EDITORIAL: Bahamian airlines no longer taxed to fly over our airspace

IT WAS announced by government last week that at long last Bahamian aircraft will no longer have to pay the US Federal Aviation Administration overflight fees to cross its own islands.

EDITORIAL: Heavy price paid for ‘sovereignty’

THERE are varying opinions about the first signs that Baha Mar might be starting to move towards a long delayed opening.

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TOUGH CALL: Why Bahamian beaches are safe from the excavators

EVERY now and then we work ourselves into a frenzy based largely on hearsay and conspiracy theories. Eventually the controversy du jour settles down and is forgotten - until the next time.

EDITORIAL: The Lucayan Sea would truly recognise Bahamian waters

EVERY once in a while, an idea is proposed that makes so much sense you wonder why no one thought of it before. Naming the waters of The Bahamas the Lucayan Sea is one of those ideas.

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POLITICOLE: We want equality, not a celebration of Majority Rule

I had to call in maintenance the other day to check my washing machine.

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WORLD VIEW: The end of ‘wet foot-dry foot’ is a parting gift - for whom?

Tomas Regalado, the Mayor of Miami - long a hot bed for Cuban exiles - has described as a “parting gift” the decision of the waning Obama administration to end the United States’ ‘wet foot-dry foot’ policy toward Cubans seeking entry to the country. The question is: a parting gift to whom?

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Marching in step and out of tune for Bahamaland

This week, between the Majority Rule Day marchers and the We March marchers, there sure was a whole lot of marching going on. But while one group celebrated the past, the other focused their eyes squarely on the future.

EDITORIAL: A young man of principle leads a movement

IT WAS refreshing to hear a young Bahamian tell his followers that they could not expect “an administration to be accountable and follow the law, if we ourselves are not going to follow the law.”

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YOUR SAY: Elections are not won by chance

WITH a general election just a few months away, we are at the dawn of the election season. So, brace yourself to be bombarded with partisan propaganda and visits by candidates seeking your vote, many of whom care very little for you and most of whom you will probably not see again for another five years until they once again solicit your support.

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YOUR SAY: Search for the treasure amongst the junk

The Bahamas received a devastating blow at the end of 2016 with the downgrade to ‘junk bond’ status by the reputable credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s.

EDITORIAL: Murders continue, but the PLP has a plan

NATIONAL Security Minister Bernard Nottage must have been carried away with the wild beat of the junkanoo drums during New Year Day’s Junkanoo Parade when he told our reporter that Bahamians would agree that the PLP government has the best policies to fight crime and improve people’s lives.

EDITORIAL: Foundation started for paediatric health care

ON FRIDAY, Tribune President Robert Carron announced The Tribune Media Group’s establishment of the Aidan Roger Carron Children’s Foundation to make available to our medical profession the latest information, equipment and whatever is needed to assist them in their fight against paediatric diseases in The Bahamas.

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INSIGHT: The real reasons behind ‘passports for sale’

On January 1, “60 minutes”, an investigative programme aired by the US television company, CBS Corporation, ran a segment on “Citizenship by Investment Programmes” (CIP) that are operated by several countries around the world.

EDITORIAL: An uncertain world going into 2017

WITH THE onset of a new year, world politics are now dominated by changes set in train during 2016. All eyes are on America and Russia, the Middle East and the future of the European Union.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Loom and doom and no blessing for mad Bahamian gamblers

We’re barely a week into the New Year and already I’m shaking my head at the actions of some Bahamians. But have no fear, fellow countrymen, because according to social media, blessings ‘loom’.