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Public Services and National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle.

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Govt renews its 52-week job programme

HUNDREDS of participants of the government’s National Job Creation and Skills Enhancement Programme have been re-engaged for the second year of the employment initiative which begins on Monday, Minister of Public Service and National Insurance Brensi

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We'll prosecute non-payers, says NIB chief Rolle

DELINQUENT employers who owe the National Insurance Board up to $17m in contributions “just ignored” pay agreements and commitments, according to Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle.

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1,600 back on public payroll

DESPITE the Minnis administration’s criticism of the previous government’s hiring practices, there are plans to allocate $8m for new hires in the upcoming fiscal year in addition to the 1,600 people re-engaged since 2017.

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Employers warned over $17m NIB debt

NON-COMPLIANT employers failing to pay workers’ National Insurance Board contributions owe the board up to $17m, Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle said yesterday, as he warned time might be running out for these offenders.

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Crunch time for NIB on payouts

CRITICAL decisions will have to be made regarding the National Insurance Board and the administration of contributions it collects to ensure there remains longevity of the social security net’s benefits, according to a Cabinet minister yesterday.

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Mitchell wants whole truth on rehiring by government

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell says Public Services Minister Brensil Rolle has not told the whole truth about the government’s rehiring processes.

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‘Let go’ workers back on payroll

DESPITE criticising the former Christie administration last year for adding 9,000 people to the government payroll during its term in office, Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle revealed yesterday a “large number” of those hired from 2012 to 2017 have been re-engaged.

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NIB to investigate non-payment claims

Minister of the Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle has promised investigations will be conducted into claims some Freeport employers have deducted but failed to pay to NIB contributions on behalf of their employees.

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Rolle defends ‘easy target’ of civil servants after criticism

PUBLIC Service Minister Brensil Rolle defended civil servants against critiques while also underscoring the Minnis administration’s commitment to improving the public service sector after Cabinet Secretary Camille Johnson was quoted in a recent Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report calling some key workers “weak”.

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Work programme to help build skills of youth

ADDRESSING the issue of unemployment among the nation’s youth, Minister of the Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle announced that the government introduced a restructured employment programme this week in which participants will recei

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Builder sues over lost $20m contract

HOLIDAY Industrial Builders is suing the government for terminating its $20m contract to construct a complex on John F Kennedy drive to house the Ministry of National Security, according to Public Services and National Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle. 

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Rolle warns NIB contributions may rise in future

NATIONAL Insurance Minister Brensil Rolle yesterday suggested officials will have to make a judgement call at some point on whether to increase National Insurance Board contributions as the government struggles to balance a “tremendous” increase in b

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In uniform? First in line for cheap house plots

LOTS in Sunset Close and Fox Hill worth $30,000 or less will officially go on sale in June or July, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced yesterday, adding that the lots will be available only to police officers, immigration officers, customs officers, defence force officers, prison officers and teachers in the first wave.

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PLP added 9,000 jobs to payroll

AN estimated 70 per cent of the contracts awarded to persons for government employment under the Christie administration did not go through the Ministry of the Public Service, Garden Hills MP Brensil Rolle said yesterday.

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More than 130,000 NIB contributions not processed

MINSTER of the Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle yesterday revealed the National Insurance Board has not processed 133,130 contributions, suggesting thousands of Bahamians could not access benefits as a result of poor management und

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Minister responds to concerns of Corrections Services officers

PUBLIC Services Minister Brensil Rolle has responded to claims that Department of Correctional Services officers are not receiving their pensions, their permanent and pensionable letters, nor are they being promoted. Last Friday, Bahamas Prison Staf


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