Govt 'closing in' on deals to bring jobs to Berry Islands

PRIME Minister Perry Christie led a delegation of government ministers and advisers to Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands on Friday, announcing that his administration is closing in on several major initiatives, including a hotel and condominium complex.

DNA leader doubts government was blindsided over resort job cuts

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney has accused Prime Minister Perry Christie and his administration of engaging in a “conflict of interest” with Sandals Royal Bahamian executives, resulting in his silence over the firing of 600 resort employees and the attorney general’s directive to issue a nolle prosequi for criminal action against the resort and two of its officials.

Roberts accuses FNM of abusing nolle orders

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts has accused the Free National Movement of abusing the issuance of stop prosecution orders while in office, as he again defended Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson’s actions over ending prosecution against the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and two of its executives.

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FNM's plan for independent director of public prosecution 'would have prevented nolle prosequi affair'

THE CHAIRMAN of the Free National Movement (FNM) said on Friday that his party’s plan for an independent director of public prosecution would have prevented the “whole sordid affair” over the Attorney-General’s ‘nolle prosequi’ direction in the Sandals Royal Bahamian case.

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Top PLPs in dark over Sandals nolle

A DAY after Labour Minister Shane Gibson hit out at Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson for not informing him of her decision to stop a private prosecution against Sandals Royal Bahamian and two of its senior executives, two more senior Cabinet ministers have also come out against the handling of the matter - but the Attorney General last night swiped back at criticisms.

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Davis ready to lead - but quiet on challenge intent

DEPUTY Prime Minister Philip Davis confirmed yesterday that he was still prepared to lead the Progressive Liberal Party but insisted that the future leadership of the party was an internal matter that would be resolved at its national convention.

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Duane Sands: Why I abandoned bid to become deputy leader

FREE National Movement Senator Dr Duane Sands said yesterday that he abandoned his ambitions to become the party’s deputy leader after Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner dropped out of the leadership race in July because the pair had been campaigning as a team.

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Roberts denies Yellow Elder constituency talks - but Keod Smith aims for seat

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday denied reports that the party has had internal discussions about the establishment of a Yellow Elder constituency and the possibility of former Mount Moriah MP Keod Smith as the standard-bearer in the area.

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Wells slammed as ‘misfit’ as PLP ratifies three candidates

THE Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) last night announced the ratification of three candidates for the upcoming general election, including House Speaker and Member of Parliament for Garden Hills, Dr Kendal Major.

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‘Promise of hospital for Grand Bahama is unfulfilled’

FNM Deputy Leader K Peter Turnquest said the government promised a new state of the art hospital for Grand Bahama, but has yet to deliver on the pledge.

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Collie warns Butler-Turner must win over constituents

FREE National Movement Chairman Sidney Collie said yesterday that despite the party throwing its full support behind Loretta Butler-Turner, the Long Island MP has “a lot of work to do” to win over her constituents before the next election.

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PLP chairman backs AG for ending case against resort

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts has defended the Attorney General’s decision not to issue a no prosecution direction to the court, effectively stopping criminal proceedings brought by union officials against Sandals Royal Bahamian and two of its senior executives.

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Nolle prosequi for Sandals is 'an abomination to justice'

ATTORNEY General Allyson Maynard-Gibson’s issuance of a nolle prosequi to discontinue court proceedings against the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and two of its senior executives was an “abomination” to justice, said Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner as she questioned whether the government conspired with the hotel when it terminated hundreds of workers.

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Sears: If I become leader, PLP could win 28 seats

FORMER Attorney General Alfred Sears took his confident public pronouncements on winning the Progressive Liberal Party’s leadership race a step further yesterday by predicting that with him at the helm of the political organisation, it would win the majority of the seats in the House of Assembly.

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Gray says FNM rival knows ‘nothing’ about constituency

MICAL MP V Alfred Gray yesterday hit back at Free National Movement candidate Walt Saunders, claiming that he “knows nothing” about the constituency “other than his connection to Inagua”.