EDITORIAL: Playing the partisan game

IT’S taken the better part of half a year, but PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis is at least on the verge of tabling his resolution of no confidence in Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Don’t blame us, Mr Johnson

It is, unfortunately, not unusual for Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers to insult the Bahamian people, especially in their bids to excuse their own actions.

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FACE TO FACE: Kayla and her Zontians leading the charge to end violence against women

Why is there violence against women? They are our mothers, sisters… our nurturers and care givers. Why is there violence against girls?

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PETER YOUNG: When politics wasn’t a dirty word and rivals showed respect

With election fever in Britain building up towards polling day on December 12, this is perhaps a good moment to reflect on parliamentary relationships of the past compared with the deteriorating quality of modern-day political discourse, group values and affinities.

EDITORIAL: A good step - but short-term problems persist

With the prospect of shelters closing by the end of the year, an obvious question arises: Where will people go?

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WORLD VIEW: Term limits for Prime Ministers – unlikely and maybe unnecessary

A DEBATE has now started in parts of the Caribbean about whether there should be term limits for Prime Ministers. The debate arises from the view that longevity in office leads to abuse and to the suppression of challengers both within political parties specifically, and the political system more generally.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: We can be thankful we’ll always have laughter

SEEING how my Cowboys lost yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I could easily practice my ‘Grinch’ routine early, but I won’t. Instead, I’ve decided to laugh it off, because if I don’t laugh, I’m most certainly going to cry.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Leave our debt for another day - we need to spend to fight off climate change

Like most folks, I hate to owe anything to anybody. I feel a sense of supreme satisfaction paying off a credit card. I even enjoy paying bills (except BPL which infuriates me), but as I said, knowing that I’m momentarily debt-free and what I earn is what I get to keep - at least until the next bill comes along - provides a good-all-over feeling.

EDITORIAL: Questions over failed prosecutions

First, the Frank Smith trial ended with him walking away a free man, and now the Shane Gibson bribery case has ended the same way. Both men are not guilty, both cases leave questions for whether the charges should have been brought in the first place based on the evidence that prosecutors presented.

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STATESIDE: Pardoning a disgraced Seal - cynical or genius?

Thanksgiving morning in the United States has for the past 30 years been preceded by the charming ritual of the American President “pardoning” a couple of fat, healthy turkeys from becoming someone’s holiday feast. The president, with his wife at his side, usually pats one of the turkeys, cracks a joke or two, and the photo op is over.

OP-ED: We can't send people back to damaged, poor homes

Mr Frankie Campbell, Minister of Social Services, pictured, is a very compassionate and caring individual. I understand clearly his desire that individuals who are still housed in shelters need to get back to their homes. However, what is the conditi

EDITORIAL: Who is talking to US officials?

THE new travel alert from the US Department of State for The Bahamas prompts a question or two.

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ALICIA WALLACE: When women at risk become even more vulnerable

Monday marked the beginning of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence and was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. We all know the numbers. One in three women experiences violence in her lifetime. Though they may not have shared their stories with us, we all know people who have been affected by gender-based violence, having experienced it themselves or witnessed it.

EDITORIAL: When it comes to climate change, we really have to try

JUST 11 days ago we asked here how serious the government was when Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said nations needed to intensify their response to the threats from global warming.

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OP-ED: We have to act TODAY . . . before the planet is in real trouble

We are doing nowhere near enough to limit climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are rising when they should be falling. Countries need to urgently increase action or we will face a future of rising seas, extreme weather events and increased human misery.