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Tuesday, April 30

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04302019 EDITION

Tuesday, 30th April, 2019.

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FACE TO FACE: A sheltered island girl who sat at the head of the nation

From Rose’s to Mount Fitzwilliam is one of the best books I have ever read. After completing the nearly 400 pages of rich history and personal reflection, I closed it with the same feeling I had when I arrived at the end of Sir Clifford Darling’s A Bahamian Life Story… a greater sense of responsibility, love of country and impetus to do and be my best.

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Foulkes says strike vote is legal

LABOUR Minister Dion Foulkes announced yesterday he has decided to certify the strike vote for the Bahamas Utilities Service and Allied Workers Union which represents line staff at the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

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Gunned down when he opened the door

BEFORE he died of multiple gunshot wounds in his chest, Alain Perez, owner of Bimini Big John’s Bar and Grill, told his roommate that an unknown person wearing dark clothing was his assailant, according to police on the island.

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‘We won’t use up $108m headroom’

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday voiced optimism that the government will not squander the “$108m headroom” created by the fiscal third quarter’s $40m budget surplus.

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‘We’ll fight Harbour Island plan’

ONE hundred home and business owners are lined up to fight a multi-million-dollar development on Harbour Island, a chief critic of the project claimed yesterday.

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Bethel’s warning after Government House murder: We can’t allow this ever again

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel yesterday said the circumstances surrounding the murder of Royal Bahamas Defence Force Petty Officer Philip Perpall at Government House are “disturbing”, adding people should pray that hateful anger and violence forever departs the country.

Plastics ban - be prepared

OFFICIALS from the Ministry of Environment and Housing are calling for business owners to reach out to the ministry to be educated on the impending 2020 ban on single-use plastics and Styrofoam.

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Cannabis products are ‘still illegal’

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands yesterday suggested there will be an official crackdown on the sale and use of CBD as he sent a strong warning to businesses and consumers that cannabis-derived products are still illegal.

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Don’t let your weight weigh you down

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

EDITORIAL: Don’t get caught by surprise on plastics deadline

The start of January next year will be the end of an era of destruction to the environment.

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THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: In the horror of Sri Lanka, the BBC falls short of the mark

In today’s world of instant communication via the internet, news of the horrors of the recent evil and cowardly terrorist attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka will have reached far and wide.

Celebrating the invaluable work of midwives

THE great contributions of midwives in the Bahamas, many that may have gone unnoticed, will be celebrated during this year’s International Midwives Day.

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Putting new moms first: How to help with stressful situations after baby’s arrival

When Tishka Moss had her first child, Gevon Jr, something happened that she never expected. Instead of feeling pure joy at having delivered a healthy baby boy, she also experienced some negative feelings; feelings of stress and being completely overwhelmed.

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Three men charged with fraud

THREE men were arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court yesterday, charged in two separate fraud-related cases.

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‘We want to make Labour Day Parade safe as we can’

LABOUR Minister Dion Foulkes yesterday underscored the desire to “minimise or eliminate altogether” the possibility of another fatal vehicular accident occurring at this year’s Labour Day parade.

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Potter’s Cay vendors facing crack down on sub-letting

VENDORS at Potter’s Cay Dock are facing a crackdown as officials move to evict owners who sublease their stalls.

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Inquest begins into man shot and killed by police

THE Coroner’s Court inquest into the death of 20-year-old Deangelo Bodie Wallace, who was shot and killed by police during a shoot-out on Saturday, May 16, 2015, officially got underway with evidence submission yesterday.

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Funding the future

THE Generation Esthers organisation is seeking to raise $100,000 to fund the future of young girls as part of its mentorship programme.

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Penn Relays: Mingoes perform well despite weather challenges

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — The UB Mingoes turned in strong performances at the 125th running of the University of Pennsylvania Relays over the weekend despite the rain and weather hurting much of their performances.

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Mixed martial artist Neymour making moves

BAHAMIAN mixed martial artist Kenny Neymour is looking to make the progression to one of the sport’s major promotions.

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Horton looking forward to new job in the BBF

WITH his tenure now complete, Eugene Horton is looking forward to making the transition from being the president of the New Providence Basketball Association to first vice president of the Bahamas Basketball Federation.

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More playing time for Sun’s Jonquel Jones?

The Connecticut Sun made arguably the biggest transaction of the WNBA offseason and it could lead to an increased role for Jonquel Jones.

So will Trump remember to look into travel?

Comment from the Minister of Foreign Affairs on President Trump keeping his word to look into Travel Advisories…what a joke you really think President Trump remembered?

Maillis deserves the credit

I regret having to correct the opinion of the Rev C B Moss that he saved Clifton back then…he is incorrect he was Johnny come lately.

No wonder we're a mess

This is a letter regarding the article "Crunch time for NIB payouts".

PLP's attack out of order

The country was shocked to hear of the killing of a Royal Bahamas Defence Force officer at Government House over the weekend. A family has to bear and endure the tragic loss of a loved one. We are all heartbroken.

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Man, 21, charged with murder

A 21-year-old man was charged in Magistrate’s Court yesterday, accused of murdering a 34-year-old father-of-four over the Easter holiday weekend.

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Govt ‘feeling pretty good’ with VAT collection at 56%

The government was yesterday said to be “feeling pretty good” about VAT’s performance despite collecting just 55.6 percent of the 2018-2019 full-year forecast during the first nine months.

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Help! My marriage is childless

The old saying, “Marriage is easy to get into but difficult to get out of” doesn’t seem to have any effect on the speed in which couples enter and exit marriages today. The reasons why people pursue marriage have also changed over the years. Marriage vows have been edited for comfort, deleted when convenient, and often professed with glee then totally ignored when problems come as though tossing them in the tall weeds of life would bury their significance.

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LIFE LINES: Drawing a line in the sand

How invincible or permeable are the boundaries you set around yourself?

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Robotic surgery: The future for urology in the Bahamas

The recent introduction of laparoscopic curative prostate surgery for the first time ever in the Bahamas is the first step towards fulfilling of the dream of making minimally invasive robotic urological surgery an everyday reality in this country.

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$7.8m caught in payment frauds

Some $7.8m worth of payment fraud complaints were made in 2018, the Central Bank of The Bahamas has revealed, with debit cards accounting for almost 60 percent of cases.

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Govt focusing on ‘hand ups, not give aways’

The deputy prime minister yesterday defended the government as “very responsive” to the poor’s needs, as it was focused on “providing a hand up” rather than “giving away money”.

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Govt moves on ‘real risk’ posed by SOE losses

The government yesterday revealed plans to introduce legislation that will address “the real risk” loss-making, inefficient state-owned enterprises (SOEs) pose to its financial health.

BTVI facilitates first international intern

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) has just facilitated its first international internship after carpentry student, Odler Pierre, reached out to US-based Storm Team Construction.

URCA unveils GB town hall meetings

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) is set to hold three meetings on Grand Bahama as part of its ongoing public consultation process.

Monday, April 29

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Monday, 29th April, 2019.

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04292019 EDITION

Monday, 29th April, 2019.

EDITORIAL: Stand up for the victims

PEOPLE would do well to pay attention to the words of Bishop Simeon Hall today.

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INSIGHT: Outside the circle but still with lessons to impart

IN less than a month, countries around the world will convene for the 72nd World Health Assembly to implement its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Delegates will also hold critical talks on a variety of issues including public health emergency preparedness, universal health coverage, climate change and disease control.

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INSIGHT: Carnival’s actions lay our impotency bare

BAHAMIAN people have been expressing outrage at the revelations of Carnival’s illegal dumping of 500,000 gallons of black water, or treated wastewater, in our seas. It wasn’t long ago that the government was expressing its excitement for the role Carnival would be playing in the revitalisation of Grand Bahama’s economy.

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Weather and engine problems combine to batter New Providence

A FAILED engine and inclement weather contributed to a weekend of power outages for Bahamas Power and Light customers across New Providence.

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Injunction stops sale of former MP’s Jeep

AN injunction was issued by the Supreme Court on Friday barring the auction of former Member of Parliament Keod Smith’s Jeep Wrangler.

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Billionaire US family to buy Roberts’ hotel

A billionaire US family has been confirmed as the purchaser-in-waiting for Rupert Roberts’ Bimini Sands resort, Tribune Business can reveal.

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UPDATED: Well-known American businessman shot dead in Bimini

A WELL-KNOWN American businessman in Bimini was shot multiple times and killed in his home at Bimini Bay opposite Resorts World early yesterday morning, the Royal Bahamas Police Force has said.

Medals show the difference

The results of CARIFTA as the public in Nassau have been told was that the Bahamas came second, 2nd…with 26 medals.


THE Government Secondary Schools Sports Association will begin its softball for junior and senior girls and baseball for junior and senior boys 4pm today at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

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Athletes hold their own at the 125th Penn Relays

A COUPLE of Bahamians held their own as they competed at the 125th version of the Penn Relays at Franklin Field in Philadelphia over the weekend.

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Isaacs Jr talks about fresh start with the Rockies

TODD Isaacs Jr discussed his fresh start with a new franchise while Lucius Fox and Reshard Munoe were honoured for the first time this season over the weekend.

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Saunders gets chance to earn roster spot in NFL

Mavin Saunders will have his first opportunity to earn a roster spot in the National Football League with the franchise that has made some of this year’s most high profile acquisitions in the offseason.

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Shaunae opens season with world leading time

Shaunae Miller-Uibo achieved a world leading time and her second best career performance in her season opener on Saturday at the Tom Jones Memorial in Gainesville, Florida.

Fair play in public life is fast disappearing

It is very interesting to observe that public morality and politics here in our wonderful nation are not practised on a consistent basis, if at all. There are several cases in point but none more glaring than the legalisation of homosexual and lesbian sex between individuals sixteen and over and, of course, the worst one of them all, so far, legalisation and the so-called regulation of gaming or the numbers. The other one is the abject attempts to destroy and belittle genuine politicians and those who are about doing good for this nation. Let’s get down to basics.

Political world closing in on the ridiculous

Since May, 2017 I suggest the best description of the political world is very similar to the soap opera ‘As the world turns’ - mostly very unpredictable and usually questionable closing to the ridiculous.

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Guyanese woman accused of smuggling migrants from Bahamas to Florida

A WOMAN from Guyana has been arrested by US federal authorities on charges of illegally taking a boatload of undocumented foreigners from The Bahamas to Miami.

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The Pope bestows honour on Marjorie

POPE Francis has bestowed the honour of Dame of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Sylvester on a local woman, Marjorie Davis.

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Hall: Churches must boldly decry sexual abuse

BISHOP Simeon Hall is calling for churches to “boldly decry” instances of sexual abuse — including within families and between married couples.

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GAIN AN EDGE: Alexis determined to break the mould

While the recent trend in The Bahamas is that women are acquiring greater access to higher education, University of The Bahamas (UB) research suggests that in the workplace, women continue to face discrimination in the form of lower incomes when compared with men.

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WORLD VIEW: The Caribbean ideals of Alister McIntyre

SIR Meredith Alister McIntyre was born in Grenada but for much of his life, dedicated to promoting the interests of the Caribbean, few knew his birth place. What they knew was that he belonged to a group of West Indian thinkers whose identity was West Indian and who worked assiduously in the collective interest of the region.

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Super Value owner: ‘$1.5m relief in sight’ via VAT Commission

Super Value’s owner has voiced optimism that “$1.5m relief is now in sight” after the recent appointment of the VAT Appeals Commission chairman.

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Aliv ‘monitoring’ US/UK fears on Chinese supplier

Aliv’s top executive “can’t praise highly enough” its Chinese technology supplier despite the ongoing controversy over whether it should be allowed to build 5G mobile networks in the US and UK.

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Environmentalist slams ‘national park targeting’

An environmentalist is questioning whether the proposed $580m south Abaco resort project is another sign that the Government is “intentionally targeting the national parks” for development.

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Govt buildings strategy ‘win-win for everyone’

The government’s proposal to structure an investment vehicle that would broaden Bahamian ownership of government buildings is “a win-win for everyone”, a Cabinet minister said yesterday.

Festival to expose maritime services

Arawak Port Development Company (APD) will host The Bahamas’ first ever Maritime Festival on May 11 at its Nassau Container Port facility to highlight the industry’s various service providers.

New booking partner’s $1.9m tourism boost

The Bahamas has partnered with a new booking platform that generated more than $1.9m in revenues for the destination in 2018.

Insurers unveil lifetime achievement honouree

The Bahamas Insurance Association (BIA) has named Orry J Sands as its 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Honouree for the property and casualty sector.

Five Bahamian spas battle for top award

Five Bahamas-based spas are battling for the top spot in the fifth annual World Spa Awards 2019.

Chamber hosting US trade visit this week

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce (BCCEC) is hosting a trade mission from the Washington DC Chamber of Commerce on a week-long visit that begins today.

