Letters to the Editor


Don't hide your identity

Within our current reality in The Bahamas, we’re noticing that Bahamians, mostly females, are beginning to embrace their Afrocentric (natural) beauty/appearance.

A PM term limit would prevent another Pindling

Two referenda have failed in The Bahamas under the last Progressive Liberal Party administration of former Prime Minister Perry Christie: the constitutional referendum in 2016 and the gaming referendum in 2013. Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ plan to implement term limits for the office of prime minister will almost certainly succeed in a referendum. I believe Minnis wants ten years or two terms for the prime minister.

Why airspace fees should come to us

Our failure to capitalize on our own airspace is losing us millions of dollars each year. Most Bahamians may be unaware, but every aircraft that flies within our national boundaries pays a fee, a kind of tax if you will, for right of passage through our territory. The problem is, currently those fees, which can number in the many thousands of dollars per flight, get paid to the United States authorities!

We need a Governor General we can respect

There comes a time in life when we must recognise where we are and when our time has come. Too many of us remain on the political scene only to suit our own purposes and not the country’s. Like many preachers, politicians cannot exit the stage and enjoy their retirement. Greed blinds us.

Perverse and ignorant comments

Was the PLP’s Mall Renovation Estimate Inflated?

We need to take control of our airspace

Several months ago, the government said it was working diligently to get control of our airspace from the United States. This is a vital initiative in terms both of the country’s ability to earn revenue by charging fees to airlines that use our airspace, but also in terms of our sovereignty and dignity as a people. Why should the United States be making money every time a plane flies over the Bahamas? Common sense will tell you the status quo is an absurd arrangement.

Bradley, a man who meant well for us all

I was astonished to learn that former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chair and Bain and Grants Town MP Bradley Roberts had passed away on the afternoon of October 25.

Get ready to be shocked

NHI - we all know how desperate this is needed, but there is a problem - can we afford it based on the wages and monies left, after we pay all the taxes, supermarkets and medical expenses?

Cut away the dead wood

PLP postpones much heralded Convention. What is the real reason? PLP commentator Philip Galanis led the public to suspect something was coming, and in usual manner, the populous were asked not to oppose Brave Davis as leader. What they promised Glynis and Obie?

So what did the FNM rebels see?

Not so long ago the FNM displayed exactly what kind of prime minister we would get if self-imposed the highest Most Honourable Hubert Alexander Minnis was given the reigns of power.

Politicians amusing us

Statements from officials many times are the most amusing. Minister for National Security - people feel a lot safer now - hell yes, because we adjusted to the carnage of a year ago and still, believe me. Minister fear crime.

Tedious list of mistakes

According to this morning’s (Nov 5) dailies, Dr Minnis claims that his government’s decline in support over the last 18 months has been because of “mistakes’” made and a failure to get more positive messages across to the public. Nice try, but thinking Bahamians know better.

On a dismal trajectory

When I was a mere lad growing up is the settlement of West End, Grand Bahama, I used to hear older guys say that some Bahamian women would say “no” with their lips, but write “yes” in the dirt with their toes!

Downtown is a disgrace

A recent opinion piece by Diane Phillips “Oh for just a little bit of imagination” in The Tribune is so timely, and in many ways unwittingly responds to another article by John Issa, “A View From Afar” where he asks why can’t we lure more tourists off the cruise ships. And in many ways Diane Philips answers that question admirably.

Mighty dollar beats safety

Ministry of Health survey announcement….can the Minister explain why we are being asked to provide fingerprints as participation in the survey?