EDITORIAL: Out of control jitneys bring wild, wild west to Nassau

Today marks the end of United Nations Road Safety Week and while Bahamians proved once again to be among the world’s most eager population to sign an online safe driving pledge, one segment of the motoring population apparently did not get the message – jitney drivers.

EDITORIAL: The strange return of Oliver North

Oliver North is back. It is surprising it didn’t happen earlier. In light of what is happening internationally and in Washington DC, North’s re-emergence on the public stage seems almost inevitably appropriate.

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WORLD VIEW – A world less safe: Caribbean not immune

EVENTS affecting Iran, prompted by the May 8 decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw America from a 2015 nuclear deal, may appear irrelevant to Caribbean countries. They are not. One of the first effects will be a rise in oil prices which has already reached $77 a barrel and is forecast to rise higher.

POLICE ADVICE: From playgrounds to the workplace - tackling the bullies

HOW to identify bullying in the home, school, workplace, and cyber bullying?

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A COMIC'S VIEW: What men really mean

In the spirit of fair play a certain subject must be addressed.In past columns, I gave some insight to my younger Bahamian brethren as to what women really mean when they say certain things. If I do say so myself, it turned out to be right on the money, despite the raised eyebrows I received from my female co-workers and threats from my sisters-in-law to be shared out of Christmas dinner in two households.

EDITORIAL: Windrush row rocks British govt

WHILE continuing to concentrate on the complex negotiations about the terms of Britain’s forthcoming departure from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May has been faced recently with a major immigration issue that could damage her politically.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Dear Mr Minnis . . .

Dear Prime Minister, Cabinet, Loyal Opposition . . .

EDITORIAL: The FNM enters its second year

AS the curtain is lowered today on the Free National Movement’s first year in office, the second year opens on a sombre note. High unemployment, a medical and educational system under siege, damage from the last hurricane still to be repaired, and a crippled Treasury, unable to meet the demands of an expectant people, promised much, but who now have to face reality – the cupboard is bare.

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FACE TO FACE: Women without apology, without inhibition - the whole world should celebrate her

We are not short on opinions about Bahamas Carnival. From the announcement four years ago, it was a point of division. Between the Junkanoo vs Carnival debate and the desperate appeals from the church, the event has always been controversial and polarising.

EDITORIAL: Three steps to put Minnis and Co. back on track

TOMORROW The Bahamas will mark the first anniversary of an election like no other – the former governing party tossed out like two-day-old stew fish and the FNM swept in with an unprecedented vote of confidence, winning 35 of 39 seats.

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FACE TO FACE: Straight outta Compton - and around the world

You could have been abandoned as a young child, left to fend for yourself in one of the toughest ghettos in America with crime statistics stacked against you, and you could still rise above them to become an international professional basketball player, making money playing a game you love. That’s the testimony of Mahershal Simonet, a passionate and driven man who is making a difference on and off the basketball court. He is a skilful point guard and shooting guard who has played in some 15 countries around the world; now he is in The Bahamas discovering his roots and sowing positive seeds into the lives of children here.

EDITORIAL: The changing face of diplomacy

Among the many perplexing aspects of the bizarre spectacle that is the Donald Trump administration in Washington, the curious rebirth of the concept of diplomacy is one of the strangest.

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WORLD VIEW: Good journalism is like a toothache: it hurts but it warns

REPORTERS Without Borders (RWB) just released its 2018 press freedom report, and, apart from two of them, the lowest mark for rated Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries is “fairly good”. The worst rated, as “problematic”, are Haiti and Guyana. Jamaica is the only CARICOM country rated “good”.

EDITORIAL: Jeff Lloyd's discipline is overdue

LAST week PLP chairman Fred Mitchell lost his way in the murky world of “right and wrong” when he turned his anger on a government minister who was doing his job by letting certain government employees know that their days of cheating the taxpayers of this country are over.