EDITORIAL: Money now, but a headache later?

The announcement of a tax amnesty by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday might sound good for those who can take advantage of it – but look a little deeper and it’s a bad sign for the state of our country.

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FACE TO FACE: From slave martyrs to an African Queen - Bahamian women to be proud of

The month of March is celebrated internationally as Women’s History Month.

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PETER YOUNG: Can judges really remain impartial?

One particular decision of Britain’s Supreme Court caught my eye last week.

EDITORIAL: Lost in bureaucracy

More than ten years ago, Bahamian Stafford Lightbourn married his wife, Sharon Lewis-Lightbourn.

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WORLD VIEW: US–Cuba normalisation could increase production of COVID-19 vaccines

IF US President Joe Biden eases the trade embargo against Cuba, one benefit to developing countries, including the Caribbean, could be greater access to coronavirus vaccines at an affordable price.

EDITORIAL: What is being done to help women shine in politics?

THE issue of women in politics has been in the air lately – and has been brought back to the surface by the departure of Lanisha Rolle, who was the only woman serving as a minister under Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Every little bit of care helps in the life of a single mom who lost her job to COVID

If you want to measure the impact of COVID-19, you can find it in the bare cupboards at Alysha’s apartment. Or the empty space where the refrigerator used to go before she had to sell it to help keep a roof over her children’s heads. The signs of the pandemic are everywhere in this space – the stove parts on top of the pulled apart appliance that only needs $153 to make it work again, but right now in Alysha’s world, $153 might as well be a thousand.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Time to say bye, Lanisha

This week, we said goodbye to a minister, learned a new medical term, and prayed for a former Prime Minister.

EDITORIAL: Say a prayer for former Prime Minister

THERE comes a moment when political rivalries must be set aside – and the news that former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has COVID-19 is one such moment.

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STATESIDE: To Rush Limbaugh it was all so simple - most Americans just don’t like the Left and Democrats

Rush Limbaugh died last week. A defiant cigar smoker, he died at the age 70 from lung cancer.

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FRONT PORCH: Keep your world big and open!

A beloved late mentor often advised and enthused: “Keep you world big!” He was referring to cultivating one’s mind and heart and having an expansive and open consciousness and spirit.

EDITORIAL: Questions remain after Lanisha Rolle’s departure

THE story of Lanisha Rolle’s time in the public eye has been, it’s fair to say, a turbulent one.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Serena has nothing to prove even if she doesn’t lift that 24th crown

Last week, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka met again at the Australian Open. I have always been #TeamSerena.

EDITORIAL: Time to catch up with rest of the world

WHO wants a national televised debate for the next election?