Letters to the Editor


A brave new world

There has been some idle talk in recent times that there is or might be a coup being plotted against the leadership of the Hon Philip ‘Brave’ Davis MP, QC (PLP-Cat Island; Rum Cay and San Salvador) by individuals and cabals within the Progressive Liberal Party. As a life long member and supporter of this iconic political juggernaut, I wish to disabuse right thinking Bahamians of this fake observation.

Why pave now?

I have seen the notice from the government that Bernard Road is to be paved. I’m thankful it is being paved.

Where has the BAMSI money gone?

During the waning years of the last PLP administration, the constant cry from the Bahamian people was, “Where has the VAT money gone?”

Questions over BPL and URCA

There is a headline today: URCA to investigate BPL fires attributed to URCA’s CEO Bereaux. With respect to Mr Bereaux where is the investigation as to why BP&L who are totally governed through URCA did not apply under Articles…15…25-28 for permission to change the type of generation and fuel at Clifton?

Murder is a national tragedy

THE murder of Inspector Carlis Blatch has rocked this nation. As it should. He is gone. We wish we could turn back the hands of time. We can’t.

Oh Shanendon

Would you kindly provide me with an opportunity to salute a dynamic young FNM politician in the person of the Shanendon Cartwright.

Lighthouse Point must be saved

I am a man and I cry. There, I have said it.

Work ethic

Re: Seeking to plug the skills gap.

Board chair should resign

I would title this “Being in the real world where you are required to uphold trust’ - the article headlined yesterday “Chamber endorses CEO over ten-year securities barring’ is incredible and exceptionally worrying.

Bewildered inside the hospital

This week, I went to the Princess Margaret Hospital to visit a patient. When I entered the lobby, I was greeted by a very pleasant, helpful security guard. I said I was there to see a patient and was asked his name and when he was admitted. I had his name but was unsure about when he was admitted. The security guard let me pass and directed me to Accident & Emergency.

Who uses a siren?

Who is permitted to legally use a siren and flashing lights?

It's down to education

I sat down this morning intending to write a letter about the astounding figure of $600m. This is the number put forth by Minister D’Aguilar, who says that Bahamians spend $600m per year in the web shops.

Oban deal

OBAN Energy Heads of Agreement…if signatories do not comply with the terms of an agreement then what happens to that agreement?

Lighthouse Point

RE: Alternative Sustainable Development Plan for Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera Letter of Support

Dionisio right

THE Hon Dinisio D’Aguilar (FNM- Free Town), Minister of Tourism & Aviation, is the hardest working member of the Minnis cabinet. Prior to entering politics he was a business executive with the family owned business, Super Wash, and a director/shareholder in numerous private entities. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he knows how to crunch numbers and he has a firm knowledge of his cabinet responsibilities and the expectations of the people of The Bahamas.