Sunday, April 28

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UPDATED: Defence Force Marine shot dead at Government House – Commodore says murder is ‘real blow’ to RBDF

A ROYAL Bahamas Defence Force veteran was shot multiple times in his upper body and killed by his subordinate at Government House early yesterday morning, gripping the nation and sending shock waves throughout the RBDF.

Saturday, April 27

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Deputy PM defends Immigration Amendment Bil

DEPUTY Prime Minister K Peter Turnquest is defending the newly passed Immigration Amendment Bill 2019 against backlash, surmising there is a “misunderstanding” of the Bill’s intentions and insisting that it does not provide for the free movement of people or labour.

Friday, April 26

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New programme to increase Bahamian ownership of govt assets

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis on Friday accused web shop owners of “monopolising on the economy”, as he introduced a new public-private programme to increase Bahamian ownership of government assets.

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McAlpine: Give Bahamians an opportunity

PINERIDGE MP Frederick McAlpine yesterday said he abstained from voting in favour of the government’s recently passed Immigration Amendment Bill 2019 because he believes it effectively puts Bahamians in the back seat.

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Union President demands answers over WSC strike vote rejection

WATER and Sewerage Management Union (WSMU) President Ednel Rolle on Friday questioned whether the rejection to last week’s strike vote was based in law.

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04262019 WEEKEND

Friday, 26th April, 2019.

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'No real changes' to upcoming Labour Day Parade

UNION officials yesterday said there would be "no real changes" to the upcoming Labour Day Parade following last year's tragedy.

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Gunshot victim seeks donations for bionic eye

GUNSHOT victim Verneko Gibson is seeking donations to help pay for a bionic eye.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Marijuana – if we legalise it, we must also decriminalise it

I have long stated that the barbershop is one of the last bastions of free speech.

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Wells confirms audit will check for fake driving licences

TRANSPORT and Local Government Minister Renward Wells yesterday confirmed an audit of the Road Traffic Department’s new system is underway focusing on apparent discrepancies that could be affecting revenue.

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Doctor delighted with success of pioneering surgery

Bahamian urologist Dr Greggory Pinto has sucessfully conducted a revolutionary curative prostate cancer surgery at Doctors Hospital - a procedure Dr Pinto vows to make “widely available” and perform routinely in the Bahamas.

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Carnival brings in more training after dumping

CARNIVAL vessels have submitted three reports to maritime authorities in the current 2018/2019 fiscal year, The Tribune has been told.

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Project manager with drugs conviction

BERNARD Ross, the project manager for 4M Harbour Island LTD, was convicted of heroin possession in the United States in 1976, one of several run-ins he had with the law.

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Two-decade effort to ‘banish’ Lehder legacy resumes

The Government yesterday moved to revive a near two-decade effort to banish the legacy of Carlos ‘Joe’ Lehder by seeking Parliament’s approval for a two-way, nine acre land swap.

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Smith trial witness loses PHA contract

THE cleaning contract for the Princess Margaret Hospital and its eye care clinic, previously held by Barbara Hanna’s Magic Touch cleaning company, has now been split between two companies.

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$1.5bn revenue target for Nassau landmarks

A Bahamian investor group believes it can generate $1.5bn in gross revenues during the 25 years in which it plans to transform key Nassau heritage sites into “world-class” landmarks.

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‘Reserves issues need more study’

THE Reserves arm of the Royal Bahamas Police Force was used as a “dumping ground” for retired officers, highlighting that management and leadership was a challenge, opposition leader Philip “Brave” Davis has said.

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‘PARADISE LOST’: Harbour Island residents split over marina plan, ‘Boutique’ $45m project explodes in size, Frontman given work permit despite record

A HARBOUR Island development is set to become five times larger than initially planned and is sparking outrage from high profile guests and some locals on the island.

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Shoppers getting used to life with no plastic

A FEW local organisations have started making preparations for the 2020 ban of single-use plastics and Styrofoam.

Bar Association unhappy with bill amendments

THE Bahamas Bar Association yesterday rejected a key portion of the Minnis administration’s newly passed Immigration Amendment Bill 2019, calling it “deconstructive” and a move against the nation’s best interest.

Good Deeds on Good Friday

The New Birth Church celebrated another successful community event on Good Friday with its annual Good Deeds initiative.

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Woods: WSC trying to misdirect Dept of Labour

BAHAMAS Utilities Service and Allied Workers Union (BUSAWU) President Dwayne Woods yesterday accused the Water and Sewerage Corporation of attempting to “misdirect” the Department of Labour by claiming BUSAWU did not meet the requirements for a strike vote.

God is still in control of our paths

Notwithstanding the trials and challenges that we shall encounter along life’s journey, as believers we are comforted in knowing that God remains in control. The Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:19 (KJV): “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


When we think of “before and after” situations our minds may run on the medical makeovers that are being televised regularly on certain channels. There are so many drastic changes which may be made to facial features that persons seem hardly recognisable after it is over. I wonder to what degree personalities are altered by the improved self-esteem that is advertised.

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‘Moral responsibility’ over CLICO payouts

A prominent CLICO (Bahamas) policyholder yesterday said the Government has a moral responsibility to compensate victims because of the regulatory failings that aided the insurer’s collapse.

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Govt told: Go further on minority protection

The Government needs to go further than its Companies Act reforms to truly protect Bahamian minority investors, an investment bank chief urged yesterday.

Helping you to stand up under pressure

Calvary Deliverance Church will host its 26th annual Women of Integrity conference this coming week, encouraging their members to follow this year’s theme – “Don’t Break Under Pressure”.

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The 66th National Family Island Regatta

LONG Island New Legend won the 1st series race in class A yesterday.

‘Take Me to the Water’ – Native Baptist welcomes new converts for Easter

St John’s Particular Church of Native Baptist, which is comprised of 62 churches throughout The Bahamas, celebrated the Easter week by welcoming 33 new converts to the fold.

Who are Sri Lanka’s Christians?

Nearly 300 people were killed in several coordinated bomb attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter.

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Ahmard Harvey to join Chanticleers in NCAA Division I Basketball this fall

AHMARD Harvey became the latest Bahamian prep star to make the transition to NCAA Division I Basketball.

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Team Bahamas' medal performances at CARIFTA Swimming Championships

Here’s a look at Team Bahamas medalists from the first two days of competition at the Carifta Swimming Championships in Bridgetown, Barbados. Monday night’s winners were not available up to press time.

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Bahamas set for 4th IAAF World Relays in Japan

WHEN the International Amateur Athletic Federation’s fourth World Relays takes up its new home in Yokohama, Japan, next month, the Bahamas will not be defending its only title won in the inaugural mixed gender 4x400 metre relay in the final event staged here in the Bahamas in 2017.

Penn Relays: Mullings 2nd in the decathlon

NATIONAL record holder Ken Mullings picked up a second place finish in the men’s decathlon as the prestigious Penn Relays, now in its 125th year, officially began at the Franklyn Field in Philadelphia.

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Bahamas Fed Cup team recognised

AFTER returning home Team Bahamas was recognised for their efforts at the 2019 Fed Cup in Lima, Peru.

Morality by consensus is not my way

According to Gallup polls, 4.5% of Americans ‘identify’ as a member of the LGBT community.

Too much hype, not enough beef

Talk in the House of Assembly - Ministers-MP’s need to listen to their comments after they have made contributions.

EDITORIAL: Harbour Island project doesn't smell right

WHEN it comes to analysing the project under way in Harbour Island, it seems to fail the smell test in a number of ways.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: When will the penny drop? It’s just not worth it

Usually a sucker for the underdog, a protector of whatever species is facing undeserved or premature extinction, the penny is one lesser specimen of which I am not a fan. Quite the opposite, I stare at it with wonderment, like why in the world is it still around?

Zion Baptist honours island traditions

Zion Baptist Church is hosting a special programme this Sunday to celebrate nearly forgotten Bahamian island traditions.

Religious happenings around town

The Life and Legacy of Charles C Smith II Date/Time: Thursday, April 25, at 6.15pm

‘Islands Of The Bahamas Showcase’ to feature eight NCAA division I teams

THE field has been announced for the third edition of bdGlobal Sports’ Islands of the Bahamas Showcase.

Fellowship aimed at treating cancer in women

OFFICIALS from the University of the West Indies announced yesterday a two-year fellowship training programme in an effort to diagnose and treat cancer arising in the reproductive organs of women.

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Financial Intelligence ‘put away in corner and forgotten about’

A KEY agency in The Bahamas’ battle against financial crime had been “put away in a corner and forgotten about”, the deputy prime minister argued yesterday.

BTC backs ‘Girls in ICT’ summit

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is celebrating International Girls in ICT Day by sponsoring the all-girls conference for high school students organised by sector regulators.

Airport smoothes way for 5,000 Easter travellers

Officials at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) yesterday reported a smooth Easter holiday weekend with 75,000 passengers moving through it over a five-day period.

Margaritaville resort reaches high Pointe

The Pointe’s Margaritaville Beach Resort at The Pointe has celebrated its progress with a topping-off celebration to mark reaching the highest floor with construction work.

DPM to keynote Eleuthera Outlook

The deputy prime minister will be the keynote speaker for the seventh Eleuthera Business Outlook conference scheduled for May 17 at Frigate’s Bar & Grill in Rock Sound.

Thursday, April 25

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04252019 EDITION

Thursday, 25th April, 2019.

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Students tackling fossil fuel emissions

We are three Grade 8 students from Lyford Cay International School (LCIS). As part of our curriculum, which emphasises community-mindedness and being well rounded, Grade 8 students explain how to take action to address an issue within our community. As part of our community project, we have chosen to spread awareness about how carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases and harmful emissions produced by burning fossil fuels are harming The Bahamas while highlighting what can be done to fix it.

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$95m overhaul promises to be end of BPL generation woe

THE acquisition and installation of seven new Wärtsilä tri-fuel generation engines by Bahamas Power & Light was yesterday pitched as the “end” to the utility provider’s longstanding electricity generation woes.

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Symonette: Act will boost our economy

IMMIGRATION Minister Brent Symonette said yesterday amendments to the Immigration Act will not allow foreigners to compete with Bahamian businesses, but instead will add millions to the economy.

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Technology central to Ferguson's policing plans

COMMISSIONER Anthony Ferguson’s 2019 policing plan was tabled in the House of Assembly yesterday featuring among other things a reliance on technology to prevent and reduce crime.

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Smith: We need an environmental protection act

THE Carnival Cruise line dumping fiasco highlights the “urgent need” for the Minnis administration to pass a comprehensive Environmental Protection Act (EPA), says attorney Fred Smith, QC.

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Web shop hold-outs on ‘shaky ground’

The Attorney General yesterday warned the web shop industry’s tax hold-outs they are on “very shaky ground” in failing to comply with the settlement agreed with the Government.

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NO-SHOW RESERVES STILL PAID SALARIES: Widespread abuse uncovered which cost force thousands

COMMANDERS or supervisors who signed time sheets for police reservists who failed to work may face disciplinary action if the recommendations of a recent branch audit are followed.

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New body to probe air crashes

TOURISM and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar tabled a bill in the House of Assembly yesterday to create an Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority.

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Tougher marine laws in pipeline

THE Minnis administration finds Carnival Cruise Lines’ unlawful dumping of sewage and food waste in Bahamian waters “disturbing”, Transport and Local Government Minister Renward Wells said yesterday, adding the matter is to be comprehensively investigated and appropriate measures taken.

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Carmichael abuse claims ‘irrational’

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel yesterday described Rights Bahamas’ application to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) as “ill-founded and irrational”, adding all the previous issues spotlighted at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre have been remedied.

Sexual assaults top criminal claims on cruise ships

ALLEGED sexual assault remains the most reported criminal activity on board cruise ships according to international statistics.

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New head coaches for ‘Buddy’ and Ayton heading into next season

BOTH Bahamian players in the NBA will undergo head coaching changes headed into the 2019-20.

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Wholesalers Softball League action

AFTER taking a break for the Easter holiday weekend, the New Providence Wholesalers Softball League will be back in action at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex. Before they took the break, the following results were posted in the last games played two weeks ago:

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Four Bahamas Road Masters to endure London Marathon

FOUR members of the Bahamas Road Masters, including the husband/wife team of Dr Ebby and Theodore Jackson, are ready to compete in the London Marathon on Sunday.

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Regatta time again

THE 66th annual National Family Island Regatta got underway yesterday in picturesque George Town, Exuma.

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Izaak Bastian takes the spotlight at CARIFTA Games

IZAAK Bastian had a performance over the weekend at the CARIFTA Games that he will cherish for a long time as he helped the Bahamas swimming programme reign supreme once again in the Caribbean.

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Double A: Jazz hits home runs in back-to-back games

Chisholm homered in back-to-back games, including his first multi-home run game of the season.

Top junior sailors ready for Olympic regatta

The Bahamas National Sailing School and Nassau Yacht Club will host another regatta in its series of events as the Bahamas prepares to field a team for major international competition this fall.

