FACE TO FACE: An independent voice on a different path within Christianity

LEFT: Anku Sa Ra holds the statue of Mother Mir-i-am (African Mary) while reading from Revelations 12:14 (KJV).
RIGHT: Anku blows the Qubtic Ram’s Horn called Shu-Faru.

LEFT: Anku Sa Ra holds the statue of Mother Mir-i-am (African Mary) while reading from Revelations 12:14 (KJV). RIGHT: Anku blows the Qubtic Ram’s Horn called Shu-Faru.




RELIGION in The Bahamas has been dominated by Christian denominations; in fact, about 90 percent of the population ascribes to some form of Christianity. About 30 percent are Baptist, 23 percent are Pentecostal, 14 percent Catholic, 10 percent Anglican, five percent Seventh-Day Adventist, and four percent Methodist. The remainder includes various Christian and non-Christian religions like Greek Orthodox, Rastafari, Baha’i, Jehovah Witness, Muslim, Obeah and Hinduism.

With such a large percentage of the population following one of the mainstream denominations, the country has long been referred to as a Christian nation.

But there is one form of Christianity that did not emerge from Colonialism, and is standing on its own as an example of what Christianity could be. The Holy Qubtic Church of The Black Messiah is 11-years-old and more than 50 members strong, anchored in the Bain Town community. Its members are a part of a global congregation with branches in Liberia, London, South Carolina, New England, Texas, California, Georgia, Trinidad and Tobago, and other parts of the world.


Ka-Hun: Anku Sa Ra alongside The High Priest of The Holy Qubtic Church Worldwide Ba Sesh: Haru Hotep-Tar (Rev Dr A.J Varmah) and Emissary: Mesu Ti Tamer (Head Builder - Bahamas Branch).

The theology of the church is based on the African Theology of Atonism. According to the churches Ka-Hun, or head priest Anku Sa Ra, Atonism is the “true Christianity established before that of Greco-Roman traditions and theology”.

In keeping with its Ancient African Theology, the Holy Qubtic Church is hosting a virtual “International Culture Day” this coming Saturday. The goal is to combine education with entertainment with roughly five hours of non-stop global engagement with the church locations throughout the world.


The statue of the black Mary sits on the church grounds on Meadow Street.

Those who participate will have the opportunity to understand this faith better and meet people from around the world who share this belief in what they consider an unadulterated form of Ka-Rastian (Christian) way of life. It’s a perfect opportunity for Bahamians interested in learning more of what the church is all about to find out.

Church members have been able to combine solid Christian values on which they grew up, with a deeper understanding of themselves, the history of religion and lessons that empower them as opposed to limiting their knowledge as colonialism is said to have done.


Time for the Eu-Karast at The Holy Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah.

The day will also be marked with the opening of “The Tree of Eternal Life - Q Mini Mart” around the globe as some 10 locations including The Bahamas are scheduled to have grand openings on June 19. These stores will focus on health food products, self mastery books, and everyday products centred around Atonism.

Anku Sa Ra is well known for speaking at events, schools and on radio, bringing these new concepts of self-identity to the public.

“We are the Original African Nazarites (Numbers 6 KJV) that strive to be At-One with the Divinity within (Luke 17:21 & John 17:21-23 KJV) like the Real and Living Messiah: Ya-Shu-a Ka-Rast - The Black Messiah (Revelation 1:14-15 KJV),” he said.

“We live by nine sacred rites as outlined in “The Covenant of The Bow” (Genesis 9:13 KJV) as found in our scriptures - the original Books of The Bible based on the ancient African laws of Ma’at (Matthew 5:17 KJV).”

Anku, also known as Cleveland Eneas III, comes from a rich heritage of nation builders whose contributions to The Bahamas have been outstanding. However, rather than stand in the shoes of his forefathers and simply repeat the process, Anku has created a path of his own. It has gained him respect and has allowed him to honohr his forefathers in his own unique way.


The church is thriving with its youth members.

It was in March of 1973 that the late Dr Cleveland W Eneas Sr delivered a riveting and memorable speech at the Church of God Convention, Yamacraw Tabernacle. The title of the speech was: “Let the Church Roll On!”

“It was not only the title of a speech,” Anku said, “but also a book, statement, command or charge if you will - a profound statement of what, not only the Eneas family has been doing for over 100 years now as a family; but also what the church in The Bahamas has been doing to ‘find themselves’ in this country.”

