Letters to the Editor


Food fight

The Tribune today, third of March 2023, would not have been off topic had its business section heading been "Food Fight".

Lack of speed signs in kmh

If you drive around the island of New Providence, you will note that there is a very high percentage of right-hand Japanese vehicles on our roads. However, most of us know that the speedometer is in kmh (kilometer per hour) and not mph (miles per hour). How many of us know that 1kmh is equal to 0.62mph.

Roundabout safety

Our roundabouts lack the necessary road signs to keep the motoring public safe.

Leadership in action

It was with some amazement that we read and listened to the Prime Minister’s bold and vigorous assertion last week that the Opposition’s ability to ask questions of the government is not an entitlement! This from someone who never misses an opportunity to trumpet his commitment to openness and transparency.

Night club disturbing the peace

Thank you for this opportunity to publicly address a menace that has been plaguing residents of Misty and Pastel Gardens for a very long time.

Lament over disrespectful drivers

The motoring behaviour of the numerous new mini-taxis is something to behold.....zipping through traffic swerving from one lane to the next...running the red light, basically questions should they have been given a Taxi Licence?

Shanty town action is needed now

Please allow me space in your daily to touch on a vexing national concern, illegal and irregular communities aka shanty towns.

FNM wikipedia

I was surprised at how inaccurate a Wikipedia article is on the Free National Movement leadership. The article, which was last edited in December 2022, asserts that Peter Turnquest serves as deputy leader to Michael Pintard. The readership would know that the FNM deputy leader is St Barnabas MP Shanendon Cartwright. Turnquest isn’t even an MP, which the writer of the Wikipedia article seems to assume.

China’s Ukraine position

RE: CHINA’S position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis: 1. Respecting the sovereignty of all countries. Universally recognised international law, including the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, must be strictly observed.

Haiti is in dire straits

Jovenel Moïse’s death has created a power vacuum for the local gangs to seize control over more than half of Port-au-Prince as the death toll rises from gang warfare and the Haitian national police struggle to keep the peace while being underfunded, outmanned and outgunned.

Troubles at BTC accounts

I think that BTC has completely lost the plot now. Over the last few days I have had several missed calls from a number 702-0795. When I called back I got the message that it was BTC but we can’t take your call right now.

Children in poverty

“Suffer The Little Children to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

PLP opposed independence too

My interest was piqued by a Nassau Guardian article pertaining to a Progressive Liberal Party Cabinet minister's claim in Parliament that the Free National Movement opposed independence. The PLP minister is correct. However, I wish the minister would have demonstrated the level of bipartisanship that senior PLP statesman George Smith showed when he corrected an untruth about FNM delegates to the Constitutional Conference leaving before an agreement was reached in 1972.

Children’s learning disorders

Please allow the publishing of this open letter to the Minister of Education & Culture:

Certainty and issue of immigration

I have often spoken about the concept of “certainty” and why it is important to the success of any endeavour.