OLYMPIC GAMES: Joanna Evans second in her heat with national record, Monday's schedule

10.20pm: Here is Monday's schedule for the Olympic Games in Rio:

All times Bahamian


Men’s and Women’s Individual Eliminations, 8am, 2pm



Serbia v Australia, 1.15pm

United States v Venezuela, 6pm


France v China, 9.30pm


Spain v United States, 11am

Canada v Serbia, 1.15pm

Japan v Brazil, 4.30pm

Senegal v China, 6.45pm

Beach Volleyball

Men’s and/or Women’s Prelims, 9am, 2.30pm, 8pm


Men’s 49kg, 69kg, 75kg, 91kg Prelims, 10am, 4pm

Canoe-Kayak (Slalom)

Men’s C-2 Heats and Women’s K-1 Heats, 11.30am

Men’s Synchronised 10-metre Platform, 3pm


Eventing Individual Cross Country, 9am

Eventing Team Cross Country


Women’s Sabre Individual First Round, Second Round and Quarter-finals, 8am

Women’s Sabre Individual Semi-finals and Finals, 3pm



South Korea v Sweden, 8.30am

France v Russia, 10.30am

Spain v Norway, 1.40pm

Brazil v Romania, 3.40pm

Argentina v Netherlands, 6.50pm

Angola v Montenegro, 8.50pm



Germany v India, 10am

Canada v Argentina, 11.30am


Australia v United States, 9am

New Zealand v Germany, 12.30pm

Netherlands v South Korea, 4pm

India v Britain, 5pm

Spain v China, 6.30pm

Argentina v Japan, 7.30pm

Gymnastics (Artistic)

Men’s Team Final, 3pm


Men’s -73kg and Women’s -57kg, 9am

Men’s -73kg and Women’s -57kg Finals, 2.30pm



11th Place, 11.30am

Ninth Place, noon

Placing 5-8, 12.30pm, 1pm

Semi-finals, 1.30pm, 2pm

Seventh Place, 4.30pm

Fifth Place, 5pm

Bronze Medal match, 5.30pm

Gold Medal match, 6pm


Men’s Single Sculls E-F Semi-finals, 7.30am

Women’s Single Sculls E-F Semi-finals, 7.50am

Women’s Pair Repechage, 8.10am

Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Repechages, 8.20am

Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls Repechages, 8.40am

Men’s Quadruple Sculls Repechage, 9am

Women’s Quadruple Sculls Repechage, 9.10am

Men’s Four Repechage, 9.20am

Women’s Eight Heats, 9.30am

Men’s Eight Heats, 9.50am


Men’s RS:X, noon

Women’s RS:X, noon

Men’s Laser, noon

Women’s Laser Radial, noon


Men’s 10-Metre Air Rifle Qualification, 8am

Men’s Trap Day 2 Qualification (50 targets), 8.30am

Men’s 10-Metre Air Rifle Final, 11am

Men’s Trap Final, 2pm


Women’s 200m Freestyle, Men’s 200m Butterfly and Women’s 200m Individual Medley Prelims, noon

Women’s 200m Freestyle Semi-final, Men’s 200m Freestyles Final, Women’s 100m Backstroke Final, Men’s 100m Backstroke Final, Women’s 100m Breaststroke Final, Men’s 200m Butterfly Semi-final and Women’s 200m Individual Medley Semi-final, 9pm

Table Tennis

Women’s Singles Third Round, 9am

Men’s Singles Third Round, 11am

Women’s Singles Fourth Round, 3pm, 7.30pm

Men’s Singles Fourth Round, 4pm, 8.30pm


Men’s Singles and Doubles, Women’s Singles and Doubles Second Round, 9.45am, 5.45pm



China v Italy, 7.30am

Japan v Cameroon, 9.35am

United States v Netherlands, 1pm

Serbia v Puerto Rico, 3.05pm

Russia v South Korea, 6.30pm

Brazil v Argentina, 8.35pm

Water Polo


Serbia v Greece, 8am

Italy v France, 9.20am

United States v Spain, 10.40am

Hungary v Australia, noon

Japan v Brazil, 6.30pm

Croatia v Montenegro, 7.50pm


Men’s 62kg Prelims, Women’s 58kg Prelims, 9am

Women’s 58kg Final, 2.30pm

Men’s 62kg Final, 6pm

4.50pm: The Bahamas' Joanna Evans finished second in her heat in the women's 400m freestyle with a national record-breaking time of 04:07.600 - but she fell short of the qualifying time needed for tomorrow's final.

Japan's Chihiro Igarashi was first in the heat with 04:07.520 and Serbia's Katarina Simonovic was third with 04:15.57.

Full story HERE


Emily Morley speaks in Brazil on Saturday.

10.10am: High winds on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon have led to the postponement of all rowing events until Monday.

That means Emily Morley will have to wait before competing in the Repechage.

9.10am: Day two for the Bahamas at the Rio Olympics, and rower Emily Morley is back on the water today following her Olympic debut – full story HERE.

