EDITORIAL: Russia and health care dog Trump's presidency

DONALD Trump’s presidency seems so profoundly chaotic and different that it is hard to imagine it somehow fitting into any kind of pattern, either domestically within the United States or in the contemporary world. Perhaps the passage of time may yet weave this administration into some kind of coherent fabric. But for now it still looks dismayingly unique.

EDITORIAL: Historic Nassau - a city in desperate need of saving

WHILE a mostly jubilant public is still congratulating itself, gloating over the vote to throw out the reigning Progressive Liberal Party like a 78rpm vinyl record missing its cover, the clock is ticking quietly and dangerously on one of the most critical issues of the day.

EDITORIAL: Brave Davis' attempt to keep the PLP relevant

IN an attempt to keep his party relevant in the eyes of the public, PLP Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis promises to give us a frequent chuckle.“It is also important,” Mr Davis said last week, “to ensure that the favoured few who provided fundi

EDITORIAL: Combatting the scourge of terrorism after Manchester

THE atrocious terrorist attack at the end of a pop concert in Manchester earlier this week has shocked not only the British people but also the world.

EDITORIAL: How social ties make us resilient to trauma

THE suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night has claimed at least 22 lives.

EDITORIAL: Stop saying sorry - now seize the day

THE Bahamian public is still feeding off the recent election like a remora sucking nutrients from the underside skin of the shark’s belly.

EDITORIAL: A future for one people - one Bahamas

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis, who will enter the House of Assembly as leader of a four-member Opposition, has warned the new government not to “misrepresent or distort” the PLP’s long legacy of governance.

EDITORIAL: Changing of the political guard

YESTERDAY in these columns, we praised the Prime Minister for making a review of the public finances his first priority.

EDITORIAL: Prime Minister Minnis takes a wise first step

WE CONGRATULATE Prime Minister Hubert Minnis for making public finances the first item of business. Unless he gets the country’s finances under control and knows exactly the position of the Public Treasury, his government will find it difficult to move forward with plans for the many projects needed to increase employment.

EDITORIAL: Is US President Trump facing his Watergate?

WHEN American President Donald Trump summarily fired the US Attorney General James Comey last week, it felt like a watershed moment. Or, perhaps, a Watergate moment.

EDITORIAL: Diet for a new government, recipe for another term

THE Free National Movement has swept into office in a landslide of historic proportions with a 35-4 seat majority in the House of Assembly.

EDITORIAL: Bahamians want answers from the FNM

IN moving into the future, it is important to understand why the FNM swept the polls in last Wednesday’s general election, almost eliminating this country’s first political party. According to Leslie Miller, former PLP MP for Tall Pines, the PLP were wiped out because of the hatred for former prime minister Perry Christie.

EDITORIAL: FNM must not rest on their laurels after election win

WHILE the Free National Movement’s overwhelming victory at the polls on Wednesday has sent seismic shockwaves through the whole nation, we hope that members of the new government will not be tempted to indulge in excessive self-congratulation.

EDITORIAL: The Bahamian people have spoken

THE Bahamian people have spoken. They want a better Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Today Bahamians decide their government

IT is indeed a tragedy when a people become so devoid of moral fibre that they can no longer distinguish between right and wrong.