EDITORIAL: Mixed messaging over virus fight

TO say that there are mixed messages over the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in The Bahamas would be an understatement.

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PETER YOUNG: Special relationship remains whether or not Churchill’s bust stays in the Oval Office

After looking briefly last week at world prospects in the coming months under a new US government, two occurrences encourage me to consider what a Biden presidency might mean for Britain. These are the removal of the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office and last weekend’s telephone call between President Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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FACE TO FACE: A leap of faith put Ren on a path to self-discovery

In the summer of 2018, my husband and I were attending the Bahamas Bridal Show. We were engaged at the time and it was just weeks away from our wedding.

EDITORIAL: Ensure all our children are protected

AFTER the outrage, the action.

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Caribbean-US relations: Chance to merge might with right

EVENTS in Washington on January 20 were a welcome relief and release for the world.

EDITORIAL: Quarantine rule is a disaster for The Bahamas

DEVASTATING. That’s the word Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar uses to describe the introduction of a quarantine requirement for people arriving in the United States.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The light of hope shines again as shameful Trump leaves the stage

ON Wednesday, a huge weight was lifted off the shoulders of the world. Donald Trump left Washington.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: From pandemic to a political soap opera

ONE thing I’ve kept a keen eye on from the sidelines (thanks to the COViD-19 global pandemic) is the soap opera playing out between the current FNM administration and the opposition PLP in regards to the handling of the entire pandemic and the subsequent results.

EDITORIAL: No more violence against children

THE video that showed adults at the Children’s Emergency Hostel beating the youngsters in their care was shocking enough – but yesterday added one further shocking twist to the incident.

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STATESIDE: Honest public service or a time to fill your pockets?

BE honest. What do you really think about government?

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FRONT PORCH: Trump skulked away but America’s difficult days remain

Yesterday’s inauguration of Joseph Biden Jr was welcomed by millions in America and around the world relieved and gladdened at the departure of the most vicious and divisive President in modern America, who incited, fuelled and epitomised the forces of white Christian nationalism, the great original stain and sin of the American Republic.

EDITORIAL: Video shows a brutality that is far too common

THE video showing children being beaten in an emergency care home is shocking in many ways.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Just plain wrong from every perspective, Mr Commissioner

THIS week, the Commissioner of Police reported there were 11 suicides in 2020, up from eight in 2019. He said this was due to people — men, in particular — being “weak”. The suggestion is absurd, offensive and incorrect.

EDITORIAL: Curfews really had no effect on crime, Commissioner?

Nonsense. That’s the word Police Commissioner Paul Rolle uses to describe suggestions that perhaps, just perhaps, the decline in crime last year was influenced by the fact that the streets were locked down in curfew each night for a large chunk of the year.

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PETER YOUNG: Silence in court - hit the mute button: tradition and technology in the justice system

IT was a pleasure to receive again this year an invitation to the ceremony to mark the opening of the new Legal Year. This time, because of coronavirus restrictions there was no traditional service at Christ Church Cathedral nor the usual crowded gathering in the Supreme Court to hear addresses by the Attorney General, the Chief Justice and the President of the Bar Association. Instead, there was a “virtual ceremony” held last week out-of-doors in Rawson Square with limited attendance and live television coverage.