Letters to the Editor


Ready for a second wave?

We all, inclusive of myself, have been demanding the relaxation or even absolute abolition of the powers granted, unconstitutionally in my view, to the Competent Authority. Well, over the course of the last week or two they are being eased and many businesses, where they still exist, will be reopening next week.

Now you are insulting our intelligence

I think that the ONLY thing that my good friend Mike Maura Jr did not say in this warning from the Wheelhouse of the Nassau Port was “We’re all right Jack, pull the ladder up” !

Like putting a band aid on a mortal wound

The Bahamas is in an unprecedentedly precarious fiscal situation.

It's time for leaders to improve performance

What with the laxity of Iram Lewis’s grossly incorrect report on the availability of hurricane shelters in Family Islands, and Customs “not wanting to come in and clear arriving boats” at multiple marinas in Nassau, things seem to be running just as irresponsibly as usual.

Columbus: Let a noble Lucayan family look him in the eye

At the moment, we are disconnected from those whom we love. We are living with deep uncertainty, a future unknown.

Why can't people obey the rules on social distancing?

As a permanent resident ln the Bahamas I am reluctant to express my views, but suffice it to say I am so disappointed and frustrated with the country’s, and in particular the Government’s, reaction to the COVID 19 situation that I am compelled to put pen to paper.

A fantastic statue

The Bahamas was discovered by Christopher Columbus. In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean blue, they had three ships: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

Don't believe airline's tears

Recently we have had a river of tears cried over Bahamasair by everyone from the Minister of Tourism, the Chairman and the CEO of Bahamasair and most recently the auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

We need the imagination to run our country ourselves

I had an interesting chat with a lady several days ago. Her name was Andros and she belonged to the Bahamas family.

Sands' delay

I write in connection with your Editorial of the 12th June in which you question the delay in former minister of health, Dr Duane Sands speaking out about his concerns over the government’s handling of the list of missing persons following Hurricane Dorian.

Lessons of COVID-19

With the many negatives that covid-19 has and continues to leave in its wake, it is imperative for countries such as The Bahamas to derive as many positives from this period as possible.

A museum is now the right place for Columbus statue

It is no coincidence that the debate surrounding the statue of Christopher Columbus has resurfaced in recent weeks.

EDITORIAL: Leave no island behind

WHEN Iram Lewis spoke in Parliament during his Budget contribution, his words would have been reassuring.

People seem to kill at the drop of a hat

The good old fashioned system of values which my late father (Reverend Dr. Ortland H. Bodie Sr.) and my late beloved mother (Annie Hepburn Deveaux) instilled in me and my siblings growing up back in the day has stood the test of time. Those values included a love and respect for The Lord Jesus Christ; taking responsibility for one’s behaviour and choices; self reliance; hard work; thrift and honesty.

Looks like Columbus has overstayed his tourist visa

The latest in a long line of protests for equality in the United States has pricked the consciences of some here who are again questioning the symbols of veneration that dot our landscape.