EDITORIAL: Baha Mar - grand show of ‘smoke and mirrors’

IT was indeed a grand affair. At last Baha Mar, scheduled for opening in December, 2014, was open. However, in the context of Baha Mar the word “open” has a very special meaning.

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WORLD VIEW: Iron ladies show gender is not a leadership issue

Modern history is showered with women as political leaders and heads of government. When women first emerged in these roles, it was regarded as “breaking a glass ceiling” - a breakthrough for the female gender in occupying high positions once regarded as the preserve of men.

EDITORIAL: World tensions rise to danger level

WHILE our immediate priority is next month’s general election, the well-publicised current world tensions should be of no less concern to smaller nations than to the major players directly responsible for resolving them.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The Fitzgerald affair simply beggars belief

Now that there has been reporting that our Minister of Education, Jerome Fitzgerald, has been allegedly caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar, some of you have rushed to judgment and declared he should resign.

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The Disenfranchised: Reality of life on the streets in Nassau

Growing up in the inner city (ghetto) I have had the experience of knowing what it is to be living below the poverty line, to have a wall literally separate me from what was considered then as the upper class in this country. I know what it feels like to not belong or be a part of the country I know as home.

EDITORIAL: Behaviour and attitudes at the airport have to improve

THE year was 1981. President Ronald Reagan was only six months into his presidency when America’s air traffic controllers called a strike, demanding higher salaries, a shorter work week and better working conditions.

MENTAL HEALTH OF THE NATION: Love is all you need

THE Bible has been around longer than The Beatles and the concept of love perhaps even longer, but somehow there is agreement on the importance of love.

EDITORIAL: Parties ignoring the looming economic issue place a nation in peril

THE countdown to elections, 21 days away, is driving up the speed and lunacy of promises by the Progressive Liberal Party and threats from the Free National Movement.

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CULTURE CLASH: Our attitude to cyber crime is alarming

Everyone wants to be entertained.

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POLITICOLE: Bahamians pay a high price for proper governance

DEPUTY Prime Minister Davis said the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will win 30 seats in the upcoming general election.

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Mental illness and the health of The Bahamas

“Lunatic, bad head, crazy, they need to be locked up.”

EDITORIAL: Have Bahamians returned to ‘Ten, ten, the Bible ten’?

“LET us by our conduct in the general election campaign that officially starts today prove ourselves worthy of the great democratic traditions of free, fair and peaceful elections that have made our country the marvel of nations around the world,” said Prime Minister Perry Christie in a televised address on Tuesday as he announced the end of the 2007-2012 parliament.

EDITORIAL: May 10 election offers chance of national unity

AT THIS time of the year, celebrating Easter as a time of redemption, forgiveness and hope of new beginnings, and with a general election just around the corner, we return to the theme of good governance and national unity in a modern Bahamas where love of country is too often superseded by selfishness, greed and political divisiveness.

TOUGH CALL: A time for change as May 10 looms large

NOW that the political battle lines for the upcoming general election are as clear as they will ever get - and the election has been set for May 10 - we can take a look at the prospects.

EDITORIAL: Where is the anger over the missing $191m?

BAHAMIANS have an incredible tolerance for official villainy.