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Monday, July 31

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Monday, 31st July, 2023.

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07312023 EDITION

Monday, 31st July, 2023.

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WORLD VIEW: Guatemala faces crucial test to its democracy in upcoming elections

Guatemala, the largest country in Central America, is undergoing a critical test of its commitment to democracy and the rule of law in its presidential elections. The outcome will shape the nation’s political and social stability, economic development, and international standing, particularly within the Organization of American States (OAS).

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THE KDK REPORT: On solid ground, part 1

Death is an ever-present shadow, looming and growing more ominous as we age. The older we get, the more the threat of death seems to close in on us.

INSIGHT: Govt fails to listen to women’s voices

GOVERNMENTS – and the Prime Ministers who lead them – can have good weeks and bad weeks.

EDITORIAL: Davis needs more than a dead cat to deflect

THE former British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson – whose fall from grace was swift, it must be noted – once penned an article in which he described a strategy to use when the argument is being lost.

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Andros man determined to find missing brother

THE brother of a 47-year-old missing man is determined to find his mentally ill relative, who was last seen a month ago.

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BPL CEO rates company 8 out of 10

BAHAMAS Power & Light CEO Shevonn Cambridge rates BPL’s performance an eight out of ten.

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Fidelity targets $80m loan delinquents for bankruptcy

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) will “aggressively” pursue delinquent borrowers responsible for $80m in collective consumer loan write-offs via personal bankruptcy judgments, asset seizures and taking liens over their wages.

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‘Beyond dispute’: But marinas demand proof

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday asserted it was “beyond dispute” that boating fees due to the Government had not been paid amid demands from the marina industry to “show us the evidence”.

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Minnis: BPL chief says we’re right over Wartsila

Dr Hubert Minnis says Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) chief executive has vindicated his administration’s $90m Wartsila investment as he queried whether the utility is increasingly reliant on rental generation once again.

Deltec to ‘vigorously’ fight new FTX lawsuit

A Bahamian bank and its chairman yesterday denied fresh allegations that they knowingly aided and abetted the multi-billion dollar FTX fraud prior to the crypto exchange’s November 2022 implosion.

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Police investigate an armed mugging in Grand Bahama and drugs in Abaco

GRAND Bahama Police are investigating an armed robbery incident in the Taino Beach area on Friday.

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Monday, 31st July, 2023.

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Enact anti-corruption legislation, FNM Says

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard said the Davis administration should enact a suite of anti-corruption legislation, including a Public Anti-Corruption Act, a Public Officials Code of Conduct Act and an Integrity Commissions Act.

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Police Commissioner: Position on MP rape case coming this week

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander said police would reveal its position on an MP accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend this week, three weeks after the director of public prosecutions gave him her recommendation on whether to charge the man with a crime.

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Pintard: PM ‘shamefully wrong’ on Wartsila

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard said Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’ comments about BPL’s wartsila engines in the House of Assembly last week were “shamefully wrong” and conflict with the account of BPL’s CEO, Shevonn Cambridge.

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AG hopes lower courts follow court of appeal on denying bail

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said the Court of Appeal has established the framework for denying bail to some people accused of serious crimes, and he hopes the lower courts begin to follow suit.

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GIRL KIDNAPPED BY SEX ATTACKER: Family says 9-year-old traumatised after man told her to get in his car

THE sister of a young girl sexually assaulted over the weekend says the incident has left the child traumatised and the family struggling to cope.

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RODERICK A SIMMS: Devolved governance a Family Islands necessity

Decentralisation is not just an option but a crucial need for The Bahamas given its estimated 30 inhabited islands. The current centralised governance model poses limitations and hampers the nation’s ability to effectively address the diverse challenges and opportunities presented by its unique geography. By pushing for decentralisation, The Bahamas can unlock immense potential and pave the way for inclusive development.

Bahamas unsafe for women

The Bahamas has become unsafe for women and girls. Recent appalling acts of rape, particularly against the elderly and children, have deeply shocked our community. I extend prayers, empathy and support to the victims and their families during this incredibly difficult time. There is no way that a child should be incapable of playing outdoors in our neighbourhoods or an elderly person unable to relax at home, without facing extreme danger.

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Pintard rallies Grand Bahama FNMs promising victory in the next elections

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard rallied Grand Bahama supporters during an eastern zone meeting on Friday.

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Billie Jean King Cup: Team Bahamas relegated to Group III

AFTER competing against the Pool B teams at the Billie Jean King Cup (BJKC) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Team Bahamas was relegated to the Americas Group lll.

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Xavion Johnson the US Open champion again

XAVION ‘Warrior’ Johnson got to hoist the Cadet judo title at the US Open Championships for the second time in five years, ironically on the same day, July 28.

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Bahamas’ mixed relay team breaks national record for the second straight time

THE Bahamas’ four-member team of Lamar Taylor, Davanta Carey, Rhanishka Gibbs and Zaylie-Elizabeth Thompson closed out competition at the FINA World Aquatics Championships in the mixed 4 x 100 metre relay with a 27th place overall in Fukuoka, Japan.

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Ladies 5th, Men 4th at Senior Caribbean Volleyball Championships

IT was not the final outcome expected over the weekend as the men’s national volleyball team fell short of the bronze medal, while the women’s team ended up fifth at the Senior Caribbean Volleyball Championships at the Anthony Nesty Sports Hall in Paramaribo, Suriname.

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Izaak Bastian hangs up his swim cap at 22

IZAAK Bastian, one of the country’s top swimmers, has announced that he’s “reached a crossroad” in his life and will be stepping away from the sport to focus his attention on pursuing his doctorate of physical therapy degree upon his anticipated graduation in 2025.

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Burnside: We want to take reloaded to another level

THE Reloaded baseball team came up short at their first international tournament this past weekend in Sanford, Florida. The 30-member team competed in the 9-and under (9U) and 10-and under (10U) divisions at the Perfect Game Florida Summer Select Championship (Open).

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Bahamas to field its best team ever: FIBA Pre-Olympic qualifier August 14-20

With National Basketball Association’s DeAndre Ayton and Eric Gordon all committed to joining Chavano “Buddy” Hield and Kai Jones, the Bahamas is expected to field its best team for the Pre-Olympic Qualifier in Santiago de Estero, Argentina.

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Prepare for soft landing


In view of the slowdown in inflation, US consumers increased their consumption significantly in June. The US Commerce Department said last Friday that consumers increased their spending by 0.5 percent from the previous month. Economists had expected growth of just 0.4 percent, down from a revised 0.2 percent in May. Private consumption is a cornerstone of the US economy, which continued to grow robustly in the spring, also thanks to consumer spending.

Central Bank: ‘Stay alert’ on credit card fraud rise

The Central Bank is urging Bahamians “to stay alert” due to an increase in credit card fraud incidents.

‘Racism and elitism’ hit climate change efforts

A Bahamian scientist is denouncing what she branded as “racism”, “bias” and “elitism” that are impacting the battle against climate change - especially when it comes to the provision of financing to mitigate its impacts.

Governance reformers call for more transparency focus

Governance reformers yesterday urged the Government to improve The Bahamas’ anti-corruption standing by prioritising and speeding-up reforms to promote transparency after it was accused of “stalling” on several measures.

Gov’t set to make VAT-free initiative ‘more meaningful’

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday revealed the Government is seeking to “tweak” this year’s Back to School ‘VAT-free holiday’ to provide merchants and consumers with “more meaningful benefits”.

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DEREK SMITH: Privacy policies and notices both boost data protection

Data protection is of the utmost importance in today’s data-driven world. As technology advances and businesses collect more data than ever before, it is increasingly important to understand the difference between data privacy policies and privacy notices in order to protect individual rights and to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Woman and two men charged with conspiracy to commit murder

An American woman and two Bahamian men were arraigned in the Magistrate Court on Friday on murder conspiracy charges.

Sunday, July 30

One dead after double shooting

A 33-year-old man is dead and a 23-year-old man is in hospital after a double shooting at about 10.30am on Sunday on Peter Street, west of East Street.

Friday, July 28

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Demolition of derelict buildings downtown to resume

THE DEMOLITION of derelict buildings downtown will soon resume, Senator Randy Rolle announced in the Senate on Friday.

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Police search for man after armed robbery at ATM

POLICE in New Providence are seeking the public’s assistance in locating and apprehending a male responsible for an armed robbery that occurred on Thursday.

Trainees complete Protected Areas Managers Enforcement workshop

Trainees completed the Protected Areas Managers Enforcement Training Course 2023 yesterday after a two-week joint workshop.

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07282023 WEEKEND

Friday, 28th February, 2023.

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07282023 EDITION

Friday, 28th July, 2023.

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Clubs & Societies July 28th, 2023

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts 38th Conference is being held in Cyprus from July 23 to 31.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Last manse standing – let’s get together and save Collins House

THERE’S a Joni Mitchell song whose lyrics are timeless: ‘Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone … They paved paradise, put up a parking lot.’

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MOW civil engineer admits not enough funds are invested in roads in The Bahamas

MINISTRY of Works senior civil engineer Francis Clarke admitted insufficient funds are invested in developing roads in The Bahamas, calling it a costly venture.

EDITORIAL: What will we do with human trafficking in our country?

WHEN The Bahamas makes international news, the spotlight is seldom kind.

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BPL tariff study could lead to increase in base rate

AN upcoming tariff study at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) may result in a base rate increase for consumers, though BPL’s chief executive officer Shevonn Cambridge said this does not guarantee higher customer bills.

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Call for govt to enforce litter laws to deal with indiscriminate dumping on Grand Bahama

Environmental activist Joseph Darville said indiscriminate dumping has now become a widespread problem in Grand Bahama, and law enforcement must be engaged to help tackle it.

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Heavy rains impact roads across New Providence

HEAVY rain drenched New Providence yesterday, leaving some roads impassable while disrupting routines for many.

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Baha Mar blames BPL for $8.5m hit to profits

Baha Mar yesterday warned that soaring energy bills will “have a significant impact on our profitability” for 2023 by adding an extra $8.5m to its full-year operating costs.

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Tax dodgers ‘dominate’ foreign yacht charters

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday hit back over concerns about VAT’s imposition on foreign yacht charters by arguing the sector was “dominated” by a few large tax-dodging companies that need “to pay their fair share”.

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Fears ‘non-peak’ airlift undermined spark clash

The Ministry of Finance’s top official and a senior airline executive yesterday clashed over fears that Customs overtime fees will undermine The Bahamas’ ambitions to attract airlift “outside of peak hours”.

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SBF charges dropped on Bahamas objection

US prosecutors will drop charges of illegal election campaign contributions against embattled FTX co-founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, after The Bahamas objected to their inclusion in his indictment following extradition.

Top finance official says: Tourism can pay more

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday argued the tourism industry can pay “a little bit more in taxes without hampering its viability as vacation rentals came under the microscope once again at a sector gathering.

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‘I feel like I’m a part of the country now’, says Olympic gold medalist

OLYMPIC gold-medalist Ramon Miller finally has light and water utilities connected to his home after a three-year battle to get the services he expected when the government gifted him land for his athletic achievements.

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‘I would have agreed on Wartsila choice’

BAHAMAS Power and Light CEO Shevonn Cambridge said if he had been involved in installing Wartsila’s engines in 2019, he likely would have agreed with the decisions his predecessors made, choices that have since had difficult consequences for the company’s ability to provide reliable power.

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Bill helps deal with increasing sexual assaults, says Munroe

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said the Protection Against Violence Bill would help the country grapple with increasing reports of sexual assaults.

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PM ‘DISTURBED’ BY LATE OPPOSITION TO VIOLENCE BILL: Women’s leaders issue statement against latest legislation

THE House of Assembly passed the Protection Against Violence Bill last night after Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said he was disturbed and disappointed that some women’s groups announced their opposition to the bill at the “last hour”.

Whatever happened to COVID?

With the COVID-19 pandemic now in the rearview mirror, even if it is not, the vast majority of the population have already moved on with their life as normal. There are, however, some questions that need to be answered.

BPL requires $4m 'tri-fuel' investment

Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) Wartsila engines require a further $4m investment to make them "tri-fuel ready", its chief executive said yesterday said, adding that they are not presently capable of burning three fuel types.

BPL chief: ‘Under recovery’ behind soaring energy bills

Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) chief executive yesterday confirmed that soaring energy bills have resulted from previous policy decisions to hold the utility's fuel charge at an artificially-low 10.5 cents per kilowatt hour (KWh).

Revamped British Colonial to be ‘incredible property’

The revamped British Colonial resort will "be an incredible property" that no longer operates under a recognised flag or brand, it was disclosed yesterday.

Bahamas ‘tops’ 5m visitors to end-June

The Ministry of Tourism's top official yesterday disclosed that visitor arrivals breached the five million mark for the 2023 half-year although higher-yielding stopovers and air arrivals remained slightly down on 2019's "banner year".

$30m Milo Butler upgrade will extend to Cowpen Rd.

The Ministry of Works and Utilities yesterday said the $30m upgrade to Sir Milo Butler highway will extend it beyond Carmichael Road through to Cowpen Road.

CIBC opens new Eleuthera branch

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) this week opened its new Governor’s Harbour branch in the Charlow’s Bay Plaza.

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Man granted bail on charge of intentional libel against his wife

A MAN was granted bail after he was accused of libel against his wife.

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Man held without bail on charge of rape of 67-year-old woman

A 35-year-old man was imprisoned after being charged with raping a 67-year-old woman during a home invasion in Exuma last weekend.

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Man fined $750 for trying to hit a police officer with his car

A MAN was fined $750 after trying to hit a police officer with a car at a station last week.

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Man charged with murder of Frantwion Newton

A MAN has been charged with a double shooting off Market Street that left a young man dead last week.

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Jonquel Jones named Eastern Conference Player of the Week

New York Liberty on four-game win streak

BAHAMIAN Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player Jonquel Jones was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week while the New York Liberty enjoys a four-game win streak.

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I-Elite ready to take Reloaded Baseball to another level

THE International Elite Sports Academy has collaborated with the Reloaded Baseball programme since February which has translated to them competing in their first international baseball tournament.

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Clarke sisters know they will have to ‘battle’ on the tennis court

THEY’RE sisters, but sooner or later Sydney and Sarai Clarke know that they will have to face each other on the opposite side of the net in a tennis march.

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Striking a balance: Understanding hamstring injuries in track and field

LAST week we had an introduction to the role and function of the sports medicine physician. This week let’s dive right into the deep end and take a swing at the most common injury in all running sports - hamstring injuries.

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Swimming Worlds: Thompson makes a splash in 100m free

ZAYLIE-Elizabeth Thompson had a good showing in her heat of the women’s 100 metres freestyle, but the collegian’s time wasn’t fast enough to advance for placement in the semifinals at the FINA World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka, Japan.

Bahamas falls to Paraguay

ON day two of the Billie Jean King Cup (BJKC), Team Bahamas came up short against Paraguay and dropped two matches to Venezuela.

CARIFTA triathlon team named

THE Bahamas Triathlon Association is getting ready for the hosting of the CARIFTA Triathlon next month.

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Bahamas men spike way into semifinals

Ladies suffer third straight loss

The men’s national volleyball team, with a well-rounded effort from every player, swept aside Martinique in three straight sets to advance to the semifinals of the Senior Caribbean Volleyball Championships at the Anthony Nesty Sports Hall in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Thursday, July 27

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07272023 EDITION

Thursday, 27th July, 2023.

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SKYGUARD SEVERE WX eALERT – Thursday, 27th July (3)

Thursday, 27th July, 2023.

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STATESIDE: Messi makes and impact on Miami sports with a look at Mas Canosa’s impact on Cuban-US relations

WE all know about the close ties The Bahamas maintains with South Florida. It’s hardly a secret that the legal as well as the illegal commerce between us has over many decades proven to be enduring, necessary, lucrative and quite creative. Miami-Dade County has 30 “sister city” agreements with foreign municipalities around the world, including one with The Bahamas. And one of Miami’s two “friendship city” relationships is with Barcelona which might prove to be prophetic, as we will see.

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FRONT PORCH: Our celebration of independence should not be confused with the birth of our nation

TRITE and simplistic cliches on Bahamas nationhood are enemies of history, memory and myriad freedom struggles and movements for equality, including the fight for majority rule and women’s rights.

EDITORIAL: Review welcome, but Bell absent

IT SEEMS almost inconceivable that Keith Bell will keep his job after yesterday’s developments in the ongoing row over issues at immigration.

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THE BTVI STORY: Rising after the storm

Angia Russell survived the monstrous Hurricane Dorian in 2019. Although displaced due to flooding, she was determined to complete her Office Assistant Certificate at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) by the following year.

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Eleuthera camp aims to help boost literacy

Exceptional Education Outreach (EEO) launched Camp Sea Biscuit, a new camp with a holistic approach to literacy, experiential and problem-based learning.

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White Dove camp teaches martial arts

The White Dove Organisation is holding its annual martial arts summer camp at the Columbus Primary School.

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Changing the tune with a revolutionary camp

The Change the Tune (CTT) Summer Camp in partnership with the Leadership Academy is a Harvard Award-winning camp that aims to “revolutionise the learning space”.


Minister for Grand Bahama Ginger Moxey misspoke during her speech in the House in relation to the number of potential contractors and employees who might be affected by investment in Grand Bahama Shipyard.

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Skyguard Severe Weather Alert 27th July: Nassau (2)

STARTS: 07/27/2023 2:45 PM EDT EXPIRES: 07/27/2023 3:30 PM EDT

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GB Popup Market and Expo to feature 35 young entrepreneurs

More than 30 young entrepreneurs will launch their new businesses at a Popup Market and Expo in Grand Bahama on Saturday at Bishop Michael Eldon School.

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Davis calls Parliamentary Service Bill being passed ‘transformative’

ELECTED officials yesterday passed what Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis called perhaps the “greatest reformatory measure” impacting parliament’s operations since independence.

