Letters to the Editor


Post office move

IF it is the people’s time, the needs of the people should be considered by the FNM government. Everybody knows that it makes no sense to put the main post office on Gladstone Road. That location is too far and not convenient for Bahamians and tourists alike.

Thoughts on the new National Breadbasket

THE only constant thing in life is change, and the time for changes to our approach for improving our nation’s nutrition status is now!

Blunder after blunder by the FNM govt

POPULARITY of a sitting government has always to be crucial to their well being any politician disregarding a poll which concludes what the Domain Poll did has to be seriously conscious that the public perception - public gratification - public support has diminished appreciably actually to a level where if there was an election it would be hard for the sitting political party to win.

Laws on loud music

As a Bahamian I am writing to request that the laws pertaining to the playing of loud music be changed or enforced.

Concerns over Oban project

Please publish this open letter to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and copied to the Hon. Peter Turnquest, Finance Minister.

Will the Bahamas remain attractive to the investor?

WHEN a Businessman talks about he is not scared about income Tax or Corporate Taxes as sure as the sun rose in the east he knows he ain’t going to pay its as All taxes are passed onto the Consumer just like Vat was.

Why should politicians be invited to speak?

CHURCH of God Convention - appearance for Prime Minister in the pulpit - I have to ask as I have when Sir Lynden and certainly Perry Christie accepted the invite of this church to address their convention - why should politicians be invited to speak?

Forget the potential environmental issues with the Oban deal

The Bahamas National Trust has come out strongly against the Oban Energies deal the Government has signed citing potential environmental damage to the nearby National Parks.

Not what the tourist brochures promised

I attempted to drop some Canadian friends off at the eastern access point to Cabbage Beach on the weekend.

Dare we hope for better?

Re: Friday 6 April 2018 Editorial page.

No Pointe labour ratio survey?

Did the director of the Department of Labour really admit a survey hasn’t been carried out on The Pointe’s Bahamian/Chinese labour ratio since pre-May 2017?

No longer an impartial observer

As a cultural commentator, playwright James Catalyn produced a summer madness series aptly named “Laughin’ at we sef”. This was the essence of satire and what tickled our funny bones the most were the parts of the narrative that were not fiction but were actually culled from the news headlines of the day.

Reece Chipman is a loose cannon

The FNM tried to erect a wall of protection around Reece Chipman, the MP for Centreville, but it is looking pointless because he is a loose cannon who keeps lobbing cheap shots across the Prime Minister’s bow.

Rumour of a vote of no confidence in PM

A short while ago it was said that I was starting and spreading rumours about Hubert Ingraham being a part of a coup to challenge Dr. Hubert Minnis for leadership.

Govt making wrong decision on Post Office

I’ve spoken with a lot of Bahamians concerning the Post Office move to Gladstone Road. They say it’s foolish, does not make sense and it’s the wrong decision the government is making.