economic risks are being made clear

THE Bahamas Federation of Retailers has warned that this could be “the nail in the coffin” that shuts the doors of a number of companies. With that would go jobs, with more than 22,000 working in the sector.

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STATESIDE: Biden won’t come out to fight leaving everyone guessing who’s going to be standing beside him

It’s pretty clear the dreadful COVID-19 virus is helping Joe Biden in at least two critically important ways as he prepares to battle Donald Trump in November.

EDITORIAL: We must protect our frontline workers

TIME and again during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been reminded of the importance of the work being done by medical personnel – and the need to do our part to help protect those workers.

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WORLD VIEW: Climate change is killing the Caribbean one cut after another

AMID the feverish work to cope with both the public health and economic effects of COVID-19 on their populations, Caribbean governments can be forgiven for dropping their guard against the existential dangers posed by climate change.

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ALICIA WALLACE: We need to take account of all COVID’s symptoms - mental, financial and social

We’ve spent another holiday weekend on lockdown followed by one day to prepare for a two-week nationwide lockdown.

EDITORIAL: The battle for our lives

HIS is the moment none of us wanted.

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PETER YOUNG: A staggering own goal which could cost the BBC dearly

Having written at length last week about its lack of impartiality, I hesitate to return to the subject of the BBC today. Having written at length last week about its lack of impartiality, I hesitate to return to the subject of the BBC today. But it may be worth commenting on what could turn out to be a massive miscalculation on the part of the corporation, since many people depend on Britain’s renowned public broadcaster for reliable information as a trustworthy global news provider and they are interested in how it is faring.

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FACE TO FACE: Ginny’s been peddling the recycling message for years - and it pays off

Bahamians throw away more than $1.5 million worth of aluminium cans each year – cans that could have been recycled and that could have brought money back into the country. With that amount of waste going into the landfill, being strewn across beaches, ending up in the sea and becoming litter on roadsides we have every reason to want to do something about it.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Stupid is as stupid does in The Bahamas

FROM the travelling quarantined, to the new MOH, to the leader of the opposition’s special request, to local “lockdown” rates and a no nonsense judge, it turned out to be quite the week uptown off the farm.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: True tears for a real hero who devoted his life to the struggle for equality

If you watched the moving coverage of the long farewell to former US Congressman John Lewis this week and did not shed a tear, please check the place where your heart is supposed to be.

EDITORIAL: Crime leaving residents still feeling aftermath of hurricane

IN the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, crime was a major concern for residents of Abaco. There were fears over looting, fears over inadequate policing with officers not going out at night with no power meaning no lights on the streets.

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STATESIDE: The third-party candidates who the big boys don’t like at the party

Did you know there were 21 third-party candidates who received votes in the American presidential election of 2016?