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DIANE PHILLIPS: Growing the economy doesn’t happen when you do what you’ve always done

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis set off a maelstrom of misdirected mischief when he announced elimination of duty on pleasure boats, a concept that goes back decades and was intended to come to fruition at least ten years ago.

EDITORIAL: Who gets to claim the sunken treasure?

WHERE there’s gold, there’s a claim to be staked.

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STATESIDE: Flip side of abortion ruling could throw Democrats a lifeline

YOU may revere him. You may revile him. You may just yearn for his disappearance from American public life. But to deny that ex-President Donald Trump was uncannily wise at anticipating emotionally-charged socio-political trends in the thinking of voters in the US is to overlook an important aspect of recent American political life.

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FRONT PORCH: What future lies ahead for the British Monarchy?

BESET by economic woes including rising inflation, low growth and increasing labour unrest - and an unpopular Boris Johnson whom most voters would like to exit Number 10 posthaste - the recent Platinum Jubilee extravaganza in the United Kingdom, celebrating the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, was arguably the sort of gin and tonic that Britain temporarily needed.

EDITORIAL: Gloves are off for Minnis vs Sands

IT’S the FNM fight you’ve all been waiting for… in the red corner, former Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, and in the other red corner, his former Health Minister, Dr Duane Sands.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Turning back the clock for ears and minds that won’t open

LAST Friday, in a 6-3 majority vote, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, the 1973 ruling that a woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion was protected by the constitution.

EDITORIAL: Is this how government speaks to investors?

THE tone of dialogue between the government and the company hunting for treasure from ships on the Bahamian seabed has taken a turn for the worse – and then some.

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PETER YOUNG: This is more than a friendly talking shop but somewhere real work is done

Determining different and interesting topics to write about in this column can be challenging. But today it was a simple task to decide to concentrate on the week-long Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, known as CHOGM, in the Rwandan capital Kigali which ended last Sunday.

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FACE TO FACE: ‘Reaching the lost and reshaping lives’

AS QUEEN Elizabeth II enjoys her Platinum Jubilee, one group in The Bahamas is commemorating the occasion in a special way.

EDITORIAL: Once more, Venezuela touted as a solution

THE price of gas may be around $7 a gallon right now, but Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has a solution, it seems – Venezuela.

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WORLD VIEW: Time is overdue for correcting a foolish wrong

IT IS time that several nations, led in the Western Hemisphere by the US and Canada, correct a foolish wrong. Among those countries are two member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), namely Haiti and Jamaica.

EDITORIAL: Tax for bread but not for yachts?

THIS one is going to be a little hard to justify for the administration.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: A whole lot of hot air and for what?

ON a bright Saturday morning, a short, paunchy man with a ruddy complexion, round face and a cherubic grin climbed the stairs and entered the front door. His personality was as sunny as his name, though I was never sure if Sonny was his real name (I always meant to ask) or if it was because of the role he played. He was one of the mischievous original Little Rascals on TV and screen and for most of his latter years, he made Nassau his home.

EDITORIAL: We need to talk to Cuba

WHEN Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis flew to the Summit of the Americas held in Los Angeles earlier this month, he pointed out a notable absentee. Cuba.

EDITORIAL: Nice words, but what is actually being done?

GLASGOW last year, Rwanda this week, Egypt for the COP27 conference in November … with all this jetting around the world, our climate change problems must be on the way to being solved. No?