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Jones to head to Longhorns as top 50 recruit

KAI Jones will head to the Texas Longhorns as one of the top 50 Prep Basketball recruits in America.

Facing the brutality of politics on the ground

Now that we have celebrated and observed the Easter Season, we are faced with the brutality of politics on the ground.

We need help from the US coast guards

RBDF … well no excuses now dem boys have radar…range 50 miles that is on shore of Haiti and Dominican Republic! Problem is at HMBS Coral Harbour they miss Haitian sailing sloops sailing under wind right up to their doorstep … will that change?

Time to ensure our passport office works

I begin by acknowledging the efforts of the staff at the passport office who are courteous and hardworking but lament the poor system that is in place to serve the Bahamian public.

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Beautician has robbery conviction overturned

A Long Island-based beautician has had her conviction overturned for robbing a local web shop manager of $17,000 four years ago, but will remain behind bars for conspiring to commit the robbery.

New voice to support conservation groups in Bahamas

MARINE conservation is integral for the survival of small, low-lying countries like The Bahamas, and a new voice is emerging to help support and fund existing conservation groups in the country.

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New AC Systems being installed at PMH

THE installation of six 7.5 tons split HVAC units has begun at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

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STATESIDE: Careful picking friends when times are tough

The death toll is now reported at more than 350 in the shocking Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka that made headlines everywhere and reminded some of that small nation’s geographic position at the foot of the massive Indian subcontinent. But there may be other reasons for us to think about Sri Lanka.

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Apparent suicide of man in his 50s fourth of the year

POLICE are investigating an apparent suicide after a man was found hanging from a beam in a closet of a residence on Haven Street off Lightbourn Street, Chippingham yesterday.

Jamaican group calls for Asylum Bill changes

THE Hummingbird Association - a civic group for Jamaicans living in The Bahamas - has called for an “extenuating circumstances” clause to be included in the proposed Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill (NIAB) 2018, affording applicants for citizenship up to one full year to apply if the initial deadline is missed.

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Grand Bahama Power: Grid instability ‘havoc’ coming to an end

A SENIOR Grand Bahama Power Company executive yesterday voiced optimism that its $10m battery storage facility will prevent its major industrial customers “wreaking havoc in the grid”.

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GB Power needs ‘20 times’ existing plant on 30/30 goal

GRAND Bahama Power Company would need “20 times’” the size of its existing solar energy plant to achieve the Government’s “30 by 30” renewable goals, it was revealed yesterday.

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Govt boosts minority investor protections

THE Government yesterday unveiled multiple legislative changes to boost minority investor protections and enhance the competitiveness of the Bahamian capital markets.

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Financial Intelligence ‘put away in corner and forgotten about’

A KEY agency in The Bahamas’ battle against financial crime had been “put away in a corner and forgotten about”, the deputy prime minister argued yesterday.

Digital is no substitute for the business card

EVERYTHING we do in business today is digital, whether it is sending mail, signing contracts, attending meetings or even networking. But the business card is one thing that digital will not fully replace any time soon.

Bahamas vulnerable to hacking ‘epidemic’

WITH computer hacking at “epidemic levels”, a world-renowned investigator has warned that The Bahamas is among those countries most likely to be targeted because of its vulnerability.

Wednesday, April 24

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04242019 EDITION

Wednesday, 24th April, 2019.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: When opportunity knocks make sure you’re ready to act

Opportunities are everywhere. We tell each other to go out and seize them all the time, but many of them already have names and addresses.

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Dames: No stats to support US crime claims

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames said yesterday he didn’t have any statistics to back claims from a recently released United States report that crimes against its citizens in this country had increased.

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RBPF promotion board was ‘illegally constituted’

A RECENT Royal Bahamas Police Force promotion board that overlooked a police constable from advancement to corporal was illegally constituted, with former Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade found to have had no business chairing the committee in question, a Supreme Court judge has ruled.

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20-year-old on murder charge

A 20-year-old man is the one responsible for murdering a 37-year-old father of three in the Bain Town area late last month, police have alleged.

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PLP calls for action after teenager attacked by US police

WITH the fallout surrounding a video showing a Florida teen of Bahamian heritage being punched and pepper-sprayed by police in that state last week now intensifying, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) called for the government to officially address the ordeal.

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Wendy’s owner wins over staff’s tax ‘miss’

Wendy’s owner has overturned a $27,000 wrongful dismissal verdict in favour of two ex-staff who allegedly failed to pay due taxes on personal goods imported via the company’s containers.

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Crunch time for NIB on payouts

CRITICAL decisions will have to be made regarding the National Insurance Board and the administration of contributions it collects to ensure there remains longevity of the social security net’s benefits, according to a Cabinet minister yesterday.

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GIVE US ANSWERS: Carnival facing grilling on shock ocean dumping

GOVERNMENT officials launched an investigation and started direct talks with Carnival Corporation yesterday after reports that the cruise giant’s ships unlawfully dumped sewage and food waste in Bahamian waters.

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Montagu Beach: We want police on site

VENDORS are calling for increased police patrols in the Montagu Beach area as they expressed their frustration and fears about the rise in crime.

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‘Irreversible’ harm fears on $580m Abaco project

The Government has been urged to reject the proposed $580m South Abaco mixed-use resort project due to “tremendous concerns” over its “financial viability and environmental impact”.

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Govt accused of exploiting ruling

THE traditionally powerful Public Accounts Committee has been stalled, thwarted and handicapped in its ability to carry out its constitutional mandate, according to an interim report.

Mitchell needs to show more respect

Fred Mitchell's recent comments about the Royal Bahamas Police Force were deplorable and uncalled for in my opinion. As an experienced politician he should know better than to make reckless and irresponsible comments about hardworking law enforcement officers, just because it serves his political agenda. As the brother of an officer, I take personal offence.

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Leaders of the pack: CARIFTA Games medallists

A LOOK at our 26 medallists in the 48th CARIFTA Games track and field competition in Georgetown, Cayman Islands:

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Michael Major Jr wins singles title in Easter tourney

IT was a big weekend for Michael Major Jr at the Coldwell Banker/Lightbourn Realty Easter Tournament at the Gym Tennis Club over the weekend.

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Eagles clinch senior boys’ title with 71-48 win over Knights

THE senior title stayed in Bimini while the junior boys’ crown came to New Providence as the 2019 Eagles Invitational Basketball Classic concluded at the Gateway Sporting Arena over the weekend.

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THE PRESS BOX: Who I think will be My Cowboys’ No.58 pick in NFL Draft

FOR the last few weeks I’ve given Cowboy Nation here in the 242 potential targets for the Cowboys in this year’s NFL Draft.

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CARIFTA swimming Champions

Head coach Travano McPhee liked what he saw from the Bahamas’ 36-member team at the 2019 CARIFTA Swimming Championships at the Barbados Aquatic Centre.

Back the guy with a PhD from the University of Hard Knocks

The “Graduate” never ceases to amaze me. After saying all the good things Rupert Roberts has done in his lifetime he proceeds to get nasty, degrading and personal.

EDITORIAL: Montagu needs to be safer

THE Easter Monday shooting that left five people in hospital has left many in the Montagu Beach area voicing concerns – and with good reason.

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innovative surgery to revolutionise treatments

STARTING today, Bahamian urologist Dr Greggory Pinto will be performing a series of innovative surgeries that will revolutionise the treatment of urological disorders in the Bahamas.

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We have the skills to operate radar

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames has dismissed claims that Royal Bahamas Defence Force officers tasked with operating a newly installed long-range radar do not have the necessary skills for the job.

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Chamber chief: ‘We can’t settle for 2.1% GDP rise’

The Bahamas must “challenge itself” to achieve higher GDP growth rates than the 2.1 percent expansion projected for 2019, the Chamber of Commerce’s chief executive has urged.

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MP: ‘Environmental sensitivities huge’ for $580m resort

South Abaco’s MP has acknowledged that “huge environmental sensitivities” are associated with the proposed $580m mixed-use resort project proposed for his constituency.

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‘Incredulity’ of court at $30k pay-off

The Court of Appeal has expressed “sheer incredulity” over a $30,117 compensation award to a former part-time BTVI instructor following the valid termination of her last two-year contract.

Baha Mar opening drives Cable Beach ‘resurgence’

Baha Mar’s opening has driven a “resurgence” in the Cable Beach real estate market due to the desire of its senior executives to live close to work.

Antiquities Corp in heritage sites deal

A Bahamian investor group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to take over management and restoration of key New Providence heritage sites.

Tuesday, April 23

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04232019 EDITION

Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019.

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FACE TO FACE: Dale’s life mission - to get the best out of her students

We often complain about the public education system – its shortfalls and setbacks – but we don’t often praise some of the hardworking educators who go above and beyond to overcome these hurdles to invest into the lives of our children. Their contributions make a difference. Even when some parents don’t seem invested enough, there are teachers who move into action to nurture the potential of their students.

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Bahamas wins 26 medals for 2nd place overall at CARIFTA

Team Bahamas’ 50-member track and field team got off to a fast start in their gold rush, but fizzled off at the end in the overall medal haul as the 48th CARIFTA Games came to a close last night.

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RoyalStar targeting Caribbean acquisition

RoyalStar Assurance and its Trinidadian partner are targeting a Caribbean acquisition that is expected to close before year-end 2019 as part of a regional expansion strategy.

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Carnival’s catalogue of ocean dumpings

CARNIVAL Corporation, the multi-billion-dollar company set to construct a mega port in East Grand Bahama’s eco-sensitive zone, has broken international environmental laws many times in Bahamian waters, according to a newly-released court mandated report.

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Two die in holiday killings

TWO men are dead, including a father of one, following two separate shooting incidents over the Easter holidays.

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Five shot by automatic weapon

FIVE people were shot from an automatic weapon in the Montagu Beach area last night. Eight shots rang out at 9.30pm as residents enjoyed the final hours of their Easter holiday break.

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Boat found in hunt for fisherman

Rescuers searching for a missing elderly Abaconian fisherman have recovered his boat adrift at sea. The Sandy Point community in Abaco has been rocked by the disappearance of 73-year-old fisherman James Green.

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WSC board dismisses strike votes, questions process

EXECUTIVES at the Water and Sewerage Corporation claim that last week’s strike vote by the unions did not meet the requirements to be granted strike certificates.

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Can an independent woman still dream of Prince Charming?

In a society where an increasing number of women are being made heads of departments and leading companies, and where every other Instagram hashtag or Facebook post celebrates us making “boss moves”, is it wrong to admit that you still long for Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet?

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Free workplace wellness ideas

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

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‘Biggest Loser Challenge’ goes keto

Sixth annual competition kicks off May 6

The Biggest Loser Challenge is back for its sixth annual edition, and for the second year in a row it’s bringing with it the new Ketolicious Challenge.

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OFF THE SPECTRUM: Be a part of the puzzle

If you happened to be passing by Rawson Square on the night of Tuesday, April 2, you may have seen an unusual sight. The House of Assembly was glowing with blue lights. The office of the Prime Minister was lit up with blue lights as well.

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BTVI students sweep mental health speech contest

Three students of the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute placed first through third in the recent Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre’s Occupational Therapy Month speech competition.

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A spotlight on testicular cancer

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. The importance of self-awareness and education regarding testicular cancer is going to be stressed during this month, particularly for men under 40 years of age.

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LIFE LINES: The importance of EQ vs IQ

Growing up, most of us were taught that it is our IQ (intelligence quotient) which will define us and play the major role in determining whether we will be successful in life, both personally or professionally.

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Bahamian beauty queens head to Las Vegas

Five Bahamian beauty queens are preparing to make their mark on the international stage this Summer when they head to Las Vegas for the Regency International Pageant.

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Adrianna Munnings bares her soul and finds success

Fans asked to vote for singer in Prayze Factor Awards

Bahamian singer-songwriter Adrianna Munnings has sung backup for some of music’s biggest legends, but now the Andros native is finding success in her own right.

2,500 entrepreneurs awaiting centre’s aid

AROUND 2,500 budding entrepreneurs are in the queue to access the Small Business Development Centre’s (SBDC) services, its executive director saying: “We are trying to set companies up for sustainable success.”

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Tennis tournament was a success in Eleuthera

THE Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) congratulates Artie Johnson and sponsor Timothy Dames on a well organised and successful tournament in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera.

Athletes hit the track and field overseas

INSTEAD of competing at the CARIFTA Games in the Cayman Islands where she could have been a contender for a medal, Doneisha Anderson participated in the 2019 Alumni Gold Track Meet at the Bernie Moore Track Stadium in Louisiana.

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MVP Anthon Williams’ triple double helps Cobras to win title

ANTHON Williams delivered a triple double and earned an MVP performance to lead the CC Sweeting Cobras to the inaugural Caribbean Kings, Inter-Caribbean High School Basketball Championships.

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Fed Cup: Peru thwarts Bahamas’ bid to advance to group one

TEAM Bahamas’ bid to advance to the Fed Cup Americas Group One was thwarted by the host Peru in the final on Saturday at the Tennis Club Las Terrazas Miraflores in Lima, Peru.

