Election 2012


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New measures planned to tackle illegal immigration

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell expects to soon announce new measures the government will take to help clamp down on illegal immigration to this country.

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PLP MP's concern over 'contentious' parts of Gaming Bill

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller is sounding the alarm over “contentious parts” of the soon to be tabled Gaming Bill, adding that he will adamantly oppose elements of the Bill that favour foreigners over Bahamians.

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Miller stands by Rollins over future of the party

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller stood by Dr Andre Rollins yesterday, emphasising that the Fort Charlotte MP has “valuable contributions to make to the people of the Bahamas” as speculation rages about his political future in the Progressive Liberal Party following his criticism of the Christie administration last week.

PLP’s Acting Chairman denies Facebook statement was authentic

SENATOR Alex Storr, Acting Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party, denied that a purported press statement circulated on Facebook yesterday emphasising that the Fort Charlotte branch of the PLP maintains confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Perry Christie, was authentic.

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UPDATED: Deputy PM fires Rollins

ACTING Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis fired Gaming Board chairman Dr Andre Rollins yesterday following the Fort Charlotte MP’s scathing criticism of Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Keith Bell: I will challenge Andre Rollins for his seat

KEITH Bell, State Minister of National Security, said yesterday he will challenge MP Andre Rollins for his seat as MP for Fort Charlotte after Dr Rollins’ verbal attack on Prime Minister Perry Christie in the House of Assembly earlier this week.

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Rollins is fired by Acting Prime Minister

ACTING Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has fired Gaming Board chairman Dr Andre Rollins following the Fort Charlotte MP’s scathing criticism of Prime Minister Perry Christie.

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Smith: Rollins’ course is clear after embarrassing his leader

FORMER PLP Cabinet minister George Smith said yesterday that Fort Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins’ “course is clear” after he “publicly embarrassed” the nation’s leader in a tirade in Parliament, calling for “new political leadership” in the country.

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FNM angry over 'rushed' passing of VAT

PETER Turnquest, FNM Shadow Minister for Finance, expressed concern yesterday over the “rushed” passing of Value Added Tax legislation in Parliament on Wednesday.

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'Why was PM not there for crucial vote?'

PRIME Minister Perry Christie was criticised for his absence from the House Wednesday night when members voted for the passing of the controversial Value Added Tax Bill.

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MP defies party leadership over call to resign

FORT Charlotte MP Dr Andre Rollins defied a recommendation from Acting Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis to meet with him yesterday. Nor did he resign as chairman of the Gaming Board.

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DNA ‘would welcome Rollins with open arms’

  DNA DEPUTY Leader Chris Mortimer said yesterday the Democratic National Alliance would welcome Dr Andre Rollins with “open arms” if he were to resign as a member of the Progressive Liberal Party.

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Deputy PM calls on Rollins to ‘do the honourable thing’

AFTER earlier signalling that he intended to deal with concerns about clashes with PLP backbenchers during an upcoming caucus meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis spoke publicly in the House yesterday on the matter.

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PM and Tourism Minister attend Las Vegas hotel

PRIME Minister Perry Christie and Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe are expected to be in Las Vegas today for the opening of the SLS Las Vegas boutique hotel and casino and to meet with the Nevada Gaming Commission as a part of consultations for the revised Gaming Bill.

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Investigation into Wells letter row is complete

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said yesterday that an investigation he ordered into what led Ministry of Works Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells to sign a multi-million dollar letter of intent with Stellar Waste Management is complete amid concerns that the government has not taken disciplinary action.