Election 2012


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‘Christie embarrassed himself and the nation’

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday Prime Minister Perry Christie “embarrassed” himself and the nation when he said Bahamians should “line up and come to him for advice”.

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PM defiant over Lightbourne row

PRIME Minister Perry Christie remained defiant as he faced public criticism for his attempt to help Mr Ishmael Lightbourne, government’s VAT co-ordinator, with his financial problems.

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Call for hotel staff to file dispute

FREEPORT – Minister of Labour Shane Gibson is advising those redundant employees of the Grand Lucayan Resort to immediately file a trade dispute with the labour department if they are not being paid in accordance with the industrial agreement.

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FNM MP questions lack of overview of Urban Renewal

FNM MP Peter Turnquest has called into question the viability of Urban Renewal 2.0 in the absence of a comprehensive overview of the programme for the last two years.

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Mitchell says US alert issue should be put to rest

FOREIGN Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell yesterday said the issue of the US Embassy warning Americans about crime in the Bahamas should be put to rest.

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Locks changed at Lightbourne home despite PM's intervention

THE home of VAT co-ordinator Ishmael Lightbourne yesterday had new locks fitted and the family were seen taking boxes away from the property – despite Prime Minister Perry Christie’s intervention to try to prevent the bank from taking possession of his home.

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FNM deputy wants answers from ministry over jailhouse wedding

FNM Deputy leader Loretta Butler Turner is demanding from the Ministry of National Security a full explanation of the events surrounding a wedding at the Central Police Station, including the authoritative figure who sanctioned the act.

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Businessman launches new political party

A NEW political party promising to liberate Bahamians while maintaining an “open style of governance if elected” has been formed.

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FNM leader visits Exuma

FREE National Movement Party Leader Dr Hubert Minnis continued his Family Island tours when he and party officers visited the island of Exuma.

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MP urges Parliamentarians to work together

PRIME Minister Perry Christie encouraged parliamentarians to work together during a two-day seminar held at Atlantis on March 27-28.

Pilot dispute: Govt steps in

THE Bahamas government has intervened in a dispute between Freeport marine pilots and various entities and has promised to grant the Freeport Pilotage Company Limited a license to operate in Freeport.

No strike vote as labour department fails to send staff

MORE than 300 hotel workers at the Grand Lucaya Resort were denied their right to take a strike vote after the Labour Department did not facilitate a strike poll.

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Oil drilling draft bills sent to Cabinet

THE draft bills for oil drilling legislation are complete and have been sent to Cabinet, Environment and Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett said.

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Mitchell: Granting of asylum is no condemnation

REPORTS that Bahamians have been granted asylum in Canada should not be viewed as a condemnation of the country’s human rights record, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said yesterday.

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Call for technology to protect our borders

THE Democratic National Alliance has renewed its calls for the government to invest more in technology, adding that the Bahamas should adopt the advanced “border patrol technologies” of first world countries in order to protect its borders from illegal activities.