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'Anyone who wants diesel able to buy it'

FOCOL Holdings chairman yesterday voiced optimism that "anyone who wants to buy diesel on this island can get it" even though "the majority" of petroleum retailers were said to have stopped sales of this fuel.

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Super Value president: 'Things aren't flowing'

Super Value's president says that, while profit-based taxation "would be favourable" for food retailers, the Government must first prioritise the ease of doing business because "things aren't flowing like they should".

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Corporate tax plan 'dead on arrival' unless wider reform

The Government's corporate income tax consultation will be "dead on arrival" if it does not involve a "holistic" approach to comprehensive Bahamian tax reform, a prominent banker warned yesterday.

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Insurers 'over reacting' on 50% investment 'minimum'

The Ministry of Finance's top official yesterday said insurers are "over reacting" to the consultation on holding a "minimum" 50 percent of their investments in government securities as he refuted fears it is "desperate for funds".

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Corporate income tax is 'wrong way around'

The Opposition's finance spokesman yesterday argued that The Bahamas has corporate income tax "the wrong way around" because the proposed reform options are forecast to suck "more money" from the private sector via taxation.

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'Screeching economic halt' if diesel stop lasts 10-14 days

Bahamians could "see a totally different economy" if the decision by most petroleum dealers to halt diesel sales lasts for up to two weeks, a well-known contractor warned yesterday.

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$6m 'breathing room' no long-term gas solution

Bahamian petroleum dealers yesterday argued that '"a short-term injection doesn't alleviate the problem" of fixed margins after a Cabinet minister disclosed the Government provided $6m in "relief" to the industry last year.

Corporate tax certainty 'vital' to Freeport future

Grand Bahama's Chamber of Commerce president yesterday said it was "vital" to business certainty and investor confidence that Freeport gain clarity on whether, and how, corporate tax will be implemented in the Port area.

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Keep Freeport out of a 'political cess pool'

Major figures in last year's protest march to the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) have reiterated their opposition to its acquisition by the Government for fear Freeport will be dragged into "a political cess pool".

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Ex-MP says: 'Gov't supporters trying to get hands on GBPA'

A former MP yesterday doubled down on concerns that "supporters of the governing party have been trying to get their hands on the Grand Bahama Port Authority" amid push back to calls for politics to be kept out of Freeport's future.

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Judge: 'Now clear' Baha Mar sabotaged by CCA

Sarkis Izmirlian yesterday secured a major legal victory after a New York judge ruled "it is now clear" that China Construction America (CCA) sabotaged Baha Mar's completion and orchestrated the developer's removal.

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Court of Appeal stays Gibson corruption trial

THE Court of Appeal stayed Adrian Gibson’s corruption trial yesterday pending the outcome of his appeal of a ruling from Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson.

Comments on marital rape issue

I read with consternation (but not surprise) the remarks of Evangelist Rex Major on the impending marital rape legislation at the recent ecumenical service celebrating The Bahamas’ 50th anniversary of independence. A few of his remarks caught my attention:

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Gas stations argue Business Licence 'further strangles' us

The Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association's vice-president says he backs the introduction of a corporate income tax to replace Business Licence fees that "further strangle us".

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DIESEL SALES HALT TO LAST UNTIL MARGIN RESOLUTION: However, sites owned by FOCOL continue to make fuel available

Bahamian petroleum retailers have "no intent to disenfranchise the motoring public", their president asserted yesterday, as he warned that the halt to diesel sales will "go on until such time" as their plight is resolved.

Registered agents take on substance reporting burden

The Attorney General yesterday said financial services providers will have to do economic substance reporting for all entities where they act as the registered agent if The Bahamas is to escape Europe's 'blacklist' this year.

PM says dealers 'impacting themselves' with diesel halt

The Prime Minister yesterday said his "technical team" is working on a resolution to the petroleum dealers' margin increase demands as many continued the halt to diesel sales for a third day.

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Insurer uproar on Gov'ts 50% investment 'dictate'

Bahamian insurers yesterday blasted the Davis administration for seeking to "dictate" their investment strategy by mandating that a "minimum" 50 percent of their total portfolio be held in government securities.

Union officials want govt to end contractual work of employment

NATIONAL Congress of Trade Unions Bahamas (NCTUB) officials have called on the government to put an end to contractual work of employment, adding workers hired on a contract are being stripped of basic employment benefits.

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Gov't is 'upping efforts' on $461m tax arrears

A Cabinet minister yesterday asserted that the Government is "upping our efforts" to collect a combined $461m in outstanding real property taxes owed by delinquent foreigners and businesses.