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WORLD VIEW - Inglorious Empire: Parallels of Indian and West Indian exploitation

The yearnings for power and wealth of the stone-cold dead British Empire echoed amongst the older generation throughout the shires of Britain during the ‘Brexit’ campaign.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Closing the lid on Christie and his toilet party

There is an old Bahamian saying “Cut skin ain’t got no owner”.

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Mental health of the nation: Personality disorders

What makes you who and what you are? Where did your personality come from?

EDITORIAL: Today Bahamians decide their government

IT is indeed a tragedy when a people become so devoid of moral fibre that they can no longer distinguish between right and wrong.

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TOUGH CALL: Tourism officials feel the heat from Fyre Festival chaos

SOME may recall a parody celebration called Festivus from the 1990s American sitcom, Seinfeld. It included a feast, feats of strength, and the labelling of ordinary events as miracles.

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POLITICOLE: Young Bahamians matter most in tomorrow’s General Election

My grandmother passed away in January, 2004. In the 2002 general election, she chose not to vote.

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The Disenfranchised: Fatherless, on the streets and drifting into gang life

IN the ghetto/inner city, the stories are similar but yet each has such distinct details which makes them so interesting.

EDITORIAL: Bahamians can’t afford short memories in this election

“THE short memories of the American voter is what keeps our politicians in office,” quipped American humorist and actor, Will Rogers.

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WORLD VIEW: Debt strangling a Caribbean generation

There is a real prospect that, in dealing with unsustainable debt, 11 of 13 Caribbean small states will have lost the first three decades of the 21st century and foregone opportunities for poverty reduction, transformation and growth.

EDITORIAL: Voters deluded if they choose failed PLP again

BY THIS time next week, the outcome of the general election will be known and the die will be cast. Either this country will be condemned to five more years of the same old tired and corrupt politicians of a flawed Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government or we shall be embarking on a different and hopeful path with new political faces leading us perhaps to a better, less corrupt, more honest and more prosperous future.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Perry shuffles awkwardly as Papa grabs the limelight

As Bahamians prepare to head to the polls, all of the major parties are now pulling out all the stops to win come May 10.

EDITORIAL: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Trump’s first 100 days

DONALD Trump is on the back foot now, scrambling as his presidency hits the 100-day mark to build some record of fulfilling campaign pledges in the wake of repeated setbacks and failures.

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Mental health of the nation: Madness and the minds of leaders

Imagine one morning you arrive at work to find that your boss has gone completely mad.

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NASSAU LIFE: Too close to call for a man and his people

POLLS have proven unreliable in forecasting ‘Brexit’ in the UK and Trump in the US, and here in the Bahamas, amazingly, we don’t even have them.

EDITORIAL: The real reason Fyre Festival went up in flames

IT IS easy to blame organisers for the debacle that was supposed to be a glam-packed Fyre Festival and instead went up in flames, becoming the non-event, empty tent city with pictures that went viral and fury heard round the world.