Letters to the Editor


Lack of dredging sees return of the seahorse

The discovery of a seahorse in North Bimini Bay may very well be the sign that, with the temporary stoppage of dredging within the mangroves, these unique treasures may be returning to the area. It was a juvenile seahorse, which indicates the possible presence of adults in the area.

Spelling out one man's brilliance

``Honouring a Great Man of God’’

The Press always has the last word

Some advice to the Most Honorable Dr Hubert A Minnis - you can never hide from the press. The press always has the last say even if you try to hide.

False adverts for my five dollars

I saw something called a five dollar filler upper advertised in a KFC commercial on TV.

Preston Moss: Our humble priest with a unique ability

Catholicism has deep roots in the Bahamas and nowhere more so than in the Family Islands. The church was real, it was visible, and it was relevant in the lives of out islanders.

Time to redevelop Carmichael Road

Over the years, Carmichael has grown tremendously to the point where it has earned the nickname, City 2000. We now have one branch of each bank, government offices, plazas, numerous food chains and other businesses that other parts of New Providence may not see for another decade or so. But we have a major problem and that’s Carmichael Road itself.

Show some respect to the House

Is the refusal of the Minnis government to debate the Interim Budget a slap in our faces whilst they talk the economy is on the upswing?

Locking up our young people develops criminals

I have said it before and I will say it again. The Royal Bahamas Police Force, under the stellar command of Commissioner Anthony Ferguson, ably assisted by the high command, inclusive of Senior Assistant Commissioner Stephen Dean and the outstanding Assistant Commissioners of Police, Clayton Fernander and Ken Strachan, et al, especially Chief Supt B K Bonamy, are doing a wonderful job in fighting and detecting crime.

Is Disney deal worth $250m or $400m then?

Disney Cruise port in Eleuthera an HOA signed, in private no press…very, very sad but after the OBAN mess and refusal to cancel I suspect PM was scared out of his wits plus he continues to run from the press. You only run when there is something to hide from!

Plenty of women in Bahamas have much to celebrate

International women’s day (March 8) is intended to highlight women all around the world. This is a day when accomplishments of women should be the focus of everyone’s attention.

We need an audit of public services

Ease of doing business in The Bahamas, for the most part, is an oxymoron or a contradiction in terms.

Maynard generates his own hot air

A fossil is a preserved prehistoric organism. There is no better word to describe the president of the Electrical Workers Union, the bellicose and always underwhelming Paul Maynard.

Too much brass, and no privates

The month of March was proclaimed Royal Bahamas Police month and a series of official and community events across the country have been organised.

Minnis right to avoid the media

Juan McCartney your March 6 National Review op-ed in The Nassau Guardian said that Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis “became hostile towards the media as he realised that he was subject to serious vetting”.

Ignore the cries of the selfish Nassauvians

Traditionally, successive governments have been known to be Nassau-centric.