Election 2012


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‘We must co-exist with global views on homosexuality’

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said leaders of conservative countries must consider how their nations could “co-exist in a world” where global attitudes towards social issues like homosexuality are shifting.

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Former Attorney General says Gray incident ‘unseemly’

THE fact that embattled MICAL MP V Alfred Gray spoke to a magistrate about a case outside of formal court proceedings is “unseemly”, a former attorney general told The Tribune yesterday.

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Prime Minister hints at cost of NHI premium

BAHAMIANS will likely have to pay a premium of two or three dollars to help fund the government’s proposed National Health Insurance scheme, Prime Minister Perry Christie said last week.

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PM: My govt will not be matched

PRIME Minister Perry Christie said despite the “naysayers”, his government’s performance will not be matched “in the history of this country”, citing his administration’s legislative agenda and reform of the tax system and gaming sector as achievements.

‘Is the government responsible for laying off BTC workers?’

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney on Friday chastised Prime Minister Perry Christie over his comments about journalists, when he said of the media “to hell with them”. DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney has questioned whether the government was responsible for the potential layoffs of over 100 employees at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company.

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May opening for Baha Mar 'ambitious' says DNA leader

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance leader Branville McCartney yesterday suggested that Baha Mar may not open in May as suggested this week by officials, adding that it would be wiser for the $3.5 billion mega resort at Cable Beach to schedule its opening for "later on during the year".

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McCartney: PM's legacy will be the death of democracy in the Bahamas

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney on Friday chastised Prime Minister Perry Christie over his comments telling journalists to go "to hell".

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Former Governor General calls for gender equality

FORMER Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes said if Bahamians vote against gender equality in the forthcoming Constitutional referendum “the Bahamas would be listed among those backward peoples of the world who still believe that accidents of birth like colour and sex should forever assign some people to inferiority status”.

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PRIME Minister Perry Christie hinted at the imminent possibility of layoffs at a local “major” bank during a speech to College of the Bahamas journalism students yesterday.

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Fear of international repercussions over Gray allegations

THERE are far reaching international repercussions to be considered if justice is not done in the alleged judicial interference case involving MICAL MP V Alfred Gray, Bahamas Bar Association President Elsworth Johnson said yesterday.

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PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said he was “stupefied” by the “arrogance” of some journalists who “presume” to make decisions for people, adding that those in the media who criticise his leadership capability can go “to hell”.

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Speaker: I do not fear political fallout

SPEAKER of the House Dr Kendal Major said he does not fear any political fallout after he clashed with senior members of the PLP for allowing Opposition Leader Dr Hubert Minnis to make a communication about embattled MICAL MP V Alfred Gray.

Attorney General urges parliamentarians to be cautious in comments on Gray

ATTORNEY General Allyson Maynard Gibson said yesterday that statements by parliamentarians about whether MICAL MP V Alfred Gray allegedly interfered in a court matter could affect the ongoing police investigation, adding that such public statements are highly improper.

DNA calls for Gray to be sacked

DEMOCRATIC National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney yesterday called for Prime Minister Perry Christie to fire MICAL MP V Alfred Gray as a Cabinet minister in view of the judicial interference allegations against him and an ongoing police probe.

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Munroe says administrator must be removed from his role

ATTORNEY Wayne Munroe yesterday called for the removal of Mayaguana administrator Zephania Newbold because he publicly revealed what allegedly took place regarding the release of a man he had earlier convicted.