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CARIFTA swimming team on way to repeating as champions

THE Bahamas is well on its way to repeating as the champions of the CARIFTA Swimming Championships.

Time we stopped turning a blind eye

A cursory review of the draft Nationality and Immigration Bill currently making consultation rounds reveals one glaring example of our national hypocrisy.

No merit in this troubling story

In an age of rampant misinformation on many social media platforms, the maxim that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes holds true in The Bahamas.

WORLD VIEW: Migrant Caravans – Are they in the Caribbean’s future?

IMAGINE the scene if people with little hope of a better life in Caribbean countries could walk to the United States. Undoubtedly, many would do so, joining the tens of thousands in the present so-called Caravan from three countries in Central America – El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: Rebellion? Just mayhem and misery for millions

Memories of youth seldom fade. I still recall a teacher in my far-off schooldays who seemed more interested in demonstrating his own intellectual prowess than in leading young minds to new ideas and concepts. ‘Liberty or licence’ (see below) was one of his favourite topics for essay-writing, without bothering to explain the difference in advance.

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Two pedestrians killed in separate traffic accidents

TWO pedestrians were killed in separate traffic incidents over the Easter holiday period.

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Two Haitians facing court

TWO Haitian nationals were recently arraigned in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court - one for illegal landing and the other for harbouring an undocumented migrant.

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Multiple armed robberies mar Easter weekend

POLICE are looking for the suspects behind several armed robberies that occurred on the weekend.

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Security firm to ‘raise bar’ as legal woe ends

A Bahamian security firm is now focusing on “raising the bar” for itself and wider industry after settling a legal battle with its former partner on the criminal ankle bracelet monitoring contract.

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Don’t ‘reinvent the wheel’ over Abaco mega project

An Abaco realtor yesterday queried why the Government was “reinventing the wheel” with new multi-million dollar resort projects when existing ones were for sale at a fraction of these sums.

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EIA findings crucial for $580m project

The Abaco Chamber of Commerce’s president says the fate of the $580m mixed-use resort project proposed for the island’s south will be decided by the environmental impact findings.

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Decade to end ‘social welfare’ system in Govt

A governance reformer has predicted it will take between five to ten years to eliminate “the social welfare system” that much of the public sector has become.

IAN FERGUSON: Translating faith to the workplace

As we bring this sacred season of Easter to a close, it has provided a wonderful opportunity for many to reflect on their faith. One of the greatest points of question, and concern, for many who follow Judeo-Christian teachings and practice is how much of our expression of faith should we include in our corporate and civic lives.

Investor deals ‘should go beyond just jobs’

THE Government wants all investor Heads of Agreements to go beyond job promises and create entrepreneurial opportunities that will help The Bahamas retain more of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows.

Eleuthera Chamber chief warns over infrastructure

Eleuthera’s infrastructure must keep pace with foreign direct investment, the island’s Chamber of Commerce president is warning, with a study of its needs required “as soon as possible”.

Monday, April 22

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Two dead after shootings hours apart

Two men are dead after two separate shooting incidents hours apart.

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INTERNATIONAL NEWS: At least 290 dead in Sri Lanka Easter attacks

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Sri Lankan officials failed to heed warnings from intelligence agencies about the threat of an attack by a domestic radical Muslim group that officials blame for Easter Sunday bombings which killed at least 290 people, the country's health minister said Monday.

Sunday, April 21

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Woman dies after being hit by bus

A woman has died after being hit by a bus on Blue Hill Road on Saturday night.

Saturday, April 20

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Man on scooter shot, police investigate armed robberies

Police are investigating after a man on a scooter was shot off Infant View Road on Thursday night.

Thursday, April 18

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04182019 EDITION

Thursday, 18th April, 2019.

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04182019 WEEKEND

Thursday, 18th April, 2019.

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Robert F Kennedy, Jr to deliver 'clean water' lecture in Grand Bahama

ON Saturday night, conservationist, environmental attorney and author Robert F. Kennedy, Jr will deliver a lecture entitled: “Access to clean water, it’s a human right” at 7pm at the Regency Theatre in Grand Bahama.

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Teenager De'Andranique seeking help in ovarian cancer fight

A TEENAGER is seeking the public's help to raise funds to assist in her fight against ovarian cancer.

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Traffic delays expected due to BPL tree trimming

BAHAMAS Power and Light Company has warned that traffic delays are expected when it starts its tree trimming exercise Tuesday to prepare the route teams will take to transport engines for its new $95m power plant at Clifton Pier.

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Disney Cruise Line announces all-female scholarship arrangement with LJM Maritime Academy

DISNEY Cruise Line (DCL) has announced an all-female scholarship arrangement with the LJM Maritime Academy, permitting female cadets with leadership aspirations an opportunity to enrol in a three-year programme.

Bahamas Organisation of LGBTI Affairs formed

THE local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community has taken another step toward formalising a means of public sensitization and education through the formation of the Bahamas Organisation of LGBTI Affairs.

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AG: Cabinet authorised release of proposed Immigration Bill

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel has confirmed that Cabinet had authorised Law Reform Commissioner Dame Anita Allen to release the proposed Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill 2018 for consultation.

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Bahamas' accident response times 'consistent with those across Caribbean'

IN the wake of the United States’ Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) cautioning tourists visiting the Bahamas about slow response times to traffic incidents, Superintendent Mareno Hinds said their response time is consistent with the response times across the Caribbean.

Ministers quiet on swimming pigs venture worry

AMID calls for the removal of a group of pigs from a west Grand Bahama “swimming pigs” venture over allegations of inhumane treatment toward the animals, two Cabinet ministers whose portfolios govern separate aspects of such operations have declined to address it.

Tease photo

Owner defends treatment of pigs at tourist attraction

THE owner of an eco-tour company in Grand Bahama that has come under fire over concerns of how it houses its “swimming pigs” insisted yesterday that the tour operation is “above board.”

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STATESIDE: A spellbinding Sunday in Augusta

Among golf tournaments, the British Open and the Masters are generally regarded as the most prestigious and the most steeped in the many traditions with which golf drapes itself.

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More money planned to buy ambulances

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands said yesterday there are plans to request money for more ambulances when his ministry submits its financial needs to the government for consideration in the new budget.

Tease photo

Tougher fines for drivers who kill

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said the government will increase penalties for killing in the course of dangerous driving.

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GOVT HIT WITH $11M DAMAGES CLAIM: ‘Immigration is not a Super Police, a law unto itself’

KENYAN native Douglas Ngumi is suing the government for $11m with interest for illegally detaining him for six years and seven months at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre, during which time he allegedly endured “numerous” beatings by immigration officials and contracted two diseases.

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Water unions opt for strikes

BAHAMAS Utilities Service and Allied Workers Union members have voted in favour of industrial action against the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

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Abaco development pledges $2bn impact

A $580m mixed-use South Abaco resort investment is pledging to create 600 full-time jobs and inject $2bn into the area's struggling economy during its first 10 years in operation.

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Chavez Young hits his first home run of the season

CHAVEZ Young hit his first home run of the season and Lucius Fox went on a seven-game hit streak to highlight the week for Bahamian players in minor league baseball.

Tease photo

Kyle Simmons plans to pursue collegiate baseball

AFTER just over three years in the minor leagues, Kyle Simmons plans to pursue collegiate baseball with Lynn University.

Tease photo

Bahamas wins Fed Cup opener

The Bahamas got off to a perfect start with a dominant performance in their opening match at the 2019 BNP Paribas Fed Cup.

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Contract signed for BPL probe

A LONG-promised probe into Bahamas Power & Light will begin soon after the government signed a contract with an investigative firm last week, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis revealed yesterday.

Apostle Delano Rolle shares expert wisdom in new book

Apostle Delano Rolle’s has released his first book, “Unlocking Greatness”.

Long-range radar to help tackle migration

THE fight against illegal immigration and other migration challenges was enhanced yesterday with the commissioning of a $2.1m long-range radar in Inagua, the first of several radars that will be installed around the country.

Easter happenings around town

• Between Death & Resurrection

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AG ‘reach out’ over web shop tax snafu

The attorney general will “reach out” to Wayne Munroe QC today to find out why his web shop clients are not paying the taxes agreed under the government’s settlement with the industry.

Tease photo

Jones and Company take Euro League title

JONQUEL Jones had another successful WNBA offseason as her team captured the EuroLeague women’s championship.

Tease photo

Hunt for robbers

POLICE are seeking the public’s assistance in apprehending the suspects behind two separate armed robbery incidents that occurred on Tuesday.

Propaganda for the FNM

Please publish my commentary on a recent Nassau Guardian editorial:

Dealing with corruption

A real Bahamian, I am sick and tired of seeing and hearing our politicians adopt bogus stances towards alleged corruption by the party in power when the other side is in opposition. It is dead wrong and it is an overt insult to the collective intelligence of the unwashed masses.

EDITORIAL: When will we learn to treat people as humans?

IT is hard to imagine how much worse the government could have treated Douglas Ngumi.

Tease photo

Seeking to tackle anger

OFFICIALS at the Urban Renewal Commission, as well as the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development have teamed up with temperament and anger management consultant Dr Eric W Fox to provide a six-week anger management course aimed at addressing violence within communities.

Grand Bahama needs more educators, says union leader

THE shortage of curriculum officers on Grand Bahama is among several pressing issues in the public education system that must be addressed by the Ministry of Education, said newly elected area vice president of the Bahamas Educators Managerial Union (BEMU) Frazette Gibson.

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‘This is last summer of load shedding’

IN the wake of residents and businesses across New Providence suffering through disruptions in power supply this week, Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) executive Patrick Rollins said yesterday this summer will be the last for load shedding.

Parade to bring biblical figures to life on Good Friday

A parade of biblical characters will take place during the Christian culture march in Freeport on Good Friday, April 19, when churches, youth groups, civic organisations and the public are invited to join in by wearing costumes depicting figures from the Bible.

An Easter message of hope

Easter commemorates and is the climax of all the events that transpired during what we call Passion Week; from the quiet mystery to the exultant joy of the resurrection.

Seventh-day Adventists host concert to raise money for new community centre

Members the Living Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church will celebrate 31 years of existence this Sunday. The theme chosen for this event is: “A Church of Fellowship, Where People Worship and Faith Works.”

This Easter, find the silver lining in life

“He arose! He arose! Alleluia! Christ Arose!” – Robert Lowry (1826-1899)

Tease photo

Investment fears on work visa plan

Requiring seven-year work permit holders to leave The Bahamas for one year before an employer can reapply for their return is “not investment positive”, the government has been warned.

Tease photo

Aircraft registry needs ‘glaring advantages’

The Bahamas must develop “glaring advantages” over rival jurisdictions if its proposed aircraft registry is to overcome its late market entrance, a Cabinet minister admitted yesterday.

Tease photo

BPL adds 25MW to meet forecast summer demand

A TOP Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) executive yesterday admitted the utility has been forced to secure 25 megawatts (MW) of extra rental generation to meet the summer demand.

$500m developer unveils Bahamas’ ‘largest marina’

The developers behind a proposed $500m Long Island development yesterday released artistic renderings of what is being billed as the largest marina harbour in The Bahamas.

Patrons get taste of The Bahamas

Some 200 patrons recently attended a ‘Taste of The Bahamas’ reception held at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Centre in Fort Lauderdale.

Workshop to prepare GB for $300m cruise projects

Grand Bahama residents and businesses will be prepared to take advantage of $300m in pending cruise line investments at a specialist training session scheduled for early May.

Technology provider in top global award

Bahamas-based Cloud Carib has earned Informa’s prestigious Change Agent Award after seeing off competition from hundreds of technology companies.

Realtor’s Eleuthera agents form team

Two Eleuthera-based Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty agents have partnered to do business as a team, combining 16 years of real estate knowledge and service.

BPL: No URCA approval needed on Wärtsilä deal

BAHAMAS Power & Light’s (BPL) executive director yesterday pledged it was ensuring “as many Bahamians as possible” work on the $95m installation of Clifton Pier’s new generation assets.

Duo team for a real Oasis

A Bahamian entrepreneur is celebrating her business’s second anniversary with the addition of an in-house decorator and designer at Oasis Furniture.

Wednesday, April 17

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04172019 EDITION

Wednesday, 17th April, 2019.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: We don’t have to make everything a competition

Disasters intrigue us. We are interested in how the fire started, who was targetted and why it took so long for help to come. Some become amateur detectives, trying to find motive. Some are self-appointed jury members and judges, deciding who did what and what they deserve as punishment. Not much time passes between freak accidents and terrorist attacks, especially when we have international news at our fingertips. There is always something to theorise, obsess, pray and argue over.

Tease photo

Mitchell wants whole truth on rehiring by government

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell says Public Services Minister Brensil Rolle has not told the whole truth about the government’s rehiring processes.