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Pintard: It’s Bell’s job to show up and explain his actions

FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard said it is Immigration Minister Keith Bell’s “job to show up and explain” his actions, noting the minister was absent during the evening sitting of the House of Assembly yesterday.

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SKYGUARD SEVERE WX eALERT – Thursday, 27th July (2)

Thursday, 27th July, 2023.

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Police advice on road closures for Junkanoo Summer Festival

The Traffic Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force wish to advise the general public of the temporary road closures to facilitate the Junkanoo Summer Festival which will be held in Rawson Square, Nassau Bahamas.

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Atlantis in 25% large boat fall-off post-VAT

Atlantis has suffered a 20-25 percent fall in large vessel volumes since VAT’s imposition on charter fees, its marina dockmaster has revealed, with the decline “definitely hurting the small man” more.

Lobster fishermen face ‘bad situation all around’

Bahamian fishermen were yesterday said to be confronting “a bad situation all around’ with increasing costs and a “low-end” lobster price set to impose a profits squeeze just one week before crawfish season starts.

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Melia demolition finish ‘before winter season’

Baha Mar’s owner is seeking to completely demolish the former Melia Nassau Beach Resort before the 2023 winter tourism season starts, it was revealed yesterday, although it has not determined what will replace the hotel.

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Skyguard Severe Weather Alert 27th July: Nassau

STARTS: 07/27/2023 8:29 AM EDT EXPIRES: 07/27/2023 12:30 PM EDT

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Thursday, 27th July, 2023.

US: Gov’t ‘stalling’ on anti-corruption fight

The US State Department yesterday accused the Government of “stalling full implementation of anti-corruption legislation that would promote transparency and good governance” such as the Freedom of Information Act.

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Public servants protest for better treatment

SCORES of disgruntled social services and healthcare workers demonstrated outside the House of Assembly yesterday, demanding promotions and better workplace benefits.

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Davis: Wartsila engines at BPL ‘never worked properly’

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said Bahamas Power and Light’s Wartsila engines “never worked properly”.

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Hotel and Immigration statements differ from previous comments

PRESS statements from the Ministry of Immigration and the owner of the British Colonial Hotel appeared to differ from previous conclusions of senior immigration officials and comments from Minister Keith Bell, creating a muddy picture about the status of a group of Chinese nationals when they were released from custody in January.

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REVIEW PLEDGED IN IMMIGRATION ROW: PM makes promise over allegations as Bell a no-show

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said the government would review how immigration decisions are made and strengthen the processes.

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Court of Appeal upholds sentence for woman charged with murder

THE Court of Appeal upheld the 42-year prison sentence of a Jamaican woman who fatally stabbed her girlfriend in 2018.

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Men on separate charges of murder and attempted murder remain on bail

TWO MEN denied involvement in separate murder and attempted murder incidents in New Providence last year.

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Man on bail for armed robbery accused of curfew breach

A MAN was imprisoned after he was accused of failing to obey his residential curfew while on bail for armed robbery.

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GB man charged with murder accepts lesser charge of manslaughter

A Grand Bahama man charged with murder has pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Bahamians second-class?

As the ongoing allegations are being made by Leader of the Opposition FNM Party Michael Pintard concerning 65 Chinese who were doing construction without having work permits because their work permits had expired, Leonard Sands the Bahamian Contractors Association President BCA called for greater transparency and management in the work permit controversy over irregularities involving Chinese Construction workers published in The Tribune newspaper and Lincoln Bain the Coalition of Independents Leader said his party may seek Judicial review of the Davis Administration Immigration activities.

Mitchell's advice is disappointing

It is very disappointing to know that Fred Mitchell, a seasoned politician, is giving Keith Bell the advice that he is.

Gated roads

I note with interest The number of public roads throughout New Providence, where person(s)have taken upon themselves to install electronic gates, ie, gated communities wanna-be, at the entrance.

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Police investigate two alleged sexual assaults and a traffic fatality

POLICE in New Providence are investigating two alleged sexual assaults that occurred on Monday.

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ITF/COTECC U-12 tennis: Inclement weather halts play for Team Bahamas

TEAM Bahamas had a busy day yesterday in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The tennis players competed in the beginning of the Billie Jean King Cup Americas Group ll tournament, and day three of the ITF/ COTECC U-12 Sub Region 3 competition.

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Bahamas women fall to Barbados

The Bahamas’ national women’s volleyball team suffered their second straight loss at the 18th Senior Caribbean Volleyball Championships in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Gas dealer deal likely ‘by end of summer’

Financial Secretary Simon Wilson indicated on Tuesday that negotiations for a price margin increase with the gas retailers are progressing well and an agreement should be finalised by the end of summer.

Arawak Cay chief eyes 'second Fish Fry' plans

The Arawak Cay Association’s president yesterday revealed he is considering the development of a second Fish Fry destination at South Beach to cater to growing communities near that area.

Baha Mar invests $2m into environmental sustainability

Baha Mar executives yesterday said the Cable Beach mega resort has invested more than $2m in conservation and sustainability initiatives to help attract environmentally-conscious guests.

PM: 'Smell is rotten' on BPL's Wartsila purchase

The Prime Minister yesterday blasted that "the smell is rotten" as he and his predecessor resumed House of Assembly battle over whose administration is responsible for Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) dire state.

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Reloaded Bahamas teams get ready for Florida tournament


THE Reloaded Bahamas 9-and under (9U) and 10-and under (10U) teams will get ready to compete in the 10U PG Florida Summer Select Championship (Open).

Wednesday, July 26

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07262023 EDITION

Wednesday, 26th July, 2023.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Ending sexual violence begins with education

COMPREHENSIVE sexuality education in all schools is an absolute necessity.

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Govt and GBPA inspect Fishing Hole Road bridge for safe reopening

A joint inspection was conducted by the government and Grand Bahama Port Authority officials on Tuesday at the Fishing Hole Road Bridge to ensure it is safe to reopen.

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Haitian man drowns in pool at resort in Harbour Island

POLICE are investigating the death of a Haitian man who reportedly drowned in a pool at a resort where he worked, police said.

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Security being hired for Family Island clinics after hostage incident in May, says Darville

SECURITY officers are being hired for Family Island clinics after an incident in May that saw a doctor and nurse held hostage following a stabbing.

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Rights groups should file civil cases for people allegedly beaten by police, says Munroe

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said groups concerned about human rights abuses should file civil cases for the people alleging brutality by law enforcement officers.

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Wilson: Govt ‘working on’ complying with Public Procurement Act

FINANCIAL Secretary Simon Wilson could not say when the government would comply with the Public Procurement Act’s requirement to disclose contract awards but said officials are working on doing so.

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Bahamas Mangrove Alliance sets goal to plant millions of mangroves by 2025

AS World Mangrove Day is celebrated today, a Bahamian alliance has announced a goal of putting “millions of mangroves in the ground” by the end of 2025.

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UPDATED: PM issues statement on Department of Immigration

PRIME Minister Philip "Brave" Davis has released the following statement concerning the Department of Immigration:

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Skyguard Severe Weather Alert 26th July: Nassau

STARTS: 07/26/2023 3:15 PM EDT EXPIRES: 07/26/2023 4:45 PM EDT

Insurers fear ‘hardship’ over 35% blacklist capacity threat

Bahamian insurers yesterday warned they, and thousands of businesses and homeowners, will face “tremendous economic hardship” if 35 percent of reinsurance capacity is lost by The Bahamas failing to escape Europe’s tax blacklist.

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Retail savings bond in ‘final approval stages’

The Central Bank is “committed” to launching a product designed to foster a greater “savings culture” among Bahamians before year-end 2023, its governor affirmed yesterday, with approvals “in the final stages”.

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Payroll errors costing taxpayers near $120m

Salary and payroll errors are costing Bahamian taxpayers around $120m per year, the Government’s top finance official disclosed yesterday, as he blamed the wastage on too many systems that are not linked to each other.

‘Quality new credit’ hard to find with $127m drop

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) says the more than $127m collective decline in outstanding mortgage and consumer loans during 2022 shows “quality new credit” and borrowers will be tough to find despite the economy’s rebound.

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‘Still pushing for’ correctional facility though finance told minister to reduce the costs

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said his ministry is still pushing for construction to begin on a new high-medium security correctional facility by the end of the year even after finance officials told them to reduce the costs of construction plans.

So much for transparency and accountability

THE words of Margaret Mead come to mind as we sit to pen this editorial.

Ministry of Labour & Immigration responds to questions raised by Leader of Opposition

Press Statement from the Ministry of Labour & Immigration on the Detailed Clarification on Questions Raised by the Leader of the Opposition on Immigration Matters:

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Wednesday, 26th July, 2023.

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Albany developer charged on ‘brazen insider trading’

The Bahamas-based billionaire who spearheaded Albany’s development was yesterday charged with orchestrating a “brazen insider trading scheme” that allegedly netted millions of dollars in illicit profits for his closest associates.

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Shake Shack for guests only until 5pm

SHAKE Shack, Atlantis’ newest restaurant, will not open to non-Aquaventure guests until 5pm daily.

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Coroners inquest into Evans’ death begins again

THE Coroners Court inquest into the death of Deangelo Evans began yesterday –– five years after his police-involved killing sparked a firestorm in Masons Addition, prompting hundreds to attend a vigil where they mourned his death and demanded answers.

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Mitchell tells Bell not to respond on immigration

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said he told Immigration Minister Keith Bell not to respond to recent immigration controversies because it would not be beneficial to do so.

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‘ERRORS’ ON PAYROLL COST GOVT $120M: ‘Some had salary paid for decades without records’

PAYROLL errors could be costing the government as much as $120m a year, Financial Secretary Simon Wilson said yesterday.

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Women’s national soccer team making exciting comeback

AFTER a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, the Bahamas women’s national soccer team is making an exciting comeback with their eyes set on the inaugural 2023 Road to CONCACAFW Gold Cup.

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Businessman charged with 14 firearm-related offences

A BUSINESSMAN who allegedly imported ten firearms and over 100 rounds of ammunition through a courier company last month was charged with 14 firearm-related offences yesterday.

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Man gets bail again after another violation of bail

A MAN on bail for murder was again granted bail after allegedly failing to charge his electronic monitoring device four times.

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Man charged with murder of Murray Walkes remanded

A MAN was remanded in custody after allegedly killing a missing person found inside a vehicle off Cowpen Road earlier this month.

Freeport and prison system

There is a serious complaint about prisoners being transported to Freeport in order to attend court in a timely manner.

Easy to fix issues at LPIA

I have concluded, perhaps disgruntedly, that there is something broken in the Customs process at LPIA

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Roadrunners Track & Field blaze through an epic AAU

ANOTHER track and field season has come to an end with the Roadrunners Track & Field Club blazing their way through an epic performance at the annual AAU Club Championship in Orlando, Florida.

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Aruba captures another gold as Babe Ruth Caribbean Championships close

ARUBA added the 16-under title to the 12-under crown as they out-duelled Puerto Rico in the two matches as the Babe Ruth Caribbean Championships came to a close on Monday.

Tennis: Bahamas girls earn win over Dominican Republic

TEAM Bahamas’ girls are on the board as they won today over Dominican Republic at the ITF/COTECCU-12 Sub Region 3 competition in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

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Grand Bahama teams win the Bahamas flag football nationals

THE Bahamas Flag Football Association took its national championship to Grand Bahama over the weekend and president Bianca Lee noted that she was extremely pleased with how everything turned out.

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Breezes resort ‘the top pick’ resort for athletes around world

AS international sporting events are ongoing here in New Providence, SuperClubs Breezes Resort & Spa continues to be the top pick resort for athletes around the world.


THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force, through its title sponsor Fidelity Bank, will hold its annual Fun Run/Walk Race on Saturday, starting at 6am from Goodman’s Bay.

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Mike Sands re-elected unopposed as NACAC president

AFTER a successful initial term in office, Mike Sands has been returned as president of the North American, Central American and Caribbean for his second four-year term.

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Bahamas undefeated after marathon win

Men’s national volleyball team making waves in Suriname

After a successful opener in four sets against Curacao, the Bahamas men’s team had to go the distance in their match-up yesterday against Jamaica to secure their second win at the Senior Caribbean Volleyball Championships in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Tuesday, July 25

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Skyguard Severe Weather Alert 25th July: Nassau

STARTS: 07/25/2023 9:10 PM EDT EXPIRES: 07/25/2023 10:15 PM EDT

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07252023 EDITION

Tuesday, 17th July, 2023.

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PETER YOUNG: Travelling is great, but ‘oh so nice to wander back’

Legendary American entertainer Frank Sinatra famously sang about how nice it was to go travelling but that it was “oh so nice to wander back”. With that in mind, what a pleasure it is to be in harness again today with my weekly column after a short absence while on a visit to England to catch up with family and friends. It is easy to see what he meant. Despite the pleasure of a three-week trip it is good to be home again and back in the old familiar routine.

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FACE TO FACE: Bahamian Diaspora Awards celebrate the story of our people around the globe

BAHAMIANS are known for leaving indelible marks wherever they go. Amazing stories of Bahamians who are excelling in various fields and making a positive impact in their communities come from every corner of the globe.

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Man charged for murder of Teran Taylor pleads ‘not guilty’

A MAN was charged with killing Teran Taylor in Sunset Park on July 10, 2021.

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Woman experiences complications and dies as Immigration repatriates 143 migrants

ONE hundred and forty-three Haitian migrants were repatriated yesterday.

EDITORIAL: Bell must answer questions, but investigation needed

THE succession of claims of irregularities at Immigration under the watch of Minister Keith Bell is continuing to mount up.

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Former Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson dies age 74

FORMER Police Commissioner Paul Farquharson died yesterday at 74.

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House of Assembly passes resolution to join Inter-Parliamentary Union

THE House of Assembly passed a resolution yesterday to join the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

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More leaks of immigration ‘irregularities’ with Chinese workers revealed by Coalition of Independents

COALITION of Independents Leader Lincoln Bain said his party may seek judicial review of the Davis administration’s immigration activities.

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Super Value in halt over ‘reached the limit’ orders

Super Value will stop buying products whose prices have “reached the limits” of Bahamian affordability, its owner disclosed yesterday, while revealing that soaring energy bills have “siphoned off 5 percent of our sales”.

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Cruise port ‘not unreasonable’ over tenant expansion plans

Nassau Cruise Port will “not unreasonably withhold” permission for any of its Marketplace tenants to expand their business by opening another outlet in a New Providence resort, its top executive has pledged.

Insurance cuts ‘false economy’ despite 26-year high premiums

Bahamian homeowners and businesses have been warned that cutting, or dropping, property catastrophe coverage will be “a false economy” in the face of 26-year record-high insurance costs.

Fidelity chief’s ten-point plan to $50m profitability

Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) president has set out what he describes as a ten-point plan to seizing market share and more than doubling annual profits to $50m by its 50th anniversary.

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Contractors chief: No to permit double standards

The Bahamian Contractors Association’s (BCA) president yesterday called for “greater transparency and management” in the work permit process amid the ongoing controversy over “irregularities” involving Chinese construction workers.

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Adrian Gibson’s trial delayed after PLP Protest

THE corruption trial of Long Island MP Adrian Gibson was delayed again after a protest by Progressive Liberal Party supporters caused the judge concern about how their activity could prejudice the case.

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Former minister: Intervention could have been unlawful

FORMER Immigration Minister Elsworth Johnson said the Immigration Act and accompanying regulations give ministers limited freedom to interfere in the administrative and operational affairs of the Department of Immigration.

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‘DID BELL TELL TRUTH OVER CITIZENSHIP?’: Former PM suggests facts do not support minister’s explanation

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is questioning whether Immigration Minister Keith Bell told the truth about receiving a call in Switzerland from a dying man who wanted his wife and children to get Bahamian citizenship.

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Man accused of raping young woman held until trial

A MAN was remanded after he was charged with allegedly raping a young woman in New Providence earlier this month.

Artificial intelligence is 'great benefit' despite risk of abuse

Bahamian technology executives yesterday hailed the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as "a great benefit for society" even though there is a risk of abuse by bad actors.

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Woman cries while testifying that bus driver sexually assaulted her

A YOUNG woman cried while testifying about how a bus driver allegedly threatened her with a hammer, dragged her back into a bus and sexually assaulted her outside the Mall at Marathon in 2021.

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Team Bahamas falls short of the bronze-medal game

THE Bahamas’ under-11 national baseball team to the 2023 Pony Baseball Bronco-II World Series fell short of getting into the bronze-medal game yesterday in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Ranger takes over as president of the New Providence Referee Association

LONG-time referee Darrell Ranger has replaced Travis Sawyer as the new president of the New Providence Referee Association.

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Inaugural youth bodybuilding championship ‘was a success’

THE Bahamas Bodybuilding Wellness and Fitness Federation’s inaugural youth bodybuilding championship on Saturday at the University of the Bahamas was a success.

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Aruba goes home with the gold

ARUBA blanked Puerto Rico 11-0 to win the 12-and-under division of the Babe Ruth Caribbean Championship yesterday at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

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Men’s national team win opener against Curacao – Ladies hold off host Suriname

After watching the women’s national team go the distance to hold off host Suriname in their opener on Sunday night, the men’s national volleyball team didn’t want to take any chances against Curacao yesterday.

Retailer doubles summer internship to 20 students

A Bahamian retailer yesterday disclosed it is doubling its summer intern programme to 20 persons amid the economy's strong post-COVID rebound.

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Man granted $50k bail on charge of $300k of cocaine

A MAN was granted $50,000 bail after police allegedly found $294,000 worth of cocaine in his house last week.

Pintard: BPL 'weighs down' businesses

The Opposition's leader yesterday charged that Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) is in "crisis" and "weighing down" businesses.

Air traffic optimistic on industrial deal signing

Bahamian air traffic controllers say they will be signing an industrial agreement shortly after major issues in the contract negotiations were resolved.

