EDITORIAL: The real reason Fyre Festival went up in flames

IT IS easy to blame organisers for the debacle that was supposed to be a glam-packed Fyre Festival and instead went up in flames, becoming the non-event, empty tent city with pictures that went viral and fury heard round the world.

EDITORIAL: Police to be paid, but how much?

AT a PLP rally on Thursday night, Prime Minister Perry Christie threw the Royal Bahamas Police Force a half-chewed bone — at last they will receive their court-ordered overtime pay. But how much will be paid is still a mystery.

EDITORIAL – Wanted: Politicians with integrity to end corruption

WITH LESS than two weeks until the general election, the outcome remains hard to predict in the absence of any meaningful testing of public opinion in advance by pollsters who are so much a part of the political scenery in America and Europe.

EDITORIAL: Surely Bahamians would not be so foolish

“WE KNOW that there are those of you who are looking for jobs, who are looking for security, and who feel that more could have been done,” Prime Minister Christie told a Progressive Liberal Party mini-rally in Marathon recently.

EDITORIAL: Two old antagonists command the world stage again

DONALD Trump and Vladimir Putin have managed to push other world leaders and most unrelated news from the front pages of newspapers for significant parts of the past eight months, since the first information about Trump’s business ties to Russia and possible Russian interference in the US presidential election began to leak out last summer.

EDITORIAL: When power is uncontrolled, tragedy awaits

TWO WEEKS before voters go to the polls to determine the course of history for the Bahamas for the next five years, the governing Progressive Liberal Party is throwing rallies, dancing in the streets, passing out t-shirts, food and promises, ignoring the reality that should be hitting its supporters smack in the face.

EDITORIAL: Baha Mar - grand show of ‘smoke and mirrors’

IT was indeed a grand affair. At last Baha Mar, scheduled for opening in December, 2014, was open. However, in the context of Baha Mar the word “open” has a very special meaning.

EDITORIAL: World tensions rise to danger level

WHILE our immediate priority is next month’s general election, the well-publicised current world tensions should be of no less concern to smaller nations than to the major players directly responsible for resolving them.

EDITORIAL: Behaviour and attitudes at the airport have to improve

THE year was 1981. President Ronald Reagan was only six months into his presidency when America’s air traffic controllers called a strike, demanding higher salaries, a shorter work week and better working conditions.

EDITORIAL: Parties ignoring the looming economic issue place a nation in peril

THE countdown to elections, 21 days away, is driving up the speed and lunacy of promises by the Progressive Liberal Party and threats from the Free National Movement.

EDITORIAL - Finger-pointing must stop: Important issues must be settled

IT WOULD seem that the PLP election strategy is to focus its attacks on FNM leader Dr Hubert Minnis instead of dealing with the issues– at least that appears to be the tactic of PLP chairman Bradley Roberts. However, this election must decide the future of this country, which involves settling important principles of government, not finger-pointing and childish nit-picking.

EDITORIAL: Have Bahamians returned to ‘Ten, ten, the Bible ten’?

“LET us by our conduct in the general election campaign that officially starts today prove ourselves worthy of the great democratic traditions of free, fair and peaceful elections that have made our country the marvel of nations around the world,” said Prime Minister Perry Christie in a televised address on Tuesday as he announced the end of the 2007-2012 parliament.

EDITORIAL: May 10 election offers chance of national unity

AT THIS time of the year, celebrating Easter as a time of redemption, forgiveness and hope of new beginnings, and with a general election just around the corner, we return to the theme of good governance and national unity in a modern Bahamas where love of country is too often superseded by selfishness, greed and political divisiveness.

EDITORIAL: Where is the anger over the missing $191m?

BAHAMIANS have an incredible tolerance for official villainy.

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump forced to tone down his rhetoric?

WHATEVER happened to the blustering Donald Trump, who promised to show the world how he was going to put an expansionist China in its place and make “America First” again? Of course, we did not realise that America was not first, but that is the gospel according to Trump — a gospel, which, after only 40 days in office, we have decided to ignore.