EDITORIAL: Talking a good game - now for the delivery

It is generally accepted that globalisation is part of the reason for the rise of populism in the West. The growing support for populist extremist parties in Europe seems also to have resulted from a loss of faith in traditional political establishments and their capacity to deal effectively with either national issues or the problems of the general public.

EDITORIAL: Universal Health Care or Socialised Medicine?

WHILE Health Minister Dr Duane Sands is to be commended on his announcement regarding Universal Health Care, we, as Bahamians, need to answer some fundamental questions as to the future of our public healthcare before we go any further down this slippery slope of a single payer, income-tax funded socialised medical system, such as they have in Canada and the UK.

EDITORIAL: Fyre which burnt too many

THERE is an old saying about success having many fathers – and if that’s the case, then the Fyre Festival is the loneliest of orphans.

EDITORIAL: Time's up – we have to take action

Some realities are harder to digest than others. For Bahamians to whom conch is as much a staple as bread, the reality that the population of the mollusc is declining at an alarming rate and may be gone in 10-15 years if we continue to consume at the current rate is not easy to stomach.

EDITORIAL: Stalemate as senators look ahead to the ballot box

The US, with its government shutdown, is now a disorderly democracy. Blatant disrespect between its executive and legislative branches of government is rampant. If only America had a parliamentary system that could provide some relief in the form of an emphatic vote of no confidence in its inadequate president.

EDITORIAL: It may be time to tell the blacklisters - enough is enough

The sudden announcement of the visit to Europe this week of a delegation led by the Prime Minister has prompted much comment and speculation.

EDITORIAL: Good appointment – stop playing politics

IN his first press conference for the new year, Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis, gave tongue-in-cheek congratulations to a competent young Bahamian woman journalist who the Minnis government had just named as its Director of Communications.

EDITORIAL: Real transparency, real accountability

THERE are times when a question is raised by politicians of The Tribune: why do we have to be so critical?

EDITORIAL: Where did Trump get so much power? Remember Dick Cheney?

Stories about what is now the longest government shutdown in US history dominated news reports during the past week. President Trump’s decision to force a standoff with the newly empowered Democratic majority in Congress over his desire to complete a border wall along America’s southern border with Mexico has so far not dimmed opposition resolve.

EDITORIAL: Halting illegal immigration a fight we dare not lose

Publicity about the recent successful interception on the high seas of large numbers of migrants from Haiti brings to the fore yet again the serious on-going problem for The Bahamas of the attempted illegal and uncontrolled mass movement here of people from our troubled neighbour to the south.

EDITORIAL: 2020 is round the corner and already election speculation begins

It seems a perfect storm is brewing in American politics. Disparate, sometimes unrelated events are coming together in the 100th year of American women being allowed to vote. Many are speculating - as they did when Hillary Clinton challenged Donald Trump - that in 2020, exactly one century after the US constitution was amended to permit female franchise, for the first time a woman will be elected president of the United States.

EDITORIAL: Don't be fooled - this is a SAFE country for tourism

Bahamians are well aware that our tourism and financial services industries are the twin pillars of the nation’s economy. While information about what we offer as an attractive destination for tourists should be suitably alluring, it also needs to be accurate in order to protect our reputation. But, as well as seeking good quality and value for money, a major concern for visitors is safety and security.

EDITORIAL: Why it's time we took tackling climate change seriously

How serious are we about tackling climate change here in The Bahamas? We ask because the rest of the world seems to be leaving us in their wake.

EDITORIAL: Report Card on this divisive president

New Year’s Eve is rightfully a time for reflection on the year just past and a time to look ahead. We hope that for each Bahamian, and for our many seasonal visitors, this thoughtful pause brings both a smile at the recollection of joys and pleasures from 2018 and a renewed sense of optimism for what may lie ahead in the coming year.

EDITORIAL: A time to listen and and live up to expectations

IN this column last week, we took pleasure in wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and emphasised the importance of peace and goodwill in the festive season as families and friends gathered together to celebrate.