Letters to the Editor


Cheap credit – culprit or bait?

A worldwide, financial disaster occurred when investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on September 15, 2008, becoming one of the largest fatality in the 2008 financial crisis. It is the 10th anniversary of this financial crisis. I am asking is another one imminent?

The tender process

SEEMINGLY trending in official circles - Tenders need not be held in a process of legitimacy and following long established Regulations of fairness.

Web shops not victims

The sheer duplicitousness of some of our fellow citizens can take your breath away.

The travels and travails of Davis

The Bahamas’ thrives on its favourite pastime, gossip, bad news and I daresay “fake news”. They run to their groups and, without substantiating their juicy news, they repeat it. But what is so sad, the gullible populace believe garbage, without pause.

Use a cattle prod . . .


Looting the coffers

Your Editorial on September 7, 2018, was amazingly perceptive and insightful.

Unseemly behaviour

Canon Sebastian Campbell, who advocated for many years for an indigenous national honours system, stated that he believed the refusal of former Prime Ministers Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie to accept the new Bahamian honour, Order of the Nation, was an embarrassment to Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

Mr Bannister

DISGUSTED that Minister Bannister should comment on the fired Chair of BP&L in the manner he did especially as Government as the employer had not complied with the basic of sending Ms Osborne a letter explaining she was fired. Government is not above the Labour Laws.

Process for cruise port scheme

Re:Flawed process -RFP for management of the cruise port and APD group involvement

Shell LNG deal more of the same

THE incredible editorial of today Thursday, September 6th, insisting Government rushes to sign the Shell LNG deal.

Pompey Museum

THE Pompey Museum of Slavery and emancipation was not a beach bar.

Value the nurses

PART of a wealthy family, Florence Nightingale defied the expectations of the time and pursued what she saw as her God-given calling of nursing.

Our Lucaya

I recall before the election, May 2-17 the PLP were touting that a Paul Wynn had a deal on Lucaya and they would sign…a whole year later nothing happened and Wynn walked from the deal and Hutchinson simply told Government we would close in September if no sale so now we are buying the hotel.

Issues facing The Bahamas

PHA charges for handicapped persons and transport of patients to Dialysis Centre… The memo was true as yesterday was Wednesday, August 29….the charges would have started September 2nd.

A classic back to school letter

As my children returned to school this fall term after a long and eventful summer, I could not help but reflect upon the sentiments expressed in a letter that has been attributed to US President Abraham Lincoln.