Letters to the Editor


If you resist the devil, he will flee from you

Hey you, yeah you who all about terrorising the country. Killing, robbing innocent people and raping young women. Yeah you it’s you I’m talking to. Going around giving our country a bad name. People being warned not to come to the Bahamas. Nice tourists places like the fish fry getting caught up in your stupidness.

Promises taking the joy from life

The incomparable Dionne Warwick sang a song that went like this,

Moving in the right direction

An open letter from the FNM government after its first full year in office.

Marley's lasting legacy to people of The Bahamas

This month of December marks the 39th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s International Year of the Child Bob Marley benefit concert at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre. Tuff Gong, as the Jamaican reggae artiste was nicknamed after Gong Guru Maragh, better known as Leonard Percival Howell, was invited by International Year of the Child Commission members the late Beryl Hanna, Rubie Nottage and Telzena Coakley.

A different take on democracy

It is the Christmas season and my favourite time – new year– is approaching. It is a time of reflection and improvement. Some improve their home by repairs, painting and decorations. Some improve themselves by being generous and making new year resolutions. In this vein I suggest an improvement for the Bahamas’ political system which is a representative democracy.

Visitors love Fish Fry

Last week, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines released a letter warning its passengers aboard the Anthem of the Seas about levels of crime in Nassau.


The issue of legalisation of ganja has become a popular issue in the global discourse on drugs since the pioneering role of countries such as Uruguay and Canada led the way regarding the legalisation of ganja for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Church and State

BAHAMAS Christian Council (BCC) President Delton Fernander’s apprehension regarding the Free National Movement (FNM) administration’s Non-profit Organisations Bill may be legitimate.

Going into a year of hope

If no one else in The Bahamas believes that I am a prophet, I do. Please, my beloved fellow Bahamians, do not take this assertion as an attempt to big up myself or a vain one to convince any reader to accept whatever I might say or prognosticate without a dose of Morton Salt. Nor, I declare and proclaim is that to suggest any degree of infallibility.

Has a permit been issued for the work at Baha Mar?

Glad someone saw this development…seemingly quietly the expansion of the original dock has now a breakwater and marina docks.

Unwise to suggest Nassau is getting safer

There are times Ministers and senior officials when they will be well advised not to comment as usually what they say comes to bite them hard. Between the PM’s statement copied by the Asst Commissioner of Police and the Minister that it was safer in Nassau can only be described as stupid.

The wrong moral course

The LGBT community in The Bahamas is active and robust. Its leading spokesperson, Erin Greene, recently took Senator Ranard Henfield to task for allegedly uttering a homophobic slur while on Facebook. To his credit, Henfield has apologised. Greene seems to want more from the former We March organiser. With her typical persecution complex, Greene has called for MPs and senators to launch an anti-hate speech campaign, as if the LGBT community is being systematically harassed by the heterosexual population. I’m certain there have been LGBT members who have uttered heterophobic slurs in the past. However, Bahamian heterosexuals never seek to make a mountain out of a molehill by demanding government intervention when they are insulted by gay people. Why is it that Greene and co. always feel as if they are entitled to preferential treatment?

Adrian Gibson, our shining star

The year 2018 is about to end and I felt it would be remiss of me to go into 2019 without giving kudos to Long Island’s Member of Parliament, Mr Adrian Gibson, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the residents of Long Island since he took office as their representative in May of 2017.

Best choice is clear to me

Global Holdings and APD/Arawak Port Development must have got a shock of their lives when the PS, Finance read out that a Mega Cruise Line group - Carnival - RCL - NCL -Disney had put in a bid for the Port of Nassau.

Disembarkation is the key

PORT of Nassau RFP. When has The Chamber of Commerce ever been partisan in supporting any proposer-candidate to develop anything?