Letters to the Editor


Divide and rule

The strategy of divide and conquer was first develop by Sun Tzu’s, a Chinese General 2500 years ago. In the west, the divide your enemy so you can rule approach is attributed to Julius Cesar — he successfully applied it to conquer Gaul twenty-two centuries ago.

To bury or not to bury

In spite of the many challengers, financially and otherwise facing our government, it should not become unaware or calloused to the need of dignity for the dead, be they having departed this life from COVID or any other catastrophic natural disaster. Thus, I venture to propose the following for the proper care of those dearly departed souls, now accumulating in inordinate numbers at our health care facilities.

The great unwashed

Re: Welcome return for Mr Davis – The Tribune, Letters, September 14, 2020.

We must deny science at our peril

A long pattern of science denial has hoodwinked people from high school students to tertiary graduates resulting in monumental, financially ruinous and, sadly, fatal outcomes.

We must stand with our teachers

It seems that the battle between teachers and the ministry is a never ending one. School administrators seem to automatically take the side of the ministry while teachers have no choice but to run to the union to seek justice.

Elections in the time of COVID

Several countries in the Caribbean have held early general elections in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Too hard to visit

I am writing as a Canadian with Bahamian ancestry to express the hope that your Government will soon change the very difficult requirements to visit.

Issues facing the world

There are two issues I would like to address but I do so from a world weary cynical perspective:

United Bahamian people

The Bahamas is now a failed state in my view.

LETTER: Roadblocks for visitors to Bahamas

The Minister of Tourism outlined steps towards reopening the vital tourism sector. However, when reading the remarks, it does not appear to be very welcoming for prospective visitors. I wonder if anyone who is designing the harsh requirements for entry has ever consulted with travel agents or visitors themselves.

LETTER: Zimbabwe still in crisis

It is painful that the Zimbabwean situation has worsened and the social and economic crisis of the Zimbabwean is continuing daily. It shows very clearly that Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa have failed to improve the economic conditions of Zimbabwe.

LETTER: More risk for displaced Bahamians

Please allow me a space in your column to share with you and your readers what I consider a very serious emerging issue that has already impacted residents of The Bahamas and may have devastating effects if not addressed.

Freedom of information

As a taxpayer and a businessman I find it strange and in fact take great offence when Bahamians are told by the relevant entity or authorities that the salaries of persons employed by governmental agencies and corporations are no one’s business in the public domain as the revelation could lead to those individuals being targeted by criminals.

Is JLP win a good sign for FNM?

At the recent heads of agreement signing for the Jack’s Bay Resort development, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is reported to have said that he is “more focused on saving lives than calling an early election.” General elections in this country, for all intents and purposes, have become pastime events for Bahamian revelers and entertainment seekers. Issues of national importance are usually not high on the agenda of these people looking for free entertainment and food.

Sir Franklyn's importance to the country

With thousands of job losses in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Bimini, Abaco, Exuma and other parts of The Bahamas, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic’s debilitating impact on the domestic and global economy, the announcement of the Minnis administration signing a $400m heads of agreement for the Jack’s Bay Resort and Marina development in South Eleuthera comes as good news, in an otherwise sombre environment.