Letters to the Editor


All doctors and nurses deserve better conditions

Strikes and strike votes are action taken as a mean of protest where employees try to force their bosses to consider their demands regarding working conditions, salaries and many other concerns.

Beware the 'mental midgets'

The freedom of expression which we welcome and are now free to enjoy here in The Bahamas must cause us to lift the level of debates on crucial national issues. Most right-thinking people would agree that we are losing sight of civility and humanity in our national debates and dialogue.

What is the Bahamas without the Family Islands?

I want to respond to some of the things that the Acting Director of Education said about the proposed amalgamation of Cat Island schools.

UN Council consequences

IS our election to the UN Human Rights Council going to cause extremely complicated consequences as we do not and have not been able to resolve what two national referenda tried to do?

Bahamas-born not the same as Bahamian-born

Mr Jean Rony Jean-Charles is only the latest person to be ushered into our constitutional waiting room in the hope of getting a prognosis on his immigration fever.

This Post Office move is a scandalous waste of money

I am all for capitalism and transparency. As a businessman and an entrepreneur, it has long been my observation that the current Post Office Building had deteriorated to the point where not only is it an eye sore but a clear and present danger to the public and users of that facility. Simply put, the relocation is long overdue. The question is where?

We’re far too quiet on Khashoggi murder

What is The Bahamas’ position of the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

A sad day for all of us in Bahamaland

Please allow me small space in your paper to voice utter disappointment in our government’s decision in granting Disneys’ development of Lighthouse Point.

Poor call by the president

Our university is holding a seminar-discussion session on Alcohol and Marijuana.

Avoid Oban skullduggery

Dear Prime Minister and his Cabinet:

Don't follow Vatican on death penalty

The Nassau Guardian argued in its October 12 editorial that Catholic change on the death penalty should be followed in The Bahamas.

Don't lose our pride

I am a 16-year-old female born and raised in Eleuthera. Since I was born I have always had a high level of respect and appreciation for the environment.

Time for transparency

Lighthouse Pointe approval for Disney…We hear again - National Economic Council…where in law is this constituted? A figment of successive governments from Pindlings’ time. Look only Cabinet sitting with a quorum may make such decisions…NEC does not exist so stop!

The tragedy has already unfolded

In real terms, the tragedy of Lighthouse Point has already played out.

Cat Island needs your help

THE people of North Cat Island are being victimised and neglected by the Ministry of Education, we feel, because we fought for our schools to remain open as is in the best interest of our children and our communities.