Letters to the Editor


It's time to restructure the Bahamas National Trust

In May 2018, I sent a long letter to the President, the new Council and the Director of Bahamas National Trust.

Why we all owe a debt to Roy Bowe

Please allow me a little space to pay tribute to a giant in the developing Bahamas. He was so much to all of us, but to me he was my hero!

Bathrooms need fixing – now

Recently, I came across a post circulating online in reference to Festival Place bathrooms near Prince George Wharf. It wasn't long before I had to go see for myself what all the ruckus was about. Seeing that I consider myself a die-hard Bahamian, I get a little sensitive about any bad publicity that could affect us – especially our tourism industry.

Shameful state at Okra Hill

How could Okra Hill Lodge, just off Shirley Street, be left in that state, and probably humans living in the building – without the police or Urban Renewal knowing?

Exuma Park: We deserve full disclosure

With great interest I read the October 30, letter regarding the apparent lack of transparency with the Exuma Park deal the Bahamas National Trust cut with Albany. I was travelling and missed the original story in September and the Trust’s “lacklustre” reply on October 11.

We must displace hatred with love and pray for a safer tomorrow

We are still shaken and deeply saddened from the appalling massacre in the Etz Chayim - Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA this past Saturday.

The police station on Potter’s Cay is a failure

Please allow me space in your column to pose the following public question to the Commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police Force . . .

Question of Halloween

On Sunday past, I was asked my thoughts on whether Christians should celebrate Halloween. It is a great question, but it is one that Scripture does not speak to in a direct manner, as is the case with many issues that we as Christians have to think through. Therefore, in responding to the question asked on Sunday, my hope is that my approach can serve as a guide for how we should consider matters that Scripture does not specifically address.

Another flawed tender process

LIGHTHOUSE Pointe - Eleuthera … incredible someone in government understands - you can’t make an application for a proposal if you don’t have any rights to the land - thank you Ace Newbold …. hope you explain to PM Minnis and Minister D’Aguilar!

EDITORIAL: Bahamas, Gun Laws and Lessons of the Pittsburg Massacre

At 9:57 on Saturday morning, gunshots shattered the peace of Tree of Life Synagogue in a quiet section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Within minutes, in one of the oldest houses of worship in the United States, 11 people would be dead including a 97-year-old man who, determined to thank God for life, made it to the temple where he would die as he prayed. Police rushed into the line of fire. Four were injured as they captured and arrested 46-year-old Robert Bowers, a man poisoned by hate and armed with three Glock handguns and an AR-15 assault rifle. “I just want to kill Jews,” he screamed.

We deserve transparency over Exuma


Time for the Roland T Symonette building

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is in desperate need of a Post Office Department. Instead of all the back-and-forth talks, something should be done and soon.

Government shouldn't have to bail out sporting events

The promo for the American Football Bowl - Nassau is laughable…as the American gives praises on praises behind him, the video shows precisely why this event should have been cancelled - the bleaches are totally empty.

Bradley Roberts ran his race well

THE most untimely death of Bradley Roberts, former long time member of parliament for the great constituency of Bain & Grants Town and cabinet minister extraordinaire, marks the end of a political era in our wonderful nation. My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to his widow, the children and immediate family. As long as there is a Bahamas, Bradley will always be fondly remembered.

All doctors and nurses deserve better conditions

Strikes and strike votes are action taken as a mean of protest where employees try to force their bosses to consider their demands regarding working conditions, salaries and many other concerns.