EDITORIAL: Not a popular thing to say - but the right thing

HE won’t win many friends in politics by saying it – but Myles Laroda is right to draw attention to the state of the National Insurance Board reserves.

EDITORIAL: Nurse dispute has gone on too long

BACK in October 2020 in this column, we wrote about a dispute between nurses and the Public Hospitals Authority.

EDITORIAL: Domes should not be empty when people are in need

THE domes bought to shelter residents temporarily left homeless by Hurricane Dorian have been a mess from the start.

EDITORIAL: There may be trouble ahead

BEFORE the election, much was made of a photograph provided by the Progressive Liberal Party of leader Philip “Brave” Davis being embraced by union leaders.

EDITORIAL: The right direction - if the figures add up

THE debut full Budget for Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has arrived – and as ever with a Budget there is a lot to digest.

EDITORIAL: Pay attention to details on Budget day

TODAY is a landmark day for the Davis administration – its first full Budget presentation.

EDITORIAL: No excuse for failing to disclose

“THERE are a lot of persons who missed.”

EDITORIAL: If there has been wrongdoing, then prosecute

THE ongoing row over the role played by the National Food Distribution Task Force has been an unpleasant one.

EDITORIAL: Not good enough over power outages, Minister

FOR weeks now, there have been fairly regular power outages in New Providence – and as summer nears, there are obvious concerns about how well our power grid will cope when air conditioning gets cranked up to full.

EDITORIAL: Flooding shows impact we face from climate change

IT IS a little more than six months since the climate summit in Glasgow that catapulted Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis briefly into the international spotlight.

EDITORIAL: The COVID problem - and the solution

TWO news stories on our front page today represent a collision of problem, and solution.

EDITORIAL: A deal that’s been a long time coming

THE announcement of the buyer for the Grand Lucayan Resort has been long coming.

EDITORIAL: Excuses over disclosures are dangerous nonsense

THERE appears to be a dangerous nonsense developing in the discussion over parliamentary disclosures.

EDITORIAL: Stop COVID rise from becoming a surge

THE announcement of a wave of cases of COVID-19 involving senior staff members at the Office of the Prime Minister comes amid a rising number of infections in the nation.

EDITORIAL: Resisting temptation to break the law

THERE was quite a startling admission from Environment Minister Vaughn Miller yesterday.