Letters to the Editor


Not mark of beast

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ announcement to the nation on February 21 that over 100,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca is enroute to The Bahamas was undoubtedly met with cynicism by a cross section of the Bahamian population that engages in newspaper exegesis.

Praise for Bowleg

Not very often do we find people who are unselfishly dedicated.

Third party vendors

Please permit me to comment on what appears to be an aggressive and intentional initiative by the government to transition its various agencies to cashless operations. Part and parcel of this initiative is the requirement that persons who wish to use cash to receive government services are made to utilise selected participating private third party vendors.

Theatrics and consequences

Traditionally in Bahamian politics confrontation; demonstrations and protests have been employed to garner public sympathy and support for political parties; fringe groupings and ambitious individuals. This was the case way back in the days of the now fabled Burma Road spectacle and the events at the then Oakes Field Airport. The late Sir Clifford Darling; Charlie Rodrigues and my own father, the late Revered Doctor Ortland H Bodie Sr, et al, who was then a foreman at the Oakes Field Airport, to come to fame.

The lunatics are running the asylum

Growing up, this little catchy phrase “The lunatics are running the asylum” would amply convey the opinion that a business or other enterprise had lost all of its senses and gone crazy.

Christian Council

The Bahamas Christian Council’s (BCC) COVID Vaccine Investigative Committee’s pending report on the various COVID-19 vaccines should be thoroughly examined by the entire Christian community, as a way of separating fact from fiction and wheat from chaff.

Failures at Corrections

Could it be that the reason that so many people are writing and speaking out about the disgusting situation at the Prison is because so many people have friends and loved ones who have been personally and negatively effected by their time there. Yes, they may be convicted criminals, but they are also first and foremost human beings - Bahamians who deserve to be treated decently, humanely and shown a better way.

Thank you, Minister

I am writing to commend Mr Dames and The Prerogative Board of Mercy for the progressive steps they have taken to give deserving offenders a second chance. There are so many countries that have moved away from this “lock them up and throw away the key” way of handling inmates which we have sadly embraced for decades.

On the front line

Amid this dark and gloom that circles our world–

Path to dictatorship

The leaders of this country are heading in a very dangerous direction. Before World War 11 Germany had a weak leadership and Hitler was able to take control. What followed ended with worldwide destruction. In the Bahamas, our democratic system is coming under great pressure and unless we are careful, it will be replaced by a dictatorship.

Unlawful assembly

Please permit me to offer a few comments with respect to the offence referred to in The Bahamas Penal Code as “Unlawful Assembly” as well as offer a brief commentary on The Minister of National Security and The Attorney General’s protestation on public assertions/suggestion that the detention of members of The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) by the police was politically motivated.

Home ports, tourism and recovery

The one single brightest light in The Bahamas recently is the announcement by Crystal Cruise Lines that it intends to make the Prince George Wharf its home port. I understand that there are other cruise lines which are also considering doing the same. This is a fantastic piece of good news, for a change, and pardon the pun but like noted realtor and businessman, Mr Mario Carey stated the other day, this is a potential “game changer” for our tourism industry and the second home market.

Markle for president?

We are living in serious times. But what makes it worse is that certain persons who are in positions to influence public opinion are making a joke of our predicament – particularly in the United States, where it is now being suggested that Meghan Markle, who could not adapt to palace life in the UK, is now interested in running for president of the United States!

Christian Council report on COVID

Well the world must be waiting with bated breath on the outcome of the Christian Council’s report on the COVID vaccine.

Getting the vaccination

I wish to share with your readers my experience on Friday when I received my first Covid-19 vaccine.