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The Way Forward Part 2: Party Structure and Governance

FROM October 2016 to January 2017, my campaign team and I undertook a listening tour amongst stalwart councillors, branch officers and delegates of the PLP in New Providence, Abaco, North and Central Andros, Bimini, Cat Island, Grand Bahama, Eleuther

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TOUGH CALL: The PLP is being held back by the same old guard

AFTER thanking Perry Christie, the Progressive Liberal Party and his erstwhile constituents in Fort Charlotte for their support, Alfred Sears attempted to define “the way forward” for his party and the country.

YOUR SAY: The Way Forward, Part 1

THE defeat of the Progressive Liberal Party by the Free National Movement in the general elections on May 10, 2017, ironically, provides a watershed opportunity for the oldest political party in The Bahamas to reflect, refresh and rebound.The dramat

EDITORIAL: Russia and health care dog Trump's presidency

DONALD Trump’s presidency seems so profoundly chaotic and different that it is hard to imagine it somehow fitting into any kind of pattern, either domestically within the United States or in the contemporary world. Perhaps the passage of time may yet weave this administration into some kind of coherent fabric. But for now it still looks dismayingly unique.

EDITORIAL: Historic Nassau - a city in desperate need of saving

WHILE a mostly jubilant public is still congratulating itself, gloating over the vote to throw out the reigning Progressive Liberal Party like a 78rpm vinyl record missing its cover, the clock is ticking quietly and dangerously on one of the most critical issues of the day.

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View from Afar: A gold mine in the sky

The Bahamas, like other tourist destinations in the region, earns income from sun, sand and sea. There is however another ‘S’ from which we can earn. That ‘S’ is the Sky. We have more sea and sky than we have land mass. From the sea we reap benefit

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YOUR SAY: Why female empowerment is key to alleviating poverty

Women are seen as an important part of the international development agenda and as a large contributing factor to the Bahamian informal economy. There are more women who participate in the informal economy and they account for the sustainability of

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Great expectations

According to the newly elected Free National movement (FNM) government, ‘It’s The People’s Time!’ Now that we have settled into ‘The People’s Time’, based on commentaries I’ve heard and read online I’m convinced the coming term will be either an era

The people have spoken

The race is over and the dirt has settled. Some are happy, others are sad. But the Bahamian people have spoken. They sent a clear message - "We are in charge". History has been made.

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THE DISENFRANCHISED: Lack of separation meanseach of us is a victim of crime

I'm sitting here contemplating on how to start this column (well, it started the night before) and wondering how do I approach this? How do I convey the barrage of information I have been receiving these past two weeks?

EDITORIAL: How social ties make us resilient to trauma

THE suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night has claimed at least 22 lives.

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TOUGH CALL: What to do about ZNS - again?

Another election, another pledge from an incoming administration to transform the fortunes and purpose of ZNS. What, if anything, has changed in five years since this column, reprinted from May 30, 2012?

EDITORIAL: Stop saying sorry - now seize the day

THE Bahamian public is still feeding off the recent election like a remora sucking nutrients from the underside skin of the shark’s belly.

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VIEW FROM AFAR: Now let’s get back to business

VIEW from Afar took a break during the recent elections. This was because, as a long time resident but not a citizen of The Bahamas, I did not want any opinions put forward to be interpreted as being politically partisan.