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POLITICOLE: What’s to love about online dating?

AFTER chatting with one of my good friends recently, I decided to look more closely at the world of online dating. And by “look more closely” I mean sign up with a few online dating sites and see what comes of it.

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POLITICOLE: Check your BTC bills (and Cable Bahamas)

I DON’T usually use this space to complain about specific businesses, but I will today, because unfortunately I now join the chorus of unnecessarily disgruntled BTC customers, and my recent gripes with them are likely being experienced by their other many but virtually voiceless patrons.

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POLITICOLE: Is illegal and mass migration retribution for slavery?

I was having an interesting conversation with one of my mentors a few weeks back. Our discussions have always been immensely thought-provoking, stretching my thinking way beyond the normal considerations.

POLITICOLE: Health questions over mobile liberalisation

We’ve been using mobile phones in The Bahamas for almost 15 years, at least since the time I returned from college and was on my second job in 2000-01.

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POLITICOLE: A pilgrim’s tale

ONE of my closest and oldest childhood friends recently reminded me of one of my idiosyncrasies as a teenager. She said, “whenever you left your seat in class, you didn’t want anyone else to sit in it while you were not there. You would leave and come back and say ‘why is my seat hot?’”

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POLITICOLE: Too late for the victims, too little for their killers

THIS past week, Reverend Ranford Patterson, Christian Council President, said: “We cannot allow the criminal elements to determine how we will live in our society.”

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POLITICOLE: Living with a history of corruption

MOST people think corruption refers to something big, unusual ... the behaviour of a select group. It can be, but it’s also – and maybe more often – the little, deceitful, ordinary things you do every day that eventually add up to a larger act of dishonesty that carries with it greater penalties and repercussions.

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POLITICOLE: On Pointe . . .

What’s The Pointe? It’s not an inclusive development for the average Bahamian; not to my eyes or ears.

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POLITICOLE: Gun violence and gun control - America and The Bahamas

I’m riding through an American town and I see from a fair distance a giant sign, red print on a white background, “G U N S...”, and underneath those four letters, “...and more”. Conceivably, the “and more” are accessories.

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POLITICOLE: How opinions can inspire real change

I am often asked, in real time: “Are you gonna write about this?” “Are you gonna write about me?”

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POLITICOLE: Hurricane redevelopment and Bahamian self-reliance

TO NO one’s surprise, I am sure, the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin reveals a long list of developmental inadequacies in The Bahamas.

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POLITICOLE: Misdirected cruise line emails and media misdirection

LAST week, Prime Minister Perry Christie gave an interview with local media and said the following: “The people of The Bahamas will have help in determining how good we are and how well we have fared.

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POLITICOLE: You won’t vote for Bran because . . .

He’s attractive But he’s not a Barack Obama kind of attractive.

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POLITICOLE: We are afraid and fear will defeat us

I’M KIND of old school when it comes to writing. I like to sit down and be comfortable with my pen ... a nice, smooth writing pen and a notebook or some paper that’s almost bright white, smooth finish, not too porous, and just write to my heart’s content ... write on whatever it is that’s going on around me, especially in the political arena. Things that affect my country, my people.

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POLITICOLE: Who’s the bigger dodo - Galanis or Munroe?

We have many people competing for the title of biggest dodo in Bahamian politics and government - in last week’s news alone.

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POLITICOLE: Greg Moss sets about reconfiguring the battle lines

YOU don’t have to be a “prophet”, as some have suggested, to know that the country’s next general election in 2017 will be a significant turning point in the future of The Bahamas and everyone who calls this country home.

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POLITICOLE: Snowden, surveillance and banks blinded by policy

THE battle with certain Canadian banks in The Bahamas that are imposing unacceptable, unfounded policies on Bahamians continues.

POLITICOLE: Fighting for our freedom

I was born exactly 200 years (to the year) after the American Revolutionary War began. It was the beginning of the America we know today, and the beginning of its formalised civil liberties, creating examples for much of the rest of the world on how to protect individual rights and freedoms.

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POLITICOLE: R.E.S.P.E.C.T a song and dance, by Fred Mitchell and Perry Christie

WHEN will our leaders recognise that their place in leadership does not mean that people should have nothing to say against them because they lead? And that, rather, it really means the opposite?

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POLITICOLE: Should I stay or should I go?

Do I stay in and fight for my country? Well, the country I once thought I had?

POLITICOLE - Facebook: The antisocial media?

THE jury is still out on the true utility of Facebook and whether it improves our lives more than it damages them.

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POLITICOLE: The ‘secret’ society of the Bahamas

The nature of who we secretly are is the reason we can’t gainfully advance our country or the people in it.

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POLITICOLE: Christie’s Baha Mar address - a parody, in dialect

We still gat da biggest resort in da Caribbean region! Don mind it can’t open yet.

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POLITICOLE: The inaccuracy and lunacy of ‘xenophobia’

I am so tired of hearing people misuse the word “xenophobia” to suit their purpose or to sell their story.

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POLITICOLE: What the Baha Mar saga reveals

Who didn’t see this coming? Who really believed all was well with this project, especially after the first opening was delayed?

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POLITICOLE: 40 for 40 - with years comes wisdom

IN LESS than a week, I will have my fifth coming of age. If I had to offer wise words to anyone, young or old, after 40 years of life experience, here is what I’d say:

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POLITICOLE: The face and future of Bahamian independence

I am my mother’s only child. My mother has only one sister. My mother’s sister has four daughters. They are my sisters. The third is closest in age to me, and is one of my best friends.