‘Thankful’ as Bahamas turns 50

Happy 50th Bahamas, we have so much to be thankful for since gaining our “sovereignty”, some of which are, but not limited to:

Urgent need for banks on the islands

I am writing to shed light on a matter that holds significant importance for the residents of our beloved family island, Andros. The absence of adequate banking infrastructure and services is posing numerous challenges and hindrances to the growth and development of our community; particularly North and Central Andros.

Monday, July 24

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07242023 EDITION

Monday, 24th July, 2023.

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INSIGHT: Energy costs soaring during record heat and Davis administration has no solutions

TODAY, Bahamians are suffering with astronomical Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) electricity bills during what is one of the most intense heat waves in recent times.

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WORLD VIEW: On September 11, Small Island States have their day in court

IN the face of unremitting climate change threats and unfulfilled promises from industrialized nations, leaders of small island states have courageously taken matters into their own hands. Their frustration with lacklustre funding and inadequate solutions to fortify their countries against climate change has led them to pursue the power of the international legal system. They are seeking justice against those nations whose excessive greenhouse gas emissions pose an existential threat to their peoples.

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Commissioner Clayton Fernander’s rise in the Royal Bahamas Police Force

CLAYTON Fernander achieved the pinnacle of his career within the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) by becoming the ninth Commissioner of Police in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. He was born on the beautiful island of San Salvador to Minerva Butler and the late Wellington Fernander and was raised in Bain Town, New Providence. Mr Fernander attributes his success to the guidance and influence of his mother and late grandmother, Elvina Walker.

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THE KDK REPORT: Proactive approach needed so all are able to afford health care - Part 2

ON a daily basis, I meet and interact with patients from all walks of life. Last week, I wrote about how a friend from an affluent background complained about the rising price of water lilies, which she needed to purchase for the Koi Pond in her garden.

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INSIGHT: Rising cost of electricity hurts everyone

IN the vein of offering safety tips, let me offer these three pieces of advice to avoid an electric shock – never work around electricity when water is present, always shut off the power before working on live circuits and never, ever open your Bahamas Power and Light bill.

EDITORIAL: Angered by ongoing pothole problems

A WELL-INTENDED piece of advice got a quick backlash on social media over the weekend.

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Past speakers of the House of Assembly back Parliamentary Service Bill

A BILL to make Parliament more independent has the backing of past speakers of the House of Assembly.

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Star rower: Sports can help young bridge the gap

AMERICAN rower Arshay Cooper is spreading the message about opportunities available to young people through sports like rowing.

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Busier summer anticipated as 350k passengers pass through LPIA in June

LYNDEN Pindling International Airport officials anticipate a robust summer for airport activity.

Minister of Foreign Affairs pays tribute to Paul Farquharson

Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell has released a statement after the death of former High Commissioner and former Commissioner of Police Paul Farquharson.

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Nassau flagship drives 1/3 of parent’s income

Nassau Cruise Port is being hailed as a flagship investment by its controlling shareholder with The Bahamas now accounting for almost one-third of its total group adjusted revenues and operating income.

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Ex-minister: ‘Bahamians must invest in our nation’

A former Cabinet minister says he was “moved” by multiple factors to partner with Sir Franklyn Wilson in developing the Jack’s Bay project, and urged Bahamians: “We’ve got to invest in or country.”

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Bank stability at 7-year high on $400m profits

The Bahamian commercial banking sector’s stability hit a seven-year high in 2022, the industry’s regulator has revealed, as combined profits soared nearly 59 percent to just shy of $400m.

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Bran plans $250k lawsuit over ‘crippling roadworks’

A former Democratic National Alliance (DNA) leader will this week initiate legal action against the Government over $250,000 in loss and damages his law firm suffered when it was “crippled” by the Village Road roadworks.

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Mount Horeb pastor Lloyd Smith dies suddenly

TRIBUTES poured in over the weekend for National Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention President Lloyd Smith, who died on Saturday.

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So hot it’s a record-breaker

SCORCHING weather sent The Bahamas to a record heat index on Saturday, with Chief Meteorological Officer Patricia Weeks warning that the heat would worsen.

Son ‘was at the wrong place at the wrong time’

THE father of a 22-year-old man murdered on Saturday believes his son was simply at the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

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NEW CLAIMS BY FNM OVER BELL BEHAVIOUR: ‘Permits given to people in custody and businesses without valid licences’

A HOST of irregularities under Immigration Minister Keith Bell have been alleged by FNM leader Michael Pintard - including work permits granted to arrested individuals who had made no application, for businesses that had no licence and interventions that led to concerns being raised by Immigration Director Keturah Ferguson.

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‘Tee-off for Hunger Golf Tournament plans

THE Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) today unveiled plans for its 2nd Annual ‘Tee-off for Hunger Golf Tournament,’ aiming to raise enough money to top up its coffers and provide up to 750,000 meals in 2023.

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New highs for old companies


ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) has been the new hype on Wall Street over the past six months, and investors are looking at start-ups and already-established companies to benefit from it.

Reforms to boost financial services industry flexibility

Reforms to two key corporate products will boost the Bahamian financial services industry’s competitiveness by enabling it to provide more flexible structures to clients, the Attorney General has charged.

FOCOL aids BPL probe into contaminated fuel

FOCOL’s top executive has confirmed it is assisting Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) with the latter's probe into how contaminated oil rendered one of the latter's North Andros generation engines inoperable for several days.

‘Disgruntled’ tourists seeking BPL refunds

Some Family Island resorts are reporting that “disgruntled clients” are demanding refunds due to the frequent Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) outages that are disrupting their experience of The Bahamas.

Bahamas would face ‘disaster’ without major deficit reduction

A governance reformer yesterday hailed the Government’s 2023-2024 Budget as correct for the times since The Bahamas would be facing “disaster” without a major cut to the annual fiscal deficit.

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RODERICK A SIMMS: Freeport’s revival map with or without GBPA

The residents of Grand Bahama have become very weary when it comes to the prevailing economic conditions on their island. As the prolonged economic downturn persists, many have directed their frustration towards the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), seeking to hold it accountable for the lack of progress.

Leadership is key to a better future

Recent articles in The Tribune have left me wondering about what the next 50 years has in store for The Bahamas.

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Anthonique Strachan rounding into form

AFTER running in the pack in the women’s 200 metres on Friday, sprinter Anthonique Strachan didn’t have it to contend in the 100 two days later as she competed in a pair of Diamond League meets over the weekend.

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Newton has high expectations for the national tennis teams

BAHAMAS Lawn Tennis Association president Perry Newton said he has high expectations for the final three national teams that will be in competition at their various international events this week in the Dominican Republic.

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FINA Worlds: Taylor wins heat of 50 butterfly

LAMAR Taylor, coming off his historic performance at the Central American and Caribbean Games, posted a victory in his heat of the men’s 50 metre butterfly as the FINA World Championships got underway yesterday in Fukuoka, Japan.

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Team Bahamas off to the Billie Jean King Cup

KIM O’Kelley likes what she sees from the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s team heading to the Billie Jean King Cup in the Dominican Republic today.

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Veterans shine at bodybuilding nationals

VETERAN bodybuilders shined at the Bahamas Bodybuilding Wellness and Fitness Federation (BBWFF) National Championships this past weekend.

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Bahamas 16U team advance in Babe Ruth Caribbean invite

THE Bahamas’ 16-and under (16U) team advanced to the next round of the Babe Ruth Caribbean Baseball Championship and Invitational.

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Rhema breaks record for the gold in javelin

NCAA champion Rhema Otabor posted a record-breaking performance and Keyshawn Strachan returned to full strength as Team Bahamas got another impressive showing from the throwers to highlight the country’s performances at the North American, Central American and Caribbean Under-18 and Under-23 championships.

Saturday, July 22

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Two dead after Mason's Addition shooting

Two men are dead after a shooting incident in the Mason’s Addition community, shortly after midnight on Saturday.

Friday, July 21

Four rescued after small aircraft crashes into water near Governor's Harbour

Four people have been rescued after a small aircraft crashed into water shortly after takeoff from Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, on Friday evening.

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Court of Appeal rejects Adrian Gibson's constitutional motion

THE Court of Appeal rejected Adrian Gibson’s latest constitutional motion on Friday, paving the way for his corruption trial to begin on Monday.

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Lawyer for officers in Azario Major case launches appeal

The lawyer for the four officers in the case of Azario Major changed his constitutional motion into an appeal in the Supreme Court on Friday as he seeks to overturn the finding of homicide by manslaughter against his clients.

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Union gives BPL 30 days to address concerns

THE union representing electrical workers has given Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) a 30-day ultimatum to address their concerns related to hazardous pay, pension and medical benefits, among other issues.

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Warning for boaters as Fortune Bay Canal dredging work underway

GRAND Bahama boaters and vessel operators are warned to be careful at the Fortune Bay Canal where dredging is underway.

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Two charged with recent murders

TWO MEN were locked behind bars after they were accused of two separate murders in New Providence earlier this month.

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Two men deny sex charges in separate incidents

TWO MEN, charged in the Supreme Court on Friday, denied sexual assault charges in separate incidents involving minors.

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07272023 WEEKEND

Friday, 21st July, 2023.

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07212023 EDITION

Friday, 21st July, 2023.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: DOWNTOWN DREAMS – it’s more than buildings, a living city means people living in it

Atlanta. Baltimore. Buffalo. Chicago. From Cartagena, Colombia to Seoul, South Korea, from the steel capital of Pittsburgh to the motor city of America, cities across the globe have found ways to reinvent themselves, dusting off industrial pasts and emerging as vibrant urban scenes with a future.

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ONE ELEUTHERA FOUNDATION: Books to help enhance your leadership skills

IN this, our 50th year of independence, we have hopes for increased blessings, unity, and prosperity.

Tease photo

A new starting point - long-lasting friendship

THIS is one of the best times to be in The Bahamas. Celebrations for the 50th Independence have been in full swing, building up to the magic moment of July 10, 2023. From Clifford Park to Government House, from Junkanoo parades on Bay Street to cheering crowds across family islands, from smiling faces to tears of joy, the sea of happiness and pride immersed not just from every Bahamian, but also all those who were on this historic scene.

EDITORIAL: Solutions not easy to find for Haiti

FORMER Prime Minister Perry Christie – part of the Eminent Persons Group despatched to Haiti in search of a solution for the ongoing crisis there – had little in the way of positive news to report yesterday.

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Christie: Efforts to solve Haiti crisis are a ‘work in progress’

FORMER Prime Minister Perry Christie, a member of a group of former regional leaders trying to resolve the crisis in Haiti, said efforts remain a “work in progress”.

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Skyguard Severe Weather Alert 21st July: Freeport

STARTS: 07/21/2023 3:46 PM EDT EXPIRES: 07/21/2023 6:00 PM EDT

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University offers mental health qualification

THE University of The Bahamas said it would offer a master’s programme in mental health and school counselling, “areas where there is a clear and present need”.

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Police probe drowning of American man

POLICE in New Providence are investigating the drowning death of a 46-year-old male of Pennsylvania, USA.

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‘Historic first’: Dionisio teams with Sir Franklyn

Sir Franklyn Wilson yesterday hailed as an “historic first” the involvement of two former tourism ministers as investors in a project aiming to become “the Bahamian destination of choice for the most discerning” traveller.

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EU backlist threat to storm claims payouts

The Attorney General yesterday warned that European reinsurers could withhold up to 25 percent of claims payouts for hurricane victims unless The Bahamas escapes the continent’s tax blacklist.

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BPL: From ‘dramatic savings’ to sky-high bills in three years

Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) has gone from “dramatic savings” on its fuel costs that have been hailed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to sky-high electricity bills in just three years.

Tease photo

FTX chief targets Bahamas property ‘misappropriation’

FTX’s founder and two of his closest associates were last night accused of “misappropriating” some $4.86m of client monies to acquire high-end Bahamian real estate that they subsequently put in their personal names.

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Golden Girl takes first place again - with triumph in book awards

Running Sideways, the biography of two-time Olympic Gold Champion and Golden Girl Pauline Davis of The Bahamas, took top place in the biography category of the International Book Awards announced in Los Angeles last month.

AC challenges at Justice Centre ‘being addressed’

SUPREME Court Deputy Registrar Renaldo Toote said the air-conditioning challenges that prompted workers to walk out of the Garnet Levarity Justice Centre in Grand Bahama are being addressed.

Tease photo

Pinder: We’ll be off EU blacklist in November

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said The Bahamas would be removed from the European Union’s blacklist in November.

Tease photo

Executive joins Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Board

A SENIOR Atlantis executive has joined the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust as a board member

Tease photo

Iconic Nassau business at centre of legal battle

A legal battle has erupted among one of Nassau’s most prominent families that centres on a long-standing Bahamian business with a corporate history dating back 60 years to before Majority Rule.

Rise in illnesses caused by heat

HEALTH officials have seen an increase in heat-related illnesses in recent weeks, with more younger people affected.

Tease photo

Bell: I’ll speak in House on immigration questions

IMMIGRATION Minister Keith Bell said he would answer Free National Movement questions on various matters, some controversial, in the House of Assembly next week.

Tease photo

Man killed and two hurt in latest shootings

NEW Providence police are investigating two separate shootings that killed a man and left two others in hospital yesterday.

Tease photo

‘GIVE ANSWERS ON VIOLENCE PROBES’: Human rights group wants govt to clarify state of investigations

HUMAN Rights Bahamas is urging the government to be more forthright about the status of investigations into alleged misconduct by law enforcement officers.

Tease photo

Pro basketballer Jaraun surprises the children at X-treme Athletics camp

BAHAMIAN professional player Jaraun “Kino” Burrows made the summer kids smile at the X-treme Athletics basketball camp after he not only paid them a visit, but trained and played in a scrimmage game with them.

Were rules followed on dignitary awards?

A pause from the celebrations to comment on the National Honours. Did Cabinet comply with the Law and Regulations in awarding the two foreign dignitaries their Awards prior to the specific time when such Honours may under Law be announced?

Ministry, don’t count your chickens...

IT’S all right Ministry of Agriculture promoting backyard growing of vegetables, but the rearing of animals is another issue. First if you live in a sub-division 100% there is a Covenant zooming does not permit it so Agriculture must check subdivisions and ensure there is no livestock such as chickens, goats, etc.

Tease photo

Kent Bazard: The role of the sports medicine physician in injury prevention and management

SPORTS are a thrilling and challenging pursuit, pushing athletes to their limits and inspiring greatness. Behind the scenes, a group of specialised medical professionals works tirelessly to ensure the well-being of athletes and help them prevent and manage injuries.

Tease photo

US Embassy continues to ‘Bridge the Gap’ through sports

THE US Embassy Nassau has partnered with the Nassau Rowing Club to host Arshay Cooper’s visit to The Bahamas July 18-22 to share how rowing can empower youth.

Tease photo

CARIFTA Triathlon set for Nassau in August

THE Bahamas Triathlon Association (BTA) is delighted to announce that they have successfully won the bid to host the highly anticipated CARIFTA Triathlon Championships.

Tease photo

VICTORY AND DEFEAT MARK OPENING DAY: Bahamas’ 12U team beats Cayman Islands, loses to Cuba on day one

Team Bahamas’ 12-and under (12U) baseball club earned a win and loss on day one of the Babe Ruth Caribbean Region Championships.

Years go by and still no ambassador

Our closest neighbour has not had a full accredited Ambassador as they would say “in-country” for over nine plus years basically since the last much liked Ambassador Nicole Avant left.

Tease photo

IAN FERGUSON: How to boost productivity without micromanagement

With skilled labour in relatively short supply, thus increasing the need for employers to maximise the productivity of each worker, human development strategies are essential to achieving better results. Micromanaging workers has proven dangerous and counter productive in seeking to increase productivity. People work better in comfortable environments where they are held accountable for the results.

What are barges out west being used for?

Driving through Go-Slow West Bay I looked across the bay towards Baha Mar and the new 12 storey condo building in construction new to One Bay.

Tease photo

Relief for 23-year-old cleared of armed robbery

A YOUNG man breathed a sigh of relief after he was cleared of armed robbery charges in the Supreme Court yesterday.

Tease photo

Excitement builds for ‘Peace on da Streets’ Basketball Classic

THE 27th edition of the Michael “Scooter” Reid Peace on Da Streets Basketball Classic returns to a new Hope Community Center basketball court next week Monday.

Tease photo

Charged with bail violation after murder accusation - and granted bail again

A MAN on bail for murder who allegedly failed to charge his electronic monitoring device was granted bail again yesterday.

Tease photo

18 months in jail over gun

A MAN was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting to having an unlicenced gun on Hospital Lane earlier this week.

Tease photo

Two jailed for housebreaking

TWO men were sentenced to two years in prison after they were found guilty of housebreaking in New Providence earlier this year.

Thursday, July 20

Tease photo

07202023 EDITION

Thursday, 20th July, 2023.

Tease photo

STATESIDE: Americans migrating based on political lines

From the first days of the American colonies in the 18th century and even before, settlers and then citizens moved fairly regularly from one part of the giant, developing country to another. They were in search of jobs, land, or other economic opportunities.

Tease photo

FRONT PORCH: Revitalisation of Downtown Nassau requires consideration and vision

RENEWING the City of Nassau is a journey of self-definition and discovery: a recollection of history that informs our national longings and forward thinking.

Tease photo

Layer of Saharan dust will affect the Bahamas by the weekend

RESIDENTS are urged to “safeguard their health” as a plume of Sahara dust moves over the south-east Bahamas.

Temperature rise poses additional threat to sensitive coral reefs

CLIMATE change is causing heat that threatens the existence of coral reefs in the Bahamas.

Tourism officials target amphibious aircraft sector numbers to double

TOURISM officials forecast the arrival of 40,000 amphibious air passengers this year and are targeting the sector for growth.

