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STATESIDE: Trump’s troubles aren’t just in the White House

Want to hear some more about Donald Trump, Robert Mueller and Bob Barr?

EDITORIAL: Citizenship changes must clarify for both sides

PROPOSALS to make changes to citizenship and immigration laws in The Bahamas have already caused some concern – not least among those who are directly affected by the changes to come.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: Schools have to get in the fight to protect our students

Fights happen in schools all the time. I went to a high school known for its Christian mandate and inflexibility.

EDITORIAL: Two steps forward, one step back

Just when we thought things were looking up for Grand Bahama, the island suffers another blow with the collapse of a crane working on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship at the shipyard.

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THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: Mother of Parliaments? Rather the mother of all messes

Since Britain’s departure from the European Union is causing political upheaval in a nation divided on the issue, it remains top of the news agenda. So, reluctantly, I am covering Brexit in this column for a third week running. This time, while mentioning the latest developments splashed daily across the British and European media, a brief look at the background that has led to the impasse might be interesting.

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FACE TO FACE: A childhood dream to give a life of service

Reverend George Bodie is a prime example of the truth that your circumstances in life do not have to define the outcome of your life. In times like these with violence and crime on the rise and with inner cities constantly threatened by gang activity, Rev Bodie shares his path to a life that is one to be proud of.

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Rooms with a view - but not this big

A proposal is before the Department of Physical Planning to build a resort complex to be called The View Love Beach on a 7.4-acre site on Love Beach.

EDITORIAL: Lucayan deal brings back the magic

The Grand Lucayan Resort saga seems, at last, to have a happy ending in sight.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: Ask people what they need then maybe we’ll have the right answers

The Economic Empowerment Zone programme launched in the Over-the-Hill community seems to be going nowhere fast with only 17 applications for concessions. It is perplexing that this was presented as a poverty alleviation initiative given its emphasis on businesses rather than households, individuals and vulnerable communities.

EDITORIAL: The challenge of tackling knife crime

THE death of student Perry Louis in a stabbing yesterday is a tragedy that will resonate with every parent across the country.

EDITORIAL: A little more substance please, Dr Minnis

LAST night was the second of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ national addresses – and while we welcome any increase in communication from the government, we do wish there was more substance to what he had to say.

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FACE TO FACE: A life lived helping us all learn

Why is it that all librarians are similar in personality? I am not referring to the misconception of a fussy old person who hates noise. I am talking about the trend of librarians being level-headed, helpful, resourceful, friendly people with a quiet spirit and gentle demeanour. Dorcas Bowler is the epitome of that description.

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PETER YOUNG: Is this the end game? God knows how it’s going to play out

While it is essential to vary the content of this column, the massively controversial issue of Brexit is reaching a climax so this is a follow-up to last week’s report on the subject.

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WORLD VIEW: Caribbean in no one’s backyard

PJ Patterson, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, recently observed to an attentive audience in Washington, DC that: “We of the Caribbean should never allow our strategy to be dictated or determined by anyone else”, adding that “we live in no one’s backyard”.