The continuing violent demonstrations on the streets of Paris and other French cities in reaction to economic and other reforms have caused chaos amidst nationwide anger. Similar riots in other parts of the EU as well, provoked by dissatisfaction with government policies, have reflected widespread unrest on the continent.

EDITORIAL: Public consultation a duty, not an afterthought

ON December 10 the upper chamber of government withdrew a bill it anticipated would zip through without so much as a challenge.

EDITORIAL: It’s a wonder the Bahamas has any viable business

A RECENT Industrial Development Bank survey reports that the functional capacity of The Bahamas’ civil service scores 19 out of 100 on the charts, showing “that the Bahamas has significant room for improvement”.

EDITORIAL: From the ruins of the Soviet Union Putin strives to revive the Russian superpower

The passing of former US President George HW Bush reminded many that we are approaching the 30th anniversaries of some of the most critical geopolitical events of the second half of the 20th Century.

EDITORIAL: If PMH is best – God help the rest

WE were very interested in a statement by Dr Marcus Cooper during the recent consultants pay dispute at the Princess Margaret Hospital, in which he explained that it was because of the personal and professional sacrifices of these same doctors to improve the quality of services in our public system that The Bahamas “is able to boast the best public healthcare facility in the region”. Dr Cooper is president of the Medical Association of The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: We've had the warnings - but what are we actually doing?

Three years after the Paris Agreement on climate change and global warming there is renewed focus on this controversial issue with a major United Nations conference now taking place in the Polish city of Katowice. This is the first such meeting since the landmark report in October by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which declared drastic action is required to avert a world disaster precipitated by climate change.

EDITORIAL: Tiger burned bright but we missed an opportunity

If you turned on the TV any time toward the end of last week or on the weekend, you were likely to see a welcome face in a familiar place, Tiger Woods at Albany.

EDITORIAL: May's down to the wire with storm clouds on every side

Britain’s departure from the European Union is once again top of the international news agenda.

EDITORIAL: Money not the only issue in Minnis juggling act

IT’S hard to know what was likely to come out of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ meeting with unions this week.

EDITORIAL: The Bahamian work force is today’s challenge

IT WAS indeed a below-the-belt blow to learn from the World Bank that it is easier to do business in the war-torn West Bank and Gaza Strip than it is to do business in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Time for Mr Culmer to start listening

IT is a rare thing in politics to be able to please all of the country – but if ever there was a statement seemingly designed to annoy everyone it was the one made by FNM chairman Carl Culmer.

EDITORIAL: An American degree - it may have lost its lustre

Parents want the best for their children. Parents in Paraguay, Uganda, Cambodia, Fiji, Pakistan, Haiti and Bulgaria want the best for their children. And parents in The Bahamas also want the best for their children. Perhaps the best gift a parent can give to a child is education.

EDITORIAL: Now the counting's over what lies a head?

It’s no coincidence that many men and increasing numbers of women follow politics and sports. The two activities do have a lot in common, starting with the fact they both eventually produce clear winners and losers. And, as tantalising as they can be, near misses and close losses are still defeats.

EDITORIAL: Cameras, strong measures must be deployed to fight corruption

On Monday, November 5, this newspaper published a front page story revealing a two-year investigation into alleged bribery and corruption at the highest levels of the Bahamas Immigration Department was now an FBI matter.

EDITORIAL: Importance of remembering the fallen

REMEMBRANCE Day, also known informally as Poppy Day, has special significance this year because it marks the centenary of the end of the First World War.