Letters to the Editor


Hypocrisy of PLP over VAT

Comments regarding VAT being increased from 7.5 percent to 12 percent, made by the leader and several members of Her Majesty’s loyal opposition as well as various, former government members unceremoniously dispatched from office just over 12 months ago under a cloud and shroud of mismanagement, incompetence and greed, can best be described as abhorrent, contemptible, detestable, despicable, hypocritical, insincere, repugnant and reprehensible.

Give a pet a home

The Bahamas Humane Society has lots of beautiful dogs and cats, puppies and kittens looking for homes.

Taxation honesty

We live in a funny country.

The hubris of Travis Robinson

Hubris is characterised by the possession of a potent witches’ brew of foolish pride, dangerous overconfidence, extreme arrogance and reckless ambition. At first sight it is hard to imagine one, much less all of these traits occupying the mind of the Member of Parliament for Bain and Grant’s Town, Travis Robinson.

Outriders and sirens

Officials - Official cars and police outriders and those damnable sirens.

Exuma tragedy

I wish I could find the words to express how deeply I am hurt when I found out about the unfortunate tragedy in Exuma. I want to send my heartfelt feelings to all families and friends concerned.

Who will be celebrating Independence?

I must ask all Bahamians this question, “Do we have an existential crisis in our country?”

Westminster Parliament

WESTMINISTER Rules and protocols are good for all, not when appropriate to be applied.

PM's shuffle

All of the Ministers moved in the Prime Minister’s recent so-called and highly unimpressive shuffle have been flat footed, uninspiring runners on a ministerial hamster wheel that has led to nowhere. What’s more, there are more within the Cabinet who remain in positions that they, in my opinion, are unqualified to have.

After the firings

THAT was the week that was…no doubt last week was eventful…the Budget vote - firing of two Parliamentary Secretaries the imposing of the whip on the majority, governing party with a majority of 35 and BP&L ain’t got a clue what blacked the island out.

Balancing the books

BUDGET 2018 we have been told is the commencement of a focus to cause in three years as close to a Balanced Budget something never heard of previously except pre-1967.

We should welcome differences

It is a safe bet that 212 years ago some Bahamians looked aghast at the “modern” monstrosity that was being built on the most commanding hilltop on the island of New Providence.

Facelift for wharf

Prince George Wharf is in desperate need of a facelift. The area is very dirty and the smell of garbage and urine dominates much of the sidewalk across from the water.

Scapegoats in Munnings Road fatality

THE Minnis administration must stand its ground and not cave in to the unreasonable demands of the family of the late Garvinisha Carey -- the young lady who succumbed to injuries caused by a horrific traffic accident in the Munnings Road area after colliding into a concrete blockade which were erected by the Ministry of Works.

Is BPL abiding by the rules?

BP&L’s RFP to replace the current standby generator supplier - AGGREGO was it complaint to the Electricity act of 2015?