Letters to the Editor


Travel woe

I operate a travel agency in Columbus, Ohio, and have sent clients on a regular basis to Nassau for many years both to hotels and on cruises. The Bahamas was always a popular destination. Regularly I read your newspaper online to keep up to date on travel news.

Campaign money bill

The noose tightens and the country is nearer to a dictatorship than we realise.

Georgia win for Warnock

As a black Bahamian male, I should be euphoric over the Rev Dr Raphael Warnock’s historic victory for the Senate seat in the State of Georgia, over the Republican incumbent billionaire Kelly Loeffler.

Entry regulations

As part-time residents of Nassau we are hoping that your difficult entry rules will soon be changed. We have been attempting to come to our Bahamas property for months but there is so much red tape and difficult, expensive and time consuming measures to complete.

Parliament ban on oil

Let us hear from our parliamentarians.

Trump defeat

The United States of America, the greatest democracy in the history of human civilization, currently had its democracy under siege by rabid Republican supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump.

Looking ahead for 2021

We made it into 2021. Thanks be unto The Lord Jesus Christ. 2020 is now behind us and as we probe this New Year, there is much to be thankful for despite the ongoing ravages of the pandemic and the anemic economy. We Bahamians often play the fool but we are a resilient and determined breed of people.

Pump and dump

To all the folks across the world on this mailing list I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.

Stop the guns

How to get guns out of the hands of Bahamians and deter them from ending every argument with brutal force - often lethal?

Zimbabwe horror

Zimbabwe horror it is heartbreaking. Patients in Zimbabwe are sleeping rough on the floor in major hospitals. Zimbabwe’s health system is at risk of being overwhelmed as a renewed surge in coronavirus infections has caused a shortage of beds and equipment at hospitals.

Stars shine at Social Services

Minister Frankie Campbell, 2020 has been a truly rough and trying year, the world over; and our beautiful country and beloved, Bahamaland has been left feeling the weight of the crunch as well.

Sentences for guns

There have now been six murders in the first six days of 2021. All of these murders have involved illegal handguns. Yet little outrage was expressed in the media or elsewhere when a magistrate last week sentenced a man to a mere 13 years imprisonment for the possession of an illegal firearm, even though he offered the damning explanation that he had the gun for the purpose of selling it!

Police in need of training

Based on their often observable actions, I always thought that many members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force lacked basic training in how to properly interact with members of the public. What I did not know was that some senior members of the force are downright stupid until I observed it with my very own eyes.

2021 hope

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Improve the Civil Service

The more things change, the more, unfortunately, they remain the same!