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FACE TO FACE: Kamala follows in the footsteps of women breaking down barriers

WHEN Kamala Harris is sworn in as Vice President of the United States of America tomorrow, people all over the world will be watching the Inauguration ceremony to witness history in the making. What a proud moment it will be to see a woman of colour take the second highest leadership position in one of the greatest countries in the world!

EDITORIAL: The start of a new era for borrowers

THE arrival of the nation’s first credit bureau is going to be good news for some – but bad news for many borrowers.

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WORLD VIEW: Trump-Pompeo parting shots hurt the Caribbean

AS they are preparing to exit the White House and the State Department on January 20, the outgoing Donald Trump administration has planted some explosives for the foreign policy of the government of Joseph Biden, Jr.

EDITORIAL: Less talk, more action on nurses’ issues

NURSES at the Marsh Harbour Clinic in Abaco had enough of waiting for their concerns to be heard this week.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: What would have happened if the rioters were black?

THERE are moments you never forget. They are seared into your brain as hard-wired as the DNA you were born with. Like November 22, 1963, the day John F Kennedy was shot. I was a freshman at the University of Florida on my way to a chemistry class. A bell rang out, speakers blared, students were running in every direction. I made it into a classroom, don’t remember which, and in seconds everyone – strangers who had never met before – everyone was crying and huddled together in shock and disbelief.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Resolutions hit a speed bump?

OKAY it’s January 15th, 2021, a week since I wrote about New Year’s resolutions and the importance of making the right resolution choices.

EDITORIAL: Building for a future after COVID

IT is difficult to assess the past year in comparison to other years – and that holds true in the court system too.

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STATESIDE: America’s had enough

THE man with the political death wish may have finally been granted that wish.

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FRONT PORCH: Dark religious and political forces in America

THERE is a disturbingly iconic image from last week Wednesday’s violent invasion of the US Capitol Building of a man clad in black abseiling from the public gallery to the floor of the United States Senate.

EDITORIAL: No change for now, says Dr Minnis

FOR a national address, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis did not have a great deal to say last night.

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ALICIA WALLACE: It’s work and it doesn’t matter who is doing it

LAST week, I observed an online conversation about the suitability of migrant and Bahamian workers for domestic work. Someone was looking for a domestic worker and specifically noted they were not interested in a Bahamian employee and listed specific characteristics they did not want.

EDITORIAL: Missed tests show we are not prepared

WHEN Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar discussed in November the rollout of the rapid antigen testing on the fifth day for a visitor in The Bahamas, he advised that It was going to be “a little bumpy”.

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PETER YOUNG: Assange - hero or villain - still slips from US fingers

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange is back in the news again. Not in the American media, which unsurprisingly remains obsessed with the current drama in Washington, but in the UK from where the US government is seeking his extradition to face charges over the publication of thousands of classified documents in 2010 and 2011.

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FACE TO FACE: ‘What you do always speaks louder than what you say’

WHEN a man decides to pick up a pen and write about love, it can be epic. Often, women express themselves and share their emotions more freely. Society has taught males to suppress their feelings which can have negative effects on their lives. Both males and females should be taught to embrace their feelings and become more emotionally intelligent. So, when Adrianna Munnings told me about a man who was willing to bare his soul onto a page in a beautiful way, I wanted to meet him and to hear his story.

EDITORIAL: Are single-sex classes a step forward - or back?

AS the FNM campaigned for election in 2017, then candidate Jeff Lloyd made a pledge. He said if the party was elected, it planned to “immediately” implement a pilot programme to try out single-sex classes.