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'Anyone who wants diesel able to buy it'

FOCOL Holdings chairman yesterday voiced optimism that "anyone who wants to buy diesel on this island can get it" even though "the majority" of petroleum retailers were said to have stopped sales of this fuel.

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Super Value president: 'Things aren't flowing'

Super Value's president says that, while profit-based taxation "would be favourable" for food retailers, the Government must first prioritise the ease of doing business because "things aren't flowing like they should".

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IAN FERGUSON: Bahamian business must speed up technology use

Business digitisation, although an old topic, is essential to your company’s growth. Every firm's goal is to ultimately increase revenue, attract more new customers and retain existing ones. One of the best ways to leverage technology is to improve your existing infrastructure and automate processes such as e-mail marketing to better suit your target audience.

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Corporate tax plan 'dead on arrival' unless wider reform

The Government's corporate income tax consultation will be "dead on arrival" if it does not involve a "holistic" approach to comprehensive Bahamian tax reform, a prominent banker warned yesterday.

Low energy: Bahamas worst in Caribbean for renewables

Renewable energy providers yesterday voiced significant "doubts" that The Bahamas will meet its 2030 goals after this nation was found to have the lowest penetration in the Caribbean at just 2 percent.

FML chief makes call for renewables switch

A web shop principal yesterday argued that The Bahamas must do more to capitalise on its renewable energy sources as companies brace for up to 163 percent increases in Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) fuel charge this summer.

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Crackdown on tax cheats 'most co-ordinated' ever

The Government is launching its "most co-ordinated effort" ever to crackdown on tax cheats with its success in collecting hundreds of millions in outstanding revenue critical to avoiding "increased tax rates".

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Insurers 'over reacting' on 50% investment 'minimum'

The Ministry of Finance's top official yesterday said insurers are "over reacting" to the consultation on holding a "minimum" 50 percent of their investments in government securities as he refuted fears it is "desperate for funds".

'Just one spark' could take Bahamas captive

The Bahamas needs "just one spark" to re-establish itself as a major player in the multi-billion captive insurance industry and help "stabilise the middle class", a local operator is asserting.

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Corporate income tax is 'wrong way around'

The Opposition's finance spokesman yesterday argued that The Bahamas has corporate income tax "the wrong way around" because the proposed reform options are forecast to suck "more money" from the private sector via taxation.

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'Screeching economic halt' if diesel stop lasts 10-14 days

Bahamians could "see a totally different economy" if the decision by most petroleum dealers to halt diesel sales lasts for up to two weeks, a well-known contractor warned yesterday.

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FOCOL raise could have beaten $16m

FOCOL Holdings could have raised "far more" than the $16m received in Monday's preference share offering, its chairman said yesterday, as it moves into an accelerated "growth mode".

Abaco Chamber warning on work permit breaches

Abaco's Chamber of Commerce has issued a fact sheet to the island's employers to address the "huge issue" of work permit and labour law violations.

Promotion Board in 67% website visitor increase

The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board's (NPIPB) chief executive says there has been a 67 percent year-over-year jump in visitor traffic to its website as it works to convert this increase into actual visitors.

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$6m 'breathing room' no long-term gas solution

Bahamian petroleum dealers yesterday argued that '"a short-term injection doesn't alleviate the problem" of fixed margins after a Cabinet minister disclosed the Government provided $6m in "relief" to the industry last year.

Corporate tax certainty 'vital' to Freeport future

Grand Bahama's Chamber of Commerce president yesterday said it was "vital" to business certainty and investor confidence that Freeport gain clarity on whether, and how, corporate tax will be implemented in the Port area.

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'Put money where mouth is' on Abaco's port woes

The Government was yesterday urged to "put your money where your mouth is" and finally address Abaco's port woes, with frustrated residents asserting: "They need to quit promising and start doing."

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Dr Darville feels ‘unfairly attacked’ on Kenise Symonette-Darville inquiry

HEALTH and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville said the husband of Kenise Symonette-Darville, the woman who died at the Princess Margaret Hospital earlier this year after complaining in a viral video about PMH’s treatment of her, has unfairly attacked him.

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GB Power solar rates '30% below Caribbean'

Grand Bahama Power Company says the solar power rate it has obtained from independent energy providers (IPPs) is "30 percent less than what you see elsewhere" in the Caribbean.

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Keep Freeport out of a 'political cess pool'

Major figures in last year's protest march to the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) have reiterated their opposition to its acquisition by the Government for fear Freeport will be dragged into "a political cess pool".