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ALICIA WALLACE: Why did this shameful ceremony happen, robbing the dead of their dignity and the bereaved a proper moment to grieve?

When my grandfather died I was out of the country for study. I had planned to return three weeks later, but got the support of my parents and the university to make the necessary arrangements to change the date. It was a difficult time of year because final exams were set to begin in a matter of days. Some people suggested I stay, but others, including my parents, told me to come home if that is what I needed to do.

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PETER YOUNG: Scientists advise but political leaders must make decisions

People who believe in individual freedom in society and regard themselves instinctively as libertarians normally have an innate distrust of authoritarianism, and, in a democracy, they are on guard against any perceived encroachment by the state on civil liberties.

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FACE TO FACE: Shutdown? For Regina, the crisis has opened the door on a whole new audience

Learning how to adapt, learn new skills and become more internet savvy are critical skills to have as we traverse this COVID-19 pandemic.

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WORLD VIEW – The US and Cuba: Caribbean chooses cooperation, not confrontation

CARIBBEAN countries are, once again, being placed in a difficult position as they try to navigate a course between the United States (US) and Cuba – two countries of great importance to them and for each of which they have great respect.

EDITORIAL: Promising signs - but not an end to the lockdown yet

MORE than a thousand people want to head for the Family Islands.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: A bit of common sense and we can unleash at least one economic tiger

This is one of those good news, bad news stories. The difference in this one is the bad news has an easy fix. Here’s how the story begins.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Why it would be worth taking another look at the money in marijuana

As yet another weekend ‘lockdown’ looms, Bahamian unemployment creeped toward a staggering 30%, disgruntled, unemployed and recently laid off Bahamians, continued to wait for relief from NIB.

EDITORIAL: The inequality of the pandemic

SINCE the start of the penalties for breaching curfew, there has been some unease about the application of some of the fines – and two cases have brought that to a head.

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STATESIDE: The great game’s new players - the US and China

Is China in the process of replacing Russia in the political and geo-strategic life of the United States? Are the Americans about to get enmeshed in another decades-long Cold War with a new opponent to joust with in the ring of world affairs?

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FRONT PORCH: Forget the naysayers, Lawrence Rolle’s spirit and joy delivers a message to uplift us all

The late Joseph Campbell, a professor of literature whose groundbreaking work in comparative religion and comparative mythology included the book and companion PBS series, The Power of Myth, recalled an exchange at an international conference in Japan.

EDITORIAL: Who does know the reasons for keeping island closed?

SINCE Sunday’s national address by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, people in all parts of the country – including this column – have wondered why some islands have been allowed to resume commercial activity, yet others have not.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Nothing personal, but sitting in the assembly is not the way to get the job done

It is not unusual to be asked whether or not I have political aspirations or, more directly, told that I need to run in the next general election. This is sometimes an unfriendly challenge.

EDITORIAL: Leave no room for doubt - explain these decisions

NATURE abhors a vacuum. So once said the philosopher Aristotle – and just as it is true in physics, so it is true that human nature also abhors a vacuum.

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PETER YOUNG: Time to stand up to the blacklisters

The recent news that The Bahamas has been included in yet another European Union anti-financial crime blacklist will have been depressingly familiar to many. The subject seems like a never-ending saga in which our nation, as an international financial centre (IFC), is under unremitting pressure from the EU and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to satisfy their forever changing demands.

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FACE TO FACE: Anything is possible - the only limit is imagination

The first time I heard Drew Harmony sing, I was in awe. His voice is smooth and sultry and I was immediately taken back to a time when R&B was in its prime. His buttery yet bold voice made me stop and listen and I have been a fan ever since.