Anku is the great grandson of the late Bishop W V Eneas, the first Bishop of the Church of God in The Bahamas. Bishop Eneas and his wife, Arabella Ferguson-Eneas, originally “rolled” from the Methodist Church and Baptist Church respectively, to the Church of God in The Bahamas, where they worshipped until they “went on to glory”.


Anku, his wife Amunet and children Ayodele, Amina, Adisa and Atun all flanked around his father, Cleveland Eneas II.

The late Dr Cleveland W Eneas Sr, their son, “rolled” from the Church of God Bahamas to the Presbyterian Kirk with his wife, Muriel Eneas. Their son, the late Dr. Cleveland W Eneas Jr and Anku’s mother, Laurie Saunders, have supported their son in his spiritual journey and in establishing the Holy Qubtic Church in The Bahamas.

As a testament to the faith he has in his son, Dr Eneas was baptised and given the new name (Ab Nawur Meduty Re) on September 10, 2015. He joined his son. Pastor Dr Cleveland Eneas III (Ka-Hun: Anku Sa Ra) in his mission to reshape the identity of Christianity in The Bahamas to a new and liberated concept that allows members to seek their own true Divinity within and express it in their daily life. Dr Eneas, a well known and popular dentist, musician and community builder passed away on August 3, 2019.

As fate would have it, the Holy Qubtic Church of The Black Messiah is now located in the exact vicinity where the Church of God Bahamas was originally founded 111 years ago. It is located on Meadow Street and was founded in 1910 at the original residence of Bishop Wilmore Venable Eneas and his wife Arabella and was fondly referred to as “camp ground” right in the heart of historic Bain Town.

Today, Anku and his wife, Emissary Amunet Hika Ra (Tesha Fritz-Eneas) and their children Tafari, Ayodele, Amina, Adisa and Atun serve as a shining example of a family maintaining strong roots while creating new branches of ideas and thoughts about the way we live. They run a popular health food restaurant and also sell wholesale items such as healthy breads, veggie burgers, organic grains and natural drinks. This has brought the community and interested members of the public to Bain Town and to the church, supporting a number of annual events. They call their eating habits “agrarian”, meaning they aim to eat what they grow.

Anku explained: “We recognize that the shelf bought, processed foods are slowly killing us as a people and in order to maintain our bodies, which are divine temples of the Most High, we must eat what has been prescribed by the Most High Heavenly One An-Naay-Re by way of Nature in order to fulfil our purpose of controlling our destiny on all fronts of RELSELWEP (Religion, Economics, Labour, Sex and Gender, Education, Law, War and Security, Entertainment and Politics”.

May 8 marked the 11th year of service to the Bain Town community for the Holy Qubtic Church. Revival of the church of Ankh-An-Aton (The Holy Qubtic) began in the early 2000s.

Anku called his spiritual journey a “gradual progression”.

“I went from asking questions about the Bible and church late in my high school years and through University at Tuskegee until I eventually decided to enter the Qubtic Seminary a few years after I graduated university,” he explained.

“It wasn’t an overnight decision at all. I learned about Atonism through friends who had read about it and those grew up in the True-Faith.”

Newly-baptised member Jannifer Thurstoin has received the new name Kha-N-Yis-Wa: Bebti. She shared her journey: “It was a little over a year ago that I received an invite from Steven Matthews to listen to the teachings of his Ba Sesh: Haru Hotep-Tar ( aka Dr AJ Varmah).

I tuned in, and was amazed. I had never heard such a detailed methodical analysis of the scriptures. Line upon line, precept upon precept using etymology, geography, geology, biology, chemistry, physics - and all the original languages that the Bible was written in, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, and Greek.

“Needless to say, my lifelong search for truth has brought and kept me in the Holy Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah, as I am now a newly baptised member.”

For more information on International Culture Day, call 242-426-1148 or find The Holy Qubtic Church - Bahamas Branch or Tree of Eternal Life - Bahamas on Facebook.