EDITORIAL: Govt avoidance of answer on irregularities telling

IT IS worth noting the defensiveness currently taking place over the Chinese workers who were released from custody after the intervention of Immigration Minister Keith Bell despite irregularities in their status.

Grand Bahama numbers for sexually transmitted infections see increase

GRAND Bahama is on track to record more sexually transmitted infections this year than in 2022.

Tease photo

As illicit fentanyl is rising experts hope to prevent a crisis in The Bahamas

AS illicit fentanyl use rises in The Bahamas, experts hope to prevent a crisis.

National Reparations Committee considers approaching UN International Court of Justice for opinion on compensation

THE Bahamas National Reparations Committee supports approaching the United Nation’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) for an opinion on securing reparations for slavery.

Tease photo

BCA president says govt ignoring Bahamian labour when signing deals with foreign companies

BAHAMAS Contractors Association President Leonard Sands said when the Davis administration released Chinese nationals to work at the British Colonial Hotel in January despite their work permit irregularities, it ignored whether Bahamians could do the jobs.

Tease photo

Goombay Summer Festival returns

AFTER a decade-plus hiatus, the Goombay Summer Festival is returning to New Providence.

Tease photo

Fund ‘first’ targeting $100m in five years

A Bahamian investment bank yesterday unveiled ambitions to “make a massive difference” for the economy by growing the country’s ‘first-ever’ private equity fund to $100m within five years.

Tease photo

Vendors voice cruise port fears despite rent waiver

Nassau Cruise Port yesterday said it had waived the first year’s rent for its marketplace tenants to help grow their businesses after several complained about the cost and lease terms they must sign up to.

Food prices to ‘never return to pre-COVID’

The Retail Grocers Association’s president yesterday warned Bahamians that food prices will not return to pre-COVID levels and said: “The cost of operations is increasing all over the world.”

Tease photo

Investor’s $2.2m San Sal hotel claim ‘unenforceable’

A US investor’s $2.239m claim against the family owners of a well-known San Salvador resort has been branded as “unenforceable” by a Supreme Court judge and rejected in its entirety.

Tease photo

Pintard still waiting on list on disclosures

FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard said he is still waiting for Victor Cooper, the Public Disclosure Commission chairman, to reveal who failed to disclose their assets, income and liabilities this year.

Tease photo

‘You can’t muzzle me’ says FNM leader in House row

THE House of Assembly descended into chaos as Obie Wilchcombe thwarted Michael Pintard’s efforts to discuss the release of Chinese nationals working with work permit “irregularities” at the British Colonial Hotel in January.

Tease photo

‘LAW IS IGNORED OVER CONTRACTS’: Contractor chief says government failing to publish as required

BAHAMAS Contractors Association President Leonard Sands slammed the government’s continued failure to publish contract awards under the Public Procurement Act.

Tease photo

CARIFTA bronze medallist Adam Musgrove to join the Bison Nation

AFTER leaving the national track and field championships as a double champion, Adam Musgrove will now take his athletic and academic capabilities to Howard University.

Musicians hit at ‘second class citizens’ treatment

Bahamian musicians yesterday argued that they remain unemployed while foreign entertainers are permitted by the Government to work at major New Providence resorts.

Authentic Bahamian goods sales struggle

VENDORS at the Nassau Cruise Port have been having difficulty in promoting and selling authentically Bahamian products, it was asserted during a press conference held by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) yesterday.

BPL hikes ‘blow up’ Abaco living costs

Abaco business owners yesterday revealed their electricity costs more than doubled in just one month as Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) fuel cost recovery strategy consumes an ever-increasing share of corporate cash flows.

Tease photo

Teen on stealing charge ordered to 350 hours of community service

A TEENAGER was ordered to serve 350 hours of community service or risk four years in jail after stealing a flamingo charm earlier this week.

Tease photo

Man accused of attacking woman with axe at clinic granted bail

A MAN was granted bail after he was accused of attacking a woman with an axe near South Beach Clinic on Monday.

Tease photo

Teen accused of two murders and two attempted murders remanded

AN 18-year-old is behind bars after he was accused of several murders and attempted murders in New Providence last month.

PM Davis challenges EU blacklist

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas recently celebrated our Golden Jubilee anniversary. It made us all proud.

Where are we after 50 years?

When the new year rolls in, for many persons of goodwill, it is a time of reflection, on the past year, and resolutions for the ensuing year, and positive projections, for guidance and plans for the immediate future, building on the past lessons learnt.

Tease photo

CFL summer soccer returns every Sunday

THE Capital Football Label (CFL) Summer Soccer Championships are back at the Roscow A L Davies soccer field every Sunday until August 20.

35th Jeff Rodgers Basketball Camp jumps off with hot start

MONDAY marked the beginning of the 35th Annual Jeff Rodgers Basketball Camp which is being held at The Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium and the camp will continue until Thursday next week. The camp caters to girls and boys aged 5-18.

Tease photo

Otto Laing going to Howard University

Carifta gold medallist Otto Laing will be headed to Washington DC to commence his studies and collegiate track career at Howard University.

Wednesday, July 19

Tease photo

Man shot dead in Pinewood Gardens

POLICE are investigating after a man was shot dead in the area of Cascarilla and Wild Guava Streets, Pinewood Gardens, on Wednesday, which marked the country’s 59th murder for the year.

Tease photo

07192023 EDITION

Wednesday, 19th July, 2023.

Tease photo

ALICIA WALLACE: Creating space to talk

SINCE the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual and hybrid conferences have become such a norm that attending in person is especially exciting. When people are able to be in the same room(s), in a bubble of sorts, there is a different energy. The possibilities are different because it does not all disappear with the press of a button.

Tease photo

Safety issues raised by US and local government officials concerning recreational watercraft

A NEW travel advisory has been issued by the United States warning over the lack of regulation of commercial water craft – and an FNM senator has called for action at Goodman’s Bay to ensure public safety.

Vessel carrying 275 people intercepted by USCG and passed over to Bahamas

AUTHORITIES intercepted a Haitian sailing vessel carrying 275 people over the weekend.

Tease photo

‘We are looking at the matter’ of local govt receiving money says Sweeting

FAMILY Island Affairs Minister Clay Sweeting said if representatives of the North Andros District Council violated the law by accepting funds to clean up a local beach, they would be punished.

Tease photo

Lucayan Towers South condo association president refuses to answer questions as GBPA ultimatum looms

THE head of a condominium association responsible for a complex in Freeport that could have its occupancy certificate revoked dismissed questions from a reporter yesterday about the longstanding concern.

Tease photo

State-recognised funeral for Dr Diane Gail Saunders on Friday

A STATE-recognised funeral service will be held for Dr Diane Gail Saunders, CB, OBE, on Friday at 11am at Christ Church Cathedral.

Lobster season fears over boat registration fee reform

Bahamian fishermen were yesterday “eagerly awaiting” promised revisions to the over “ten-fold” increases in annual boat registration fees amid fears the reforms will not take effect before lobster season’s August 1 start.

Tease photo

Contractor chief: Stop Heads of Agreement ‘blank cheques’

The Bahamian Contractors Association’s (BCA) president yesterday demanded that the Government stop giving developers “a blank cheque” to bring in foreign contractors and workers amid the latest British Colonial/Pointe controversy.

Tease photo

Opposition ‘to hammer’ Gov’t on BPL’s $110m

The Opposition’s leader has pledged to “continue to hammer” the Government over the accounting treatment it is using for the $110m loan advanced to Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) to pay off its fuel arrears.

Soaring water demand squeezes bottle supply

Water suppliers yesterday said they are running out of one-gallon bottles as quickly as they restock since the extra hot summer means consumers are demanding “way more water”.

Tease photo

Campers showcase creativity with original camp theme song on the UN’s SDGs

A SONG has been created by children at a summer camp to capture the spirit of goals set by the United Nations aiming towards sustainability.

Tease photo

Bahamas bank’s account seized over $58.5m ‘pig butcher’ scam

A Bahamian financial institution yesterday asserted it “has been proactively co-operating” with a US Secret Service probe that seized its bank account on the basis that $58.465m in fraud proceeds were laundered through it.

Bimini local govt member arrested while in Miami

ARLINGTON Rolle, a member of the Bimini District Council, was arrested in Miami for alleged drug possession.

Monitoring system blamed for man’s death on bail

RELATIVES of a man killed at a nightclub in Fox Hill believe he would be alive if the ankle bracelet system that monitors people on bail worked better.

Tease photo

$15,000 reward offered to find missing Kyle

TWO months after 20-year-old Kyle Carey went missing, his family still hope for his return.

Tease photo

BELL ADMITS CHINESE HOTEL WORKERS FREED: Minister refuses questions over ‘irregularities’

IMMIGRATION Minister Keith Bell admitted yesterday that some Chinese nationals working at the British Colonial Hilton in January were released from custody and returned to the construction site despite the “irregularities” that prompted officers to detain them.

Cap in hand

See we continue to go around the globe cap in reparations.

Port Authority limited over unsafe buildings

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce's president yesterday said the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) remains restricted to revoking occupancy certificates because it has no powers to demolish unsafe buildings.

Greenhouse farming to launch in August

A Cabinet minister yesterday said the Government’s greenhouse farming initiative is set to launch before the end of August 2023.

Tease photo

Security guard charged for possession of ammunition

A SECURITY officer was granted bail after he was accused of having almost 100 rounds of rifle ammunition in his home last weekend.

Tease photo

Man accused of failing to charge monitoring device

A MAN on bail for murder was remanded in custody after allegedly failing to charge his electronic monitoring device (EMD).

Tease photo

Possession of drugs and guns gets man over two years jail

A MAN was sentenced to two and half years in prison after admitting to owning two guns recovered when police raided his house last weekend.

Tease photo

Man accused of killing his brother’s murderer denied bail

THE Court of Appeal denied bail to a man accused of killing his brother’s alleged murderer in Exuma last year.

Signs of political maturity

Please allow me to express my brief opinion on what I consider to be “a breath of fresh air’ (to use a familiar cliche) and signs of political maturity on behalf of the Davis administration.

Time to clean up Bay Street

Bay Street...once a ‘Royale street’ that long time gone and from successive governments plenty talk and nothing…

Tease photo

Ministry/BAAA Track & Field Summer Camp in high gear

THE Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ Track and Field Summer Camp is now in high gear at the original Thomas A Robinson track and field stadium.

Tease photo

Anthaya Charlton transfers to Florida

AFTER producing a stellar freshman season for the University of Kentucky Wildcats track and field team, sprinter/long jumper Anthaya Charlton has moved on to the Florida Gators.

Tease photo

Deandre Ayton ‘thinking about’ playing for the national team

BAHAMIAN professional National Basketball Association (NBA) player Deandre Ayton remains undecided on his decision to play with Team Bahamas at the FIBA Olympic Pre-Qualifying tournament in Argentina.

Tease photo

GARDINER PRODUCES WORLD-LEADING TIME: Wins 400 metre race in Hungary

Steven Gardiner produced the world’s fastest time and lowered his meet record in the process to win the men’s 400 metres at the Gyulai Istvan Memorial in Szekesfehervar, Hungary.

Tuesday, July 18

Tease photo

UPDATED: Missing 14-year-old girl has been found

TUESDAY EVENING UPDATE: Police have said that 14-year-old Stephanie Mackey, who was reported missing earlier, has now been found. There are no further details at the moment.

Tease photo

07182023 EDITION

Tuesday, 18th July, 2023.

Tease photo

Student spotlight

Gregory Alexander Stubbs is a recent graduate of Queen’s College and the 2023 Gentleman of the Year.

Tease photo

Fire Services camp could save a life

The Royal Bahamas Police Force Fire Services is holding its first summer programme under the theme ‘Creating Safer Communities by impacting our youth through Fire Prevention’.

Tease photo

Abaco camp marks 50th year

The Abaco Youth Camp at Assemblies of God in the Bahamas including the Turks and Caicos, also known as Camp Abaco, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year as the country celebrates its 50th year of independence.

Tease photo

Karters show skills at Bahamas Games

Members of the Edukarting Bahamas team were present at the Bahamas Games to display their skills and introduce Family Island visitors to the sport.

Tease photo

FACE TO FACE: LeRon Rolle - Aiming for world success in archery

THE Bahamas has had the kind of international success in sports that some small countries only dream of. Bahamians stand tall, beaming with national pride when their national anthem is played from podiums around the world, knowing that another athlete has captured a gold medal.

$2m allocated to repair roads on New Providence

THE Ministry of Works officials said $2m had been allocated to repair roads and remove potholes.

EDITORIAL: The law must be the law for all

IN this column yesterday, we highlighted the frustration many people felt when investigations are promised but nothing ever seems to be delivered.

Tease photo

Man’s remains found in bushes in Freeport

ANIMALS carried body parts of a dead man in Freeport on Sunday, prompting police to find a man’s decomposing body.

Tease photo

Davis administration looking to ‘tone down’ cost of new correctional facility

THE Davis administration has asked prison officials to reduce costs for a planned high-medium security correctional facility, according to acting Corrections Commissioner Doan Cleare.

Tease photo

Children allowed to visit parents in prison beginning next month

CHILDREN will visit their parents in prison for the first time in a programme starting next month, according to acting Corrections Commissioner Doan Cleare.

Ministry officials concerned as road works employee hit with rock by motorist

A MOTORIST struck a traffic manager with a rock last week, injuring the man in what a top Ministry of Works official said is an example of the hazards some employees face.

Tease photo

‘FTX chief planned $256m sell-off behind our backs’

FTX’s Bahamian liquidators have accused their US adversary, aided by its local law firm, of going behind their backs in attempting to sell $256m worth of real estate domiciled in this jurisdiction.

Tease photo

BPL’s 71% cost hike branded ‘outrageous’

Private sector executives yesterday branded the 71 percent hike in Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) total energy costs as “outrageous” and “brutal”, with one saying: “I don’t know how businesses are surviving.”

Tease photo

$700m external loan goal ‘looking very favourable’

The Government’s bid to raise almost one-third of its near-$2.2bn gross financing needs for the 2023-2024 fiscal year from external banks is “looking very favourable”, a senior official revealed yesterday.

Tease photo

SBF’s trading arm, Alameda Research, operated in Bahamas without licence

The private trading entity created by Sam Bankman-Fried, and alleged to have played a key role in FTX’s multi-billion dollar implosion, was based and controlled in The Bahamas despite not being licensed to operate in this jurisdiction.

Supply ‘challenges’ freeze ice supplies

Food stores and gas stations yesterday blamed supplier woes for ice shortages that impacted New Providence amid searing heat over the weekend.

Tease photo

Community meetings to be held on Parole bill before it is tabled

ACTING Corrections Commissioner Doan Cleare said four town hall meetings would be held before a bill establishing a parole system for inmates is tabled in the House of Assembly.

Andros Council ‘violated’ Law

NEIL Campbell, the acting permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs, confirmed the North Andros District Council was given money to have a beach cleaned, violating the law.

Tease photo

Jobs and prices fear over electric costs

GROCERS may raise food prices and gas retailers are promising to lay off staff as some businesses see a 70 per cent increase in electricity costs this summer.

Tease photo

FNM: BELL SUPERSEDED IMMIGRATION OFFICIALS – Claims that minister forced release of Chinese workers

FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard said Immigration Minister Keith Bell superseded senior immigration officials on January 17 to force the release of dozens of Chinese nationals working illegally at the British Colonial Hotel.

Tease photo

More than 50 competitors in the 50th National Bodybuilding Championships

WITH so many of the top competitors earning their professional card and others opting not to compete anymore, the Bahamas Bodybuilding Federation is still pressing on to provide some top notch competitors for the future.

Tease photo

Athletes reflect on 6th Bahamas Games - a Golden Jubilee event

WITH Saturday marking the end of the basketball segment of the 6th Bahamas Games, eight athletes were able to stop and reflect on how they felt coming into the games and their excitement going up against the other islands.

Babe Ruth Caribbean invite all set for Thursday at the new stadium

NOW that the Bahamas Games are over, another tournament is preparing to grace the Bahamas shores.

Tease photo

Bodybuilder Lorraine LaFleur emerges as champion of Orlando TY Pope Classic

LORRAINE LaFleur emerged as the champion of the Orlando TY Pope Classic over the weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Tease photo

Six people charged in Magistrates Court in Grand Bahama for various crimes

Six persons were charged in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court on Monday for various serious offenses, including armed robbery, stealing, burglary, and unlawful sexual intercourse and willful damage.

Andros alarm

I write to express the collective concern of Androsians around the operation of our current local government council. At a time when North Andros is most in need of leadership to address our economic, infrastructure and development needs our local government council is apparently without direction or focus. The recent stories in your paper which confirmed that our local council collected funds to clean up a public beach after a private beach party is just the latest example of ineptitude.

What now?

With most of those celebrations related to our 50 years as an Independent Bahamas now being seen in our rear-view mirrors, it would be so good if the degrees of nationalism displayed at the time could be sustained in some truly meaningful ways. At least, that’s my opinion. My opinion, too, is that our National Anthem, National Motto, National Pledge, plus other National Symbols ought to be solid foundations upon which The Bahamas should be building better Bahamians.

Sands’ naivety

At a time when the consensus is that we unite as a people, the Free National Movement, under the pettiness and political naivety of Duane Sands, decides to waste time on trivialities. He cannot help himself after seeing the outpouring of patriotism and fellowship shown at the well-received presentations and participation of the Bahamian people at the Independence Celebration in Clifford Park.

Tease photo

Three men charged with armed robbery and murder

THREE men were remanded in custody after they were charged with a series of armed robberies in New Providence, including a botched attempt that ended in a man being shot and killed in February.

Tease photo

Police investigate armed robbery and sexual assault of a woman

NEW Providence police are investigating a sexual assault and armed robbery reported yesterday.

Tease photo

Man receives two-year sentence for unlicensed firearm and ammunition

A MAN was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to having an unlicensed gun in his home.

