Letters to the Editor


Self-righteous attack

As the self-appointed defender of this FNM government, the letter writer temporarily dubbing himself ‘the Graduate’ in Monday’s Tribune launched a silly and self-righteous attack on Nicki Kelly for suggesting that our Prime Minister seems weak-kneed before wealthy foreigners yet dismissive of poor and ordinary Bahamians. He suggests she was employing a ‘dog whistle’.

A dinosaur position

Very fortunately for BP&L news distractions take what has been going on at BP&L off the headlines but their issues stand and their issues involve all of us for at least 20 plus years forward so they are extremely important.

It's hard to influence PM

Lawyers are taught that in order to prevail in the courtroom the premise of their argument must be more plausible than the conclusions they draw.

We need Financial Independence

I entirely agree with your correspondent Brian E Plummer which you published on Monday, March 25, when he points out that developed economies deal more in manufacturing than the developing economies.

Are the PLP anti-jobs?

I must say that I am very surprised at the anti-development, anti-job stance adopted lately by Her Majesty’s Official Opposition. The Progressive Liberal Party was once a party of the people, the party of the working man. This is no longer the case, it would seem. Nowadays, a new-look PLP is everywhere criticising the government for signing deals that create much-needed jobs for struggling communities and give regular Bahamians hope for their future and security for their families.

A drummer's letter of thanks

My sincere and heartfelt thanks goes out to the members of The Nassau Beach Alumni Association for an amazingly, spectacular tribute in my honour on March 1st, 2019, at The Barrabas House, Junkanoo World, Oakes Field.

Thank you to PMH workers

Please permit my husband and me a space to express gratitude to the hard working doctors and nursing staff at The Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), Accident and Emergency (A&E). We often hear the horror stories of experiences at PMH, A&E but persons neglect to say the positives.

Bullying in our streets

As I sat and read a recent article in the dailies where Gladys Louis (mother of murdered teen Perry Rolle) lamented the fact that she was not there for her son when he needed her most, tears welled in my eyes as I remembered a recent experience of my own.

Dr Kelly's dog whistle

Dr Nicki Kelly is a world-renowned behavioral psychoanalyst who graduated top of her glass at Harvard University and the University of Vienna in Austria and is an authority in the science of assessing the mental health of politicians simply by watching them on television.

Red China not welcome

I don’t know why Chinese embassy officials got all shook up about Caribbean prime ministers – including our prime minister – meeting recently with US president Donald Trump at his Mar-a- Lago retreat in Florida.

Not enough indians, too many chiefs

THE Free National Movement (FNM) government of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is being accused of purging the civil service, especially the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF), of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters, after eight assistant commissioners of police (ACPs) were sent on leave.

The better your service, the safer your job, son

My son who was about to embark on his first job asked me what he had to do to ensure job security.

We would need an officer on board

As a result of the meeting with President Trump are we to understand that the US was offered to up their presence in the southern Bahamas presumably the Inagua RBDF base, to police the waters south of Inagua for contraband — migrant smuggling and especially drugs which head to the US?

An eyesore which should be removed

I wish the developers and the lenders of the Fusion IMAX Theatre on the top of Gladstone Road all the luck in the world. They have tackled a huge project and taken a huge financial risk and I hope they get their just reward.

Laundromats deserve our support

The Minister of Tourism seems hell bent on squashing every small independent laundromat on New Providence.