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PETER YOUNG: Maintaing Indo-Pacific peace is focus of AUKUS in face of assertive China

WITH the publicity surrounding last week’s San Diego meeting about the AUKUS agreement, I wonder how many people will have recalled one of US President Biden’s famous gaffes. T

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FACE TO FACE: This Women’s History month be inspired, be encouraged and most of all ‘Keep Going’

THERE is power in 11 women coming together to share some of their most personal stories of life’s trials that turned into triumph. It’s liberating for them, and motivating for all who they share their stories with.

EDITORIAL: Human rights report highlights familiar failing

THE prolonged failure to carry out inquests into police-involved shootings has been an issue that The Tribune has long spotlighted – and now it is garnering international attention.

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WORLD VIEW: Can political parties agree social contract for national progress?

AUTHORITATIVE international bodies – among them, the respected Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) – have concluded that “democracy is under both literal and figurative assault around the world.” The countries of the Caribbean have not been exempted from this judgement which is based on more than a decade of studies.

EDITORIAL: The problem facing the Prime Minister

IN backing Education Minister Glenys Hanna Martin, Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis” has given himself a problem.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: New mooring hotspot at Montagu, but are there plans to accommodate?

A STRANGE phenomenon has been taking place in Montagu Bay in recent months, growing exponentially in recent weeks.

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ONE ELEUTHERA FOUNDATION – Food Independence: Plan ahead by preserving your gardens produce

IN MY last article, I wrote about becoming more “food independent” as a nation by growing our own food at home and by supporting local agriculture. I was pleased by the feedback I received from people inspired to start or revive their home gardens.

EDITORIAL: Hanna Martin standing by her words

VERY often in public life, we see our leaders take the politically expedient option.

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STATESIDE: Are recent provocative events a justification for escalation?

YESTERDAY’S headlines reported that Russian military jets damaged an American spy drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday. Two words immediately came to mind: casus belli. That’s Latin for “cause or justification for war”.

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FRONT PORCH: What’s going on at BTC?

IT IS telling and disturbing the number and drumbeat of Bahamians dissatisfied and frustrated with the often poor and inconsistent quality of service by the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC). The number of upset customers seems as voluminous as the white pages of a printed directory.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Acknowledgement of wrongdoing needed in Commonwealth charter

MONDAY was Commonwealth Day, observed by countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, the Pacific, and Europe, and it was the start of a week-long schedule of events. The theme for Commonwealth Day 2023 was “Forging a sustainable and peaceful common future”.

EDITORIAL: The dangerous side of marijuana

THE words of Dr Tameka Johnson-Dames deserve to be listened to.

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PETER YOUNG: Sunak’s EU handling has granted him some authority as ‘a problem-solver’

AS THE international news cycle moves on relentlessly, its spotlight is also always changing. In Britain during the last two weeks, the UK government’s new proposals agreed with the European Union for settling Northern Ireland’s post- Brexit trading arrangements dominated the front pages.

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FACE TO FACE: Reuben ‘Ruppa Pumpum’ Deleveaux, a legendary Bahamian drummer

HAVE you ever heard a Bahamian conch shell blown like a true horn, filled with melodic notes?

EDITORIAL: Cautious reaction to RCI proposal

THE issues surrounding the approval of the Royal Caribbean beach club deal for Paradise Island are not as simple as a yes or a no.