Letters to the Editor


Is Minnis becoming a new Mugabe?

MY fellow Bahamians. Is it just me (I wish) or did we just elect a Bahamian Mugabe in charge of The Bahamas? A few weeks ago, I was just talking about our “new and improved” Prime Minister by the name of Hubert Minnis.

The turning point

WOW! I can’t believe Deputy Leader Chester Cooper is using the same old tactic the PLP has always used in an effort to win the next general elections. A tactic straight outta da University of Wulff Road.

Pindling aiming for a run?

OVER the past year or so Bahamian politics had become mundane to me. However, my political mood experienced an abrupt change when I saw a write-up in the two major dailies regarding Monique Pindling’s address at the PLP convention.

Christie out of touch

I read and listened with interest to Perry Christie’s remarks about the recently-concluded PLP convention and he just confirmed for everyone how out of touch he is with us, the people.

Hypocrisy of Brave

HOW can Philip ‘Brave’ Davis fix his mouth to say the PLP does not support the proposed wage raise for MPs? Either the leader of the opposition is extremely forgetful, or else he believes it is the Bahamian people who have no memory.

The Pointe

FOR the first time today I parked in the Pointe Multi Storey Car Park.

Striking a balance

The Tribune, Culture Clash, November 1, 2017.

Meltdown of the PM

A large number of Bahamians, inclusive of FNMs and PLPs supported and voted for the Free National Movement and it’s entire slate of candidates during the last general election.

To increase or not?

When there is a pervasive culture of corruption and greed, no amount of money is sufficient to satisfy incessant craving of many Bahamians. And, now, to use the argument that by upping the salaries of Parliamentarians would be the cure-all to endemic pilfering from the people’s coffers is a fallacy born in hell.

MPs’ pay is lagging behind

I have a need to address the issue of a pay raise for parliamentarians as I have supported this initiative under every government over the past 15-20 years.

Are taxes being forced upon us?

COMING on the heels of the OECD and its G-20 and European Union (EU) members threatening ‘blacklistings’ a few short months ago Mr K Peter Turnquest, Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance suggests The Bahamas might have to look at implementing a low-rate corporate income tax in order to comply with demands from the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Foolish to pay to promote hotel

I am a Free National Movement supporter and I must ask my Government what in the world they are thinking.

Cleaning up the garbage

Thank you for publishing my letter concerning the garbage nightmare at Montagu following the regatta to honour Sir Durward.

Illegal migrants

STRANGER things have happened but yesterday in The House of Assembly a strange thing happened - it came the turn for the member for St Anne’s to speak ..... he prefixed his comment, all of maybe three minutes by saying there will be an announcement concerning Immigration and sat back down giving away for PM Hubert Minnis to make his statement, far from the usual summing up that the closing MP, usually the PM will do then the bombshell.

Don't rely on the postal service

I am sure there have been plenty of letters and news reports while I was away about the Post Office downtown and its workings.