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Bahamian duo reject 'collusion' allegations

Super Value’s president and The Bahamas’ marinas chief yesterday vehemently denied claims they “colluded” with a property manager to help deprive a condo owners group of thousands of dollars. Rupert Roberts and Peter Maury, the Association of Bahama

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Super Value chief urges clarity over plastic bag ban

Super Value’s president is urging the government to clarify how it will tackle leftover single-use plastic products as the full ban on their use takes effect today. Rupert Roberts told Tribune Business he was unsure whether the Department of Environ

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Food stores brace for sales plummet

Super Value’s president yesterday revealed he is bracing for a “below normal” sales decline as the post-COVID lockdown reality bites, and said: “If we fall ten percent below last year we’ll be in trouble.” Rupert Roberts told Tribune Business that t

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Super Value chief targets six months of food inventory

Super Value’s principal yesterday revealed he is seeking to build six months’ worth of food inventories as he branded the extended shopping hours as a “relief” for both merchants and consumers.Rupert Roberts voiced optimism to Tribune Business that t

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‘Lockdown directive left us in chaos'

Super Value's principal yesterday said inadequate warning of the weekend lockdown caused late Friday "chaos" at food stores with police officers even threatening to shoot unless persons went home.

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Super Value chief eyes overtime ease via new measures

Super Value’s principal yesterday voiced hope that new shopping restrictions will “work better than what’s happening now” and enable him to reverse a 20 percent increase in overtime payroll. Rupert Roberts told Tribune Business that the Prime Minist

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Face masks, hand sanitizers and lysol spray - stores selling out as Bahamians prepare

SOME stores and pharmacies in New Providence report being sold out of face masks, hand sanitizers, and Lysol spray as Bahamians prepare for a possible coronavirus outbreak here. There are no reported or suspected cases of the new deadly coronavirus

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'Thieves using plastic bags ban to shoplift’

SUPER VALUE president Rupert Roberts yesterday defended the food store chain’s new packing policy, stating the rule was introduced to safeguard against theft which has increased since the government’s ban on single-use plastics.

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Super Value chief ‘welcomes’ BPL’s extra 15% charge

Super Value’s owner says he is prepared to sacrifice short-term for long-term gain if Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) extra 15 percent debt servicing charge helps create reduced bills long-term.

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'Music to my ears' WTO 95% unlikely

Super Value’s principal yesterday said it was “music to my ears” to hear the government’s WTO chief negotiator state The Bahamas is almost certainly not joining under this administration.Rupert Roberts, who has vehemently opposed becoming a full Worl

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Concern over margins on new breadbasket items

Supervalue’s owner says retailers will have to ‘wait and see’ what margins are allowed on the items to be added to the breadbasket list, noting if the low grocery margins are used for such perishable items it could force smaller retailers out of business.

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Super Value chief: ‘cut our own path’ outside the WTO

Super Value’s owner yesterday said he still believes The Bahamas should “cut its own path” despite trade experts finding it would be “moderately positive” to join the WTO.

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Billionaire US family to buy Roberts’ hotel

A billionaire US family has been confirmed as the purchaser-in-waiting for Rupert Roberts’ Bimini Sands resort, Tribune Business can reveal.

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Super Value chief warns on potential paper plant close

Super Value’s principal has warned he may have to close his paper manufacturing plant due to tariff cuts, as he called on the government to outline WTO’s benefits instead of attacking him.

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Super Value chief’s WTO fears labelled ‘illusion and fiction’

The Bahamas’ chief WTO negotiator yesterday said the concerns expressed by Rupert Roberts are based on “illusion and fiction”, adding: “We are doggedly pursuing the country’s best interest.”

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Super Value chief says ‘no’ to WTO

Super Value’s owner says he is opposed to joining the WTO and will never change his mind even if studies determine “it’s the greatest thing for The Bahamas”.

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Super Value chief in resort exit ‘gem’

Super Value’s owner says his Bimini Sands property will be transformed into “a little gem” matching nearby Cat Cay through the deal that will secure his resort industry exit.


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