EDITORIAL: Time to clean up our act

The national motto may be Forward, Upward, Onward, Together – but for some people it seems to be Backward, Downward, Rearward and Every Man For Himself.

Stop leaving people in limbo over immigration

THERE is a lot of sabre rattling when it comes to the issue of immigration – so it was very welcome to hear the clear voice of retired Justice Rubie Nottage yesterday putting issues into perspective.

Nothing loosens the purse strings like an election

READERS will be forgiven if the announcement by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis of major road projects last night sounds familiar.

EDITORIAL: Money talks when it comes to US v China

THE Bahamas has found itself in the middle of an international squabble recently.

EDITORIAL: Make sure everyone is following the rules

TO anyone who has made use of public transport in The Bahamas, it will come as little surprise that there are irregularities in the sector.

EDITORIAL: The truth about murder

THERE is a harsh reality behind the statistics of murder that is rarely seen in all its brutal truth.

EDITORIAL: Is there not a better way than detention?

Disadvantageous, dangerous and reckless.

EDITORIAL: Our greatness is shown by how we help those in need

IN the time of deepest despair, it appears we are leaving our friends, families and colleagues with no one to turn to. When The Tribune tried to contact the national suicide hotline yesterday, there was no help to be found. The number was out of service.

EDITORIAL: What's really going on over officer leave?

Not so long ago, this column raised concerns about the career prospects of law enforcement officers forced to take long-term leave. It appears matters could be so much worse than a career delayed being an opportunity denied.

EDITORIAL: Time to take centre stage

NO one had to go looking for Bishop Delton Fernander to find out his opinions about Bahamas Carnival – he released a statement.

EDITORIAL: Equality is about more than just the right words

HOW soon will there be a woman leading the police force?

EDITORIAL: Has the government backtracked on police leave?

IT feels like we are not being told the full story when it comes to police officers being put on leave.

EDITORIAL: A legacy to live up to

TOO often in this column, we lift our pen to criticise – with justification – many of those who fill our political landscape today.

EDITORIAL: Time to stop the rot at BAMSI

THE long wait for answers over what has been going on at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI) goes on.

EDITORIAL: Don’t get caught by surprise on plastics deadline

The start of January next year will be the end of an era of destruction to the environment.