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FNM fears toll on resort staff awaiting job cut news

BAHA Mar’s plans to potentially reduce its workforce by over 90 per cent if it is unable to resolve its dispute with its Chinese partners will take a toll on the “mental and physical health” of its employees, FNM Chairman Michael Pintard said yesterday. He said no effort must be spared on the government’s behalf to prevent the staff cuts.

Minnis under fire for ‘public posturing’ over Baha Mar

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts again criticised FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis amid negotiations over Baha Mar, saying the party chief has only engaged in public posturing “like a motley in a minstrel sideshow”.

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PM praises Ingraham for letter to China

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday praised his predecessor Hubert Ingraham for the efforts he has made to help spur a quick resolution to the disputes that stalled the $3.5bn Baha Mar project.

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Symonette says Mitchell’s Baha Mar comments not appropriate for a Cabinet minister

FORMER Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Brent Symonette yesterday said recent statements made by Fred Mitchell about Baha Mar CEO Sarkis Izmirlian sent the wrong message to foreign investors.

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PM hails good first day of negotiations in China

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said the first day of Baha Mar meetings in China were “good” but warned that a “very, very serious situation” would result if the relevant parties cannot secure an agreement today.

Wells having trouble fitting in with PLP, says Turnquest

FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest yesterday weighed in on Bamboo Town MP Renward Wells’ future as a member of the Progressive Liberal Party, saying that Mr Wells is “having some difficulty aligning his values with that of the PLP”.

DNA says govt cashing in over passport fees

DNA leader Branville McCartney yesterday accused the government of “cashing in” on its own inefficiency by implementing an “unjust” fee to obtain a Bahamian passport on an emergency basis.

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Mitchell: Izmirlian would have been thrown out of country in the past

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Fred Mitchell issued an apparent veiled threat at Baha Mar CEO and developer Sarkis Izmirlian, saying that if previous ministers of immigration such as Carl Francis, Arthur Hanna or Loftus Roker were faced with Mr Izmirlian in their day, “he would not have lasted the next day within the borders of The Bahamas”. However, he added: “These are of course different times, kindler gentler days.

Minnis: Was prime minister snubbed by Chinese govt?

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday questioned if the government of China had “snubbed” Prime Minister Perry Christie by not allowing him to lead a government delegation to China this weekend for talks on the stalled Baha Mar resort.

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Wells slams Swift Justice as he pledges to reveal party future

BAMBOO Town MP Renward Wells said yesterday he will make an announcement “very soon” concerning his future with the Progressive Liberal Party.

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PLP Chairman: FNM using 2012 Rubis spill to serve political interests

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts has “roundly condemned” the Free National Movement (FNM) for using the 2012 Rubis fuel spill to “serve their narrow political interests.”

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Crown land move was a precaution

THE Office of the Attorney General has not acted on a purported threat to take back Crown land from the developers of Baha Mar, the nation’s leader telling reporters the move was to ensure that the property was not caught up in the resort’s bankruptcy proceedings.

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Govt paid Baha Mar staff from money it owed to resort

THE estimated $7.5 million used to foot the bill to pay the salaries of Baha Mar workers was deducted from funds the government was holding for Baha Mar and not an unsecured government loan as reported, State Ministers of Legal Affairs Damian Gomez said yesterday.

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PM hopes Baha Mar will open by winter

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said yesterday he was optimistic that Baha Mar developers, China Construction America and the Export-Import Bank of China will reach a resolution on their issues allowing the $3.5b project to reach completion to hopefully get the property open for the winter tourist season in November.

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PM pins blame for meeting row on Minnis

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday suggested that it was FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis who had been uncooperative in scheduling a briefing earlier this week to discuss the status of Baha Mar following its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing last week.