Tease photo

Two months sentence for stealing $20 worth of Lysol

A MAN was sentenced to two months in prison after admitting to stealing $21 worth of aerosols last week.

Tease photo

Man accused of rape held until trial date

A MAN has been charged with rape after allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman in New Providence in April.

BFN’s ‘Tee-off for Hunger’ sets goal to provide 750k meals through golf fundraiser

THE Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) yesterday announced plans to host their second annual ‘Tee-off for Hunger’ Golf Tournament to raise enough money to provide 750,000 meals this year.

Central Bank 'agrees' on $232m IMF SDR roll-over

The Central Bank has "agreed to roll over" the $232.3m IMF special drawing rights (SDR) financing it provided to the Government as part of the latter's 2023-2024 borrowing plan, it was revealed yesterday.

BPL bills 'like a mortgage'

The Bahamas Society of Engineers (BSE) president yesterday described Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) bills as being “almost like a mortgage now” as households and the private sector struggle to cope with the increased expense.

Further $2m invested to combat pot holes

The Ministry of Works yesterday said it is investing a further $2m to combat pot holes plaguing New Providence's road network after recent heavy rainfall merely worsened the hazards facing motorists.

Tease photo

A HEARTFELT FAREWELL TO THE 'DIVINE LADY’: Gospel artist and journalist Vanessa Clarke dies age 48

The Bahamian gospel and media communities are mourning the death of award-winning singer and journalist Vanessa Clarke. Vanessa, who was known as the “Divine Lady” for her singing, died this past weekend after bat- tling a degenerative neurological disorder for many years. She was 48 years old. She is survived her husband Volare and two young daughters, V’ajha and V’lori.

Tease photo

Bahamas NACAC champions again

Team brings home trophies, medals

The Bahamas team returned home Monday from the IV North American, Central American and Caribbean Under-13 and Under-15 Championships as repeat champions.

Tease photo

Grand Bahama Lucayans win most gold medals

WITHOUT as many sporting activities in their various disciplines to rely on coming into the sixth Bahamas Games, Grand Bahama Sports Council chairman Churchill Tener-Knowles said he was extremely proud of the way the Lucayans performed.

Monday, July 17

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Monday, 17th July, 2023.

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07172023 EDITION

Monday, 17th July, 2023.

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WORLD VIEW: Haiti urgently needs a genuine and representative transitional government

HAITI’S non-elected President, Dr. Ariel Henry has been identified as a significant part of the current crisis in Haiti. Henry and a small clique, who surround him, are hardly running the affairs of the state. Indeed, as armed gangs control more than 60 per cent of Port-au-Prince and the main corridors throughout Haiti, the disappearance of the state is obvious.

Tease photo

Vox pop: What is your hope for The Bahamas’ next fifty years?

AS The Bahamas has reached its 50th anniversary, attention turns to what will come in our nation’s next half century.

Tease photo

INSIGHT: Sound policy decisions over soundbites to tackle crime

A RECENT spate of shocking crimes – including sex attacks against elderly women – has prompted some familiar talk. We must be tougher on crime, tougher on criminals. Perhaps so – but in our reaction, we appear to be falling into an old trap of seeking to carry out action, any action, without regard to whether or not it really works.

Tease photo

Salthiel Thompson - first Bahamian to be appointed Commissioner of Police

In the previous article, it was briefly mentioned that the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) underwent a change in leadership during The Bahamas’ independence. Salathiel Thompson, a native Bahamian, was selected as the Commissioner to lead the RBPF for the rest of the 1970s decade, marking a groundbreaking achievement. He became the first Bahamian to hold this prestigious position and was also the first to rise through the ranks to become Commissioner.

EDITORIAL: Talk of transparency and accountability is cheap

IN recent times, there have been a number of incidents involving members of our uniformed services which have led to promises of investigations.

Tease photo

THE KDK REPORT: Proactive approach need so all are able to afford health care

IN Japanese culture, having a garden pond filled with Koi fish is believed to bring good fortune to home owners and their visitors.

Tease photo

Call for greater protection for union members endorsed by Bell

LABOUR Minister Keith Bell endorsed a call for greater protection for union members, saying legislation is on the way to achieve this.

GBPA gives Lucaya Towers South 30 day ultimatum - threatens to revoke occupancy

THE Grand Bahama Port Authority has given an ultimatum to the board of the Lucayan Towers South: provide a plan to fix the complex in 30 days or have your certificate of occupancy revoked.

Tease photo

BPL struggles persist as power failures continue

BAHAMAS Power and Light’s struggle to provide reliable electricity this summer continued over the weekend, with outages on various islands.

‘Use renewables’ to solve Andros electricity woes

After a series of problems with power generation, Darin Bethel, president of the North Andros Chamber of Commerce, is challenging the government to look into a long-term energy plan for North Andros that includes an increased use of renewable energy.

Tease photo

‘Is council still active?’ demands Thompson

Kwasi Thompson, Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama, released a statement yesterday urging the government to provide an update on the Fiscal Responsibility Council and to produce the overdue Fiscal Strategy Reports.

Jitney drivers want fare increase to $2 for adults

Jitney drivers are proposing that fares for adults should go up to $2, but are awaiting the go-ahead from the government.

Tease photo

Gas dealers hopeful despite lack of talks

Petroleum dealers said that the lack of a margin increase does not signify a failure in their negotiations with the government.

Small business revenue declines blamed on VAT on charter yachts

SMALL business owners said the imposition of VAT on foreign-owned yacht charter fees had contributed tremendously to the industry’s decline in the past year.

Tease photo

Atlantis received Labour’s investigation results

LABOUR Minister Keith Bell said Atlantis received a report about the Department of Labour’s investigation into comments by the resort’s president last week.

Tease photo

Fox Dale man becomes 58th murder victim

A 46-year-old Fox Dale man was murdered yesterday morning.

Call to look at North Andros beach clean-up pay receipt

NORTH Andros Chamber of Commerce president Darin Bethel called for the police to investigate the North Andros District Council after a receipt suggested the body was paid to have a beach cleaned.

Tease photo

Months later, no update over ‘attack’ on barbers

MORE than four months after two immigration officers allegedly assaulted two Haitian barbers in an attack that went viral, Immigration Minister Keith Bell said the investigation is still ongoing.

Tease photo

BROTHER ‘BEATEN BY POLICE’ IN CUSTODY: ‘They put a bag on his head and struck him with a machete’

WHEN Hercude Estime visited his brother at the Central Detective Unit on Thursday, Leroy Estime appeared to be in perfect health.

Supercharge your summer: Tackle inflation with investor loans

As the summer sun blazes, so does the ongoing battle against inflation. Rising prices are causing financial stress for many, but savvy investors are turning to a powerful weapon in their arsenal: investor loans also known as margin loans. This unique financial tool allows you to use your government bonds, shares and other investments as security against a loan. Let’s look at some of the ways you can get ahead by opting for a low interest investor loan.

Tease photo

DEREK SMITH: Linking climate risk, compliance and actuarial science

THIS summer, my compliance intern is an actuarial science major. In several instances, both she and I have been asked, "Why would an actuarial science major choose the area of compliance for their summer internship at an insurance company?"

Tease photo

Reform Series Conclusion: ‘We are the problem.’

We must confront an uncomfortable truth: we, the people, are the root of the problem. As citizens of The Bahamas, it’s high time we face our shortcomings and acknowledge the urgent need for sweeping reforms across critical sectors of our society.

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture announces 2026 edition

FOLLOWING the conclusion of the sixth Bahamas Games on Saturday night, the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Mario Bowleg announced the seventh edition is scheduled for 2026.

Tease photo

Minister Bowleg: ‘This was a great Bahamas Games’

AS the curtain came down on the sixth Bahamas Games, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Mario Bowleg said he was pleased with what he saw from the nine days of competition.

Athletes get set for the Worlds

AS they prepare for the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, in August, national champions sprinter Anthonique Strachan and high jumper Donald Thomas got in some competition at the Chorzow Diamond League Meet.

OPM flag not using right colours

All this fuss over 50th and no one can make sure that the correct Bahamas national flag flies at The Office of The Prime Minister.

Mitchell, be quiet on Freeport

What’s up with Fred Mitchell and Freeport? During the Budget Debate, his PLP Cabinet colleagues had their say on the future of Freeport, then let the matter rest.

Tease photo

Lucayans, Adventurers bring home the gold

Men’s marathon slugfest highlights Bahamas Games softball title games

WHILE the ladies’ three-hour affair for the 6th Bahamas Games softball gold medal was won by the grit and determination of a 13-year-old, the men’s marathon slugfest was secured on the strength and power of six home runs.

Tease photo

Navigators, Adventurers claim their gold medals

THE Exuma and Ragged Island Navigators along with the Eleuthera Adventurers brought gold to the Family Islands after winning the basketball segment of the Bahamas Games.

Tease photo

Andros Chickcharnies take home gold in golf

Grand Bahama Lucayans secure silver, NP Buccaneers win bronze

THE Chickcharnies will carry the sixth Bahamas Games team gold medal home to Andros.

Tease photo

Buccaneers run away with gold

New Providence dominates track and field

The New Providence Buccaneers left the sixth Bahamas Games as track gold medal winners. With the competition starting on July 7, track was one of the last remaining sporting disciplines to enter the fray.

Sunday, July 16

Tease photo

Man drowns in Goodman's Bay area

Police are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the drowning of a 59-year-old man on Sunday.

Tease photo

Wife of Sandals executive chairman dies after battle with cancer

THE executive chairman of Sandals, Adam Stewart, has announced "with unbearable grief" that his wife, Jill, has died after a battle with cancer.

Friday, July 14

National Training Agency celebrates 10 years of service

THE National Training Agency (NTA) held a luncheon on Friday to celebrate its 10th anniversary of service.

Tease photo

Man accused of having loaded gun

A MAN was granted bail after he was accused of having a loaded gun in Eleuthera on Independence weekend.

Tease photo

Woman placed on probation for stealing by reason of employment

A WOMAN was placed on two years probation after admitting stealing more than $1,000 from a Starbucks where she was formerly employed.

Tease photo

Man charged in connection with the smuggling of $9m worth of cocaine

A MAN was charged with aiding in the smuggling of $9 million worth of cocaine into Long Island late last month.

Tease photo

Maitland Cates recognised as ‘Life Member’ of Salvation Army

GRAND Bahama Chartered Accountant Maitland Cates was recognised as a ‘Life Member’ of the Salvation Army after three decades of service on the Board.

Tease photo

07142023 WEEKEND

Friday, 14th July, 2023.

Tease photo

07142023 EDITION

Friday, 14th July, 2023.

Tease photo

Clubs & Societies July 14th, 2023

The Rotary Club of New Providence (RCNP) held its annual changeover reception on July 1 at the Balmoral Club and installed it 36th president.

Tease photo

DIANE PHILLIPS: There will never be another gingerbread house

THERE will never be another gingerbread house. Not like the ones Graham Bruce created, the magical, whimsical three feet high edible works of art handmade of gingerbread, brown sugar and love, adorned with sparkles, candy, nuts and candy canes, complete with windows that let the light shine through. They were architectural and culinary wonders, those gingerbread houses, days in the making and happy slow hours in the guilty devouring.

Tease photo

Eric Wiberg – Nylon stockings, parachutes and wreckage found on Acklins of a B-26 Bomber

Women who donated her nylon stockings to the US war effort might not know they often became parachutes, four of which floated to earth and sea over Acklins. After Ralph Stevens rolled out of a doomed bomber, spraining ankle and knee, it was given to a family of six children in Pompey Bay, by the resident commissioner, Chauncy Tynes.

Tease photo

GB Humane Society urges pet owners to keep their animals cool and safe from summer heat

Tip Burrows, executive director of the Humane Society of Grand Bahama, is urging pet owners to keep their animals cool and safe during the hot summer months.

EDITORIAL: BPL blame game needs to stop - solution needed

IT WAS one of the founding fathers of the US, Benjamin Franklin, who famously wrote that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. In The Bahamas, we are tempted to say that you can add BPL outages to that.

Legislation to be introduced to manage revitalisation of Downtown Nassau

SENATOR Randy Rolle, a Ministry of Tourism, Investment and Aviation consultant, said the Antiquities, Monuments and Museum Corporation got in the way of the ministry’s aggressive approach to ridding Downtown of dilapidated buildings.

Tease photo

Skyguard Severe Weather Alert 14 July: Nassau

STARTS: 07/14/2023 3:45 PM EDT EXPIRES: 07/14/2023 5:45 PM EDT

Tease photo


3 PM Fri. JULY 14th, 2023

Tease photo

Ministry of Agriculture signs MOU with BAARK to create the Nassau Animal Sanctuary

A SIGNING ceremony was held yesterday to create the Nassau Animal Sanctuary on over three acres.

Tease photo

Munroe expects 90 per cent decrease in outpatient care when prison facility built

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said the Public Hospital Authority does not like prisoners receiving care at Princess Margaret Hospital –– one reason medical facilities will be built at the Department of Corrections.

Passport Office strained by influx of applications since court ruling

THE Passport Office has received about 11 to 125 applications a week from New Providence residents affected by the Privy Council’s landmark citizenship ruling, according to Chief Passport Officer Kingsley Smith.

Tease photo

‘Every little bit helps’ as ship resumes sailings

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce president said “every little bit helps”, as the Margaritaville at Sea resumed sailing to the island from Florida.

Non-stop flights from Miami to Eleuthera to start in 2024

American Airlines announced yesterday they will be offering non-stop flights from Miami to Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, beginning next year. The new service will commence on February 3 and offer flights twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

$1m lighthouse restoration aims for November finish

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society (ERLS) plans to finish the restoration of its historic lighthouse by November.

Former PM Christie among region leaders seeking a Haitian-led solution to crisis

FORMER Prime Minister Perry Christie visited Haiti on Tuesday as part of a group trying to resolve the crisis gripping that country.

Tease photo

No update yet on children beaten in Bimini

MORE than four months after several Bimini Primary School students were allegedly beaten and bruised by a police officer, Commissioner Clayton Fernander still claims there is an ongoing, incomplete investigation into the matter.

Tease photo

Unions link up to protest Atlantis shop steward firing

Trade unions joined forces to send a “strong message” to the government and Atlantis about the firing of the resort’s chief shop steward last week.

Receipt of money paid to local govt investigated

NORTH Andros Island Administrator Beverley Laramore said she is investigating after a receipt suggested the North Andros District Council was paid to clean up a beach after a party over the weekend.

Tease photo

URCA ‘concerned’ BPL is struggling to be reliable

THE Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) said recent power outages suggest the Bahamas Power & Light is struggling to provide “power of sufficient reliability and quality”.

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‘MANY’ FAILED TO FILE DISCLOSURES: Senators and public servants among those who have not complied

PUBLIC Disclosure Commission Chairman Bishop Victor Cooper said many senators and senior civil servants failed to disclose their assets, income and liabilities this year as the law requires.

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Police investigate discovery of human remains and a shooting

POLICE are investigating two separate incidents in New Providence involving the discovery of human remains and the shooting of a man who is now in hospital.

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Junior golfers return home from 35th CAJGC with 5th place finish

THE Bahamas’ 14-member team returned home from the 35th Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships (CAJGC) in the Cayman Islands with a fifth place, but it was an experience that manager Gina Gonzalez-Rolle feels they will never forget.

Tease photo

Grand Bahamian sprinter Terrence Jones coming into his own

GRAND Bahama sprinter Terrence Jones said he couldn’t be more satisfied with the way he’s performed so far.

Tease photo

LeRon Rolle sets national record in archery

MULTI-talented LeRon Rolle has returned home from the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador, San Salvador, where he set a new national record in the Open Men category.

GB registrar general’s office waiting on relief from the heat

THE Registrar General has hired contractors to repair the air conditioning units at the Registrar General’s department office in Grand Bahama.

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Three-year sentence for possession of loaded gun

A MAN was sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty of having a loaded gun in 2021.

Tease photo

Man accused of Independence day cutlass attack granted bail

A MAN was granted bail after he was accused of a cutlass attack in New Providence on Independence Day.

Tease photo

IAN FERGUSON: Stay at home or go to work?

As we approach the much-anticipated 50th anniversary of our nation’s independence, I pause to reflect on a model Bahamian business that has become a mainstay and beacon within our private sector.

FNM being racist and misogynist

I am most grateful for this opportunity to comment in your publication/media service on comments made by Dr Duane Sands, national chairman of the Free National Movement, the official Opposition on the Award of Excellence given to two internationally distinguished individuals during our 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

Hot summer sees demand soaring for water supplies

A BAHAMIAN bottled water supplier said summer sales are good with “demand high”, despite a fear of a shortage of one gallon bottles.

Tease photo

Drama and controversy hits softball competition

THERE was some drama and a little bit of controversy as the sixth Bahamas Games’ action packed softball competition continued yesterday in the Bankers’ Field at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

Tease photo

Andros Chickcharnies in the lead after day 2

Bahamas Games golf tournament at Ocean Club on Paradise Island

THE Andros Chickcharnies are still holding onto the lead after two days of competition in the 6th Bahamas Games golf tournament at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island.

Tease photo

Buccaneers open strong on day one

Top athletes burn up the track and field

Day one of the Bahamas Games track and field got underway yesterday at the Thomas A Robinson national stadium. All 10 teams representing the islands of The Bahamas came out the gate with strong performances.

Thursday, July 13

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07132023 EDITION

Thursday, 13th July, 2023.

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STATESIDE: Is Russian conflict the real reason for hesitancy to admit Ukraine to NATO?

The just-concluded NATO summit meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania, was at the same time somewhat anticlimactic and newsworthy. Membership issues dominated on both sides of this. And these are really important as the West drifts ever closer to an open shooting war with Russia.

Tease photo

FRONT PORCH: Future uncertain on Downtown revitalisation - can the ‘soul’ of Nassau be preserved?