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POLITICOLE: The Bahamas was never for Bahamians

MORE than 700 years ago, a “peaceful” people inhabited these islands we now call home.

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POLITICOLE: Bahamas after college = professional suicide

AS the school year ends, here is my advice to prospective or recent Bahamian college students and graduates.

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POLITICOLE: Charlie Charlie - who is the real demon?

LAST week, I wrote that we were in the asylum. Little did I know that this week I’d be able to specifically substantiate that claim. But I can’t yet decide who is most culpable for ushering in the madness.

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POLITICOLE: High-end tourists, low-end Bahamians

ACCORDING to Free National Movement and Opposition Leader Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister Perry Christie is missing the point as regards the Bahamian people.

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POLITICOLE: Religion, royalty and ridiculous bank policies

Human beings, through their religious and resulting social institutions, have set themselves up for eternal failure, particularly via penalty inflicted for disagreement over religious doctrines.

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POLITICOLE: Why the DNA will win the 2017 general election

IN their present form, they’re not ready yet. But if they become more polished and prepared, switch a few people around, research a few key matters to solidify their platform(s) and strengthen their foundation, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) will be able to pull off a win in the next general election.

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POLITICOLE: The real concern in the Urban Renewal audit argument

SINCE the story of the Auditor General’s report on the Urban Renewal Commission’s Small Home Repairs programme first broke, the dialogue in most places has been about the disagreement between the co-chairs, Algernon Allen and Cynthia “Mother” Pratt, and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) about the way the report was released and its implications on the integrity of the co-chairs.

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POLITICOLE: Hillary, hacking and help for illegal immigrants

OVER the weekend, Hillary Clinton officially tossed her hat into the ring, to join the 2016 race for US President. In her very first, very plain campaign television advertisement she says: “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”

POLITICOLE: What did Shane Gibson really say about Scotiabank?

I noticed that our prime minister kept a low profile this past week. That’s unusual to me.

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POLITICOLE: What’s wrong with Christie’s comments?

It’s interesting to analyse the words and language (body included) of political leaders.

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POLITICOLE: Poetry is a tool, not merely a pastime

There was a time when everything I wrote came out as a poem. The words didn’t always rhyme. Everyone wasn’t meant to understand them – just the few who needed or wanted to identify.

POLITICOLE: Why men get married

MORE than 20 years ago, I became fascinated by the reasons why men and women get married, especially when they were seen or known to be ill-suited or unhappily married.

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A quiet revolution?

Probably the best oxymoron I’ve heard in a while.

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POLITICOLE: The role of women in their inequality

THE Bahamas is sickeningly unprogressive in its stance on the equality of women and men.

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POLITICOLE: Teamwork in filmmaking brings leadership into focus

IN the last 24 hours, we (a cadre of filmmakers and actors) wrapped principal photography on our first collaborative work in independent (short) film.

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POLITICOLE: Your country needs you!

SO MANY people talk incessantly about how they want this country to be better.

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POLITICOLE: The secrets to a successful relationship

THE worst thing women do that ruins their romantic relationships is … get jealous of other women.

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POLITICOLE: What will become of the PLP and The Bahamas?

I’ve never seen or heard anything like this.

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POLITICOLE: Low quality of life reflects poor education of Bahamians

IF you want to know about the real economic welfare of Bahamians in The Bahamas, take a complete tour of New Providence island, since this island represents The Bahamas’ greatest “development”.

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Love and the older man or woman

WHAT is ‘older’? How old is ‘too old’? Is there such a thing?

POLITICOLE: The problem with Majority Rule Day

IF “the white man” was the majority in The Bahamas in 1967, or any time between then and now, would we still be celebrating Majority Rule Day as a national holiday in The Bahamas?

POLITICOLE: The trouble with VAT - first impressions

1 VAT is showing itself to be very challenging to implement at the point of sale.

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POLITICOLE: Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival . . . why?

S it not bad enough that, as a country, we tend to exhibit a copycat, plagiarising, uninventive mindset? Now we have to cement that in place?

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POLITICOLE: Writing and the art of self examination

Q: How long have you been a journalist? A: I am not a journalist; I am a writer.

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POLITICOLE - Exodus: Gods and Kings - a question of belief

If you haven’t yet watched the film Exodus: Gods and Kings, don’t read any further; come back and read this when you’re done watching the movie. If you have already watched it, or once you’re done watching, don’t hesitate to compare and share your thoughts about it.

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POLITICOLE: The influence and memory of Dr Myles Munroe

I am not a religious person; I want to be very clear about that. Nevertheless, I have had a full exposure to the Christian church – the Anglican church, to be specific.

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POLITICOLE: Minnis it is (and what's his name)

I paid a few trips to Parliament this past summer, to witness first-hand what Members of Parliament (MPs) get up to in the House of Assembly.

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THE duel for leadership in the Free National Movement (FNM) looks like infighting. It’s not a good or a strong look.

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POLITICOLE: Illegal immigrant sympathisers who attack Bahamas immigration law

IT comes as no surprise that the people with the loudest voices, with the most brazen of accusations about The Bahamas’ approach to the management of illegal immigrants and our level of “inhumanity” and “unChristianness” in the country are, in fact, not Bahamian, and/or are not living/have not lived in or near to the end results of illegal immigration in a small country of islands like ours.


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