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A CARIBBEAN PERSPECTIVE: Tax rules we can’t meet, unity we must not avoid

The financial services sector of Caribbean jurisdictions - and other parts of the developing world - have been under continuous assault by the European Union (EU) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) since the mid-1990s.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: What are we waiting for?

I can’t remember when I wrote my first article on the renewal of Bay Street. Nor can I remember how many times I have written on this subject. The answers are, however, long ago and very many times.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: For all the words I’ve loved before . . .

Every time I hear the Willie Nelson song “For all the girls I’ve loved before”, I find myself transposing the word “words” for girls. I am not sure why and it probably doesn’t matter. I am not denouncing the right to love girls and Willie has my blessing. Personally, I have loved a few myself – my daughters and granddaughters and had I thought of my late mother as a girl instead of a mother, I would have included her.

EDITORIAL: Tougher legislation against poaching overdue

ON Friday of last week, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Michael Pintard announced in Grand Bahama that legislation was going to be introduced with stiffer penalties for poaching, the illegal taking of fish, conch and crawfish from Bahamian waters by non-Bahamians or non-Bahamian owned vessels.

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FACE TO FACE: A voice full of soul and spirit

When I sit down face to face with people from all walks of life to interview for this column, the greatest impact usually happens during the interview; some “aha” moment when I understand someone’s purpose or vision, or when I am inspired by their story.

EDITORIAL: Lessons to learn from America’s northern neighbour

There are many who feel the United States is the luckiest nation in modern history. Blessed by benign geography, the distractions of European powers during the nation’s infancy, an abundance of natural resources and the geopolitical latitude to stumble often in establishing a workable democracy, the US can hardly deny its good fortune.

EDITORIAL: Here’s hoping for Oban 2 - but why would Dhunna & Co give up what they’ve already got?

THE sorry saga of the Oban Energies deal rumbles ever onwards – and a most curious tale it is too.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The generation gap

A few weeks ago, I found myself at a barbecue at a friend’s house, enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon. 

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BUSINESS BITES: Bahamas Property Fund - what’s next?

NO one can tell how many investors hold, directly or indirectly, an equity position in this BISX-listed company, but they all must have a headache after a quick glance at its recently published financial statements for the year 2017.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Super Value made a mistake but they can still put it right

Last week, Super Value president Rupert Roberts said the company will no longer provide enhanced maternity costs. The company practices a form of self-insurance, setting money aside to cover medical costs rather than engaging an insurance company which could cost more money. It has decided to discontinue maternity payments it makes which are on top of the statutory requirement in order to have more money available for catastrophic illness and life-saving treatment.

EDITORIAL: A property tax which rewards neglect

VISITORS to Nassau ride through the historic city wide-eyed, awed by the lines and bones of its architectural heritage and appalled at the number of buildings with holes in the roof or no roof at all, decorated with unsightly graffiti and begging for attention.

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FACE TO FACE: A woman with fashion in her blood

I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I came upon the work of this Bahamian designer. I was in awe. I followed her immediately. Since then, I have had many a jaw dropping and breathtaking experience seeing another one of her creations pop up on my timeline. Even her business name is a cut above – Remilda Rose is a name attached to some of the most beautiful garments to touch red carpets and turn heads in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: A bumbling buffoon but could Trump win again?

HISTORIANS will certainly have their hands full with the legacy of Donald Trump. Just when it seems he cannot do anything more outlandish, selfish or just plain stupid, he surpasses himself. His performance in meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland last week almost seemed to be an attempt to exceed his own previously well-documented witlessness. It must be admitted that if that was his intent, he was successful.