Two prominent figures sit in that most public of squares – Rawson, which in earlier times was simply known as “The Park” and was described by LD Powles in The Land of the Pink Pearl as “an acre in extent…on which were the broken remains of some benches and some dried-up-looking, coarse grass”.

EDITORIAL: Words are easy to say - but what about action?

SOMETIMES it seems politicians say things just so they can hear the sound of their voice.

Tease photo

PM affirms commitment to getting reparations from UK

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis affirmed the government’s commitment to getting reparations from the United Kingdom yesterday.

Tease photo

Awards presented to foreign dignitaries during jubilee celebration defended

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis defended honouring Rwandan President Paul Kagame and US Congresswoman Maxine Waters during Sunday’s Golden Jubilee event at Clifford Park.

Tease photo

Residents should soon see a ‘marked improvement’ in Nassau roads, says Sears

WORKS and Utilities Minister Alfred Sears said a “marked improvement” in New Providence roads should be soon observed as his ministry plans to increase pothole patching.

Tease photo

Cooper reports no additional progress in securing access to Cabbage Beach

THE Davis administration has not reported any meaningful progress toward ensuring that one of the access points to Cabbage Beach is always opened.

Tease photo

Contaminated oil a new blow to Andros power

A CONTAMINATED supply of fuel led to a new shutdown of a power unit in Andros as restoration efforts continued following the fire that severely damaged BPL’s North Andros Power Station last week.

Tease photo

Exuma water works to be complete ‘early next year’

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has commenced water main works for the Exumas to be completed by early next year.

Tease photo

Ministry hires 20 more to ‘blitz’ pothole problems

Alfred Sears, Minister of Works said his ministry has hired 20 employees to conduct road maintenance - and said it was the first set of employees hired to repair potholes in four years.

VAT on foreign-owned yachts blamed for decline in business over the last year

SMALL business owners said the imposition of VAT on foreign-owned yacht charter fees had contributed tremendously to the industry’s decline in the past year.

‘We should not have to beg govt’ for police on the cays, says Hope Town Council chief Sweeting

A local government official in Abaco is appealing to the government to deploy law enforcement officers in the Abaco cays to ensure the safety of both residents and visitors.

Tease photo

Suspected drowning of South African woman in Eleuthera

A 45-year-old South African woman is believed to have drowned in Eleuthera over the weekend.

North Andros Power plant repairs cost $600k, as restoration continues

WORKS and Utilities Minister Alfred Sears said the cost of restoring power to North Andros after last week’s catastrophic fire at Bahamas Power & Light’s Nicholl’s Town plant is about $600k.

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MPs express outrage over recent sex assaults on elderly women

PARLIAMENTARIANS Jomo Campbell and Adrian White expressed outrage over the recent sexual assault of an elderly woman.

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Man on bail for murder found shot dead in back seat of vehicle

POLICE found a 26-year-old man on bail for murder shot and killed in a vehicle at Blackstone Close and Baillou Hill Road yesterday –– the 57th murder victim for the year.

$32m ‘holographic’ theme park plans to ‘reimagine’ Old Nassau

The principal behind a $32m theme park eyed for the Western end of New Providence is promising a holographic experience along with a “re-imaging of Old Nassau.”

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Police officer charged with vehicular manslaughter

A POLICE officer was charged with causing the death of a 28-year-old woman in an alleged drunk driving accident last December near the Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium.

Tease photo

Bell ‘does not need to resign’, says Davis

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said Immigration Minister Keith Bell does not need to resign for overseeing a citizenship swearing-in ceremony at a funeral.

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Supreme Court seizes luxury goods for US company

THE Supreme Court has ordered the seizure of merchandise in a case involving local luxury goods.

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POLICE: ‘STAND BY’ ON MP RAPE CASE – Recommendations were given says DPP; but Commissioner of Police doesn’t offer more details

ACTING Director of Public Prosecutions Cordell Fraizer has officially submitted her recommendations to Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander concerning an MP accused of raping and abusing his ex-girlfriend.

Mold putting health at risk

This afternoon I went for what I thought would be a quick trip to the Registrar General’s Office. Instead, what I met when I got there was a hallway full of the office’s staff - on strike. I was confused about what to do at first, because what I needed really couldn’t wait until the following day, so I decided to stick around for a few minutes.

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Florida man charged with gun possession granted bail

AN AMERICAN man was granted bail after he was accused of taking a loaded gun to the South Bimini Airport last week.

Bahamas team named for Pan Am Juniors next month

MANAGER Dionne Britton likes the make up of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ team heading to the Pan American Junior Championships next month.

Tease photo

DEIDRE BASTIAN: Employee sabotage in the workplace

What comes to mind when you hear the word “workplace sabotage?” The origin of the word “sabotage” is questionable, however advocates a major issue for any business. In fact, it can lead to decreased productivity, damaged relationships between co-workers, poor customer service and even result in serious legal problems for the perpetrator.

Treasure Cay work ‘complete’ - but residents not so certain

THE executive chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation has said sewerage works in Treasure Cay have been completed.

Canadian bank problems? Go local, suggests minister

MICHAEL Halkitis, Minister of Economic Affairs, suggested a shift from Canadian banks to local providers can provide a solution to Family Island banking woes during a panel discussion at the inaugural Sustainable Development Goals conference yesterday.

WSC lays out its $200m plan

THE Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) outlined key parts of its $200m capital works plan with major works around the country.

‘Avoiding digitisation will cost you more’

PLATO Alpha Design CEO Duran Humes said the decision to avoid digital transformation is costing Bahamian businesses far more in the long run. From government agencies to the private sector, Mr Humes said Bahamian businesses continue to suffer the consequences of avoiding the need for digitisation.

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Man on bail on charged with touching young girl’s breast

A MAN was granted bail after he was accused of touching a child’s breasts last weekend in New Providence.

Tease photo

Long Island Sheep Runners take home the gold

The sailing competition at the sixth Bahamas Games in Montagu Bay turned out to be a celebration for the Long Island Sheep Runners and skipper Stefan Knowles.

Tease photo

Buccaneers take the gold in soccer

New Providence sweeps both divisions in 6th Bahamas Games

The New Providence Buccaneers continue to steamroll the competition in the various sporting disciplines with soccer being the latest in the Bahamas Golden Jubilee Games.

Look how far we have progressed

AS The Bahamas celebrates its golden jubilee by reflecting on how far we have come and look to the future development of our Nation, the health and wellbeing of our people must be high on the agenda.

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Man on remand after being charged with jet ski theft

A MAN was remanded in custody after he was accused of jet ski theft while on bail for an earlier offence.

Tease photo

Andros Chickcharnies take lead after first day of golf

AFTER the first day of the sixth Bahamas Games’ golf competition at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island, the Andros Chickcharnies have taken a slight lead over the other eight teams in the field.

Tease photo

Basketball action heats up on day 2

BASKETBALL action continued for the 10 islands of The Bahamas yesterday at the D W Davis and Kendal G L Isaacs gymnasiums. Gameplay for the sport in the women’s and men’s divisions got underway on Tuesday leading up to the championship games on Saturday.

Tease photo

Softball shifts into high gear at Bankers’ Field

THE sixth Bahamas Games’ softball competition is now in high gear in the Bankers’ Field at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex and the Long Island Sheep Runners are hoping to make their presence felt over the next three days.

Wednesday, July 12

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Student spotlight

Imani Collie recently graduated from Gerald Cash Primary School.

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07122023 EDITION

Wednesday, 12th July, 2023.

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Students give their views on 50 years of independence

In honour of the 50th Independence of the Bahamas, Tribune Education asked students the personal significance of this milestone.

Tease photo

BTVI students told: You have the power

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) held its Summer 2023 Commencement ceremony last week and recognized students from various disciplines on their stellar performance.

Tease photo

THE BTVI STORY: ‘Having a trade opens a lot of doors’

Just what Valentino Oliver was trying to avoid is now a huge part of his life and he is loving each moment.

Tease photo

WORLD VIEW – Oceans: Do Caribbean countries sink or swim?

THE peoples of small island states and coastal communities have long relied on the ocean for a multitude of benefits, including recreation, the delivery of goods and tourists, and a vital source of food through fishing. However, all these benefits, and much more, are currently under grave threat due to climate change, global warming, and sea-level rise. The damage is already taking its toll, imperceptibly but steadily, and it is crucial that we take action to preserve and develop the economic opportunities that the sea around us holds.

Tease photo

ALICIA WALLACE: Lack of recognition of other religions at Bahamas 50th independence celebrations is discriminatory

IT has officially been 50 years since The Bahamas claimed its independence from Britain and became a part of the British Commonwealth which now has 56 member countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas (which includes Caribbean countries), Europe, and the Pacific.

Tease photo

Union files dispute over Atlantis firing

A TRADE dispute has been filed over the dismissal of a chief shop steward by Atlantis, the director of Labour confirmed yesterday, who said that unions “did what they was supposed to do”.

Tease photo

Digital payment provider ventures into ticket sales

A digital payment provider has launched a ticketing platform where customers will be able to purchase tickets directly from the web with assigned seating.

Tease photo

‘Lawless’ Abaco as businesses operate without licences

The Abaco Chamber of Commerce president said “post-Dorian lawlessness” is a “serious problem” with regard to businesses operating without licences on the island.

Tease photo

$9.1m in WSC upgrades to help Exuma flourish

The Water and Sewerage Company (WSC) revealed it will be investing $9.1m in infrastructural upgrades for Exuma.

SunCash ‘leading the way’ as Sand Dollar heads for facelift

A digital wallet provider is leading the way on the transformation of the interface for the Sand Dollar mobile app and wallet.

Jerusa Ali appointed new director general at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the appointment of Jerusa Ali as the ministry’s new director general.

Tease photo

Load shedding continues while BPL works to restore generation in North Andros

A WEEK after a catastrophic fire damaged Bahamas Power & Light’s facilities in North Andros, electricity has not been fully restored on the island.

Air conditioning companies see sales spike as summer temps rise

SOME air conditioning businesses report unprecedented demand for their services as residents try to protect themselves from the summer heat.

Tease photo

Tourist and locals brawl in Guana Cay, Abaco

A FIGHT involving second homeowners and Bahamians outside a bar on Guana Cay, Abaco, has highlighted the community’s lack of law enforcement officers.

Tease photo

SUFFERING ON THE STREET AS HEAT SOARS: Hot weather affecting everyone, but homeless are especially vulnerable

BAHAMIANS of all backgrounds are scrambling for relief from the brutal heat this summer, but for some of the country’s poorest residents, managing the conditions is an existential challenge.

Junkanoo hindered by politics

See we now have a Junkanoo Museum.....Nassau Port.... can Ministry of Tourism show that Junkanoo attracts visitors?

Are we truly Independent Bahamas?

HAPPY 50th Anniversary Bahamas: What should we do in the next 50 years and beyond? Considerations for constitutional change.

UK Minister for the Americas and Caribbean commends Bahamas on 50th Independence

THE UK’s National Archive of materials on Bahamian Independence is to be digitised, giving a chance to glimpse the document relating to the foundation of our nation.

Summertime and sailing returns with the successful launch of Regatta in the Abacos

THE rebirth of the summer sailing regatta in the Abacos was a success and demonstrated “the spirit of sailing in grand style”.

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Man arrested in connection with sexual assault of 82-year-old woman

POLICE arrested a 50-year-old man yesterday in connection with the sexual assault of an 82-year-old woman.

Tease photo

Two men charged with killing Garath Pyfrom in Marshall Road area

TWO MEN were charged yesterday with killing Garath Pyfrom as he attended a pool party on Marshall Road earlier this month.

Tease photo

Father accused of sexual assault of his daughter on two occasions

A FATHER is behind bars after he was accused of sexually assaulting his teenage daughter twice over almost two years.

Tease photo

Women accused of stealing over $200k from hotel where she worked granted bail

A WOMAN was granted $8,000 bail after being accused of stealing over $200K from an inn in Harbour Island where she once worked.

Tease photo

Man gets sentenced to 18 months for possession of drugs and ammunition

A MAN was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting to having 50 rounds of live ammunition and $8,500 worth of marijuana in his home last week.

Tease photo

Police investigate suspected suicide of 18-year-old girl

POLICE are investigating the suspected suicide of an 18-year-old girl.

Tease photo

Columbus Isles Arawaks, New Providence Buccaneers capture gold in volleyball

THE women of the Columbus Isles Arawaks and the New Providence Buccaneers men’s team captured the gold medals for volleyball last night at the Kendal G L Isaacs Gymnasium.

Tease photo

Andros Chickcharnies win the gold medal in tennis

GB Lucayans win silver, Eleuthera Adventurers take home bronze

WITH an ace down the sideline, Jacobi Bain, teaming up with fellow collegian Sydney Clarke, pulled off an 11-9 victory yesterday in the mixed doubles to seal a 4-3 win for the Andros Chickcharnies over the Grand Bahama Lucayans.

Tease photo

NP Buccaneers win the gold in baseball

Prime Minister Philip Davis presents medals at Andre Rodgers stadium

The New Providence Buccaneers, behind the battery mate of pitcher Chad McKenzie and catcher Roberto Lamour, shut out the Eleuthera Adventurers 4-0 to win the sixth Bahamas Games baseball title.

Tease photo

DELTEC Bank and Trust presents $30,000 to the Bahamas National Sailing School

DELTEC Bank and Trust presented a cheque of $30,000 to the Bahamas National Sailing School for their camp and new sailing boats.

Tease photo

Minister Mario Bowleg: ‘The crowd is beginning to swell’

AFTER watching the first five days of competition in the sixth Bahamas Games, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Mario Bowleg said he’s impressed by what he’s seen so far.

Independence holiday sees Family Island visitors soar

FAMILY Islands are reporting high volumes of visitors over the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Tuesday, July 11

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Tuesday, 11th July, 2023.

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FACE TO FACE: Arlene Nash-Ferguson’s legacy - The ‘Mother’ of modern Junkanoo

SHE was a little girl, just four years old when she first stepped foot on Bay Street in a colourful, completely fringed outfit to rush in the Junkanoo parade. It was adorable to see little Arlene performing. With eyes beaming and a big, bright smile, she moved to the beat of the Junkanoo drum.

Tease photo

07112023 EDITION

Tuesday, 11th July, 2023.

EDITORIAL: Now that celebrations are over, what’s next?

The celebrations are done. The nation is 50. The road to 50 has at times seemed as if it has been long. The flag has been carried from island to island. Our anthem has been sung – though never too often. We have certainly worn our laurels this golden jubilee year, now we must make sure we do not rest on them.

Passenger requires emergency medical aid on Bahamasair flight from Florida

A PASSENGER received emergency medical care onboard a Bahamasair plane during a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau on Friday.

Tease photo

GB enjoys large turnout for 50th anniversary event

FIREWORKS lit the sky above the Independence Park where thousands of Bahamians celebrated the Bahamas’ 50th anniversary of Independence.

Tease photo

Transparency hope from move to corporate tax

Implementing a corporate tax would move the country towards more progressive taxation, accountability and fiscal transparency, according to a governance reformer.

Tease photo

Economy stabilisation after pandemic ‘a huge positive’

The economy has stabilised “significantly” since the COVID-19 pandemic, a governance reformer said.

Tease photo

‘No appetite’ for rent-to-own as programme in private sector

A Bahamian realtor said there is no appetite for the private sector to start its own rent-to-own programme and developers would need “considerable capital overlay” for it to be successful and profitable.

Tease photo

Police seize $10.4m in cocaine in Mayaguana, but traffickers escape

POLICE confiscated 18 large bags of cocaine with a $10.4m street value from a plane that landed in Mayaguana on Saturday.

Tease photo

JUBILANT! Events across the country as nation marks its 50th anniversary year

A CELEBRATORY atmosphere gripped Clifford Park and other sites around the country as The Bahamas marked 50 years of independence from British rule late Sunday night to early Monday morning.

Tease photo

Grand Bahama Lucayans win battle in the pool

THE Grand Bahama Lucayans, behind the top performance from Marvin Johnson, came and conquered the swimming competition at the sixth Bahamas Games.

It’s a new beginning for our Bahamas

A letter to Bahamaland:

NACAC team named

Major international championships all set for July 21-23 in Costa Rica

IN the aftermath of a successful hosting of its National Track and Field Championships, the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations announced the selection of its first major international team for the summer.

Tease photo

RICK FOX: Bahamas and climate change at a crucial juncture

Half a century ago, the Bahamas took its first steps as an independent nation, vibrant with potential and promise. Today, however, we confront an existential crisis, brought on by global forces far beyond our control.

Tease photo

Expensive superstars


Ticket business for the superstars in the entertainment industry is shared by a few providers worldwide. While the Live Nation group (LYV.US) with its subsidiary Ticketmaster dominates the business in the US, the German Eventim (EVD) is one of the leading international ticketing and live entertainment providers in Europe.

Tease photo

Athletes burn up track, field on final day

THE Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) 2023 National Track and Field Championships ended on a high note for juniors at the original Thomas A Robinson national stadium this past weekend.

Tease photo

HUBERT EDWARDS – Reform Series: ‘Immigration’

Immigration reform stands as an urgent imperative for The Bahamas, a nation grappling with the complex challenges presented by both legal and illegal immigration. With a firm resolve, it is essential to address the pressing issues arising from the influx of undocumented migrants, particularly from neighboring countries like Haiti.

Tease photo

Clash of the titans for gold, silver and bronze medals in tennis action

THE clash of the titans for the gold, silver and bronze medals in tennis at the sixth Bahamas Games will not include the New Providence Buccaneers.

Tease photo

NP Buccaneers knock off the Eleuthera Adventurers

Book ticket to gold medal game in baseball

IN a battle of two remaining undefeated teams, the New Providence Buccaneers knocked off the Eleuthera Adventurers to book their ticket to the gold medal game for baseball in the sixth Bahamas Games.

Tease photo

Jay surges ahead to secure win for NP Buccaneers

Road race segment of cycling competition complete

JAY Major surged ahead in the sprint to secure the New Providence Buccaneers only win in the cycling competition as the road race completed their segment of the sixth Bahamas Games.

Tease photo

Lady Buccaneers strike gold

The sixth edition of the Bahamas Golden Jubilee Games returned to New Providence this past Friday. Among the sporting disciplines to kick off the competition this weekend were volleyball, baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming, sailing, edukarting and cycling.

Monday, July 10

Tease photo

Governor General announces Independence Honours

THE nation’s leading lights have been recognised in the Independence Honours, as announced by Governor General Cornelius Smith.

Tease photo

King Charles congratulates Bahamas on Independence anniversary

The Bahamas has received a congratulations message for the 50th anniversary of Independence from King Charles III.

Tease photo

Bahamas celebrates 50th anniversary of Independence

The Bahamas officially marked the 50th anniversary of Independence in front of a huge crowd at Clifford Park on Sunday night into Monday morning – culminating in a spectacular fireworks display.

Tease photo

Tribune publisher and editor Eileen Dupuch-Carron named a Companion of the Order of the Bahamas

THE editor and publisher of The Tribune, Eileen Dupuch-Carron, has been named a Companion of the Order of the Bahamas in this year’s Independence awards.

Sunday, July 9

Tease photo

PM: Independence was the first big step on the long journey

Speaking at the 50th Golden Jubilee Ecumenical Service, Military Tattoo & Cultural Show, Prime Minister Philip 'Brave' Davis said “Independence was the first big step on the long journey that continues to take our nation forward and upward.”

Saturday, July 8

Tease photo

Bahamas Games accreditation centre gives information on process

ONE of the busiest spots at the Golden Jubilee Bahamas Games is the accreditation centre at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

Tease photo

Two shutouts in Bahamas Games baseball

TWO shutouts were recorded during the first day of competition in the Golden Jubilee Bahamas Games under-23 baseball competition on Friday at the Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium.

Friday, July 7

Tease photo

Bahamas Games tennis: Wins for Andros, New Providence and Grand Bahama

DAY one of the tennis competition in the Golden Jubilee Bahamas Games at the National Tennis Centre saw some exciting matches as Andros, New Providence and Grand Bahama all prevailed in their team matches.

Tease photo

07072023 WEEKEND

Friday, 7th July, 2023.

Tease photo

Industrial agreement signed between BTVI and UTEB

THE Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute signed an industrial agreement with the Union of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas on Friday.

Tease photo

Police detail security measures for Clifford Park Independence celebrations

SECURITY will be beefed up for the nation's 50th Independence celebrations at Clifford Park this weekend with some 1,100 combined force officers engaged.

Tease photo

Public Media Alliance raises concerns about Clint Watson's appointment at Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas

A GLOBAL non-profit organisation has raised concerns about former Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) Press Secretary Clint Watson’s appointment as the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas’ general manager.

Tease photo

Bail granted for four Ecuadorian migrants accused of drug smuggling

FOUR Ecuadorian migrants were granted bail after being accused of smuggling 100lb of cocaine into The Bahamas while enroute to the United States of America.

Tease photo

Mother pleads guilty to cruelty to children charge

A MOTHER was sent to prison last Wednesday after admitting to neglecting her 4-year-old daughter.

Tease photo

18-year-old charged with unlawful sexual intercourse

An 18-year-old man, accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in April, is behind bars after being remanded in custody.

Tease photo

07072023 EDITION

Friday, 7th July, 2023.

Tease photo

Clubs & Societies July 7th, 2023

There will a fun run walk on Saturday, July 15. This event is part of a series of events for the Dr Moses C Norman Jr Leadership conference for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. The conference is being held in Nassau from July 13-16.

Tease photo

Life for Japanese man unlawfully imprisoned was hard after release

EVEN after winning significant damages in a case against the government, life for Atain Takitota, a Japanese man held unlawfully in prison for eight years, remained rough.

Tease photo

DIANE PHILLIPS: On a ladder, every rung is important

The photo would have been easy to overlook. It was one of the many I get daily from BIS (Bahamas Information Services) which churns out non-stop information about Cabinet ministerial activities from sunup to sundown and beyond, bless their souls.

EDITORIAL: Remember - and dare to build

BY the time The Tribune’s next edition hits the streets, the celebrations will be done.

Tease photo

Lewis defends presence at COI protest - ‘It’s not about party. It is about people.’

CENTRAL Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis defended his appearance at the Coalition of Independents’ protest of Keith Bell outside the Office of the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

RBPF to spend $3.4m on four new safe boats

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said the Royal Bahamas Police Force will acquire four new safe boats for $3.5m.

Tease photo

Munroe: Security Forces Inspectorate Bill preparing to go to consultation

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said his ministry is preparing to submit a Security Forces Inspectorate Bill for consultation, hoping to establish a body to oversee investigations into civilian complaints against security forces members.

Free Wi-Fi at Clifford Park for Independence celebrations

As thousands flock to Clifford Park for the 50th anniversary of independence celebration on July 9th, they will be able to tap into the free Wi-Fi, courtesy with the Government’s “ParkConnect” initiative and BTC.

Tease photo

Atlantis braces for $14m hit from BPL’s fuel hike

Atlantis is predicting it will take a $14m hit this year from Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) hiked fuel charges but remains hopeful this will be minimised by higher visitor spend and room rates.

Boat registration fee hikes ‘not a tax grab’

The significant hikes in boat registration fees are not designed “as a tax grab”, the New Providence Port Authority’s chairman asserted yesterday, adding that the new regime will be a “game changer” for compliance and competitiveness.

North Andros hotel hopes for 85% regatta retention

A North Andros  hotel yesterday voiced hope that “at least 85 percent” of visitors scheduled to attend this weekend’s postponed homecoming will still come out when it is held later this month.

Tease photo

Gov’ts ‘too lenient’ over tax-dodging supporters

Previous administrations have been “too lenient” on tax dodging supporters, a small business adviser has asserted, while warning: “The Government ain’t playing around no more.”

Brewery wins $1.156m Business Licence fight

Commonwealth Brewery says it has “successfully challenged” a $1.156m tax demand from the Government and is now awaiting the authorities’ next move.

All Andros and Berry Island Homecoming cancellation will impact 200 businesses

THE postponement of the All Andros & Berry Islands Homecoming event after a power outage in North Andros will affect up to 200 businesses, according to Bernard Evans, chairman of the All Andros and Berry Islands Committee.

North Andros BPL fire affects water supply as power restoration expected by today

THE fire that damaged a Bahamas Power and Light power station in North Andros on Wednesday also disrupted the water supply for many.

New president and CEO announced for One Eleuthera Foundation and CTI

The One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) and Centre for Training and Innovation (CTI), two non-profit community development organisations focused on sustainable community and national development, have announced a transition of leadership. Effective June 30, Shaun Ingraham has stepped down as president and CEO, giving the titles to Keyron Smith.

Tease photo

STATESIDE: US higher education shaken by Supreme Court decisions

AMERICANS are justifiably proud of their country. Now quickly approaching its 250th anniversary even as we celebrate a half century of Bahamian independence, the US prides itself perhaps most of all in the accessibility and quality of its higher education system. With hard work and talent, the myth of the American dream provides for every citizen the possibility of advancement to wealth and achievement.

Tease photo

Two-week gun amnesty begins next week

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe expects a gun amnesty initiative to be introduced next week.

Tease photo

Hotel Union protests firing of Atlantis shop steward

BAHAMAS Hotel, Catering and Allied Workers Union (BHCAWU) members protested in front of the Department of Labour yesterday after Atlantis terminated the resort’s chief shop steward.

Tease photo

Bahari gets $20 national symbols usage permit

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said Bahari Bahamas applied and received a permit on Wednesday to feature Bahamian national symbols on their merchandise.

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Two men killed while on bail for murder

TWO men on bail for serious crimes were murdered last night.

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‘MOTION DENIED’ IN GIBSON TRIAL: Long Island MP’s constitutional motion ‘improper’, judge said

A SUPREME Court judge rejected Adrian Gibson’s latest constitutional motion to impact his corruption trial yesterday.

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Let the mini-Olympic-style Golden Jubilee Bahamas Games begin

WHILE they wait to hear the sound of “Let the games begin” today, island council chairmen are eager to showcase their talent during the Golden Jubilee Bahamas Games.

‘Fix is in motion’ for power issues on Harbour Island

With residents of Harbour Island reporting that they have been experiencing frequent power outages for the past three days, Bahamas Power and Light has said that they are aware of the issue and “the fix is in motion”.

$88,000 generator needed in North Andros

At the Prime Minister’s weekly press briefing yesterday, Deputy Press Secretary Keishla Adderley said the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has determined that a new generator at the cost of $88,000 is needed at the new wellfield site in North Andros.

Atlantis shop steward’s firing incites protests

The hotel union’s president yesterday said he expects the “law to take its course” as a small group of workers protested at the Department of Labour against Atlantis’ decision to fire a shop steward.

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HUBERT EDWARDS: Moving The Bahamas from ‘good’ to ‘great’ at 50 years

Some observers refer to The Bahamas as the “greatest little country in the world”. Others have used variations on this theme. An objective and honest assessment, taking into account all the circumstances facing The Bahamas, should readily lead to a conclusion that this is largely an aspirational statement. However, I believe there is no reason why this need remain so. From an economic and social development perspective, I am convinced The Bahamas has had, and continues to have, the potential to more significantly outpace others in the Caribbean and match much larger countries around the world stride for stride.

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IAN FERGUSON: Model Bahamian business that is a corporate ‘beacon’

As we approach the much-anticipated 50th anniversary of our nation’s independence, I pause to reflect on a model Bahamian business that has become a mainstay and beacon within our private sector.

Resorts enjoy mixed July 4 performance

The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association’s (BHTA) president yesterday said industry bookings for the July 4 US Independence weekend were “very robust”, but Family Island properties did not fare so well.

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NFL Flag Bahamas makes waves on Fox News

THE National Football League (NFL) Flag Bahamas’ team commuted to New York to appear on Fox News yesterday morning.

CWCO Backs Basketball Programmes

FOR the past 18 years young boys and girls between the ages of seven and 17 eagerly anticipate and enjoy the D-Squad Summer Basketball Camp.

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Family Island teams are settling into Games Village for 6th Bahamas Games

THE competition has arrived in New Providence as the Family Island teams started to settle into the Games Village for the 6th edition of Bahamas Games.

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Anna Vlasov makes history for Bahamas equestrian sport

Becomes first Bahamian to compete in a Regional Show Jumping Championship

ANNA Camille Vlasov has made history for Bahamas equestrian sport by becoming the first Bahamian to compete in a Regional Show Jumping Championship.

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Mullings reflects on silver medal at CAC Games

KEN Mullings, back home to celebrate his silver medal performance in the decathlon at the Central American and Caribbean Games, said he was thrilled to get on the podium in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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Gardiner cruises to victory in 400

Bahamian professional track and field athletes stole the show on day two of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ (BAAA) Junior & Senior National Track and Field Championships.

What will our story read?

On July 10th the curtain will fall on the first fifty years of an independent Bahamas.

Thursday, July 6

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07062023 EDITION

Thursday, 6th July, 2023.

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Government will not act ‘like a bulldozer’ on derelict buildings Downtown says DPM

DEPUTY Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Chester Cooper said the government would not act like a “bulldozer” in getting rid of dilapidated buildings downtown.

EDITORIAL: Pride before a fall for Cornish

IT has been a remarkable few days for the man who would be king of Abaco.

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Women’s shelter to be ready in a few weeks says Wilchcombe

SOCIAL Services Minister Obie Wilchcombe said officials are preparing four new shelters for women, the first of which would be ready in a few weeks.

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BPL hits back at Bannister’s comments

BAHAMAS Power and Light’s CEO Shevonn Cambridge hit back at former Works Minister Desmond Bannister Tuesday, saying it was disingenuous of him to suggest that the workers maintaining BPL’s Wartsila engines are “unqualified.”

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Atlantis: 30% spend, rate jumps ‘as good as it gets’

Atlantis yesterday said its year-to-date performance is “as good as you can get” with rates and visitor spending per occupied room both exceeding pre-COVID levels by up to 30 percent.

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Fishing ‘distress’ over boat registration hike

Bahamian fishermen were yesterday said to be “distressed” over “ten-fold” rises in annual boat registration fees that are causing “a lot of panic” in the sector.

Merchant’s remote shift ends 50-year retail era

A Bahamian merchant has shuttered its retail store after more than 50 years in business as part of a restructuring that now sees it providing reduced services remotely.

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Bahamas ‘not tapped out’: FDI inflows at $1.3bn high

The Bahamas is “nowhere near to tapping out” its ability to attract greater foreign direct investment (FDI) flows, it was argued yesterday, after these increased by 6 percent to near-$1.3bn in 2022.

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The Independence Golden Jubilee Flag Relay lands in GB

The Independence Golden Jubilee Flag Relay made its way to Grand Bahama on Wednesday morning and will travel to two more islands before it arrives in New Providence for the flag-raising at Clifford Park on July 9.

Retirement of Appeal Justice Jones prompts changes to the judiciary

THE impending pre-retirement leave of Court of Appeal Justice Roy Jones will prompt notable changes in the judiciary.

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Lanisha Rolle’s bribery trial set for 2025

LANISHA Rolle’s bribery trial is set to start in September 2025, more than two years away.

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Marine on charge of attempted murder after missed gunshot

A 21-year-old marine was charged with shooting an unarmed club patron after getting into an argument with a separate group of men last Saturday.

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North Andros residents in the dark after BPL fire

NORTH Andros residents scrambled to preserve their goods and cool their bodies after a fire destroyed all generator units at a Bahamas Power and Light station in North Andros yesterday.

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MP Cornish apologises on Abaco PM statement

NORTH Abaco MP Kirk Cornish apologised yesterday for declaring himself prime minister of Abaco.

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MOTHERS expressed concern yesterday that young men will be unfairly punished if amendments to the Sexual Offenses Act criminalise marital rape.

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Day 1 of Track & Field Nationals in the books

Bahamian pro athletes shine

Day one of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) Senior and Junior National Track & Field Championships got off to an exciting start at the original Thomas A Robinson stadium.

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NFL Flag Bahamas flies six children to New York to appear on Fox today

SUPPORT OUR YOUTH: National Football League (NFL) Flag Bahamas flew six children to New York City yesterday to appear on Fox New York at 8am this morning. Bahamians are asked to tune in to support the youth of The Bahamas.

Babe Ruth Baseball Caribbean Region Championships all set for July 20-24

THE boys will be back in town to participate in the 2023 Babe Ruth Baseball Caribbean Region 12-and-under Championships and the 16-and-under invitational, scheduled for July 20-24.

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Burrows: ‘I have certified international and Bahamian umpires also calling baseball’

WITH the Bahamas Games right around the corner, there seems to still be concerns regarding the umpires selected to officiate the games.

So far, Bahamas has four medals at CAC games

TEAM Bahamas continued competition at the 24th edition of the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in San Salvador, El Salvador, yesterday.

Selling out! Independence Day sales soar

RETAILERS are reporting strong sales of Independence Day-related merchandise ahead of the Bahamas’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

'Reticent' on oil explorer's carbon credits alternative

Environmental activists are urging the Government to "carefully scrutinise" any proposal by Challenger Energy Group to monetise its $150m investment in this nation via the creation of carbon credits.

'Rent to own' initiative attracts 600 applicants

The Bahamas Mortgage Corporation's chair yesterday said the Government’s 'rent to own' housing initiative has sparked a “very high” response with more than 600 applications submitted to-date.

Businesses fear major loss from North Andros BPL fire

Hundreds of North Andros businesses and visiting vendors were yesterday fearing they could suffer substantial losses after the area's entire power generation capacity was destroyed by an early morning fire.

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Man on bail for murder fined for failing to charge monitoring device

A MAN on bail for attempted murder was fined $2,500 for failing to charge his electronic monitoring device.

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Woman accused of stealing $17k from Island Luck granted bail

A WOMAN was granted bail after she was charged with stealing over $17,000 from an Island Luck store in Abaco earlier this year.

Another blow for Andros

In the face of already dire circumstances, the situation in North Andros has taken a turn for the worse. The Bahamas Power and Light Powerhouse, a critical facility responsible for providing electricity to the region, has tragically burned down.

Wednesday, July 5

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07052023 EDITION

Wednesday, 5th July, 2023.

Casuarina Bridge cost grows by just under $1m as progress on the construction continues

THE ongoing repair work at the Casuarina Bridge is progressing, but changes in the scope of work have increased the cost to $2.8m - an increase of $900,000.

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ALICIA WALLACE: What are you prepared to do to move us toward unity?

IT has been 50 years since The Bahamas became an independent nation, and we continue to struggle with the concept and the practice of unity.

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Munroe: Govt to use education policy to deter rise in sexual crimes

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said the government will try to deter the rise in sexual crimes through an education policy.

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Police involved in shooting Azario Major still on active duty

THE police officers involved in the shooting death of Azario Major remain on active, unmodified duty despite a Coroners Court finding of homicide by manslaughter.

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Kirk Cornish issues clarification and apology for comments

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: North Abaco MP Kirk Cornish has issued a clarification and apology regarding his recent comments:

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‘No choice’ but to go Bahamian

The Government must build greater “trust and confidence” in its fiscal plan among Bahamian investors given it has “no choice” but to almost exclusively tap the local capital markets to meet its nine-figure deficit financing demands.

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‘Nothing to lose’ on 5% corporate tax

A Bahamian financial services provider yesterday argued that this nation should smash “conformity” by adopting a low-rate 5 percent corporate income tax, asserting: “We have nothing to lose.”

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Inland Revenue must be a ‘well oiled machine’ for corporate tax

The Department of Inland Revenue (DIR) must become “a well-oiled machine” that is far more responsive to taxpayer needs under a corporate income tax regime, a prominent accountant is urging.

Grocers chief rejects PM’s ‘dumping’ fears

The Retail Grocers Association’s (RGA) president yesterday rejected the Prime Minister’s assertion that The Bahamas is a ‘dumping ground’ for unsafe and inferior goods, and charged: “You can stop it at the border.”

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Reserves hit $2.9bn on Gov’t borrowing boost

The Bahamas’ foreign currency reserves expanded by almost $169m in May due to a boost from the Government’s external borrowing activities as they closed the month at near-$2.9bn.

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Bahamian accountant calls for Caribbean united front

A Bahamian accountant has called on the Caribbean to adopt a united front over how mandatory environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting standards will be embraced in regional laws and regulations.

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FNM chairman says North Abaco MP has ‘foot in mouth’ disease

FREE National Movement chairman Dr Duane Sands said North Abaco MP Kirk Cornish has “foot and mouth disease”.

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North Andros without power after blaze at Nicholl's Town plant

An early morning fire at the Nicholl's Town Bahamas Power & Light plant has left the entire island of North Andros without power.

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Marine who allegedly shot wrong man in custody

A MARINE who allegedly shot the wrong person during an argument with other men at a bar over the weekend has been arrested, National Security Minister Wayne Munroe said.

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FNM shocked as Lewis joins Coalition protest of Immigration Minister

CENTRAL Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis raised eyebrows in the Free National Movement yesterday when he joined members of the Coalition of Independents at a protest demanding the resignation of Immigration Minister Keith Bell.

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Motion to overturn Azario ruling ‘premature’ says Justice

A SUPREME Court judge called a constitutional motion to overturn the homicide by manslaughter finding against officers who killed Azario Major “premature” yesterday.

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Munroe: Bahari has no permit for National symbols use

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said a popular clothing store, Bahari Bahamas, does not have permits to feature Bahamian national symbols on their merchandise and has not responded to his ministry’s demands to comply with the law.

Bahamian retailer in AI site upgrade

A Bahamian retailer says its newly-launched online shopping platform now features a chat services powered by artificial intelligence (AI) in a bid to improve customer service

DPM: Downtown targets 'quick pedestrian wins'

The Deputy Prime Minister yesterday said the road adjacent to the Straw Market, which connects Woodes Rogers Wharf to Bay Street, is being targeted for the first in a series of "quick wins" for downtown Nassau.

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Man held on charge of arson

A MAN is behind bars after allegedly setting fire Sunday night to a home occupied by a mother and her child.

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$6k bail for man accused of death threat to girlfriend

A MAN is in custody after allegedly breaking into his girlfriend’s house in Cat Island last month and threatening to kill her.

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Man gets three-and-a-half years for gun charges

A MAN was sentenced to three and a half years in prison after being found guilty of having a loaded gun during a police chase in 2018.

Courts and congestion

The AG’s announcement to acquire 50 Shirley Street and adjourning to develop as a new Court complex has to beg the question … why again building in the centre of already congested Nassau?

The wrong term

Having spent a few years in London, returning recently one becomes educated in the Brits’ traditions such as Beating the Retreat — Trooping the Colour …what are very traditional military events.

Who’s coming?

So now nine plus days to the 10th and public doesn’t know if any Royalty will represent the new King - as King of the Bahamas — are there any VIPs coming? How many CARICOM PMs coming (note Jamaica’s recent celebration few attended).

Fourth of July fireworks are a farce

The fourth of July fireworks orchestrated each year by the major resorts of the capital are a farce. Comedic, ludicrous, verging on the absurd – each time I experience them I cannot help but wonder: will The Bahamas ever become self-aware?

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Swimmer Lamar Taylor happy with gold, bronze

Makes a name for himself at Central American & Caribbean Games in El Salvador

LAMAR Taylor said he was surprised by his double medal winning performance at the Central American and Caribbean Games last week in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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COUNTDOWN: 2 days to go

WITH just two days away, the Bahamas Games will kick start.

Tease photo

Team New Providence ready for Bahamas Games

AFTER 20 long years, the Bahamas Games are finally back.

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I-BAP All-Star Series: Three division champions crowned

THE fifth edition of the I-BAP (Bahamas Athletic Pride) The Show: All-Star Survival concluded with three division champions crowned following the event which was held from June 25 to July 2.

Tease photo

Officials making ‘final preparations’ for Bahamas Golden Jubilee Games

WITH five days remaining until the country’s 50th year of Independence, and two days remaining until the official start of The Bahamas Golden Jubilee Games officials are making final preparations to ensure the public and athletes enjoy the celebratory sporting event.

Tease photo

Ken Mullings secures silver in the decathlon

After completing two intense days of competition in 10 events, Ken Mullings clinched a silver medal in the men’s decathlon last night at the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Gov't considers plan for Melia reopening

The Deputy Prime Minister yesterday said plans to re-open Cable Beach's Melia Nassau Beach Hotel are being “favourably considered” by the Government and an announcement on the property's future will be made in due course.

Poultry producer seeks $100,000 for hatchery

A Bahamian poultry producer yesterday said it still requires $100,000 in financing to develop its own hatchery as plans for similar facilities advance elsewhere in this nation.

Tuesday, July 4

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07042023 EDITION

Tuesday, 4th July, 2023.

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FACE TO FACE: From Bermuda to The Bahamas, with love

“Forward, Upward, Onward,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell at an event in Bermuda honouring Bahamian Independence over the weekend. When he said, “Together!” the entire crowd joined in with a jubilant spirit.

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Agreement signed between union and Antiquities Corp

THE Bahamas Public Services Union signed an industrial agreement with the Antiquities, Monuments & Museum Corporation (AMMC) yesterday.

Tease photo

No licence? Then don’t use national symbols

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe warned against the unsanctioned use of Bahamian national symbols yesterday as officials announced that people can now apply online for licences to use the symbols.

Tease photo

Spending watchdog to probe transport issues

THE OPPOSITION’S leader says the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) plans to start investigating before month’s end several matters “of great concern” involving the Ministry of Transport and Housing.

Briland hotelier’s ‘night and day’ $100k revenue jump

A HARBOUR Island hotelier yesterday revealed a “night and day” comparison to pre-COVID performance as revenues for May 2023 were some $100,000 up on the same month in 2019.

Tease photo

Stopover tourists strike 94% pre-COVID levels

TOTAL air arrivals to The Bahamas in May hit 94.2 percent of pre-COVID’s 2019 high, the Central Bank revealed yesterday, with overall visitor numbers for the first five months of 2023 some 68 percent ahead of last year.

‘Something’s got to give’ in Govt’s fight with GBPA

A LONG-STANDING Freeport licensee says “something has got to give” in the struggle between the Government and Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), and warned: “Change is inevitable.”

Tease photo

Gas retailers ‘not gone to sleep’ on margin rise

BAHAMIAN petroleum retailers yesterday said they “haven’t gone to sleep” over their push for a margin increase but are willing to take a “sensible” phased-in approach that will not overly burden motorists and the wider economy.

Tease photo

Man jailed unlawfully for eight years dies aged 59

ATAIN Takitota, who was awarded more than $1m for being unlawfully detained in prison for eight years, the largest sum of its kind in The Bahamas, died last month at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

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He hugged his sister – hours later he was shot dead

HOURS before his body was found in bushes off Marshall Road, Garath Pyfrom, 29, hugged his sister, Monalisa Johnson, tighter than usual.

Tease photo

Bannister blames PLP neglect for BPL woes

FORMER Works Minister Desmond Bannister said the protocol for maintaining Bahamas Power & Light’s Wartsila engines changed under the Davis administration –– one reason why load shedding has been needed this summer.

Tease photo

CORNISH: I’M PM IN ABACO – MP says Davis is only other authority that leads the island

“ON Abaco, Kirk is the prime minister.” That’s the comment of North Abaco MP Kirk Cornish, who asserted his authority during an independence banquet at Faith Walks Church of God in Cooper’s Town, Abaco, on Saturday.

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Bail granted for man accused of throwing loaded gun away

A MAN on crutches was granted $10,000 bail after he was accused of throwing a loaded gun away in a bag last week.

BISX-listed bank recognised on 99.57% payment accuracy

Bank of The Bahamas (BOB) says it has received the Elite Recognition Award from J.P. Morgan Chase in recognition of its 99.57 percent accuracy in payments processing.

Aircraft registry needs better data provision

Bahamian aviation operators are demanding the provision of better data and statistics on the industry to help with the development of an aircraft registry.

Bahamas cloud provider in Latin American expansion

A Bahamas-based cloud services provider yesterday said its planned Latin American expansion is just two years away.

Bahamas urges more agricultural financing

A Cabinet minister has urged that more financing be made available to The Bahamas and other small island developing states (SIDS) to help them combat the threat of climate change and food insecurity.

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RF Bank & Trust announces its sponsorship of Bahamas Games golf tournament

RF Bank & Trust, a leading regional investment bank, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Bahamas Games golf tournament as part of the nation’s 50th Independence celebrations.

Tease photo

23rd Kevin Johnson Summer Basketball Camp in its final week

THE 23rd Kevin Johnson Summer Basketball Camp is now in its final week at the CI Gibson Gymnasium.

Tease photo

Emaniel Alexandre pleased with season, happy to be back home

EMANIEL Alexandre was glad to be back home. Alexandre was back on familiar grounds in the CI Gibson Gymnasium after he teamed up with Saheed Sanusi, Jaden Strachan, Bryan Rolle, Collin Storr and Charles Joseph on the CI Gibson Rattlers senior boys and Providence Storm basketball club teams.

NFL Flag Bahamas to host first ever football clinic on July 11

JUST weeks ago, it was announced that the NFL Flag Football nation was expanding to the Caribbean, starting with The Bahamas.

Tease photo

Bahamas Games opening on Saturday

THE opening ceremony for the sixth edition of the Bahamas Games will take place on Saturday at 6pm at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.

Tease photo

Miller Jr picks up bronze in high jump

Mullings in medal contention at CAC Games

As the action heat up for Team Bahamas yesterday at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Sal Salvador, El Salvador, Shaun Miller Jr picked up a bronze in the men’s high jump and Ken Mullings pushed himself in contention for another medal in the men’s decathlon.

Tease photo

Baseball bat murder suspect faces court

TWO men were charged with murder yesterday, including a man accused of killing an elderly man with a baseball bat last month in Malcolm Allotment East.

Tease photo

Boys accused of armed robbery

TWO teen boys were remanded to prison after being accused of an armed robbery in Gladstone Road last week.

Tease photo

Man ‘tried to rape girl on her way to school’

A MAN is behind bars, accused of attempting to sexually assault a teenaged girl on Soldier Road as she was on her way to school in February.

Will there be royalty or any VIP?

So now nine plus days to the 10th and public doesn’t know if any Royalty will represent the new King - as King of the Bahamas — are there any VIPs coming? How many CARICOM PMs coming (note Jamaica’s recent celebration few attended).

Question for Simon Wilson

If I might ask our Financial Secretary, Mr Simon Wilson, a serious financial question.

Govt needs to show integrity

Truth is knowledge, which is the reflection of what things are. Truth is not judgmental, but factual. Integrity is telling yourself the truth and then honesty is telling the truth to other people.

Monday, July 3

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07032023 EDITION

Monday, 3rd July, 2023.

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INSIGHT: After Watson move, are there other positions in Davis’ administration needing a shuffle?

WITH Independence almost upon us, it has been a time of taking stock – looking back over our 50 years and establishing our progress as a nation.

EDITORIAL: The woman who charted our history

HISTORY was important to Dr Gail Saunders. And Dr Gail Saunders was important to our history.

WORLD VIEW: CARICOM at 50: there is still hope

JULY 4, 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas, the foundational document that brought the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) into existence. With high hopes and lofty ambitions, the heads of government of the four largest independent Caribbean countries at the time embarked on a journey towards regional integration. They were later joined, to varying degrees of commitment, by 10 other countries.

Tease photo

THE KDK REPORT: Independence evokes thoughts of our uniqueness

THERE are approximately two trillion galaxies in the universe. The Milky Way galaxy houses Planet Earth and over 100 billion stars including the sun. To give this an accurate sense of scale, just consider that over one million Earths could fit into the sun. Now it’s easy to appreciate that despite how self-absorbed we all are, the truth is whether we’re a large nation or a tiny island, we are but a speck of dust in an infinite planetary system.

Tease photo

INSIGHT – Emancipation: A milestone in Bahamas history

Emancipation was a beginning; Independence will be a continuation of this process

The passing of Dr Gail North-Saunders has been keenly felt in The Bahamas. One of our nation’s foremost historians, the news comes at a time when The Bahamas is celebrating a historic moment. Hers is a voice that has helped us understand where we have come from and, in so doing, better navigate where we are going. Fifty years ago, as The Bahamas was being born anew, her voice was guiding us then too. In the Independence supplement to mark that occasion, she wrote about the path from emancipation to Independence.

Tease photo

Operation Potcake returns with objective to spay or neuter 3,200 cats and dogs

OPERATION Potcake, an effort to spay or neuter dogs and cats around New Providence, will return in January for the first time in ten years.

Tease photo

Glover-Rolle says promotions for financial officers should be completed within three weeks

AFTER a protest involving public service workers demanding promotion, State Public Service Minister Pia Glover-Rolle said promotions for financial officers should be completed within three weeks.

Tease photo

Pintard: Under Davis Administration BPL has not progressed

FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard said the Davis administration has not built on the progress its predecessor made toward repairing generation woes at Bahamas Power & Light.

'Why I don't care to see Gov't takeover of GBPA'

A Bahamian investor has highlighted the contrasting treatment his project received in Nassau and Freeport to explain why he "does not care to see the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) fall into the Government's hands".

'Residents' views' delay for ex Olympian's Rose Island move project

A former Olympic swimmer's bid to obtain approvals for the expansion of his beach day excursion has been held up by the planning authorities so they can obtain the views of "nearby residents" - on sparsely populated Rose Island.

Tease photo

Gov't 'examining merits' of oil explorer carbon credits

The Government is "examining the merits" of an oil explorer's proposal to gain a return on its $100m-plus investment in The Bahamas via the use of carbon credits.

Value for money query on boating fees portal

A former Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM) president yesterday queried why taxpayers are paying $3.355m for a solution to capture boat and yacht charter fees when the private sector previously provided the same at zero cost.

Tease photo

Parker re-elected president of Bar Association over Farquharson-Seymour

KHALIL Parker was re-elected president of the Bar Council on Friday.

Tease photo

Flag raising ceremonies held throughout Grand Bahama to mark the road to 50

Flag-raising ceremonies were held on Friday throughout Grand Bahama in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Independence.

Tease photo

DRA inspects septic tank project in Sweeting’s Cay, GB

DISASTER Reconstruction Authority Alex Storr has taken exception to those who say the organisation is ineffective, insisting they are working hard.

Tease photo

UPDATED: Man found with gunshot injuries after police officers shot earlier at same location

HOURS after two off-duty police officers were shot on Marshall Road, the dead body of a man was found in the exact location.

Tease photo

Govt contemplates one-off holiday for 50 years of CARICOM

THE Davis administration is considering introducing a one-off holiday to mark the 50th anniversary of CARICOM, with Latrae Rahming, director of communications in the Office of the Prime Minister, saying a decision on this is “imminent”.

Low vaccination rates spark fears over polio

HEALTH officials are alarmed by declining vaccination among children and fear the country is at risk of reintroducing polio and other deadly diseases.

Tease photo

RBDF officer allegedly shoots wrong man at bar

AN off-duty Defence Force officer reportedly shot the wrong person after getting into an argument with a group of men at a bar. The victim is in hospital in critical condition.

Tease photo

MUNROE HITS OUT OVER US TRAFFICKING REPORT: US Dept of State should be ‘more respectful’ in future, says minister

AFTER a US human trafficking report highlighted deficiencies in The Bahamas’ fight against human trafficking, National Security Minister Wayne Munroe said the Department of State should be “a bit more respectful” in future reports.

Being taken for a ride

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic merchants increased prices on numerous goods claiming that due to supply chain issues and higher shipping costs they were forced to sell the goods at a higher price. If you checked this was the story globally and there were a number of news stories that confirmed this issue.

EY Bahamas chief now company's regional head

The EY accounting firm has appointed its former Bahamas country managing partner to become its regional head.

Visitor arrivals up 1m over pre-COVID peak

Visitor arrivals to The Bahamas hit 4.2m for the first five months of 2023, the deputy prime minister has disclosed, representing a one million increase compared to the same period in 2019.

Opposition demands BPL load shed clarity

The Opposition's leader is arguing the Government's failure to build on the Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) reform strategy that it left in place is likely responsible for the utility's renewed resumption of load shedding.

Tease photo

DEREK SMITH: Artificial intelligence key to governance risk battle

For companies to operate ethically, comply with regulations and mitigate risks effectively, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategies are vital.

Tease photo

Bahamian sailors make waves at Optimist Worlds

FIVE sailors from The Bahamas journeyed to Costa Brava in Girona, Spain, for the 2023 Optimist World Championships.

Tease photo

Bahamian tennis players finish ITF tourney as the runner-ups

AFTER five days of competition at the National Tennis Centre, six new champions were crowned for the International Tennis Federation (ITF) J30 Junkanoo Bowl Tournament.

CAC Games: Bahamas water polo team splits the first two matches

THE Bahamas water polo team split their first two games over the weekend as they began competition in the 24th Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Tease photo

Laquan Nairn gets win, Charlton 4th

In their preparation for the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ National Track and Field Championships this week, Commonwealth Games champion and silver medallists Laquan Nairn and Devynne Charlton turned in some credible performances over the weekend.

What is going on at BPL?

First the government comes to the people and says we can expect to have higher bills because they paid a lot for fuel.

Sunday, July 2

* SKYGuard Beat Retreat Wx eAlert *

Sunday, 2nd July, 2023.