EDITORIAL: The path that leads to crime

SOMETIMES, it is too easy to focus on the statistics.

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WORLD VIEW: Haiti – on the edge of disaster again

HAITI – a country to which all other countries that suffered slavery are deeply indebted – is once again in turmoil.

EDITORIAL: PAC is a tool that can bring better government

THE Public Accounts Committee has new powers – and Opposition leader Philip “Brave” Davis is determined to use them.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Can someone please explain why this is allowed to happen?

A real-life Hatfield-McCoys is playing out on a narrow, paved path off Village Road in Nassau. That’s where a few residents on the southern side and in a neatly fenced in area at the cul de sac on the western end have been fighting a seemingly endless battle with an unlicensed hotel that occupies the northern side.

A COMIC'S VIEW: Love and laughs

Valentine’s Day is upon us again, and since there are no love stories emanating from the HOA or across the political divide, I thought I’d share a few funny stories from my career as a professional stand up comedian.

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STATESIDE: So, what’s this really about and how will it end?

The two friends were back on Anne’s patio, sitting six feet apart from each other, bundled up and wearing masks except when they were sipping from mugs of hot coffee that was a necessity because in America where they sat, it is very cold in February.

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FRONT PORCH: The conceits and decline of US Republican Party

It still surprises the number of Bahamians who little understand American society or politics but who, hook, line and sinker, have been caught and netted by the country’s mythologies, which continue to be unmasked, demystified and demythologised by the march of facts and history.

EDITORIAL: Lack of basic skills shows we’re failing students

When the national exam results came out in January, they were declared a success… by the Ministry of Education, at least.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Throwing money at a problem doesn’t mean it’s going to go away

Last week, it was reported a woman was sleeping in a car with her children, including an infant. She was asked to leave her previous apartment after being allowed to live there rent-free for several months. She expressed concern about her children’s education, noting her daughter had fallen behind over the past year. She noted there were other people in the same situation, forced on to the streets.

EDITORIAL: There’s nothing in the well after all

So much for the oil drilling.

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PETER YOUNG: Fate’s wheel turns again for a heroine then reviled and now prisoner again

With political confrontation and accompanying violence happening around the world all the time, much of it goes unreported in the international media as other news competes for attention. But events in one place in particular - the Asian nation of Myanmar - are often covered, largely because of its famous politician, Aung San Suu Kyi.

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FACE TO FACE: Forget the Law – your future lies in media

“FOR every cause, there is an effect... for every action, an equal and opposite reaction!” Debbie Bartlett started out her famous show “Reaction” on ZNS Channel 13 with this quote for over a decade.

EDITORIAL: If elections are a game of chess, then pieces are being put in place

WE are well and truly gearing up for election season now – with every day seemingly bringing another piece being moved around the electoral chess board.


DEVELOPING countries, including the member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), are being left behind in the rollout of vaccinations against COVID-19 now underway in rich countries.

EDITORIAL: Speaker’s departure a sign of election times

The ever-disgruntled House Speaker, Halson Moultrie, has quit the Free National Movement.