EDITORIAL: A ship can only have one captain

IT is without doubt that we are in a time of national crisis. Hurricane Dorian has torn at our hearts, and devastated our northern islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco.

EDITORIAL: We must all pull in the same direction

THE more we learn about the impact of Hurricane Dorian, the greater the scale of the challenge facing the country becomes apparent.

EDITORIAL: We must be united in response

IT was perhaps inevitable that after the initial rush of support in the wake of the immediate impact of Hurricane Dorian that dissenting voices would start to be raised.

EDITORIAL: Hear of looting? Contact authorities

Throughout the past day, we have received reports at The Tribune of looters operating in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

EDITORIAL: In the face of the worst, we show our best

AS we write this, Grand Bahama is facing the worst possible scenario.

EDITORIAL: A process that brings answers

EARLIER this year, we raised grave concerns over an incident of alleged police brutality in Eleuthera.

EDITORIAL: In the worst moment, you are not alone

ONE of the worst parts of depression is the feeling of isolation – that no one is there to help you, that no one feels the way you are feeling.

EDITORIAL: Time to resolve this dispute

WITH more arguments back and forth yesterday between medics and the government, it is a welcome move to see the dispute being referred to the Industrial Tribunal.

EDITORIAL: A long, hot summer of trouble

AT the start of the summer, this column raised a question: Is a summer of discontent heading our way?

EDITORIAL: Frustration for too long - and on both sides

IT has been a long time coming – but junior doctors walked out yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Is there a plan for our children? "Not really"

AS the nation continues to struggle through the power problems affecting New Providence, there continue to be moments that make you realise how little prepared the government was for this.

EDITORIAL: Leading the way for a healthier diet

OUT goes the sin tax, in comes a ban on sugary drinks.

EDITORIAL: An unforced error ahead of union talks

Stormy waters lie ahead for the government – some of them literally – as it tries to keep on track for its deficit target of one percent this year.

EDITORIAL: How about a living wage, not just a minimum wage?

There was a very quick retreat yesterday from Finance Minister Peter Turnquest after the subject of a possible rise in the minimum wage was broached.

EDITORIAL: Plastics law to have teeth - now enforce it

When the ban on single-use plastics was first proposed, we warmly welcomed it in this column – with one caveat: It has to be enforced.