The benefits and pitfalls of becoming an entrepreneur

Some people identify from an early age that they were meant to become an entrepreneur, while others find themselves starting a business due to life changes such as parenthood, retirement or losing a job.

FRONT PORCH: The ghosts of vicious colonial and racist mindset endure

There is a racist and colonial mindset born of European imperialism that endures.

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WORLD VIEW: It’s time the UN Security Council acts to stop the killing in Gaza

THE escalation of violence in Gaza by Israel has prompted a global outcry, marking a rising disgust, particularly among the young, of what is widely regarded as a hugely disproportionate response to the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

GAIN AN EDGE - Michael Bowleg: Focused on a sustainable future

INTERNATIONALLY, April is recognised as Earth Month with environmental celebrations and education culminating on April 22, Earth Day.

Civil society: The cornerstone of democracy and progress

IN its broadest sense civil society is all the people, places, and things functioning in a civilised society.

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WORLD VIEW: Thirsty future? Urgent action for Caribbean and Latin America

IN the face of escalating global environmental challenges, water scarcity and water stress have emerged as critical issues that threaten the livelihoods and well-being of millions of people.

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GAIN AN EDGE – Sophia Walker: BTVI helping to boost and enhance employment skills

IT has been over ten years since Sophia Walker began serving on Programme Advisory Committees (PAC) of the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).

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DIANE PHILLIPS: The road to Olympics relays runs through The Bahamas

IN the days and weeks leading up to May 4-5, hundreds of athletes will descend upon The Bahamas for the World Athletics Relays Bahamas. As of this week, athletes from 54 countries had registered. One estimate projected the final number of competitors would exceed 1600. And that does not include coaches, trainers, medical staff, therapists, event support staff, family, friends and camp followers.

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ERIC WIBERG – Palowna & Orestes, 1826 Spanish slavers wrecked in The Bahamas

MANY slave ships met their end in the Bahamas, but not many know of an awkward period between when Britain outlawed the trade in slaves in 1807, and slavery itself, in 1834.

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STATESIDE – Southcom commander on Haiti intervention: ‘Not right now’

LAURA Richardson is only the second woman to hold 4-star rank in the US Army. And she is the first female commander of the US Southern Command.

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FRONT PORCH – Collective responsibility: The Bahamas Prime Minister is not Chief Executive

WITHOUT appropriate language we cannot conceive, understand and communicate ideas and values. It is important that we get our language right. We often get our language and our thinking muddled and just plain wrong in constitutional matters.

EDITORIAL: BMW purchase bad optics as many struggle

A photograph of a receipt caused a stir on social media at the weekend – a receipt for a car for the Prime Minister.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Focusing on the needs of women in poverty

THE 68th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is now in its second week in New York City.

EDITORIAL: Sustainable peace needed in Gaza conflict

A MESSAGE was sent to The Tribune’s managing editor recently, asking just one question – what is The Tribune’s position on Gaza?

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FACE TO FACE: Vylma, an educator and a leader

VYLMA Thompson-Curling is an absolutely beautiful, quick-witted, and joyous woman with nine decades of wisdom to share. She has helped to shape her nation into a better place as an educator, administrator, and community leader.