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GAIN AN EDGE: Career opportunities with a UB degree

Through her 33 years in the Counselling Services Department (CSD), Career and Placement Counsellor Norma Turnquest has guided thousands of students during their university journey. She not only mentors but also advises students how to land a great job and build an enjoyable career.

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GAIN AN EDGE: How BTVI helps lay the foundations for a career

Technical vocational education training can help everyone, from fashion designers to plumbers . . .

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GAIN AN EDGE: Finding where the jobs are

The Lyford Cay Foundations offers three tips for students on mapping out their progress to career success.

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GAIN AN EDGE - Why I give: Scholarships and philanthropy

Each month, Gain An Edge features a guest writer who will share their views, insights and perspectives on higher education. Darnell Osborne, an alumna of University of The Bahamas, on the transformative power of scholarships and philanthropy.

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INSIGHT: Why a university degree doesn’t have to cost you

With more than 40 years experience as a counsellor and educator, Cheryl Carey, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships at the University of the Bahamas, shares her perspectives on the value of a tertiary education and how financial aid, bursaries and private scholarships are permitting students to achieve post-secondary education.

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GAIN AN EDGE – Making college possible: a parent’s perspective

From experience, Charlotte Knowles-Thompson will tell you that you can afford college with careful planning.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Why diversified education is key to social equity

Failure to have both TVET and traditional academics available in all school programmes is a disservice to our children and country, says Remiska Wildgoose, English instructor at BTVI . . .

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GAIN AN EDGE: A university degree in the comfort of home

The best of all worlds is now available to students righton their doorstep, says the University of The Bahamas . . .

GAIN AN EDGE: The Perfect Fit – Finding the best college for you

There are many factors to consider in choosing where to pursue post-secondary education, as Lyford Cay Foundations explains . . .

GAIN AN EDGE: Creating the next generation of problem solvers

Technical and Vocational Education also involves transferable skills through academic study, as the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute explains . . .

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GAIN AN EDGE: High flier Le’Andra pursues her dream

A top scholar explains what it takes to succeed at the University of The Bahamas

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GAIN AN EDGE: Preparation is the key to unlocking success in college and beyond

Lyford Cay Foundations suggests a simple three-step guide for students to transform dreams into reality . . .

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GAIN AN EDGE: What does this university “thing” mean?

Dr Ian Strachan shares his thoughts on what expectations are realistic after the rebranding of COB . . .

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GAIN AN EDGE: The advantage of a degree is not hard to compute

The increasing concerns over cyber security open up opportunities for IT graduates, as one promising Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute student is finding.

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GAIN AN EDGE: How college education opens doors to a career

Selvin Basden, a beneficiary of post-secondary education, explains the advantages he sees of that when hiring potential employees . . .

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GAIN AN EDGE: Opening the door to work

Dean of Academic Affairs at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), Pleshette McPhee, often says “TVET is the new global currency”.


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