Tease photo

Minister unhappy after gossip leads to walkout by teachers

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd has decried the demonstration by a small contingent of SC McPherson Junior High School teachers that occurred Friday morning, insisting this broke an industrial agreement with teachers and the public school system.

Tease photo

Man guilty of Woods Alley killing

JAHMARO “Bingy” Edgecombe is guilty of murdering Kenyari Lightbourne in his Woods Alley neighbourhood three years ago, a Supreme Court jury unanimously found yesterday.

Tease photo

'Please help Kenniyha get brain surgery she needs'

A DISTRAUGHT father struggling to raise funds to airlift his daughter to the United States for emergency brain surgery has made an emotional plea to the public for financial assistance.

Tease photo

Water unions’ strike ballot

BAHAMAS Utilities Service and Allied Workers Union President Dwayne Woods is confident today’s strike poll will successfully show the majority of members are in support of industrial action against the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

Tease photo

Immigration ‘draft’ should not have been published

AFTER roughly two weeks of discussion and public feedback related to what many thought was the consultative process connected to the proposed Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill 2018, Immigration Minister Brent Symonette yesterday revealed the Office of the Attorney General was “premature” in its release of the legislation.

Tease photo

Police crack down after fatal crashes

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames is calling for motorists to be more responsible when driving adding police will be more aggressive in enforcing traffic laws.

Tease photo

Extra funds for audit shortfall

FINANCE Minister K Peter Turnquest has confirmed the Office of the Auditor General will receive additional resources in the Minnis administration’s upcoming budget.

Tease photo

Near miss 'wake up' for aviation safety

The recent near mid-air collision at Nassau's airport must serve as "a wake-up call" for the aviation industry to ensure all regulations are being enforced, a leading operator warned yesterday.

Tease photo

Caribbean Kings High School Basketball heats up on day 2

THE Caribbean Kings High School Basketball Championships moved into day two as local teams continued to vie for a spot in this weekend’s final round against visitors throughout the Caribbean.

Golf Academy set for Jr Tour

THE Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy is expected to field a 13-member team to participate in the next stop on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour.

Tease photo

Baseball Leagues set for interleague play

THE Freedom Farm Baseball League and Junior Baseball League of Nassau will participate in a joint initiative aimed at creating more opportunities for their members to participate in interleague play.

Tease photo

THE PRESS BOX: My Cowboys’ potential picks and possible trade on day of the NFL Draft

LET me open by saying: No wide receiver in this year’s NFL Draft is even close to Cowboys’ WR Amari Cooper.

Tease photo

Remarkable showing from Freeport Rugby and Football Club’s under 10s soccer team

THE Freeport Rugby and Football Club’s under 10s soccer team recently had a remarkable showing for their first international tournament in Florida at the 2019 Sharks Soccer Cup & Showcase.

Tease photo

Meadows signs with Greyhounds in NCAA Division II

BRANDON Meadows will take the next step on his collegiate basketball journey at the NCAA Division II level.

Tease photo

‘Concern’ over locals being able to access golf courses

The lack of accessibility to facilities has displaced the local golf community in recent years and the issue took centre stage as the Bahamas Golf Federation hosted an executive from the sport’s governing body worldwide.

Rupert Roberts must evolve

King Canute was simultaneously ruler of England, Denmark and Norway from 1016 to 1035. He became famous, rightly or wrongly, as the ruler who stood on the sea-shore and tried but failed to hold back the tide.

Support middle class

PRIME Minister Minnis and his FNM government won the election in May, 2017 on the theme of the election – “It’s the People’s Time”.

EDITORIAL: A lie has speed, the truth has endurance

GOSSIP got out of hand, it seems, at SC McPherson last week.

Tech Talk

• An Israeli spacecraft crashed into the moon just moments before touchdown, failing in an ambitious attempt to make history last week as the first privately funded lunar landing.

Tease photo

New Samsung handset: Innovation hinges on folding screen

When Samsung said this year it would launch a smartphone with a folding screen, the big question was whether the innovation was something people actually wanted or needed.

Tease photo

In California, giant Stratolaunch jet flies for first time

A giant six-engine aircraft with the world’s longest wingspan completed what company officials called a superb initial flight over California’s Mojave Desert, bringing to life a dream held by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul G Allen.

Tease photo

Flamingo Gardens to be tenth Urban Renewal Centre

FLAMINGO Gardens is on schedule to become the tenth Urban Renewal location in New Providence.

Tease photo

Man accused of indecent assault on co-worker

A WOMAN who claimed her Haitian co-worker fondled only did so to avoid the “unnecessary drama” of her police boyfriend finding out she had caught a ride home with the accused and that they had stopped at her former lover’s house along the way, an attorney asserted yesterday.

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Chance to lead for young officers

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday touted his ministry’s multi-agency “succession planning model,” declaring the scheme will guarantee “young and ambitious and capable” officers a chance to lead.

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$1,500 fines for overstaying

TWO Jamaican cousins were fined over $1,000 each for overstaying in The Bahamas by almost a month, after having secured fake immigration time extension stamps to remain in the country.

Bahamian broker’s chief has ‘total SEC defence’

The principal of a Bay Street-based broker/dealer says he and his 60 Bahamian staff have “a complete defence” to the allegations levied against them by US federal regulators.

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‘Ball’s rolling’ on new multi-billion industry

The Bahamas could unlock a potential “multi-billion dollar industry” if it gets its planned aircraft registry right, an aviation legal specialist said yesterday, adding: “We have great momentum.”

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Realtors: IMF’s price index will ‘require work’

Realtors yesterday backed the IMF’s call for the creation of a Bahamian real estate price index but warned it “will take a lot of work” to obtain the necessary information.

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Bahamians ‘heed call’ as over 1,000 airbags replaced

Airbags were replaced on more than 1,000 vehicles during last week’s free Honda/Acura recall, a senior executive saying yesterday: “A lot of Bahamians heeded the call.”

Maritime Authority confirms top official

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has confirmed Captain Dwain E Hutchinson’s appointment as its new managing director and chief executive.

First sponge export departs for Europe

The first shipment of Bahamas-harvested sponges produced under an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)-financed project left Andros on Monday bound for Europe.

Baha Mar eyes 90% Easter occupancies

BAHA MAR yesterday said bookings across its three properties continue to “exceed our expectations”, as it heads into the Easter holiday weekend with occupancies in the “90 percent range”.

60% boating growth opens job prospects

Bahamians were yesterday urged to pursue jobs in a rapidly-growing marina industry that has witnessed a more than 60 percent increase in visiting boaters over the past three years.

Tuesday, April 16

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04162019 EDITION

Tuesday, 16th April, 2019.

EDITORIAL: "You can’t get lost in the animal rights talk." Oh yes you can - and must.

The swimming pigs have become globally recognised as a part of the Bahamian tourism market.

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THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: Can Assange’s actions be justified? Not in my book

The sudden news of the arrest in London of the co-founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, not surprisingly hit the headlines last week.

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FACE TO FACE: A zest for life which has never been broken

One cannot meet a person like Paul Fernander and forget him.

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Haitian brothers face charges of killing 40-year-old

TWO Haitian brothers are behind the shooting death of a 40-year-old man in the Mackey Street area last month, police have alleged.

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Murphy takes charge as new prison commissioner

AS rain poured around him yesterday afternoon, Charles Murphy accepted the mantle as the new commissioner of the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

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DPM: ‘Touch and feel our tremendous work’

The government’s “tremendous” economic and fiscal progress will soon be “touched, seen and felt” by many Bahamians, the deputy prime minister promised yesterday.

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SHUT IT DOWN: Locked up on a barren rock, then driven into the waves for tourists

THE treatment of a group of swimming pigs in west Grand Bahama has given way to a growing dispute between the operation’s proprietors and local and international animal rights activists, The Tribune has uncovered.

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Horror as woman dies in car fire

A “HORRIFIC stretch” is how Superintendent Mareno Hinds yesterday described the recent spate of traffic fatalities occurring across the nation, culminating in Sunday night’s tragic death of a woman in Fresh Creek, Andros.

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Power cuts now - what about summer?

LOAD shedding yesterday in New Providence sparked worry among business owners regarding Bahamas Power and Light’s ability to keep the electricity on without interruption as the hot summer months approach.

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Dames: Change can’t happen overnight

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames stopped short yesterday of saying the government will cease letting officers investigate police-involved killings, but he said officials are “looking at the process”.

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Workplace wellness

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

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Microneedling craze comes to the Bahamas

It may seem like something out of a horror movie: hundreds of tiny needles piercing your skin and leaving you with a bloody face. But many beauty experts swear by the technique of microneedling, claiming it immediately makes your skin look younger, helps with scars and acne, and reverses sun damage and pigmentation.

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Ten reasons why men should see an urologist

Bahamian men are sadly well-known for generally showing very little concern for their health and physical well-being.

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LIFE LINES: Failing, but falling forward

Failure – a word that seems to have its own dark cloud hanging around it and one which is bandied about as being some kind of awful low point which might define us for a very long time.

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Young women of STRAW become financially savvy

Nearly 300 girls recently received some crucial financial literacy advice courtesy of CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Treasury and Finance Department, as part of STRAW Inc’s 15th annual Girls’ Leadership Conference.

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Confessions of supermoms: Bahamian mothers admit to ‘low key bribing’ teachers

The recent college admission scandal in the United States involving celebrities and high-level officials has brought to light just how far some parents are willing to go to give their children the life they feel they deserve.

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A sister act for success

The bond between sisters can be one of the strongest there is. It can also produce some quite fabulous results, as evidenced by the Tucker sisters – Ramonda and Ramona.

NCAA Division one track & field: Bahamian collegiate athletes post standout performances outdoors

THE outdoor track and field season moved into another weekend for several Bahamian collegiate athletes who continued to turn in standout performances at the NCAA Division I level.

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Prince to make transition to pro basketball in ABA

PRINCE Braynen will make the transition to professional basketball in the American Basketball Association.

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Justin Roberts’ career celebrated by the Sun Devils on Senior Day

JUSTIN Roberts’ acclaimed collegiate career was celebrated by his Arizona State Sun Devils men’s tennis programme on Senior Day, their final home contest of the season.

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Water polo medal haul: Making a splash at Carifta

TEAM Bahamas continues to establish its position as a regional powerhouse in CARIFTA water polo and captured three medals at the event for the second consecutive year.

Foreign policy based on cult of personality

The A-list columnist Philip Galanis posited an interesting take on the geopolitical machinations by the US and China to achieve hegemony in the Caribbean.

Get tough on owning a gun

BEFORE any Bahamian government or Commissioner of Police gets too comfortable with the recent marginal reductions in several categories of violent crime, we would do well to finally address the underlying matter at the heart of our violent crime problem.

PMH communications team stages sit-out as AC fails to work

DISGRUNTLED employees of the communication centre in Princess Margaret Hospital staged a sit-out yesterday due no air-conditioning in their department.

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Man on double murder charge

A 34-year-old Bimini man was arraigned on double murder charges in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Migrants caught heading from Cuba up to 50

THE wave of migrants from Cuba taking the treacherous journey to Florida continues to persist, and to date some 50 Cubans intercepted in Bahamian seas have been brought to Grand Bahama in the last two weeks.

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BPL’s multi-fuel engines to arrive in early May

THE seven multi-fuel engines that will power Bahamas Power and Light’s new $95m electricity plant are scheduled to arrive in the capital on May 4 and will take 23 days to be placed.

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Bahamas needs ‘ability to pay’ taxation system

The Bahamas must seriously examine switching to a tax system based on “ability to pay”, a top private sector executive urged yesterday, amid renewed IMF calls for “greater income equality”.

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‘Don’t tax us into oblivion’ on public pension deficit

The government “cannot tax Bahamians into oblivion” to cover its multi-billion dollar public sector pension deficits, the Chamber of Commerce’s chief executive warned yesterday.

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‘More pressure for change’ call after IMF reveal

Governance reformers yesterday called for “more pressure for change” after the IMF warned that addressing structural impediments to growth was “critical” ahead of joining the WTO.

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Former Bar chief hails ‘a new day’ in construction

THE Bahamian Construction Adjudication Bill will create a “paradigm shift” for the industry, a senior attorney and former Bar Association president said yesterday, hailing it as “a new day”.

We cannot ignore Out Island banking woes

An assessment of the banking system in the southern Bahamas needs to be performed in an effort to accommodate the financial needs of pensioners, business owners, investors and consumers living in this region.

Consumers reveal concerns to URCA

Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) executives heard the concerns of Bahamian consumers at its recent New Providence town hall meeting.

WTO opponents urge Govt to ‘come clean’

Opponents of The Bahamas’ bid to become a full World Trade Organisation (WTO) member yesterday urged the Government to “come clean” on what this will mean for workers and the economy.

Monday, April 15

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Monday, 15th April, 2019.

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04152019 EDITION

Monday, 15th April, 2019.

