EDITORIAL: Laws which make sense - for the safety of us all

It’s not often you can look at an incoming piece of legislation and honestly think - about time.

EDITORIAL: Beware the mess Boris is sure to create

Imagine the worst politician you’ve ever seen. A liar, adulterer and buffoon who makes himself, his party and his country look a laughing stock. What can you do with such a person. Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Make him Prime Minister.

EDITORIAL: Trump lights the fuse to expose to expose the U.S. racism

“Send her back, send her back.” It was the chant that brought home how disturbing the state of American politics is at present – being driven by the racism of President Donald Trump.

EDITORIAL: Welcome progress - but we still must do more to fight crime

“If there is only one person injured from a shot or weapon, that is too much.”

EDITORIAL: Technology and transparency can help ensure justice

Two police-involved shootings in as many days again leads us to raise questions about such incidents.

EDITORIAL: No place for water board member’s disgusting rant

IT is less than a week since Bahamas Independence celebrations – yet it already seems forever ago that people were calling for unity and an end to political divisiveness.

EDITORIAL: Abaco deserves better than to have its future in the balance

Tomorrow, Abaco faces an inspection that is more than “make or break” for its port – a failure would have a knock-on effect for the whole island.

EDITORIAL: Time for action on BPL outages

If we were to invite readers to put their hands in the air if they were surprised to learn that there will be more load shedding this week, we doubt we would see many hands raised.

EDITORIAL: Did the government mislead over building decision?

The decision to relocate the Post Office to Town Centre Mall has been thrown into the spotlight in the past week.

EDITORIAL: Think what we can achieve when we lift up our heads together

SOMETIMES life in The Bahamas seems to be always troubled by divisions.

EDITORIAL: What opportunities are we missing out on?

The bid by Bahamas Hot Mix to raise up to $750m in cheap British government loans is certainly an eye-catching one.

EDITORIAL: Will reparations talk ever be more than just talk?

Has the time now come for serious discussion about reparations?

EDITORIAL: Overcharged by BPL? Get the facts and figures before calling

It’s fair to say there’s not a great relationship between BPL and customers at the moment.

EDITORIAL: The issue of race in The Bahamas

Is The Bahamas ready for a white prime minister?

EDITORIAL: A shadow of its former self

It ought to be the crown jewel of The Bahamas. Instead, it’s not fit enough for its new occupant to live in.