Minister offers condolences over lost Malaysian plane

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell expressed condolences on behalf of the country over the loss of lives in the Malaysia Air flight 370, which was confirmed to have plunged into the Indian Ocean.

Chipman questions the competence of Mitchell

THE competency of Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell has been called into question by Hubert Chipman, Opposition Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, over the decision to lease extra accommodations in Washington, DC, for a consulate general’s office.

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Party Chairmen in row over ethics

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts has gone on the offensive against FNM Chairman Darron Cash in the debate about corruption and ethics.

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FNM questions $29m extra cost for two fewer ships

DEPUTY Leader Loretta Butler Turner yesterday questioned why the government is spending more money to have nine new ships built for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force than the FNM planned to spend on 11 from the same company less than two years ago.

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Gray backs Christie over Lightbourne intervention

MICAL MP V Alfred Gray yesterday saluted Prime Minister Perry Christie for intervening with a local bank to help value-added tax coordinator Ishmael Lightbourne save his home.

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Minnis meets residents in Fort Charlotte Walkabout

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Hubert A Minnis led a team of Free National Movement party officers and supporters in a walkabout in the Fort Charlotte Constituency over the weekend.

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$1m gift 'did not affect South Ocean decision'

THE $1 million donation by Albany developers to the Urban Renewal Foundation had no impact on their joint venture bid to acquire South Ocean resort, according to Prime Minister Perry Christie.

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Pilot dispute 'monitored'

THE BAHAMAS government is closely monitoring the ongoing industrial dispute between the Bahamas Maritime Pilots Association, The Freeport Harbour Company and the Bahamas Oil Refining Company, Transport and Aviation Minister Glenys Hanna Martin said yesterday.

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Customs staff told to work shift system or lose pay

CUSTOMS and Immigration Officers who do not adhere to the shift system will face pay cuts, Labour Minister Shane Gibson confirmed yesterday.

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Gambling to be discussed in Cabinet

CABINET ministers will discuss Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe’s proposal to legalize web shop gaming today, Prime Minister Perry Christie confirmed yesterday.

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Minnis: Abuse of power for PM to intervene for Lightbourne

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday it was “inappropriate” and an “abuse of power” for Prime Minister Perry Christie to intervene on behalf of VAT co-ordinator Ishmael Lightbourne to stop the bank from repossessing his home.

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Cash says memo was real - despite earlier denial

FNM Chairman Darron Cash yesterday confirmed that the leaked memorandum to party executives was an internal communication despite denying its existence last week.

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DNA hits out at promises but lack of action over dump

“A promise is a comfort to a fool,” DNA leader Branville McCartney fired back yesterday at Environment Minister Kenred Dorsett over the issue of toxic fumes from the burning public dump.

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Government 'undecided' over VAT, rate to be under 15%

THE government is still undecided over the implementation of Value Added Tax, Prime Minister Perry Christie revealed last night.

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Murder accused ‘should not get bail’

NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage yesterday reiterated that persons charged with murder should not receive bail.