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Shock and sadness as fire engulfs beloved Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

PARIS (AP) — A catastrophic fire engulfed the upper reaches of Paris' soaring Notre Dame Cathedral as it was undergoing renovations Monday, threatening one of the greatest architectural treasures of the Western world as tourists and Parisians looked on aghast from the streets below.

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WORLD VIEW: Fight to save or sell the soul of the OAS

THE Organisation of American States (OAS), already a broken institution, was shattered even more on April 9 at a meeting of its Permanent Council. It is now an organisation whose membership is deeply divided and among whom mistrust and bitterness now predominates.

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INSIGHT: Can someone just please sit down, read the file and - for good or bad - give Leroy an answer

THE government’s repeated promise of a deeper investigation into a 2013 traffic fatality has left a man convinced his wife was not at fault in the crash that claimed her life.

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INSIGHT: It’s time to grow up and get serious about mental health

LAST week’s arrest of two women in connection with a string of child abductions allowed the Bahamian people to breathe a sigh of relief.

'FNM hypocritical over firing then re-hiring'

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell yesterday ridiculed Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle for admitting that a “large number” of the 9,000 people hired under the Christie administration have been re-engaged by the Minnis administration.

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AMAZING ESCAPE: Taxi driver suffers only minor injuries after devastating collision

A TAXI driver is nursing “minor” injuries after miraculously surviving a devastating collision with a Bahamas Waste trash collection truck on West Bay Street yesterday afternoon.

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Govt ‘narrowing’ its $185m revenue gap

The government has narrowed its $185m revenue gap, the deputy prime minister has revealed, as it “keeps a close eye” on its agencies’ spending as the 2018-2019 fiscal year-end looms.

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AG awaits report on fatal cop shooting

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel said his office is awaiting a report about an unlawful killing ruling at the Coroner’s Court last week to decide what happens next.

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Teacher walkout at SC McPherson

A RUMOUR involving the tragic death of a boy in Dairy Queen last weekend has plunged the SC McPherson school into crisis, prompting a teacher walkout Friday and a vow not to return until authorities get a handle on the conflict.

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Defence Force officers save would-be suicide

Officers from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force prevented the suicide attempt of a 53-year-old man over the weekend.

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Man accused of molesting 11-year-old girl acquitted

THE Court of Appeal has acquitted a man previously sentenced to almost a decade in prison for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl some five years ago.

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Mullings sets national record, Gardiner posts world-leading time in 200m

STEVEN Gardiner opened his outdoor season with a world-leading time while Ken Mullings set a new national record at the 2019 Miami Hurricane Alumni Invitational, Saturday in Coral Gables, Florida.

Carnival facing ban from docking cruise ships in US

IN announcing plans to build a $100-million mega cruise port in Grand Bahama, Carnival Corporation has promised it would not hurt the island’s fragile environment. However, a US federal judge is considering temporarily banning the docking of the cruise company’s ships at US ports as punishment for a possible probation violation, which includes incidents of allegedly illegally dumping oil and plastics in the ocean.

Pupils win chance to compete in global challenge

SEVERAL students from CC Sweeting Senior High School have qualified to participate in the Global Round of the World Scholar’s Cup, scheduled for July in The Hague, Netherlands.

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Giants, High Flyers are national champions

BOTH the Division I and Division II titles will remain in the capital as the New Providence Basketball Association champions emerged as winners of the 2019 Bunny Levarity Bahamas Basketball Federation Nationals.

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Rugby: Baillou Heineken Bahamas Cup champions

FOR the first time in five years, Baillou RFC topped the Bahamas Rugby Football Union as Heineken Bahamas Cup champions.

We all make mistakes, but . . .

Re: Runway Blunder. The Tribune April 9, 2019.

A little more digging would be in order

URCA is alike a mouse that roared…is it impotent?

Why you don't want to get your wires crossed

You may recall last year when some hapless boater tried to tow a cabin cruiser home along Eastern Road and got the boat’s “tuna-tower” entangled in the electrical supply lines going across Eastern Road, in front of the Brigadoon Estate, and pulling two poles into the road before it stopped.

EDITORIAL: Will the Bahamas become America’s Taiwan?

THE fiery response from the Chinese Embassy to the White House Press Secretary’s statement that President Trump “looks forward to working” with The Bahamas and other Caribbean countries to “counter China’s predatory economic practices”, should at last open the eyes of the American government to what we have been predicting for some time in this column - China is flexing its muscles in the Caribbean basin - America’s security moat, both on the Atlantic and Pacific side.

POLICE ADVICE: Wherever you work, think safety first

Accidents can be prevented by keeping workplace safety tips in mind on the job. No matter what industry you work in, applying safety tips can prevent accidents.

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GAIN AN EDGE: With a trade you’ll always have money in your pocket

As someone whose mother initially wanted him to become a doctor or an electrical engineer, Christian Knowles is proof that the recipe to thrive is having a passion combined with the determination to pursue it.

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BBF elections: Bowleg to head new administration

A NEW administration was elected to lead the Bahamas Basketball Federation, headed by president Mario Bowleg.

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Bahamas strikes for the gold in CARIFTA water polo

TEAM Bahamas continues to establish its position as a regional powerhouse in CARIFTA water polo and captured three medals at the event for the second consecutive year.

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Backyard Rumble - Part II: ‘Tank’ wins by TKO

THE main event of Backyard Rumble - Part II ended prematurely, much to the chagrin of fight fans.

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Five armed robberies over the weekend

POLICE are seeking the public’s help in apprehending the suspects behind five armed robberies that occurred on the weekend.

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Super Value chief warns on potential paper plant close

Super Value’s principal has warned he may have to close his paper manufacturing plant due to tariff cuts, as he called on the government to outline WTO’s benefits instead of attacking him.

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Aircraft registry: ‘Tangible’ progress by year-end 2019

The Bahamas wants “to have something tangible in place” for an aircraft registry by year-end 2019, it was revealed last night, after hiring a leading consultant to give effect to its ambitions.

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GB Power owner fears ‘major loss’ if deal reversed

Grand Bahama Power Company’s Canadian owner will suffer “substantial loss and damage” if a prominent QC succeeds in quashing the approvals to buy-out all Bahamian shareholders.

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Lucayan managers to ‘very shortly’ get new payout offer

The Grand Lucayan’s managers should “very shortly” receive a new voluntary payout offer following “a productive meeting” last Friday with the minister of tourism.

Chamber backs renwable energy finance discussion

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce is backing local alternative energy suppliers in their bid to secure renewable project financing from Bahamian commercial banks.

Port closes second grant funding round

The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) has closed its the second round of its grant funding programme, known as the Capital Arena Initiative, for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Airport braces itself for record easter volumes

Key stakeholders at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) are ramping up efforts to manage “double digit” increases in passenger traffic that are expected to peak this Easter weekend.

Landfill takeover a ‘great first step’

A well-known environmentalist activist has hailed the New Providence landfill’s takeover by a local consortium as a “great first step”, while urging the pursuit of a waste-to-energy solution.

Bahamas to host major law summit

Thousands of lawyers will be heading to The Bahamas in 2021, as the destination is scheduled to host the Commonwealth Lawyers Conference (CLC).

Bahamians attend major conference

Alfred Sears QC, the former attoney general and managing partner of Sears & Co, attended a major conference in Singapore with Sears & Co partner V Moreno Hamilton.

BTC expands product line-up

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) introduced the Samsung S10 device to its product line-up with an April 11 launch at its Mall at Marathon retail store.

Saturday, April 13

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Man dies after being hit by car in San Salvador; ‘seven injured’ in West Bay Street crash

Police on San Salvador are investigating after a man was hit by car and died on Friday night.

Friday, April 12

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04122019 EDITION

Friday, 12th April, 2019.

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04122019 WEEKEND

Friday, 12th April, 2019.

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Strike action 'still possible' at Water and Sewerage

BAHAMAS Utilities Service and Allied Workers Union president Dwayne Woods said his union remains focused on “righting” the promotional practices of the Water and Sewerage Corporation as he insisted that a major strike action is “still possible” if all of the union’s grievances are not addressed.

Tease photo

Man in hospital after Robinson Road shooting

POLICE are looking for the suspect behind a shooting incident that left a man in hospital Friday morning.

Providence Advisor Limited officially take over landfill

THE keys to the New Providence Landfill officially belong to Providence Advisor Limited.

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Grand Bahama gets exposure at Seatrade Global Conference

GRAND Bahama was well represented at this year's Seatrade Global Conference receiving significant exposure as a major cruise and maritime centre, with a Carnival executive promoting its new proposed cruise port as one of the largest port investments by the company in Freeport.

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Handerea 'Miss Florida' Rolle acquitted of drug charges

FORMER internet sensation Handerea “Miss Florida” Rolle was acquitted on Friday of allegations of being caught last year with $1,700 worth of marijuana intending to distribute it to others.

Tease photo

Court date for two charged with murder

TWO men charged with murdering another man in the Fox Hill community two months ago will appear before a Supreme Court judge in a month’s time.

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Caretaker sexually assaulted in housebreaking

AN elderly woman’s 60-year-old caretaker was sexually assaulted during a San Souci housebreaking Thursday afternoon, police said.

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Man charged with armed robbery in Freeport

A 27-year-old man was arraigned on the charge of armed robbery in the Freeport Magistrate's Court on Friday.

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Jamaal on fast train to China

“A Vision United” — the latest project by renowned Bahamian artist and The Tribune cartoonist Jamaal Rolle has garnered international acclaim after it became the focal point of the closing ceremony of UNESCO’s Third International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage (IYF3).

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A COMIC'S VIEW: On the funny side of Easter ... or why some hair spray might restore your faith in a good joke

Since Easter is approaching, and Good Friday is a holiday, I thought I’d get the jump on the ‘Easter Bunny’ with some ‘Easter Funny.’

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UDPATED: Woman charged with child abductions

ALLEGED child abductor De’Edra Michelle Gibson was charged in a Magistrate’s Court yesterday with abducting four little boys, one as young as three, from various places in New Providence between February and March.

‘Ridiculous’ banks delay $4m Stuart Cove’s plan

The principal of Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas yesterday blasted “ridiculous” bank lending attitudes for delaying his firm’s $4m Coral Harbour relocation ahead of his landlord’s anticipated sale.

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Mother Pratt’s accolade

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt is adding another international accolade to the list with a guest feature on the Vera Moore Show.

‘Let’s work together on gangs’

AN advocate for the rights and protection of family members of murder victims, Khandi Gibson, is calling for increased partnership between parents and teachers in an effort to end gang affiliation and violence in youth.

Tease photo

‘Let go’ workers back on payroll

DESPITE criticising the former Christie administration last year for adding 9,000 people to the government payroll during its term in office, Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle revealed yesterday a “large number” of those hired from 2012 to 2017 have been re-engaged.

Tease photo

Suspend officers who unlawfully kill? It’s not my job

POLICE Commissioner Anthony Ferguson yesterday sidestepped calls for action to be taken against officers found to have carried out unlawful killings.

Tease photo

Grand Bahama police discover ammunition, firearms and drugs

GRAND Bahama police discovered about $30,000 worth of illegal drugs as well as firearms and ammunition on Grand Bahama this week.

Tease photo

Abaco rescue officers included in commendations

MORE than 70 officers in the Northern Bahamas district of the Royal Bahama Police Force were recognised during a commendation ceremony in Grand Bahama on Wednesday.

Tease photo

THE 600 CLUB: Buddy Hield sets new 3-point record

Buddy Hield has now made more three-point field goals than any other player in National Basketball Association history through their first three seasons in the league.

A house divided . . .

Considering the Christian view on ecumenism

Some years ago, a local church leader declared that there are more than 4,000 Christian churches scattered across this Commonwealth nation.

Yes to Me – The confidence issue

This article series is an offshoot of a voice note series that is now heard in about eight countries worldwide. Every so often, one of my listeners reaches out with a question that places me in the hot seat and immediately I rise to the challenge of responding as teacher.

St James gears up for Easter Monday Fest

On Easter Monday, all roads will lead to the St James Anglican Church in Adelaide Village for its annual Easter festival on the church’s grounds.

Christ The King's youth present 'People vs Jesus of Nazareth'

The youth arm of Christ The King Anglican Church will join other ministries to pause and reflect on the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ during Holy Week.

Bahama Brass Band proclaim the gospel in the Pond community

Inspired by the convention theme “Rise Up and Take Your Journey”, the world famous Bahama Brass Band joined forces with the leadership and members of the Church of God of Prophecy’s Love Centre on Ernest Street last Saturday to proclaim the gospel.

Meditation - Total Healing

Types of healing

Tease photo

One up, one down for Undertakers

The New Providence (Wholesalers) Modified Pitch Softball League Results:

Tease photo

Sun Devils honour for Roberts

Justin Roberts’ acclaimed collegiate career will be celebrated by his Arizona State Sun Devils men’s tennis programme on Senior Day.

Tease photo

Water polo team aims to repeat Carifta success

Team Bahamas looks to continue its trend of water polo success and repeat last year’s dominant performance at the Carifta Water Polo Championships.

