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DIANE PHILLIPS: He brought fame to The Bahamas and when he died few noticed

As The Bahamas prepares for yet another state funeral and honours are bestowed on new deserving recipients, a man who brought joy and wonder to tens of thousands and fame to The Bahamas slipped quietly away almost unnoticed.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Service second to none? More like second rate

We all need service and we want it to be fast and inexpensive. Some of us want it to be friendly too and responsive to our every need. For any given service in The Bahamas - and in Nassau in particular - we would be fortunate to get two out of four.

EDITORIAL: Who is going to fill vast chasms left by those who leave us?

Senator Telator Strachan. Dr Patricia Bazard. Dr Cecil Bethel. Cleophas Adderley. Bobby Symonette. E Clement Bethel. Ronnie Butler. James Catalyn. Sir Clifford Darling. Paul Adderley. Sir Clement Maynard. Norman Solomon. Basil Sands. Harry B Sands. David Johnson. Sir Durward Knowles.

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FACE TO FACE: Novie - deep down and soulful, on stage and off

For many years, she was a lead singer in the popular local band “Visage”. She has that signature voice you know the moment you hear it – it’s soul stirring, deep and meaningful. A few years ago, she became a solo artist and continues to make her mark, not only as one of The Bahamas’ beloved entertainers, but as an educator who guides hundreds of Bahamian students in the field of music.

EDITORIAL: Bully boy tactics and ‘hogwash’ denials

Government service in Western democracies is often coveted by citizens who seek a stable, secure position with a regular pay cheque and a sense of serving the greater good of the nation. Government service is also often reviled and ridiculed by those outside government who are supposed to be the clients of public servants.

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BUSINESS BITES: Two Huberts with different visions

The disputed future of the Grand Lucaya Hotel complex is more than a business debate. It could well mark the opening political shot for control of the FNM. Incumbent Prime Minster Hubert Minnis and predecessor Hubert Ingraham have each visibly tied his flag to a radically different solution for the hotel’s continued viability - and the future of Grand Bahama.

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WORLD VIEW – Maintaining independence: the imperative of diplomacy

EXCEPT at time of crisis, many countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) credit their foreign ministries and their embassies or high commissions abroad with little value.

EDITORIAL: A question of honour

Where does Bahamian pride stand today?

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A COMIC'S VIEW: The good, the bad and the ugly

I must admit this is going to be a quick read this week.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Let perfection be . . . leave Lighthouse Point alone

Some things are perfect just the way they are, even when we don’t understand why they are the way they are.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Time after time all Grand Bahama has received is neglect

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis confirmed on Monday the government intends to buy the Grand Lucayan hotel properties — Memories, Breaker’s Cay, and Lighthouse Pointe — which closed for repairs following Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Close to 1,000 people lost their jobs and Lighthouse Pointe was the only property to reopen, now employing approximately 320 people. The decision to purchase, of course, has drawn mixed reviews from the Bahamian people. The announcement comes at an odd time, following the 60 percent increase in Value Added Tax and the $90,000 cut in school uniform assistance.

EDITORIAL: Where are the funds to be found for the PMH?

“WHY did they sign a contract with us when they knew that there were not enough funds to honour it?”

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FACE TO FACE: Life’s lesson - give it everything you’ve got and don’t be afraid

THE Rev Dr James S Sweeting is one of those men who has lived several lives and is still around and ready to do more. Many people touch just one or two professions in their lifetime. Often, it is advised to stick with one career. But Rev Sweeting proves it is possible to be successful in several careers and as a business owner – all in the same lifetime. The key to it, he says, is to give each goal you set everything you’ve got and to know when its time to move on to another level.

EDITORIAL: The truth behind the real property tax debacle

TOURISM Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar was right on two counts when he spoke out at the end of last week about the government’s decision to backtrack on a real property tax definition that had the luxury market in full-blown panic mode.

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WORLD VIEW – Barbados, Dominica and Ross: Debating the wrong issue

THE debate, particularly on social media, following the decision by Ross University School of Medicine to relocate from Dominica to Barbados, is about the wrong issue.