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WORLD VIEW: Transparency vital in passport and residence programmes

THE global US television company, Cable News Network (CNN), broadcast the first part of a programme on February 8, alleging the sale of Venezuelan passports to Iraqis and others through the country’s Embassy in Baghdad. The programme suggested that it is possible that terrorists might have been among those alleged to have bought passports.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The inevitable breakup of Branetta and spoilsport academics

Another week, another round of crazy thanks to politicians and (surprisingly) professors alike. To be blunt, quite a few people with high profile platforms were “talking fool” over the past few days.

EDITORIAL: ‘Bring ’em in, suck ’em dry and throw away the husk’

LAST YEAR, we wrote two editorials, each inviting Prime Minister Christie to tell Bahamians whose side he and his government were on in the dispute between Baha Mar developer Sarkis Izmirlian and the Beijing owned EXIM bank and its construction company.

EDITORIAL: Let the Dames Games begin

FORMER Deputy Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames, now a Free National Movement candidate for the Mount Moriah constituency, released a detailed plan over the weekend to “save the country” from the scourge of crime that has Bahamians looking over their shoulders, living behind burglar bars or gated communities and wondering every day if this will be the day their luck runs out.

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POLITICOLE: FNM’s crime plan leaves too many questions unanswered

An ignorant and very idiotic person once referred to me as an Eastern-Road type. I was too down-to-earth, he insinuated, to be of Lyford Cay or Old Fort Bay ilk, or some other part of the island he had racially profiled to be the home of lighter-skinned people.

EDITORIAL: Crime continues - where does the blame lie?

WE ARE 36 days into the new year and already 19 Bahamians are dead and several others are in hospital fighting for their lives.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Debunking the myth of exchange controls

THE Central Bank continues to ease exchange controls. This is a good thing. However, I again ask why the fear of completely removing exchange controls?

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Halkitis + Fitzgerald = fuzzy math

BACK in the nineties, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham gave us one of those great, immortal Bahamian political quotes: “I say what I mean, and I mean what I say!”

EDITORIAL: It’s time for the Opposition to get its act together

WITH only three months away from a general election there is no unified opposition to challenge and defeat a government that does not deserve another five years in power. Already on the brink of disaster, five more years of PLP-ism will be the death knell of a Bahamas that we once knew.

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NASSAU LIFE: Painful numbers for The Bahamas

TYPICAL Bahamians, like citizens everywhere, take little interest in the numbers underlying their country’s successes - or failures.

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TOUGH CALL: Opposition forces must tap into popular outrage

AS we head into the second month of 2017, the political battle lines for the upcoming general election are becoming clearer.

EDITORIAL: Four key points for true freedom of information

FIVE YEARS after we were promised that legislation would be enacted giving the Bahamian people the right to information about how our money was being spent, how contracts were being awarded, the status of our applications for Crown Land, we still have no Freedom of Information legislation.

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POLITICOLE: Lost messages amid the sound and fury

I watched bits and pieces of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) convention because I have to see and hear things for myself - but that was pretty much all I could stomach.

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Your Say: Media must act honestly and responsibly for good of the country

Mass communications in The Bahamas has become one of the most lucrative professions. In a world where everything is so desensitised, the country must hold its journalists and media personnel responsible for its woes and successes.

EDITORIAL: Are Bahamians being taken for a political ride?

AVOIDING their annual party convention for the past eight years, and after much to-ing and fro-ing as to whether one should be held at all, the PLP settled on a well-orchestrated, fun-filled event just four months before the deadline for the general election.