We need to police the driving public more

The old people would often say when you were “talking fool”, “ain’t no good fa you to beat up ya gums wid dat now” and I could only wonder as social media carried the story of no cell phones and no drinking, “what is the point of adding new offences to the Road Traffic Act when the huge number that already exists are not being enforced and unlikely to be enforced in the lifetime of anyone living today” ?

Let's hope think tanks sell plenty of copies

After seeing your story about our so-called competitive drop in providing financial services, I took the trouble to read the entire just published “Global Financial Centre 25 Report for 2019”, and totally agree with Minister Finance Turnquest that it should cause no concern for The Bahamas, or be of much relevance to serious financial analysts anywhere.

Why health policy needs radical new approach

First let me share my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Robert Valcom Jr., the young man who died waiting on an ambulance to respond.

Tease photo

DIANE PHILLIPS: A stench of entitlement laid bare

In March, when the story broke revealing some 50 people had been indicted in the US for what was labelled a “racketeering scheme” involving Hollywood hotshots, hotheads and CEOs paying up to $500,000 to have test scores altered so their children could get into good colleges, shockwaves radiated from coast to coast.

New tech company to create 100 jobs

ANOTHER tech company has been approved by government to operate a technology business in Grand Bahama, with an expected $2 million investment, it was announced yesterday.

BAMSI employee suspended after ‘grope’ claim

AN employee at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) has been suspended as police investigate a claim he groped a co-worker.

Tease photo

Hotel worker denies molesting colleague

A 30-year-old Haitian man is trying to stave off allegations he fondled his co-worker after promising to drop her home from work earlier this year.

Tease photo

30 Haitians charged with illegal landing

MORE than 30 Haitian migrants were arraigned in Magistrate’s Court in Inagua yesterday on charges of illegal landing.

Tease photo

QC slams ‘below the belt’ claim by GB power owner

A prominent QC yesterday slammed as “below the belt” efforts by Grand Bahama Power Company’s owner to portray him as a “disgruntled” investor trying to extract a higher price for his shares.

Tease photo

Super Value chief’s WTO fears labelled ‘illusion and fiction’

The Bahamas’ chief WTO negotiator yesterday said the concerns expressed by Rupert Roberts are based on “illusion and fiction”, adding: “We are doggedly pursuing the country’s best interest.”

Tease photo

FamGuard general agency’s ‘historical’ $4m top-line break

Family Guardian’s general insurance agency broke the $4m top-line barrier for the first time in 2018, its group president saying this showed it shrugged off a “challenging economy”.

Retail expansion Aliv for operator

An expansion of Aliv’s retail store footprint is “on the horizon”, a top executive said yesterday, with the mobile operator currently possessing 14 “all-encompassing” outlets nationwide.

URCA mulls review of BPL fuel charge

Regulators have held internal discussions on whether to review Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) fuel charge to ensure it is “fair” to Bahamian consumers.

Entrepreneurs pitch their plans to judges

The Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) has teamed with the University of The Bahamas (UoB) northern campus to host its first Pitch Night competition on Grand Bahama.

Bahamas at crossroads through financial reform

The Bahamas is considered a tax haven for both companies and people alike.

BTC announces three managerial promotions

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has recently promoted three team members to new leadership positions.

Thursday, April 11

Tease photo

Speed suspected in fatal crash

A YOUNG man is dead following a traffic accident on John F Kennedy Drive Thursday morning, police have confirmed.

Tease photo

04112019 EDITION

Thursday, 11th April, 2019.

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BUSINESS BITES: To really grow our economy we need foreigners - tens of thousands of them

Whenever I look at a map of the Caribbean I am astonished at the size of our country: an archipelago 760 miles long, matching the arc stretching from the Virgin Islands down to Trinidad, giving us sovereignty over the 150,000 square miles of earth and water known as the Lucayan Sea.

Tease photo

Migrants held after sloop ran aground

THE Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) apprehended 40 Haitian migrants after discovering a sloop near Little Inagua on Tuesday morning.

Tease photo

Teacher negotiations to begin this month

Bahamas Union of Teachers is expected to begin negotiations over a new industrial agreement with the Ministry of Education in two weeks, according to BUT president Belinda Wilson.

Tease photo

Protected areas can aid conch

A NEW study has confirmed that marine protected areas such as the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park can help save the Bahamas’ queen conch stocks, as they help replenish nearby populations.

Tease photo

‘Show us the deal for Town Centre Mall’

WHILE doubting the government will meet its latest General Post Office relocation date, Opposition leader Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday urged the government to lay on the table of the House of Assembly the lease agreement for the Town Centre Mall.

Tease photo

PLP to have its say on immigration bill

THE Official Opposition is planning to make recommendations to the government’s Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill 2018 now out for public consultation.

Tease photo

STATESIDE: Sunshine and Scandals

Florida: The Sunshine State. Now widely estimated to be the third most populous state in America, right behind California and Texas and, pending the results of the 2020 census, formally overtaking New York. The Bahamas’ favourite shopping centre.

Tease photo

FamGuard chief hails Leno deal as 'win-win'

Family Guardian’s president yesterday hailed the offloading of its under-performing pensions and capital markets business to Leno Corporate Services as a “win-win” for all parties.

Tease photo

Sports auditor - no politics, just facts

AMID opposition claims of political collusion, Auditor General Terrence Bastian yesterday told The Tribune he only wrote the facts in his report on the National Sports Authority.

Tease photo

Parents of unlawful killing victim demand: Give us justice

THE parents of a man unlawfully killed by police in 2016 say their quest for justice won’t be complete until the officer responsible for their son's death is criminally prosecuted.

Tease photo

‘Free the dolphins, don’t breed them’

THE birth announcement of a new bottlenose dolphin in captivity at Blue Lagoon Island signals that animal tourism continues to be dark chapter for The Bahamas, according to one environmental activist.

Tease photo

Students open up on fear of gangs

STUDENTS have called for increased mentorship for at-risk youngsters in schools as they expressed fears about the rising tide of gang violence plaguing both their educational institutions and communities.

Tease photo

Alexia Tolas shortlisted for top literature prize

A BAHAMIAN is among 21 short story writers selected by an international judging panel to be in the running for a global literature prize.

Tease photo

Change of opponent but Tank is ready to Rumble

Just days away from Backyard Rumble II, Sherman "Tank" Williams learned that he will headline the card against a new opponent.

Tease photo

Murphy named Commissioner of Bahamas Department of Correctional Services

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames has announced the appointment of Charles Murphy as commissioner of the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services. The appointment took effect on January 29. Mr Murphy previously served as acting commissioner.

Tease photo

‘Conviction will be condoning police brutality’

THE attorney for a man accused of murdering a gang member as part of a murder plot three years ago yesterday warned jurors that convicting his client would be akin to condoning police brutality as an appropriate method of investigation.

Tease photo

Who will be champions as top basketball teams clash?

THE top basketball teams in the country will meet this weekend to decide the overall titles of Bahamas Basketball Federation national champions.

Tease photo

Vying for victory in cup

One game remains to determine the predominant side in the Bahamas Rugby Football Union (BRFU).

Tease photo

Storr turns tables on Ferreira

FORMER Bahamas Mortgage Corporation chairman Alex Storr has suggested turnkey homes provided under the former Christie administration were “undervalued,” pushing back against claims the former government sold homes for more than they were worth.

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Ayton a force already in debut season

Deandre Ayton’s debut season in the NBA had several milestones and the Phoenix Suns centre established himself as a force in the league for years to come.

Tease photo

Berry Islands to get its community centre at last

FIFTEEN years after Members of Parliament before him attempted to build a community centre to serve Great Harbour Cay and Bullock’s Harbour, the current MP for North Eleuthera and the Berry Islands Carlton Bowleg got the nod this week that the long-delayed dream will come true.

Tease photo

Union chief says Lucayan payout is 'discriminatory'

A trade union leader yesterday labelled the government’s current payout offer to Grand Lucayan managers as “discriminatory” because it is less favourable than the terms obtained by line staff.

Tease photo

Seeking to crown Caribbean kings

High school basketball season continues with a new venture spearheaded by the Street Legends organisation.

Tease photo

Higgs speaks out - and pledges legal moves - after name cleared

On March 25, 2019, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), an independent institution based in Lausanne, Switzerland, to resolve legal disputes in the field of sport, set aside the Bahamas Football Association’s (BFA) four-year ban of Jared Higgs and upheld the formal appeal made by Higgs in Switzerland along with his attorney, Vincent Wallace Whitfield.

EDITORIAL: A knife has no place in a schoolbag

WHEN our children walk out of our doors to go to school on a morning, we want their bags to be packed with the things they need for school.

The elected become more like overlords

In order for good governance, transparency, accountability and goodwill to be the order of the day in The Bahamas it is a moral imperative that this constitutional democracy have a fitting constitution which is not the present situation.

RBPF continues to be Nassau's finest

The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Nassau's finest nation builder and protector of this great nation and its inhabitants.

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Bahamas must 'pioneer' to halt financial attrition

The Bahamas must be “a pioneer rather than follower of trends” if it is to reverse the financial services industry’s constant “attrition”, a risk and compliance specialist warned yesterday.

Tease photo

Ex-minister urges: Stop 'strong arm' web shop tactics

A former Cabinet minister yesterday urged the government to work with web shop operators rather than “strong arming” them, adding: “They need the money.”

End ‘anxiety’ over policy over-reliance

The government was yesterday urged to eliminate the “anxiety” caused by over-reliance on policy regardless of whether The Bahamas joins the WTO or not.

Wednesday, April 10

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04102019 EDITION

Wednesday, 10th April, 2019.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: What’s in the message is most important thing

I remember being told, over and over again: “It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.” Hearing it now brings back memories of being told my delivery was more important than the message. Though I have learned the importance of considering the audience, I still rail against tone policing and the dismissiveness that meets nonconventional delivery that defies neocolonial norms.

Tease photo

THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: There’s no escaping it - Britain’s a laughing stock

Having written in preceding weeks about the thorny issue of Brexit, I turn today to the related subject of parliamentary representative democracy in Britain.

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Minister ‘alarmed’ by union behaviour

TOURISM and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said yesterday officials of the union representing Grand Lucayan managers have refused to communicate with him, despite cordial discussions more than a week ago.

Tease photo

We will have local workers, says Ferreira

ENVIRONMENT Minister Romauld Ferreira says he is “confident” Bahamian labourers and managers will eventually be brought in to assist in the running of the New Providence Sanitary Landfill.

Tease photo

Kemp Road is fine by us, say residents after six people shot in bar

TUESDAY was a typical day for some Kemp Road residents –– whether lounging in bars or selling treats from the roadside, few were fazed by a shooting that put six in the hospital just a day before.

Tease photo

D’Aguilar confident he’s on top of problems at LPIA

TOURISM and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar says he has a handle on the deficiencies exposed in a report about a near mid-air collision at the Lynden Pindling International Airport last September even as the government struggles to recruit new air traffic controllers.

Tease photo

Blue Lagoon welcomes its youngest member: Duchess the dolphin

AN Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf named Duchess is the “newest member of the family” at Blue Lagoon Island.

Tease photo

Web shops told: ‘Get on board and pay up’

Web shops were last night warned by a Cabinet minister to “get on board and pay your fair share to the Treasury” otherwise their licences will not be renewed if taxes remain owing.

Tease photo

'Service lot scheme has rescued Bahamians from raw deals'

THE government’s ongoing service lot scheme has rescued Bahamians from “raw” deals, according to Environment and Housing Minister Romauld Ferreira, who this week revealed nearly all of the lots offered to date have been sold.

Tease photo

Unlawfully killed: Verdict on suspect shot three times by police

A POLICE officer was unjustified in shooting a 22-year-old man to death in the Nassau Village community two years ago, a jury has found.

Tease photo

Pilot probably to blame in fatal crash

A PILOT’S failure to maintain control of his plane was the probable cause of a crash that killed him and two others in Eleuthera last year, according to a new report by the Air Accident Investigation Department.

Tease photo

‘Final’ delivery date for new post office

TRANSPORT and Local Government Minister Renward Wells announced a “final” timeline of the third week in May for the General Post Office’s official move from East Hill Street to Town Centre Mall.

Tease photo

Ambulance shortage - we need more cash

IN the face of criticism regarding EMS response time to the collapse and death of a 15-year-old boy over the weekend, Health Minister Duane Sands yesterday could not confirm when health services will be acquiring more ambulances.

The world is changing and we must react

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is well established. WTO says global trade has under performers with growth of 3% and is expected to decline in 2019 to 2.6 %. The IMF forecast a global slowdown for 2019. The United States (US) is the world’s largest economy in nominal GDP so I will focus mainly on the US in my analysis.

Tease photo

Sister supports brother’s claim that he was beaten

THE sister of a key witness in a murder trial yesterday gave evidence in support of her brother’s previous claims that he was arrested by police and beaten to implicate their cousin and two other men in the matter.

