Letters to the Editor


Government preparation

THE Constitutional appointments of Government cannot be made light of - there always must be continuity and perception no one went to sleep. In the case of Justice this is imperative for obvious reasons.

A word of advice to Dionisio

THE Hon Minister of Tourism, Dinisio D’Aguilar (FNM-Free Town), is my favourite member of the Minnis cabinet and, indeed, the hardest working. I make no bones of my admiration; love and respect for him. Having said that, however, as a former practising attorney before the Bahamas Bar, I would caution the minister, et al, not to opine, as a member of the administration which has been sued by a particular web operator over certain actions taken by the Gaming Board, years ago.

Public list of charities

CHARITIES and raising - a recent police alert concerning the social media raises an important issue - to be a charity surely you have to be registered with the Ministry of Finance? Probably a “not for profit” corporation.

When you look away...

WHEN the public does not watch things happen…been watching and report.

In tribute to James Catalyn

Bush crack and James Catalyn gone!

BPL turbulence

BPL - good for you Ms Osborne let it all hang out if what has been said is not the truth - truth Madam never lies so you have a big advantage.

Train the RBDF

US Embassy donates new harbour patrol craft - boat trailer, etc…this is a US global policy, big deal, they do it all round the world.

BPL saga concerns

THE ongoing saga of BP&L raises some primary issues - a Board is appointed by Government - a Board if asked to ‘resign’ is required to resign no questions asked and no exemptions. So why hasn’t the whole Board resigned?

Blatant discrimination

In reading the recent articles related to the change of the BPL Board, and as a woman in the workplace, the complaints of the Chairwoman resonate like a scratched record that continually repeats itself and I can no longer remain silent.

The VAT gamble

MAY 2017 brought a lot of hope but the subsequent 12-16 months that hope has been converted to anxiety - anxiety in that does Government really understand the complexities of governance?

Bad form, Ingraham and Christie

Last year, the Government of Australia practically begged a former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to accept their highest honour, a Companion of the Order of Australia.

Governing with bad priorities

The prevailing narrative that brought the FNM to office and has sustained it in campaign mode for the last 17 months is that the previous administration left the treasury bare. This, in turn, explains the cutbacks and tax increases that have characterised their tenure to date.

Bet Vegas plays fair

I have always supported and still do the so-called gambling, wagering or numbers industry. In fact, the first media personality to advocate for the legalisation and regulation of the same. During the assorted opinion polls, I stood tall and proud to support the “yes” vote. A number, pardon the pun, of individuals and corporate entities supported the same, inclusive of myself and several prominent clerics, et al.

RBDF, do your job

Defending our borders - why can’t the different agencies carry out their prescribed mandate? What is this smart talk of Task Force? Too American for me!

Gambling that hurts our nation

While driving on Wulff Road recently, I could not help but notice that a building that was previously occupied by a commercial bank is now occupied by a gambling house. In my view, it is a further prophetic sign of the new Bahamas. And it is a vivid reminder of how numbers gambling is destroying the economy of The Bahamas and the industry of Bahamians. Numbers gambling is an economic parasite that sucks the financial life blood of legitimate businesses, and it is an economic vice that destroys the industrial drive of Bahamians.