Election 2012


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Sands steps in on nurses owed $1m

ABOUT 45 nurses were working for months without the salary and benefits full-time government employees expect, a predicament Health Minister Dr Duane Sands found "heartbreaking" and said he has moved to remedy.

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Immigration immune from deficit cutbacks

AUSTERITY measures announced by the government will not affect the Department of Immigration, according to Immigration Minister Brent Symonette, pictured, who yesterday pointed to the high volume of permit applications as the greatest challenge faced by officials.

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Avoiding downgrade vital ‘at all costs’

THE conservative fiscal measures undertaken by the Minnis administration were introduced as a means to avoid another downgrade, according to Labour Minister Dion Foulkes, who yesterday contended that the nearly 6,000 public service hires by the Christie administration played a significant role in past credit downgrades.

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Unions warn govt - be very careful

THE National Congress of Trade Unions of The Bahamas, an umbrella organisation representing thousands of Bahamian employees, put the Minnis administration on notice that it will be watching closely to ensure the country’s workers do not “suffer unduly” so the government can meet its political promises at their expense.

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Wilchcombe attacks PR firm hiring

FORMER Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe revealed yesterday the Ministry of Tourism saved the government $3.5m in agency fees and commissions last year as he defended the capacity of the ministry’s in-house public relations team.

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Diplomat appointments awaiting responses from host countries

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Darren Henfield said yesterday the government was awaiting responses from host countries before new diplomats are deployed. He told The Tribune that all diplomat appointments had been finalised. In June, Mr Henfield reveale

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Truth behind fall in jobless number

MINISTER of Labour Dion Foulkes has downplayed the slight dip in the unemployment rate, saying yesterday many of the jobs from the sample period came from temporary employment and it is likely these workers are now on the unemployment line.

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Galanis: Ditch the PLP losers

EVERY Progressive Liberal Party candidate rejected by voters on Election Day should be barred from contesting leadership posts at the party’s October convention, former PLP member of Parliament Philip Galanis said Monday.

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'FNM are using PLP policies'

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts said a recent statement from Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes on job figures and plans to increase employment showed the government has simply adopted Progressive Liberal Party pro-growth policies established by the Christ

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Unpaid diplomats told to sue the government

SENATOR Fred Mitchell is urging a group of recalled diplomats to take legal action against the government in pursuit of money allegedly owed to them.

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‘Get back to PLP roots to become stronger’

THE Progressive Liberal Party can become a much stronger force if it returns to its roots of being a community, one of its senators told supporters over the weekend.

From marching to bailout – Cooper blasts FNM U-turn

EXUMA & Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper called out the Free National Movement yesterday for “marching recklessly against the establishment of Bahamas Resolve” in 2015 only to now embrace the special purpose vehicle as part of a plan to turn around the troubled Bank of the Bahamas.

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‘Jobs figures vindicate PLP’

THE Progressive Liberal Party embraced the newly released Labour Force survey results over the weekend, using the numbers that showed a slight decrease in unemployment to defend the legacy of the Christie administration.

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Tourism in fear over crime risk

TOURISM Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said because crime is “such an enormous problem” in New Providence, his ministry is “deathly” afraid every day that a tragic event will happen and the United States will issue another travel advisory.

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‘Publish jobs of permit holders’

SENATOR Ranard Henfield, leader of the We March protest movement, wants the government to disclose the list of jobs and positions for which work permits have been issued to non-Bahamians to perform.