Letters to the Editor


It's easy to confuse tactics and strategy

Leader of the opposition is never an easy job.

Bloated health insurance

Re: All Homes Must Have Insurance’: Leading Insurer Warns Mandatory Cover Has To Be On Agenda After Dorian. – Tribune, Wednesday, Feb 5th.

The saga of marijuana

The Bahamas marijuana commission deliberated for more than a year to determine the way forward on marijuana only to present the Prime Minister with an incomplete report.

The high cost of Bahamas life

An international report places The Bahamas as Number six as the most expensive places to live. Is it equitable - fair?

Dysfunctional relationships

Truth be told the vast majority of Bahamian relationships are dysfunctional.

Ministerial travel

Ministerial travel…not a problem with increase except the $650.00 a head for American Eagle Club which could cause a $40,000.00 pa cost…except PM - DPM.

The politics of pandering

Very conscious that the FNM are gearing up for an election? FNM are finally going to hold their long overdue Convention we have to look and understand why Minnis is pushing certain issues.

Wrong to say rape is impossible in marriage

House Speaker Halson Moultrie stirred up a hornet’s nest while commenting on a report titled: “The Criminalisation of Marital Rape and Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Across the Commonwealth”.

Pelosi a hypocrite

Since Donald Trump became President he has not received a lot of benefits from the Liberal Media. It has been a constant barrage of negatives comments by almost every TV News Anchor from Norah O’ Donnell, Lester Holt and even people like F Chuck Todd and even George Stephanopoulos.

Poems which sum up my life on this lovely island

Please a little space in your paper to allow me to commend the people of your little nation of nations via your newspaper regarding my experience in The Bahamas.

Don't hide the crime

The policy of the Minnis government to expunge criminal records for what could be described as ‘minor – not serious crimes’ – raises a serious issue of rights of an Employer and right of foreign governments to know if that person applying for employment or a VISA or Residence has been sentenced by a Court of the Bahamas?

Too quick to get rid of Shenique

The abrupt termination of veteran journalist and host of The Conversation at ZNS, Shenique Miller, is being labelled political victimisation by Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters.

Watch for fake news

The Bahamas’ very own Muhammadan apologist, The Graduate, has fallen into the same egregious error as former US President George W Bush, when he mischaracterised Islam, the second largest religion in the world, as a religion of peace.

Our PM has done nothing spectacular since the start

The Most Honourable Prime Minister has announced the launching of the FNM’s campaign for re-election.

Time to shuffle the FNM pack

If the FNM were a four-cylinder motor engine it would be firing on two cylinders and with fits and starts of misfiring at that. A major problem in our wonderful nation. as it relates to politics is that if one were to critique something that a party or its leader may do or say, others who should know better tend to accuse that detractor of being an enemy of the nation, God forbid, or the party itself.