Letters to the Editor


No place for party politics

IF one were to peruse the annals of modern Bahamian history, dating back to the era of the United Bahamian Party, when the Bahamian Colony first achieved internal self government from England in 1964, one would be hard pressed to name one other PM who has had the kind of challenges Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is currently faced with.

Leave this crisis to the experts

We have listened to and read so much about Covid-19 that the brain is totally confused about the whole affair. We have experts and experts, Government officials, health officials all adding their two cents to the issue how to wash you hands, how to sneeze, what to sing while washing your hands and how not to hoard loo rolls and other necessary products and so on.

We need to have global community

How sustainable is the present socio-economic system of things in small island developing nations like The Bahamas?

Pandemic reminds us that God is sovereign

The Nassau Tribune has reported that a 61-year-old Nassau woman has contracted the coronavirus disease. I am hoping that this breaking news does not spark a new wave of pandemonium throughout the nation. John Hopkins has reported, as of March 15, 162,687 confirmed cases of the COVID-19, with 6,065 reported deaths and 75,620 recoveries. What this tells me is that COVID-19 isn’t necessarily a death sentence.

It seems that no-one cares for the homeless on our streets

Usually referred to as vagrants, but it becomes obvious when you begin to interact with them, that clearly these Bahamians are operating under diminished responsibility ... therefore, what government entity is responsible to pick them up?

A new Sunday schedule

Earlier this month Catholic Archbishop Patrick Pinder urged parishioners with flu-like symptoms to remain at home until their health improved.

Expanding gap between rich and poor

Countries around the world face the challenge of financing the living standards of their populations while remaining attractive to international consumers of their goods or services.

Deserving an honour

Many of us know Wendall Jones is a draftsman, journalist, entrepreneur, media magnate and social commentator. Through his art exhibition at the Central Bank, we see him as an artist.

Drivers causing a hazard

I would like to raise awareness of one of the growing issues on our streets at night.

Bloomberg should stand here

I read the very interesting “Investing in People & Communities” - a Government Progress Report, which was an insert in your paper recently.

Spread of virus would be devastating

The statement that 400 will be the worst-case scenario for the COVID-19 virus in the Bahamas is totally ridiculous.

We need some commonsense

When will common sense return to the Bahamas or the world for that matter?

Benefits of home ports

Critics of the FNM who accuse it of being a reincarnation of the now defunct United Bahamian Party are in for a rude awakening when the details of the purchase of the Grand Lucayan resort by Royal Caribbean finally emerge. In fact, this deal (like many others) will likely confirm a vast difference between the FNM and the UBP.

This time, the US sneeze will be more than a cold

How many times over a lifetime has one heard the desperate sigh: “Oh, dear God, what is this world coming to?”

Why women should show support for this decade of action

I join people of goodwill from all over the world in acknowledging and celebrating International Women’s Day (“IWD”). The theme of IWD 2020 is: “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights.