Election 2012


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FNM 'will not rest' until Wells is removed

OPPOSITION leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday declared that his party will not rest until Renward Wells, parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Works, is removed from his post.

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Criminals may be allowed to have webshop licences

THE government has not yet determined whether persons with a criminal record will be eligible to obtain webshop licences, Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe confirmed yesterday.

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Hopes for trade deals as Haiti president visits

MINISTER of Agriculture V Alfred Gray yesterday said he was hopefully that the visit of Haitian president Michel Martelly will cement trade agreements between the two countries.

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PM confident unemployment will fall to 10% or less

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said yesterday he is “confident” that the unemployment rate will fall to “10 per cent or less” in the next two to three years.

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PM says Wells row will be answered – when government ready

PRIME Minister Perry Christie has said that his government will provide answers on the controversy surrounding a letter of intent for a $650 million facility reportedly signed by Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells in due course.

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'Gut-wrenching' VAT on BEC bills

FNM Chairman Darron Cash yesterday blasted the government for its “gut-wrenching” decision to apply Value Added Tax to electricity bills.

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Disconnection threat is contradicted by BEC chief

BAHAMAS Electricity Corporation Executive Chairman Leslie Miller yesterday contradicted a statement sent by the company warning customers with overdue balances to pay their outstanding bills by tomorrow or be disconnected.

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Nov 6 set for equal rights vote

IN AN unexpected move yesterday, the Christie administration tabled four highly anticipated Bills in the House of Assembly that will amend the Constitution with a view to abolishing gender discrimination enshrined in the document.

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VAT is added to BEC bills

THE government tabled the anticipated value added tax (VAT) bill in the House of Assembly yesterday while releasing a list of proposed changes to tariff and excise duty rates and disclosing a “pared down” list of VAT exempt services that does not include electricity.

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Publication celebrating two years of PLP Government branded a waste

FORMER Opposition Senator Dr Duane Sands yesterday branded the latest publication celebrating two years of the government by Bahamas Information Services as wasteful propaganda.

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Call for Miller to go - and clarity over restructuring

FORMER FNM minister Phenton Neymour yesterday called for the removal of Bahamas Electricity Corporation chairman Leslie Miller amid calls for greater transparency into the restructuring process at the company.

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'Renward Wells must resign'

FNM CHAIRMAN Darron Cash said yesterday Renward Wells must resign immediately amid reports that he breached government protocols by signing a letter of intent with a company proposing a $650m waste-to-energy deal.

Public education campaign to begin this weekend for constitutional referendum

THE government will this weekend begin an aggressive public education campaign ahead of the November 6, 2014 referendum that will seek to make several changes to the outdated Constitution of the Bahamas.

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PM announces four bills which will lead to referendum

PRIME Minister Perry Christie foreshadowed the introduction of four bills in the House of Assembly this morning which, once passed, will effect a constitutional referendum which is slated for November 6.

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Gibson: Mass strike illegal

LABOUR Minister Shane Gibson yesterday said he was prepared to take the necessary steps to prevent an illegal mass strike.