Letters to the Editor


Idea is dead on arrival

Alfred Sears’ proposal would seem to be an attempt to support possibly a potential challenge to the leadership in the PLP of Brave Davis.

The same old broken cars

National Pride Day Rawson Square - have to ask if the Police Summer School did not bus hundreds of children there how many children would have turned up? I suggest few.

A PM who is as unfit for office as Mr Symonette

In the run up to the 2017 General Election, the media and the public at large were whipped into a frenzy by a supposed conflict of interest that was exposed in email exchanges between then Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald and Sarkis Izmirlian, the original Baha Mar developer. In the emails, Mr. Fitzgerald enquired after his father’s company’s application for a contract with the resort.

Traffic men have their own power

Tuesday around 11am Nassau went dark - the whole island did not have any electricity but the Royal Bahamas Police, Traffic Division must had have a generator and in their eyes nothing changed and it would seem that they did not consider their presence at junctions controlled by traffic lights could need some assistance? Kudos to ASP Mark Stubbs.

Uniformed opportunist chasing clicks

I saw a Facebook video of a Free National Movement (FNM) supporter alleging that a controversial media personality and political opportunist has described Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis as being an Uncle Tom.

Enough to make your eyes bulge

A popular phrase these days is, “there are many ways to skin a cat”, with apologies to cat and animal lovers.

Sorry Nassau and the ghetto

“On the Island” was originally “created” after news of the May 9, 2019 double homicide in White’s Addition off Kemp Road -- the morning after the double murder at Potter’s Cay. While I did not witness the White’s Addition shootings, I was on the Queen’s College campus and heard the gunshots and the wails of grief that followed.

Cannabis is a control issue

THE Cannabis conversation we are having right now in The Bahamas is all about control.

Beauty and beast

The natural beauty of the Montagu waterfront: The displays of shifting colours and shadows orchestrated by the setting sun. The gentle, refreshing breeze a welcome respite after a stifling hot day and BPL outages. The families, especially the children splashing in the shallows, and others immersed up to their chests in the sea recapping the day and solving the country’s problems.

An insane event

I recently read in one of the dailies about an upcoming party to be held on Sassoon Drive in Winton Heights, which apparently advertises the event as “bare naked-The ultimate summer pool party. Apparently it is an economic event advertising general admission tickets as $25 and VIP tickets as $50.

PLP back in the running

With the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) securing only four seats in the 2017 general election, it seemed like a farfetched notion that the oldest political organisation in The Bahamas would be able to rebound and become a viable alternative to the incumbent Free National Movement (FNM) with its 35 seats.

Pictures we don't need

I firmly believe in the citizens right to freedom of expression and of the press so now in the day of social media and with the proliferation and instantaneous postings Government and especially the law enforcement Agencies need to wake up and be far more responsive to incidents of public interest.

CA Smith is the 10th

In both their speeches during the swearing-in ceremony Friday morning Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and new Governor General C. A. Smith got some history wrong.

Symonette exit will cost FNM

Brent Symonette’s resignation from the Minnis cabinet is a net loss to The Bahamas and to the FNM.

No time to privatise

Just as residents of New Providence tuck into another muggy summer of intense load-shedding that (by official statement released in late winter) is not happening, the Guardian chooses this time to call for the selling off of the utility. One sometimes wonders if those in charge do not share such ambitions, which are (in some minds) advanced by the failure of BPL right in the midst of one of the hottest summers on record.