Letters to the Editor


Play us straight, sir

Finance Minister Peter Turnquest acknowledges some difficulty in collecting Gaming Taxes from the Number Houses. I support the government in its effort to collect any and all legitimate taxes.

PLP hypocrites

What hypocrites these PLPs are!

D+ max for FNM

Pre-May, 2017 we heard such pious words and promises - every second allegation against the then government so now two years in I wish to sum up my report so far for the FNM. A max grade of “D plus”.

Evil always prospers

Kindly indulge my compulsion to respond to Bishop Simeon Hall’s clarion call to pray for 30 days without murder.

Relays were no loss

This weekend if the decision of the past was maintained Nassau would have had the IAAF relays, but fortunately this time it went to Japan.

When illegals can be a bonus

There are few subjects that evoke as much emotion as that of immigration in Bahamian society. I would like to focus on illegal immigration.

Some national service could be the answer

Given the level of crime in our country I believe it’s time we reconsider compulsory national service for our youth (young men and women). Perhaps we could split the participants evenly across the defence and police forces and rotate them at the halfway mark of a two-year programme. I think the potential benefits to our youth and country would be tremendous and include:

Time to stop bickering and deal with each other

Crime continues to mar our lives in The Bahamas.

Are these cones legal?

I am fully aware there are strict rules as to blocking a road a such and alike the landscape people/workers do daily infant of Bah Mar.

Be part of the digital world

Bahamian retail businesses truly seem to want to remain in the backwater of the digital age. A Google search says that Visa does around 1,700 transactions per second on average (based on a calculation derived from the official claim of over 150 million transactions per day).

Changing leadership

Please be advised that contrary to Mr Abraham Moss’ assertion in today’s issue of The Tribune:

Foremost, Sir Cecil's parents were Bahamians by birth and at heart

Included with your newspaper on May 10, 2019 was a supplement written and produced by Rights Bahamas.

Fire department losing its relevance

For some time now I have been inking remarks about the state of the Bahamas Fire Brigade on New Providence Island.

Not the comfort we need

Whereas I am sure the president of the Senate, Mrs Forbes Smith, is legally allowed to practice her old profession in PR and communications strategy and I am equally sure the comments made by Mr Carl Bethell AG technically are correct, her defence that her position is rather mundane is not correct, Mrs Forbes Smith is a very important person and people listen to her in part because she is President of the Senate and her sphere of influence I would imagine is vast.

Time to find paper trail

Developments continue and projects are ongoing in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, but why do we seem to be always regressing in our understanding of the procedures and approvals required from our government agencies.