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'Postpone referendum again'

MARCO City MP Gregory Moss yesterday suggested that the government further postpone the constitutional referendum until it resolves major issues that are likely to polarise the vote.

MP says new immigration policy is ‘nonsensical’

MARCO City MP Gregory Moss said yesterday that the execution of the government’s new immigration policy was “nonsensical” and a distraction from important national issues.

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‘If you want to cut waste, cut union benefits’

TALL Pines MP Leslie Miller said yesterday if the government was “serious” about “stopping wastage” in the public sector it would start by cutting back on union benefits.

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Christie condemns Paris terror attackers

PRIME MINISTER Perry Christie has joined other world leaders in condemning the terrorist attack in Paris on Wednesday that left 12 people dead.

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Halkitis accuses FNM leader of pandering over his stance on VAT

STATE Minister for Finance Michael Halkitis yesterday accused FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis of “pandering” to the emotions of the Bahamian people by making “outlandish promises” he cannot keep “just to be re-elected”.

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PM plans to ask China for funds

PRIME Minister Perry Christie has announced plans to request funding from China to support the national budget, refinance and restructure the country’s debt.

DNA leader lashes out at ‘titanic’ VAT failure

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday criticised the Christie administration saying it “failed in titanic proportions” in executing value added tax during the first week of implementation resulting in a “nightmare” for consumers and businesses.

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Gibson is not worried about threats by pilots

LABOUR Minister Shane Gibson yesterday said he was not worried about the latest threat from Bahamas Airline Pilots Association President Joseph Moxey who said Bahamasair pilots were prepared to “take things to the next level” if their salaries were cut for calling in “sick” last month.

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Pintard: PM disingenuous over blame for crime

FREE National Movement Chairman Michael Pintard says Prime Minister Perry Christie’s recent admission about placing blame on the previous FNM government for the country’s crime problem was “disingenuous”.

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FNM promises to bring in annual tax-free day

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday his party will introduce an “annual tax-free day” in August, if his party is elected in the next general election.

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'Why let bank chief linger another six months?'

FORMER Free National Movement Chairman Darron Cash said yesterday that Paul McWeeney’s impending departure from the Bank of the Bahamas will be good for the institution, but criticised the government for allowing the managing director to “linger” at BOB for another six months.

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PM: I need a compelling reason to stay on to lead party

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said it would take a “compelling, tangible” reason for him to lead the Progressive Liberal Party into the next general election, revealing that he told his family during the lead-up to the last general election that the 2012 campaign would be his last.

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Fnm to be more 'visible, active and vigilant' over crime

THE Free National Movement will be more “visible, active and vigilant” in 2015 – especially when it comes to the scourge of the crime in the country, party Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said last night.

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Turnquest blasts PLP for blaming FNM for crime

FORMER National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest yesterday castigated the Progressive Liberal Party, saying had it banded together with the previous Ingraham administration the scourge of crime would be less of a challenge for law enforcement today.

Pinder supports Strachan's appointment as minister

FORMER Financial Services Minister Ryan Pinder said yesterday that he “supports entirely” the appointment of Sea Breeze MP Hope Strachan as the new minister in charge of financial services.