Election 2012


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Galanis worried Sears will not get a fair shot

FORMER Progressive Liberal Party MP Philip Galanis yesterday suggested that Alfred Sears, who is challenging the party’s leadership post, will not receive a fair shot during the party’s convention later this month.

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Rebel seven accused of personal agenda

FORMER Free National Movement Senator Carl Bethel yesterday took aim at the strategy of the party’s seven rebel MPs, claiming that the absence of a coherent message from the group showed that their actions were guided by personal agenda.

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Miller blames 'gutless' politicians for crime

TALL PINES MP Leslie Miller yesterday blamed “gutless politicians” for the increase in murder and serious crime in the country.

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Turnquest pledges FNM help for Grand Bahama

FREE National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said his party is poised to address the economic woes that plague Grand Bahama as he took issue with vague and unsubstantiated outlooks forecast by the Christie administration.

Torchbearers to hold national convention next month

THE Torchbearers Youth Association, the youth branch of the Free National Movement, will host its national convention in February.

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Neymour upset as FNM choose alternative for Exuma race

PHENTON Neymour, Free National Movement member of Parliament, expressed disappointment on social media over the weekend when he was not chosen as the FNM’s candidate to run in Exuma in the upcoming general election.

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PM eager for another term

AS he gears up for a leadership challenge at the Progressive Liberal Party’s first convention since 2009, Prime Minister Perry Christie spoke of his energy and eagerness to serve another term, as he urged party supporters not to “squander” the opportunity to win the general election.

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DNA candidate resigns over Lincoln Bain 'deal breaker'

THE Democratic National Alliance's (DNA) Southern Shores candidate, engineer Ethric Bowe, confirmed on Friday that he has submitted his letter of resignation to party officials, citing the ratification of talk show host Lincoln Bain in the Pinewood constituency this week as a "deal breaker" for his association with the party.

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We March Bahamas organiser hits out at Bradley Roberts, Leslie Miller

WE March Bahamas lead organiser Ranard Henfield on Friday hit back at Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts and Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller, accusing both of knowing how to engage in nothing but “dirty politics, dirty fighting, insulting people (and) threatening people”.

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PLP to complete ratifications before start of convention

THE Progressive Liberal Party announced that the party will complete its candidate ratifications next week ahead of the party’s national three-day convention slated for later this month, as party officials pledged to accept whatever the outcome of the event may be.

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Minnis: Nothing to celebrate for PLP

FREE National Movement Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday scoffed at Prime Minister Perry Christie’s recent assessment of his administration’s term in office, accusing the nation’s leader of being “disconnected from reality” in the face of crime, vexing unemployment and “secret” deals negotiated by his government.

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PM says his govt has done an outstanding job for Bahamians

DESPITE a term in office defined by controversy and criticism, Prime Minister Perry Christie insisted yesterday that his administration has done an “outstanding job” for and on behalf of Bahamians.

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Lincoln Bain runs for DNA as FNM unveils latest candidates

THE Free National Movement ratified two candidates in Family Island constituencies for the next general election last night, as the party faced more internal turmoil with the resignation of officers from its Pinewood Association.

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Chipman considering run as independent in St Anne’s

ST ANNE’S MP Hubert Chipman said yesterday he is considering running as an Independent candidate in that constituency, claiming that campaigning on the Free National Movement’s ticket in view of his vote of no confidence in party leader Dr Hubert Minnis is “not an option”.

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Bain chosen by DNA for Pinewood

THE Democratic National Alliance unveiled nine general election candidates last night, including talk show host Lincoln Bain for Pinewood.