EDITORIAL: Video shows a brutality that is far too common

THE video showing children being beaten in an emergency care home is shocking in many ways.

EDITORIAL: Curfews really had no effect on crime, Commissioner?

Nonsense. That’s the word Police Commissioner Paul Rolle uses to describe suggestions that perhaps, just perhaps, the decline in crime last year was influenced by the fact that the streets were locked down in curfew each night for a large chunk of the year.

EDITORIAL: The start of a new era for borrowers

THE arrival of the nation’s first credit bureau is going to be good news for some – but bad news for many borrowers.

EDITORIAL: Less talk, more action on nurses’ issues

NURSES at the Marsh Harbour Clinic in Abaco had enough of waiting for their concerns to be heard this week.

EDITORIAL: Building for a future after COVID

IT is difficult to assess the past year in comparison to other years – and that holds true in the court system too.

EDITORIAL: No change for now, says Dr Minnis

FOR a national address, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis did not have a great deal to say last night.

EDITORIAL: Missed tests show we are not prepared

WHEN Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar discussed in November the rollout of the rapid antigen testing on the fifth day for a visitor in The Bahamas, he advised that It was going to be “a little bumpy”.

EDITORIAL: Are single-sex classes a step forward - or back?

AS the FNM campaigned for election in 2017, then candidate Jeff Lloyd made a pledge. He said if the party was elected, it planned to “immediately” implement a pilot programme to try out single-sex classes.

EDITORIAL: A shameful day for the US

AS you drive down Shirley Street, a large screen blocks off the view of construction of the new US Embassy. A new era for the embassy – one which we’re sure those behind its construction will hope will be a bright one.

EDITORIAL: Time to refill the NIB pot

THERE is a saying in the US that social security is the third rail of politics – the third rail being the one that carries the electric charge and if you touch it, you’ll get zapped.

EDITORIAL: It’s not about the exam being held - it’s about the results

THE Ministry of Education seems to want a participation prize.

EDITORIAL: Dr Dahl-Regis deserves her honour

IN Thursday’s Tribune, our columnist, Front Porch Simon paid tribute to the “expert, clear and steady leadership” provided by Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis as he hailed her as his person of the year.

EDITORIAL: Clarity is key in police shootings

EARLIER this year, we wrote in this column with concern about a police shooting.

EDITORIAL: The best way out is through

AS we near the end of a dreadful year, we hope that 2021 will bring better things.

EDITORIAL: Say one thing, do another on oil

IT is fair to say there is some mixed messaging from the government over oil drilling.