• Since this column was submitted, the Holy Qubtic Church suffered a fire during the early morning hours on Monday. Anku says the International Culture Day will still be held and services will continue in a temporary location. They will also have virtual services and Anku says they refuse to be held down by this devastating setback.


carltonr61 2 years, 5 months ago


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Twocent 2 years, 5 months ago

Dear Felicity Darville, I wish to humbly make a clarification to your article. In your first paragraph you state that, “The remainder includes various Christian and non-Christian religions like Greek Orthodox, Rastafari….”. What is today called World Orthodoxy (aka New Calendar) can no longer claim to be Christian, in the true sense of the word. That is another several paragraphs on history I shall not relate here, suffice to say that the Holy Bible says there is and ever will be, “One, Lord, one Faith, one Baptism.” and not many, as the Branch Theory of Ecumenism would have us believe. The historic fact is that, unlike the The Holy Qubtic Church of The Black Messiah which is 11-years-old, and many of the denominations you mentioned with their own post-Christian dates of creation, Orthodoxy is over 2000 years old. Even the Rastafarian religion has its roots in the original Apostolic mission of Christ’s Church to Ethiopia. Perhaps a better gauge of what can be considered Christian is not in its cultural relevance and its modernity but to its antiquity, its Apostolicity, and its authenticity. St Vincent asked of those calling themselves Christian…was what they are teaching taught by the Church to all people, at all times, and with the consent of all the faithful?


John 2 years, 5 months ago

Obeah is not religion. It is witchcraft. Pure and simple. It may be practiced within the church and amongst Christians but it is not a religion. Obviously you are about mischief making. How can you insult a culture in this fashion and associate Junkanoo with Normans Cay and cocaine?


DrCWEneas 2 years, 5 months ago

The Holy Qubtic Church of The Black Messiah is over 3,500 yrs old as it was revived (not started) at that time by Akhenaten (Ankh-An-Aton - The FATHER of what is called monotheism today) the same way as it is today, by way of Council Of True-Christian Doctrines of The Holy Qubtic Church of The Black Messiah!

THIS BRANCH in the BAHAMAS of The Holy Qubtic Church is 11 years old, not he entire church!

No Orthodox Church is as old as the The Holy Qubtic Church, it is even older than the Ethiopian Orthodox Church!

The word Orthodoxy means: orthodoxy (n.) "correctness of opinion," especially in theology; "conformity to the Church creeds," 1620s, from French orthodoxie and directly from Late Latin orthodoxia, from late Greek orthodoxia "right opinion," abstract noun from orthodoxos "having the right opinion" (see orthodox). Orthodoxies "correct belief or opinion" is by 1871.

It has NOTHING to do with facts or True-Religious Identity for African people!


joeblow 2 years, 5 months ago

... there is no "root" of Christianity without Christ. Biblical Christianity is based on faith in God through Christ in a personal relationship with Him. It is NOT a religion! It is not one of many ways but the ONLY way ( at least that's what Jesus said -- John 14:6).


DrCWEneas 2 years, 5 months ago

Christ is an interpretation of the African word "Messeh"!

John 1:41 KJV

"He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ."

Therefore CHRISTianity is an interpretation of an ORIGINAL Messiahaniac doctrine of the Nazarites (Numbers 6) whereby when seen in its original context is an African Theology seeing that the old Testament is said to have been written by Moses and Moses as Acts 7:22 KJV says "....was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds."

In the new Testament Jesus is actually sent to Egypt (Africa), where he grows to become ONE with the Ka-Rast Consciousness as seen in:

Luke 2:40KJV "And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him."

As True-Christians, Atonist Ka-Rastians, we are bound to the law whereby our True-Religious Identity is a way of life (Matthew 5:13 KJV)!

John 14:6 KJV "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

This is an Ancient African precept that is seen in the judgement scene of A-Sa-Ru (Osirus) who is the Original Sacrificial Savior within the African Theology of Atonism!


DrCWEneas 2 years, 5 months ago

If the "root" of Christianity is "Christ" it is an interpreted root!

John 1:41 KJV Joh 1:41  He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ. 

The real and living Messiah: Ya-Shu-A Ka-Rast warned his true disciples about "Christians"!

Mat 24:5  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

But alas, his name wasn't Christ was it?

Refer back to John 1:41 KJV


joeblow 2 years, 5 months ago

... Christ is a Hebrew title for the Anointed One, the Messiah, the ONE chosen by God to die for the sins of the world and redeem men back to God IF they choose to put faith in His sacrifice (John 3: 16). That is the gospel and there is no other addition, tradition, ritual or custom that has to be imported (Gal 1:8.) For there is no other name under heaven whereby men may be saved Acts 4:12. Be well!


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