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KDK Report: Twinkle, twinkle little star

MY entire family, at one point or another, went to the same nursery. It was our first of many centres of matriculation but while there, we were never exposed to typical scholastic pursuits. In fact, to the best of my recollection, we never once learned anything about the alphabet, colours, numbers or writing.

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THE KDK REPORT: Need for speed

A grilled chicken and bacon sandwich with spinach, spicy mayo and avocado. It did little to show his creativity but for the 26-year-old chef featured in today’s article, preparing that meal was a welcome relief.

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The KDK Report: Shot five times at 78 - his good health helped him survive

Before moving back to The Bahamas, I trained and practiced medicine at hospitals in Canada and the US, ultimately becoming the chief resident for foot and ankle surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. It was there that I was taught to inspect the operating theatre before every surgery. I learned the importance of speaking to the nurses, scrub technicians and the anaesthesiologist and to introduce myself to anyone that I hadn’t worked with before.

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The KDK Report: In sickness and in health

THE universal thread that connects each and every human being is the need to be heard, wanted, trusted and appreciated. Many people search their entire lives to find their proverbial soulmate - that one true love who makes them feel safe and wanted. Young girls start planning their wedding long before they even have a mate.

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The KDK Report: No way out

I’ve lived in three different countries and four different states and one of the many lessons I’ve learned throughout my travels is that the person who is quick to smile is the same person who is quick to cry. As diametrically opposed as the two may be, they remain two halves of the same coin.

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THE KDK REPORT: The world shuts down

THERE are some days when getting out of bed comes with great ease and other times when it is a hard-fought mountainous struggle.

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THE KDK REPORT: Robbed of a lifetime’s memories, slowly slipping away

I’M OFTEN asked by friends, patients and family members alike what I consider the most frightening, the most difficult or the most agonizing of all medical conditions that I’ve seen throughout my career. In every case they were, as I assume you will be, surprised to hear my response.

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THE KDK REPORT: A simple test can save a life and not just leave you with memories

There is a line in Les Misérables wherein one of the characters affirms there is often a grief that can’t be spoken and the pain goes on and on.


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