Letters to the Editor


How tourism can help our students learn

Word has spread that this country is facing a so-called ‘education crisis.’

Following in the steps of Caesar


Trump gets my vote

Some Bahamians seemed to have been greatly annoyed that US President Donald Trump had been acquitted by the Senate in the Democratic Party’s impeachment trial in early February, which was nothing more than a witch hunt aimed at bypassing the votes of 63 million Americans who voted for the Republican Party standard bearer in 2016.

Why the PLP should show its support for Monique

The PLP squandered a public relations coup and a chance to demonstrate that they are turning over a new leaf. Going in to the next election the party should want to show that it is open to fresh faces, especially women.

Time for Straw Market vendors to do better

Not surprised that the Straw Business Persons Society is upset with Works Minister Desmond Bannister and the Straw Market Authority for making the unpopular decision to close down the market for much needed maintenance work. With the Spring Break season beginning this week, the scheduled closure between February 23rd to February 29th couldn't have come at a more inopportune time for irate straw vendors, who are carrying on like they are living from hand to mouth, which is difficult to believe, seeing that the rental fee at the market is only $37.50 per week.

Immigration measures

Usually, from the general impressions garnered from these articles entered daily in newspapers, it appears that many of them lack the want-to-help-scenarios…not my articles is fair to say.

Did Minnis snub GBPA?

I couldn’t help but notice that none of the executives of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) were in a photo with Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis and several Free National Movement (FNM) Cabinet ministers, Lucayan Renewal Holdings Chair Michael Scott and Royal Caribbean and ITM officials at the official signing for the Grand Lucayan Resort.

Undermining of the South Andros MP

The constituency of South Andros is considered by many Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters to be a low hanging fruit for the political organisation, having been represented by Sir Lynden Pindling from the 1960s till his retirement in 1997.

Time to buy gold

THE Corona virus spreading globally caused the US Federal Reserve to lower interest on March 3, 2020 by 0.5%. This was to help the economy and stock market. Ironically, it had the reverse effect.

Crisis of the Constitution?

It is very disappointing and disheartening to observe the level of disrespect geared toward the supreme law of our country.

Beware of fake progress

LESS than a generation ago, a (male) candidate for the US presidency who proudly referenced his husband at every opportunity would have been seen as a radical departure from the mainstream, to say the very least.

Shame on govt

My name is Bianca Smith and I am an eighteen-year-old Bahamian student, studying in an international school abroad and I am the daughter of Mr Toby Smith, the future lighthouse keeper for Paradise Island Lighthouse and Beach Club.

LPIA arrivals

This is a letter to the Minister of Tourism about arriving passengers going through immigration at the airport. Arriving off British Airways on Friday afternoon my wife and I were met in the pre-immigration area by a vast crowd waiting to go through immigration which filled the whole area to overflowing. There was hardly enough room to stand.

Let me get this right

A Bahamian investor receives a lease agreement from government for Crown land on Paradise Island.

Political pandering

Campaigning for the next scheduled general elections has started in earnest by the major political parties. The DNA seems to have fallen off the proverbial map. So sad but a reality. The FNM and the PLP both have a lot of baggage and must do a lot more to convince voters that either of them has the people’s interests at heart.