Election 2012


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PM urges FNMs to resist Minnis

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday sent a strong message to sidelined Free National Movement MPs Richard Lightbourn and Hubert Chipman to “resist with all your might” any attempt by the party’s leadership to end their careers.

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Turnquest wary of Urban Renewal role in storm rebuilding efforts

OPPOSITION Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest expressed concern yesterday that Urban Renewal is being used as a campaign tool for the Progressive Liberal Party during Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.

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$150m loan for storm repairs

THE Christie administration yesterday moved a resolution for a loan of up to $150m to defray the costs of this country’s recovery and reconstruction efforts as a result of not only Hurricane Matthew, but for last year’s Hurricane Joaquin.

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Prime Minister backs away from hurricane tax plan

DESPITE Prime Minister Perry Christie’s previous suggestion that the government may need to “tax some item” to accumulate funds for the country’s Hurricane Matthew recovery and repair, he yesterday back-pedalled from this position insisting that the current tax system is sufficient to raise the money needed for the efforts.

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Deputy PM: Alternatives being discussed to fund relief effort

SEEKING to quell public outrage over the suggestion of a hurricane tax, Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday insisted that there are other alternatives yet to be discussed as the government mulls over how it will fund Hurricane Matthew relief efforts.

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Cabinet says no to tax on alcohol

AMID fiery criticism levelled at the government over Prime Minister Perry Christie’s suggestion that there could be a special tax to assist the country in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Cabinet yesterday discussed the feasibility of a sin tax on tobacco and alcohol to accumulate the necessary funding for repair and recovery efforts, The Tribune was told.

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FNM and DNA united in opposition to new tax

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Hubert Minnis said the Free National Movement is opposed to any possible attempt by the Christie administration to implement a new tax to cover the cost of damage from Hurricane Matthew.

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Turnquest says unwise to let China have too much influence

FREE National Movement Deputy Leader K Peter Turnquest yesterday regretted that Bahamians were only “bit players” in the ongoing Baha Mar saga, as he decried the sale of Baha Mar’s assets to a company created by the $3.5bn project’s financier, the Export-Import Bank of China (CEXIM).

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Govt considers a hurricane tax

WHEN it meets today, Cabinet may consider introducing and implementing a special tax to help finance Hurricane Matthew repair and recovery efforts, Prime Minister Perry Christie said yesterday.

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Calls for Chipman to run as independent

SOME residents of the St Anne’s constituency are unsettled by the Free National Movement’s (FMN) decision not to renominate Hubert Chipman in the area and some have started urging Mr Chipman to run as an independent candidate.

Dames hits out at govt preparations

MARVIN Dames, former deputy commissioner of police and the Free National Movement’s candidate for Mount Mariah, has criticised the government’s hurricane preparedness and response.

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Minnis praises hurricane relief efforts of FNM members

AT A time when Bahamians are struggling to survive amid the devastation left by Hurricane Matthew, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis on Friday lauded the relief efforts of his party’s “hard working” members and supporters.

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PM ‘distressed’ over playing politics about relief effort

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said he is “distressed” over the “politicisation” of the government’s hurricane relief efforts, charging that his administration does not “have the time to get distracted by politics” and become “tribal” while grappling with the aftermath of a natural disaster.

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FNM chairman defends leader over recovery effort criticism

FREE National Movement Chairman Sidney Collie circled the wagons yesterday as he defended Official Opposition Leader Dr Hubert Minnis’ criticism of the government’s recovery efforts and accusations of cronyism as constructive and not political.

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PM denounces criticism by FNM leader as ‘idiotic’

PRIME Minister Perry Christie yesterday said he was “disappointed” that Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr Hubert Minnis would use Hurricane Matthew as tool to “divide the country politically” instead of acknowledging that the government is “doing a good job” in the aftermath.