EDITORIAL: The health of a nation, is the wealth of a nation

IT WOULD appear that Prime Minister Minnis is unwilling, embarrassed or unable to muster the courage to address the “pink elephant in the room”. While some may be relieved to learn it is not an Immigration, U.S. crime warning, OECD black listing or global pandemic spread by some highly infectious disease, in reality it is a far more deadly, insidious and immediate threat to our country.

EDITORIAL: A chance to change the police for good

THE latest round of senior police officers being told to go home – and more to follow – is no surprise given the top-heavy nature of the force.

EDITORIAL: The question's there - is the prize enough?

THE tabling of the Heads of Agreement for the Disney deal in South Eleuthera gives us all the chance to see the devil in the detail.

EDITORIAL: Fishing for the truth about Oban

IT is more than a year now since the much-heralded Oban Energies Heads of Agreement was signed – a year in which the leaders of the project have changed and government enthusiasm has wilted in the face of revelations about those they were dealing with.

EDITORIAL: As the world steps forward, once again we drag our feet

WHAT exactly does The Bahamas want its position to be when it comes to marijuana?

EDITORIAL: Action as well as words, Mr Commissioner

FAIRNESS is on the mind of Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson.

EDITORIAL: Look in the mirror and say it isn’t so

Not long ago, questions were raised in this very column after the United States issued a travel advisory for The Bahamas, warning tourists to be on their guard as they visited our shores.

EDITORIAL: Let us pick up the baton from Queen's College

QUEEN’S College needs a round of applause.

EDITORIAL: A financial burden we can do without

LET ME ask you a personal question: How well do you get along with your bank?

EDITORIAL: Another heart-stopper approaches for Mrs May

Since the British people voted by a narrow margin in the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union, the protracted negotiations have produced numerous twists and turns, setbacks, deadlines and disagreements.

EDITORIAL: Video nasty for our passport office

A VIDEO by a talented Bahamian comedian circulated this week on social media.

EDITORIAL: A bold vision to be HIV free

THIS week has proven a remarkable one for hopes of tackling a scourge for the world – and very much so for our nation.

EDITORIAL: Is there really light at the end of the tunnel?

AT long last, the so-called temporary measure of renting generators to supplement the power output at Bahamas Power and Light may be coming to an end.

EDITORIAL: A word of advice - double check the advisory

THERE has been a lot of talk in recent days about the travel advisory issued by the US Department of State to visitors.