EDITORIAL: Put your country first, Dr Minnis

FROM TIME to time, one hears the suggestion that the Westminster system of government does not suit The Bahamas. In our opinion, the only reason that it doesn’t suit The Bahamas is because we don’t understand it and have, over the years, bastardised it.

EDITORIAL: Will the European Union collapse?

RECENT events affecting the European Union must be causing concern in Washington.

EDITORIAL: Is the era of Minnis now over?

“THE era of Ingraham is over,” declared a self-satisfied Hubert Minnis who inherited the FNM leadership from former prime minister Hubert Ingraham, who resigned his North Abaco seat after serving as prime minister for 15 years – three terms.

EDITORIAL: Govt’s due diligence of CTFE must be thorough

AS a Bahamas government delegation jetted to Hong Kong over the weekend, to meet with and conduct a due diligence investigation of the conglomerate that wants to purchase Baha Mar, it would seem by announcements being made in Nassau that the trip is only a formality.

EDITORIAL: Time to pull the plug on BPL deal

ON SUNDAY, as hundreds shouted and cheered the sailing at the Best of the Best Regatta at Montagu Park and as others revelled in the elite world of Albany with golf greats like Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson and Tiger Woods vying for a $3.5 million purse, the Bahamas must have seemed from the outside to be idyllic.

EDITORIAL: The passing of a dictator

TO BE instantly recognisable worldwide by one’s first name or initials is a unique testament to fame or notoriety.

EDITORIAL: Bahamas Police Force needs help with crime

IN 2010, the Cayman islands brought in British police to tackle a rise in gang-related crime that business leaders feared could hurt the territory’s image as a safe financial and tourist destination.

EDITORIAL: After the march, what next?

ON Friday, November 25, history was made in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Fred Mitchell now confronts a new political duck

WHILE Prime Minister Perry Christie attempted to extend a hand of cooperation to the many Bahamians who have lost faith in his government, his arrogant Foreign Affairs Minister, in an audio recording released on social media only hours before the organised demonstration was to begin, forbade his party’s supporters to attend. Despite this warning three Cabinet ministers did attend.

EDITORIAL: Protest and the spread of populism

IN AN increasingly interconnected world in which information can be instantaneously and continuously transmitted across time zones at the click of a computer mouse, it comes as no surprise that globalisation continues to grow at a bewildering pace.

EDITORIAL: The gallows or a second chance - Bahamians must decide

LAST WEEK, Archbishop Patrick Pinder urged the government to abolish the death penalty. Instead, in a pastoral letter from the Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference, it was recommended that government should concentrate on the rehabilitation of the offender.

EDITORIAL: March on, Bahamaland must take on new meaning

IN 1973, when Timothy Gibson penned the national anthem of the newly-independent Bahamas, ‘March on, Bahamaland’, the words had a hopeful ring.

EDITORIAL: Challenges to and responsibilities of the modern press

“THE BAHAMAS has a proud record of press freedom and deserves our highest commendation in that regard. Public discourse, vigorous and open discussion are essential to the preservation of your thriving democracy.

EDITORIAL: British government thwarted by High Court over 'Brexit'

WHILE THE world’s attention remains focused on the US presidential election and its immediate aftermath, another issue of international significance - the process of putting into effect Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU) - continues to cause concern and controversy.

EDITORIAL: Voters' indifference - no more MPs needed

WE agree with former National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest that it is a “waste of time” — and we might add money — for the Boundaries Commission at this late date to consider increasing the constituencies for the 2017 general election.