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A COMIC'S VIEW: Our Prime Minister, King of the Selfies

OUR Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis craftily, and without providing details, on the actual cost of his recent trip to the United Nations’ 73rd General Assembly, did manage to get some awesome “selfies”. Minnis did, however, table in Parliament a lis

EDITORIAL: Why powers must be separated

TO many foreign observers, the ugly spectacle of the current US Senate nomination hearings for the Supreme Court being shamelessly politicised yet again makes a mockery of America’s democracy.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: That eureka moment in Exuma

At 3:30 yesterday CNN interviewed a man named Jeff Todd about a phenomenon called swimming pigs. Todd lives in his native Canada these days with his wife and twin daughters. He is in his early 30s, a former Nassau Guardian business editor, AP contributor, prolific journalist, author of three books and, of late, a serial Exuma promoter whose fascination is with the swimming pigs.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Time for a different tune than our brand of one-note tourism

We watched another one bite the dust on Monday, over and over again. It instantly became a where-were-you-when moment. The videos and pictures seem endless and I imagine people return to them to experience the thrill, again, of what was once Crystal Palace crumbling before their eyes. It is not often we see demolitions in The Bahamas, so this was quite the spectacle. As the dust settles, many people are sharing memories of Crystal Palace, from teenage sleepovers to working night shifts. The demolition, as some have said, was the end of an era.

EDITORIAL: Goodbye, Mr Nygard – 34 Years is Enough

LAST Friday, Deputy Provost Marshal Tommy Sands accompanied by a team of police officers seized the Simms Point/Nygard Cay premises of Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard, ending a nearly two-day standoff that some called unprecedented and shocking. Those who were appalled that Nygard’s staff managed to defy the third highest-ranking security officer of the land for the better part of two days, refusing him entry despite an order from the highest court in The Bahamas, should not have been surprised.

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FACE TO FACE: A voice falls silent, one which made us all so proud

It was difficult for me to accept I had to write this edition of Face to Face posthumously. I had every intention of interviewing Audrey Dean-Wright in person. I had already told her as much. I was excited and, when I started writing this column, I let her know that it would be my honour to tell her life story – one so fulfilled I hadn’t even figured out how I would compact it into a single page. But I knew it was necessary, because so many great Bahamians who have contributed so much don’t have their stories told… they are not celebrated enough.

EDITORIAL: A high stakes game with the Supreme Court the prize

WHAT is really at stake in the great political circus now playing in Washington, DC?

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WORLD VIEW: Gay people are citizens too

A REGRESSIVE 19th century law, that is a legacy of British rule, continues to exist in ten of the 12 independent Commonwealth Caribbean states.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Looking out for brothers under modification

EVERY neighbourhood, food Store and mall parking lot has them. Fish Fry and Potters Cay Dock may be the factories from whence they came.


CRITICISM of the educational system in this country is never-ending.

PETER YOUNG: EU standoff as Britain needs a trade deal

WHILE Britain’s departure from the European Union in March next year is fast approaching, Prime Minister Theresa May’s government is still embroiled in negotiations about the nation’s future economic relationship with the bloc after Brexit – a term now firmly in the modern lexicon.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Why we love to see the Tiger roar again

I first noticed this strange phenomenon when working at the National Enquirer and its sister paper, the now-defunct Weekly World News. We humans are like passengers. When a new celebrity or sports hero appears on the scene we climb onboard, celebrating their talent, commenting as if we were experts on their particular skills. We watch them perform, applaud for them.

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BUSINESS BITES: Bahamians become foreign investors while BISX slumbers

Suddenly, Bahamians are becoming more aware of the vast universe of investments percolating in securities markets beyond our shores.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Living in the minefield of how women are expected to behave

After being found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Constand, Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years yesterday. Prosecutors and defence attorneys agreed to merge the three counts to one sentence. Cosby’s attorney had asked for house arrest given his age and legal blindness.

Beijing and The Bahamas - a developing story

As important members of emerging economies and the developing world, Latin American and Caribbean countries play major roles in safeguarding world peace and development. Though far apart from each other, China and Latin America and Caribbean countries have a long history of friendship, dating back to the 16th century - by means of “The Manila Galleon” - when China started trade exchange with Latin America and the Caribbean countries.