Letters to the Editor


Our Third World status on display

The Free National Movement (FNM) government’s recently tabled Electricity Rate Reduction Bond Bill appears to be an all-or-nothing effort by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis to salvage Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), even if it means alienating thousands of frustrated Bahamian consumers, who have had to put up with chronic power blackouts for decades.

Wait for safer return

I have always been an enthusiast about Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC), the Isle of Man firm that started its exploration for oil in Bahamian waters over a dozen years ago.

Betraying its baptist heritage

Pride Bahamas organiser Alexus D’Marco’s differences with the Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) are irreconcilable, especially given the fact that her organisation is planning on staging a gay pride event in 2020. Homosexuality is explicitly condemned in both Old and New Testaments. Unless D’Marco and her people are willing to repent, what is there to discuss?

Protect resources

To all Bahamians, especially those who reside within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas:

Out, after 36 years

WOW 36 years after being sentenced to Life two black Americans were freed and their sentences totally pardoned…36 years and finally the truth.

Law has to keep up with banned drugs

The topic “Synthetic” Marijuana was timely and very interesting. It was held at Wesley Methodist, Blue Hill Road and Chapel Street. The presenter was Dr Kirk Christie; Clinical Director of Female and Substance Abuse Services.

Legacy of Felix Bethel

The following letter, written by Felix Bethel in 2014, is published here at the request of one of his daughters. Mr Bethel, who died last week at the age of 70, was on the staff of the College of The Bahamas – now the University of the Bahamas — for 45 years.

What hours for jitneys?

For the last week at the downtown bus terminal and since the recent time change. This has created a clogging of sorts there. As many of the workers relying on this form of transportation to get from work, were left sitting in the dark...at the Frederick Street south side, where the 10-a, 14-a and 15-a are lined up.

GB purchase

GRAND Bahama Port Authority - Harbour and GB Airport…it shocks me that over the past 10-12 years learned Attorneys residing in GB continue to propose Government purchase these assets.

Don't force your agenda on all of us

We have all known from day one that acts of homosexuality and lesbianism abound in the world, inclusive of The Bahamas. These acts of abomination, for that is what they are, are an affront to The Lord Jesus Christ and to right thinking individuals. In recent times several high profiled persons and organisations have come out of the proverbial closet to embrace and promote this perverted alternative life style.

Christmas bonus

A banker sends to P.O. to collect a FREE monthly educational magazine from STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Planners ) and the messenger is charged and receipted for the following:

Climb down from those high horses

I often joke that I am the smartest individual in the Universe. As time goes on in our wonderful nation, I am beginning to really believe that. Let us examine the proposed debt reduction at Bahamas Power & Light. It is commonly agreed and accepted that Bahamas Power & Light and its corporate predecessor, Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) has been badly run and managed for decades under successive administrations.

A tax system we can't afford

Your Editorial comment of Thursday, the 21st November, was informative in that it laid out the serious fiscal situation facing Bahamian governments as we continue to grapple with increasingly devastating Atlantic hurricanes.

Do something new

I was born in a time when elitist education was the order of the day (1970s). Currently, both globally and locally there is a move to increase access to education. There will definitely be a compromise on quality happening in most western educational institutions.

Food for thought

Roadside vendors do they have Health certificates? An ever increasing group of people just trying to make a dollar, but they are selling food - coconut juice, etc…are they not required to get a Food handlers certificate and display it?