EDITORIAL: Lessons from the past on US shut down

WE ALL learned of the US government shut down at midnight on Saturday. Some offices really did close their doors. But operations deemed essential, including military and law enforcement, would continue. Most observers believed the shutdown would not be lengthy. The best argument for that is what happened during the last significant shut down.

EDITORIAL: Major risk of nuclear conflict

IT is said that an error uncorrected can soon become an irreversible mistake. The recent warning of an imminent nuclear attack in Hawaii that remained in force for thirty-eight minutes before being declared a false alarm caused fear and panic amongst its 1.4 million population. Reportedly, it happened as a result of the wrong button being pressed at the time of a change of shift at the island state’s so-called “nerve centre” operation.

EDITORIAL: An accident waiting to happen

On Sunday, January 7, two small motorbikes were traveling west on Bay Street from the heart of downtown to Cable Beach. Each bike was driven by a male with a female rider behind him.

EDITORIAL: Is the clock counting down on Trump’s presidency?

It feels like Donald Trump has been president of the US for years. His administration has begun to evolve in some minds from outrageous to dangerous to embarrassing to downright wearisome. But now that his presidency has finally entered its second year, the first significant step in his potential removal from office looms in the intermediate distance. If the Democrats were to recapture the House and Senate, many feel their agenda would be topped by impeachment proceedings.

EDITORIAL: Immigration issues a global matter

This week’s televised meeting between President Trump and US Congressional leaders to discuss policy on immigration has brought the issue once again to the forefront of public discourse in America.

EDITORIAL: Changing times and marijuana

A decade ago, The Tribune would have refuted, rebuked and shunned the suggestion of marijuana being decriminalised faster than the speed of light could travel. But the culture is changing. The conversation has started locally, regionally and internationally. We can no longer pretend the issue is not on the table. It is time to give careful consideration to where The Bahamas stands and how we proceed from here.

EDITORIAL: Montagu miracle still needs to be managed

In October, 2009, Member of Parliament for what was then the constituency of Montagu, Loretta Butler-Turner, appointed a steering committee to make recommendations and spearhead the redevelopment of what was dubbed the “Montagu mayhem” referring to an area of public land and waterfront running from east of the Nassau Yacht Club to west of the Royal Nassau Sailing Club.

EDITORIAL: Trump under fire - and furious

Two relatively unploughed fields of battle have now opened in Washington, DC for America’s most adept media manipulator. While President Donald Trump’s public 2017 fights with critics and erstwhile friends were largely limited to TV and print media, the worlds of books and movies have now been added to the public frenzy that is the current US presidency.

EDITORIAL: Foreign challenges await for Trump

With a cold dose of reality after the peace and goodwill of Christmas and the resolutions of a new year, the current crisis in Iran is suddenly top of the news agenda while the simmering dispute with North Korea over its nuclear programme has taken a potentially significant new turn.

EDITORIAL: What next for the US rollercoaster?

What will the New Year bring for American politics? It’s hard to find two people who will agree on that suddenly existential question, but there is undeniably something stirring among voters in the United States. For a change, they are truly engaged.

EDITORIAL: We must have a vision for our country

Successful businesses nail down a vision of exactly what they want to be and work toward achieving that.


As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect in this final commentary of the year on the uncertainties and challenges facing us here at home, together with fears about world conflict, as we look towards a brighter future during the coming months.

EDITORIAL: Merry Christmas to all our readers

We at The Tribune take delight in using the opportunity of our last publication before Christmas Day to send Season’s Greetings to our readers, friends and colleagues.

EDITORIAL: Solution to migration starts in Haiti

Twice in recent months, small wooden sloops overloaded with Haitians attempting to enter The Bahamas illegally have managed to slip past authorities and land on shore embarrassingly close to the back yard of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. It was easy to point fingers and say it was the RBDF’s fault.

EDITORIAL: Uncertainty in the absence of diplomacy

In the face of endless conflict affecting an increasingly uncertain world, widespread concern about international stability and even the threat of war continues to grow.