EDITORIAL: Changing mindsets to give us our pride back

Nassau is dirty. Except in rare meticulously maintained areas like Baha Mar Boulevard, the lack of respect for surroundings hits us smack in the face at nearly every turn. Litter-strewn sidewalks. Overgrown vacant lots dotted with abandoned vehicles. Old fridges and used mattresses tossed in bushes. Random snipe signage in the ground, hand-scrawled cardboard signs begging for business nailed to trees.

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BUSINESS BITES: Trump may have won a battle with Kavanaugh appointment but could end up losing the war

At long last, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has moved up the final notch in the US judicial hierarchy to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, from obscurity through tears, rage and notoriety to uneasy success. In the rancorous confirmation debate, all but two senators voted along strict party lines.

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WORLD VIEW: Strongman-ism in the House of the Americas

In one year and eight months’ time the present holder of the Office of Secretary-General of the Organisation of American States (OAS) will end his current term. Judging from his recent utterances, Luis Almagro, might not offer himself for a second term although he has not said so specifically.

EDITORIAL: Another log thrown on to the Middle East fire

Early this month, a 59-year-old Saudi Arabian journalist walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, presumably to pick up documentary evidence of the dissolution of his previous marriage. Jamal Khashoggi was planning to marry again and friends said the normally sombre Khashoggi was uncharacteristically ebullient.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: What about that VAT, Dionisio?

We as a people love to laugh, sometimes a good laugh is needed for us to take a step back examine the situation at hand without taking ourselves too seriously. (Attention Bahamian politicians from all parties)

EDITORIAL: The climate clock clock is ticking even louder

THE release earlier this week of a new landmark report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) makes grim and gloomy reading. This United Nations body has now declared time is running out to avert disaster precipitated by climate change unless drastic action is taken to phase out fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions.

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PETER YOUNG: Bahamas’ contribution to the struggle against apartheid

Press reports of remarks by the Prime Minister in New York last month in praise of the Nassau Accord ought to stimulate renewed interest in the role played by The Bahamas in the eventual ending of apartheid some 25 years ago. This agreement, which called for sanctions against South Africa and demanded it should dismantle apartheid and negotiate with the country’s black majority, was the outcome of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Nassau in 1985 attended by The Queen.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Questions for us all over the response to Haiti quake

What follows is not a soliloquy in print about whether Prime Minister Dr The Rt Hon Hubert A Minnis did the right or wrong thing when he pronounced “Bahamas First”, signalling no help for Haiti in the wake of an earthquake that took lives, destroyed buildings, left people homeless last weekend. Much has already been written about that.

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ALICIA WALLACE: And still we dream – of a proper bus system

Safe, reliable public transportation is not often a national discussion. We do, however, talk about it among ourselves, especially if we depend on it to any degree. Those who use public transportation regularly are both well aware of the challenges of the system (if we can call it a system) and skilled in making it work anyway.

EDITORIAL: Pence talks tough for his boss on all-things China

WHILE major developments like Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court and a new North American trade pact dominated the American news last week, several significant officials spoke publicly at the same time to offer their informed views on the globally significant issue of the evolving US-China relationship. The Trump administration helped to focus further attention on China when Vice President Pence delivered a major address on the subject to the conservative Hudson Institute.

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FACE TO FACE: Banding together in the battle against breast cancer

This summer as Anita Rolle was deciding what she wanted to do for her birthday, it hit her. Why celebrate my birthday alone when there are so many other cancer survivors like me with a new lease on life? Just a few months later, “Anita’s Celebration for a Cause” was born. Anita realised there were countless others in The Bahamas who needed support and encouragement as they are either battling or beat cancer and they all needed each other.

A call for critical thinking as we move our tourism industry forward

Experts estimate that by the year 2028, a mere decade away, tourism will directly and indirectly contribute over 60 percent of the Bahamian gross domestic product (GDP). That being the case, we simply cannot afford to make material and ongoing mistak

EDITORIAL: No money for doctors - or anything else - until we wake up to reality

When doctors at Princess Margaret Hospital threatened to withhold services because of poor pay and, in some instances, deplorable working conditions, the public was aghast. How, they asked, could a doctor turn his or her back on a patient in need of urgent care or ongoing attention?

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Our Prime Minister, King of the Selfies

OUR Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis craftily, and without providing details, on the actual cost of his recent trip to the United Nations’ 73rd General Assembly, did manage to get some awesome “selfies”. Minnis did, however, table in Parliament a lis

EDITORIAL: Why powers must be separated

TO many foreign observers, the ugly spectacle of the current US Senate nomination hearings for the Supreme Court being shamelessly politicised yet again makes a mockery of America’s democracy.