EDITORIAL: We need to wake up to Dorian’s warning

The dilemma a small national like The Bahamas faces in tackling the effects of global warning was exposed by the Prime Minister yesterday when he spoke at an international conference in Brussels and called for nations to urgently intensify their response to the looming crisis.

EDITORIAL: Should we give an ounce of credibility to Nygard’s claims?

“The intended appeal application arises out of a torturous legal battle which has probably contributed considerably to the deforestation of the planet.”

EDITORIAL: Nasty little protests need to be controlled

WE suppose it was only a matter of time before the real ugly face of racism showed itself on our streets.

EDITORIAL: Did we pay too much to Damen? And where did the money go?

WHEN in 2013, then Minister of National Security announced the signing of the letter of intent to buy nine new vessels, he proclaimed it “the single largest investment to date in the Defence Force’s history”.

EDITORIAL: No love from the public for BPL’s plan

If BPL wondered how their proposed additional charge to the monthly electric bill would go down, the Bahamian people have given them a swift answer.

EDITORIAL: BPL is walking a fine line with new charge

Who’s going to pay to fix the long history of mismanagement of electricity in The Bahamas? Here’s a clue – your bills are going to have an extra charge on them.

EDITORIAL: One half of the equation

There is a familiar story many Bahamians have heard.

EDITORIAL: A warning we can’t ignore

ON a day when President Donald Trump announced the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, there is a stark reality on show for The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Honour those serving in uniform today

THERE is a notable contrast to be seen in today’s Tribune.

EDITORIAL: Why so quiet, Mr Lloyd?

As the country chews over the latest examination results showing no progress for students in maths, English and science, here are some strong words to consider.

EDITORIAL: Talk to the teachers, Mr Lloyd

THE ongoing dispute between teachers from CH Reeves and Carlton Francis schools and the Ministry of Education has taken another unfortunate turn.

EDITORIAL: Speaker needs to keep his head

IT takes a level head to be the Speaker of the House of Assembly. It is a position that requires balance, to stand up to conflicting points of view and to weather criticism.

EDITORIAL: Tell the truth about Tellis

IT takes some stretching of credulity to believe that there’s nothing at all going on with regard to the position of Commodore Tellis Bethel.

EDITORIAL: End the tribalism for the sake of the public

“Deeply tribal, mediocre and unproductive.”

EDITORIAL: Still too much confusion

A SMALL but significant step took place yesterday in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian - the Missing Persons Help Desk was deactivated.