She will be underway shortly in the Repechage, a contest in which the best-placed of those who failed to win heats compete for a place in the final. She will compete from lane five in the first of three races.

Then the spotlight will fall on swimmer Joanna Evans in the women's 400m freestyle at the swim complex.

18-year-old Evans, the national record holder with 4:12.47, will swim out of the first of four heats of the eight lap race in the 50m pool in lane three.

Yesterday saw Dustin Tynes fail to qualify in the men's 100m breaststroke - full story HERE.

And Olympic veteran Chris Brown is looking forward to getting involved on Friday, August 18 - despite his luggage not arriving - full story HERE.


all times Bahamian


Women’s Team First Round, 8am

Women’s Team Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match, 2pm.



Brazil v Lithuania, 1.15pm

Croatia v Spain, 6pm

Nigeria v Argentina, 9.30pm


United States v Senegal, 11am

Serbia v Spain, 1.15pm

Australia v Turkey, 4.30pm

France v Belarus, 6.45pm

Beach Volleyball

Men’s and/or Women’s Prelims, 9am, 2.30pm, 8pm


Men’s 60kg, 69kg, 81kg Prelims, 10am, 4pm

Canoe-Kayak (Slalom)

Men’s C-1 and K-1 Heats, 11.30am


Women’s Road Race, 11.30am


Women’s Synchronized 3-metre Springboard, 3pm


Eventing Individual Dressage Day 2, 9am

Eventing Team Dressage Day 2


Men’s Foil Individual First Round, Second Round and Quarter-finals, 8am

Men’s Foil Individual Semi-finals and Finals, 3pm



Croatia v Qatar, 8.30am

Sweden v Germany, 10.30am

Denmark v Argentina, 1.40pm

Poland v Brazil, 3.40pm

France v Tunisia, 6.50pm

Slovenia v Egypt, 8.50pm



Britain v New Zealand, 4pm.

Netherlands v Ireland, 5pm

Brazil v Belgium, 6.30pm

Australia v Spain, 7.30pm


New Zealand v South Korea, 9am

Japan v India, 10am

Netherlands v Spain, 11.30am

China v Germany, 12.30pm

Gymnastics (Artistic)

Women’s Qualification, 8.45am, 1.30pm, 4.30pm, 7.30pm


Men’s -66kg and Women’s -52kg, 9am

Men’s -66kg and Women’s -52kg Finals, 2.30pm



Spain v Kenya, 10am

New Zealand v France, 10.30am

Brazil v Japan, 11am

Canada v Britain, 11.30am

Fiji v Colombia, noon

Australia v United States, 12.30pm

Placing 9-12, 3pm, 3.30pm

Quarter-finals, 4pm, 4.30pm, 5pm, 5.30pm


Men’s Single Sculls Repechage, 7.30am

Women’s Single Sculls Repechage, 8am

Men’s Pair Repechage, 8.30am

Women’s Double Sculls Repechage, 8.40am

Men’s Double Sculls Repechage, 8.50am

Men’s Lightweight Four Repechage, 9am

Women’s Pair Heats, 9.10am

Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Heats, 9.40am

Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls Heats, 10.40am

Men’s Four Heats, 11am


Women’s 10-Metre Air Pistol Qualification, 8am

Women’s Trap Qualification, 8am

Men’s Trap Day 1 Qualification (75 targets), 8.30am

Women’s 10-Metre Air Pistol Final, 10am

Women’s Trap Final, 2pm



Fiji v Mexico, noon

Honduras v Portugal, 2pm

Germany v South Korea, 3pm

Sweden v Nigeria, 5pm

Argentina v Algeria, 5pm

Denmark v South Africa, 6pm

Japan v Colombia, 8pm

Brazil v Iraq, 9pm


Women’s 100m Backstroke, Men’s 200m Freestyle, Women’s 100m Breaststroke, Men’s 100m Backstroke and Women’s 400m Freestyle Prelims, noon

Women’s 100m Butterfly Final, Men’s 200m Freestyle Semi-final, Women’s 100m Breaststroke Semi-final, Men’s 100m Breaststroke Final, Women’s 400m Freestyle Final, Men’s 100m Backstroke Semi-final, Women’s 100m Backstroke Semi-final and Men’s 4 x100m Freestyle Relay Final, 9pm

Table Tennis

Women’s Singles Second Round, 8am, 12.30pm

Men’s Singles Second Round, 9am, 1.30pm

Women’s Singles Third Round, 5pm

Men’s Singles Third Round, 7pm


Men’s Singles and Doubles, Women’s Singles and Doubles First Round, 9.45am, 5.45pm



Italy v France, 7.30am

Brazil v Mexico, 9.35am

Poland v Egypt, 1pm

United States v Canada, 3.05pm

Russia v Cuba, 6.30pm

Argentina v Iran, 8.35pm


Men’s 56kg Prelims, Women’s 53kg Prelims, 9am

Women’s 53kg Final, 2.30pm

Men’s 56kg Final, 6pm


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