Road Traffic Department needs more cash for new offices

THE Ministry of Transport and Local Government will most likely be requesting more money in its budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year to facilitate a move of the Road Traffic Department from its temporary main location.

Helping children stay safe on the internet

THE National Child Protection Council’s “NetSmartz” initiative has made it to New Providence, with officials launching an iteration of the programme at the St Francis and Joseph Primary School yesterday.

19 Cubans intercepted at sea in two separate incidents

NINETEEN Cuban migrants were brought to Grand Bahama after being intercepted at sea in two separate incidents by the US Coast Guard.

‘RBPF won’t have impartial investigation’

THE Progressive Liberal Party said it has no confidence police can conduct an impartial investigation stemming from the findings of an audit of the National Sports Authority.

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Bahamas urged to reverse IMF’s GDP growth outlook

The Bahamas must reverse the downward GDP growth trajectory forecast yesterday by the IMF, a governance reformer warned yesterday, arguing: “We’re still not where we need to be.”

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Bodybuilding president exonerated

Local and regional executives sought to clarify controversies surrounding the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and aim to move forward following impending elections.

High Flyers soar to championship

The Breezes High Flyers had their best offensive output in the final game of the series to claim the New Providence Basketball Association Division II Championship.

Tease photo

Baha boys take crown after double overtime

Congratulations go out to coach Marcus Cheetham and his Baha Jr U-13 Boys on their championship win this weekend at the RALD.

Tease photo

'Racists abused me with monkey noises'

Racist abuse from European fans at the soccer pitch have made international headlines recently and now one Bahamian athlete has experienced similar treatment on the volleyball court in Greece.

Tease photo

Carifta chess team going for gold

Most persons are familiar with the path to and events of the CARIFTA Track and Field Championships.

Tease photo

Searching for junior tennis stars on rise

The President of the Southwest Tennis Club (SWTC), Mike Butler, organised a tennis tournament for beginners at the Flamingo Gardens tennis courts.

Time to stop playing games

IT has now been over a year since the government announced that the international fuel giant Shell had been approved to construct a new power plant for BPL at Clifton Pier.

Tease photo

Renward LOI firm to appeal $727m claim

The company at the centre of the Renward Wells Letter of Intent (LOI) controversy last night revealed its plans to appeal the Supreme Court’s dismissal of its $727.364m damages claim.

Honda dealer: Two-thirds in airbag danger

Two-thirds of all vehicles examined at yesterday’s Honda/Acura free airbag recall had “potentially faulty” inflators replaced to protect drivers from serious injury or death.

Security expert unveils Bahamas clean-up strategy

THE Bahamas is a popular destination for Canadian fraudsters, a global security expert has warned, revealing that he has proposed a plan to recover millions this nation has lost to corruption.

Water Corp in paperless push

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) is aiming to go paperless through the elimination of all manual business processes, its executive chairman has announced.

National Agriculture Expo dates revealed

The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources yesterday announced that the Bahamas National Agri-Bahamas Expo for 2019 will be held from Thursday, May 9, to Saturday, May 11.

Bahamian insurance broker celebrates 100th anniversary

JS Johnson & Company invited all customers to celebrate the insurance agency and brokerage’s 100th anniversary with staff and management last week.

BFSB sponsors major anti-crime conference

The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) sponsored a major anti-money laundering and financial crimes conference that last week attracted professionals from across the Caribbean.

Tuesday, April 9

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04092019 EDITION

Tuesday, 9th April, 2019.

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Minnis: We're still committed to free places at UB

IN wake of the University of the Bahamas’ recently announced tuition and fee increases, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday his government will be known for “providing education from birth to departure”.

EDITORIAL: Lessons must be learned from near collision

Things could have been so much worse.

Tease photo

‘There’s been a vast improvement in treatment of transgender people’

THERE has been a “vast improvement” in the general treatment of transgender Bahamians, a local advocate for the community said yesterday, adding however that more still needs to be done in terms mental health services and other areas.

Tease photo

FACE TO FACE: Kevin bares his soul in language which helps us all to see

The poem on the right is one in a series about to be released in a newly-published book Revelations of a Silent Heart by author Kevin Cartwright. I have had a sneak peek at the book and I find the poems so heartfelt, so sincere and very touching. This is his literary debut, which he describes as “a brave compilation of various moods of poetry and prose that speak about life, love, risks and the courage to face head on whatever life throws at him”.

Tease photo

PM commits to correct gender inequality issues

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday restated his administration’s commitment to “correct” issues regarding gender inequality in the transference of citizenship, as promised in 2017.

Tease photo

Digital pilot programme to connect agencies

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday his government is currently designing a pilot programme to digitally connect government agencies such as the Passport Office and Road Traffic Department - a process that would allow Bahamians to fully apply online for these services without physically providing documents.

Tease photo

Bahamas economic model ‘upside down’

The Bahamas’ has an “upside down” economic model that is the “complete reverse” of what exists in most progressive countries, a former attorney general has charged.

Tease photo

Dames’ delight at suspects arrest

“IT’S a job well done,” National Security Minister Marvin Dames said of the police force’s arrest of two women in relation to a spate of child abduction incidents that tormented New Providence for weeks.

Tease photo

‘We’ll help cops probe bugging allegation’

THE Water & Sewerage Corporation has agreed to let police investigate whether illegal listening devices have been used to spy on WSC employees, Labour Director John Pinder said yesterday.

Tease photo

Two years for part in attack on Breanna

DAVANYA Lawes, one of five women and a minor charged in connection with teenage mother Breanna Mackey’s murder last year, has been sentenced to two years in prison as part of a plea deal.

Tease photo

RUNWAY BLUNDER: Pilot took off heading for passenger jet

A NEAR mid-air collision between two planes at the Lynden Pindling International Airport in September resulted in the suspension of a pilot and an air traffic controller, a new report by the Air Accident Investigation Department details.

Tease photo

PM confirms sports audit goes to police

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday said he is referring the matter concerning the Auditor General’s report into the National Sports Authority to the commissioner of police for “proper investigation”.

Roll back on university fee increases

As always, I thank The Lord Jesus Christ and my biological parents, the late Reverend Doctor Ortland H. Bodie Sr. and my late mother, Annie Hepburn, for allowing and affording me the stellar opportunity for a good education from primary school (Our Lady’s Primary) straight up to university level (University of London). Later, I was articled in the law chambers of the Hon. J. Henry Bostwick, now a Queen’s Counsel and admitted to The Bahamas Bar.

Tease photo

LIFE LINES: Who do you think you are?

By this I mean, how do you think of yourself? In a healthy, positive way, or beset with fears and anxiety? More importantly, who really wrote that script?

Tease photo

Atlantic Medical gears up for annual fun run

It’s almost time to “Party With Your Feet”, as organisers prepare for the 21st annual Atlantic Medical Fun Run/Walk to be held in both New Providence and Freeport this Saturday.

Tease photo

Local resort offers week of special wellness activities

Leaving guests feeling rejuvenated, more knowledgeable about healthy cooking habits, and giving them unique activities to get fit is the aim of Wellness Week at the Breezes Resort and Spa.

What’s hot about locally grown herbal teas

As the “all natural” trend continues to spread among Bahamians, an increasing number of aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners are looking to local farms and even their own backyards for inspiration.

Speech competition promotes ‘mental health for all’

The Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre’s Occupational Therapy Department will embark on a month-long journey to promote, educate and inspire the nation’s youth to embrace a dynamic and unsaturated profession while developing an appreciation for mental health as a medical specialty.

The truth about meal plans

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

Tease photo

Difficulty standing up for the second round

Last week’s urology column dealt with the often embarrassing topic of premature ejaculation that affects as many as one in three men.

Tease photo

Ardastra hosts meet and greet for popular authors

They were unlikely candidates to share a platform – a biologist, a 10th grader and a therapist – and yet a common thread connected these women: their knack for writing stories about animals that resonated with young audiences.

Tease photo

Eleven-year-old Melania inspires peers to show love for the elderly

ELEVEN-year-old Melania Nixon has taken some of her peers along during her ‘Operation Love and Gratitude’ activities. It is a movement the sixth grader started with the intention of inspiring and bringing cheer to everyone she comes into contact with.

Tease photo

THE WIG LIFE: Learn how to make the perfect hairpiece

Hair loss can often be very traumatic for women. After all, society teaches us that a woman’s identity, her beauty, and even her femininity are all tied into her hair.

Hunter signs off at all-Canadian

Sammy Hunter concluded his prep basketball career, recognised as one of the top players in Canada.

US, Antigua and Barbuda and Bonaire await Bahamas

The Bahamas Men’s National Beach Soccer side has learned its group of opponents and path to World Cup qualification against the top-ranked countries in the region.

We must resurrect ourselves from this quagmire of mediocracy

I read with a mixture of nostalgia, disappointment and actual hope that very significant reflection by Diane Phillis in Thursday, April 4 Tribune, entitled: STOP SELLING OURSELVES SO CHEAPLY. She spoke eloquently about the continuous degradation of Downtown Bay Street. Coming from Long Island as a boy of 14, I have seen over these 63 years as she so pointedly expressed, the rise and fall of the majesty of Bay Street.

Tease photo

Rising star young earns Blue Jays promotion

Chavez Young continues to progress through the ranks in the Toronto Blue Jays organisation and opened his 2019 season with a promotion.

Tease photo

Making the leap: Bahamian students shine in track and field season

Bahamian student athletes continue to excel during the NCAA Division I track and field season on the outdoor circuit.

Tease photo

Pilot fined for failing to declare he had more than $10,000 in cash

A 25-year-old commercial pilot was fined $1,000 for failing to declare that he had just over $10,000 in cash when he flew into the country from Haiti two months ago. The sum was declared to be the proceeds of criminal conduct.

Tease photo

‘Smith’s Point can be an iconic tourist destination’

DEPUTY Prime Minister K Peter Turnquest said the government would offer what assistance it could to small business owners adversely affected by a road closure during construction on a seawall at Smith’s Point in Grand Bahama.

Tease photo

Replica Lucayan settlement to be built at heritage park

OFFICIALS of the Clifton Heritage Authority announced yesterday the commissioning of a replica Lucayan settlement at Clifton Heritage Park.

Tease photo

Privy Council ‘regret’ over Alexious’ ‘backdoor’ escape

The Privy Council yesterday admitted its “regret” in finding that the Companies Act provides a legal “backdoor” for the Alexiou brothers to avoid paying a near-$200,000 debt.

Tease photo

DPM: ‘We’re as competitive as anyone’ on financial services

The Bahamas “is as competitive as anyone else” in financial services, the deputy prime minister asserted yesterday, despite its latest fall in an annual survey of global financial hubs.

NHI funding talks ‘almost concluded’

THE National Health Insurance Authority’s (NHIA) managing director yesterday voiced optimism that the cabinet’s concerns over National Health Insurance’s (NHI) funding mechanisms have been satisfied.

Tease photo

‘Breadbasket’ food reforms to coincide with new budget

The long-awaited changes to the government’s “breadbasket” food line-up will likely “coincide” with the upcoming 2019-2020 budget, the minister of health has confirmed.

Development Bank meets with the OAS

The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) has met with the Organisation of American States (OAS) country representative in a bid to bolster its efforts to assist small businesses.

Bahamas ‘deliberate’ over WTO accession strategy

THE government will be “deliberate” in ensuring that The Bahamas’ WTO accession terms reflect its peculiar economic vulnerabilities and realities, a Cabinet minister has pledged.

Taxi union unveils first app for drivers

THE BAHAMAS Taxicab Union’s (BTU) president yesterday said the union was moving ever closer to changing the industry’s image by embracing technology through its own app.

Storms cost Bahamas $828m in 2015-2017

The Bahamas suffered $828m in damage, losses and costs between 2015 and 2017 as a result of being struck by major hurricanes, the Prime Minister revealed yesterday.

URCA to unveil plans at Town Hall meeting

Discussions on utility structure, consumer impact and alternative energy solutions are planned for tomorrow night’s Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) town meeting.

Monday, April 8

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Two shooting incidents put seven in hospital

POLICE are investigating two separate shooting incidents that occurred on New Providence Monday leaving seven people in hospital.

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Monday, 8th April, 2019.

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04082019 EDITION

Monday, 8th April, 2019.

EDITORIAL: Turning dreams into reality

IT was the words – as well as the art – of Keith Thompson that caught the attention yesterday.

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INSIGHT: Now our frightened society has struck a deal with the Devil

The dark culture of police brutality is perhaps the most open of the many sordid secrets which define the modern Bahamas.

Tease photo

INSIGHT: How are we going to lure our children back from the American Dream?

THE sudden resignation of former Bahamas Power and Light chief operating officer Christina Alston came as a shock to many. Although BPL has been far from the poster child of efficiency, Ms Alston’s appointment represented the dream for many Bahamians who have lived abroad to return home and make a valuable contribution. Assuredly, for Ms Alston, who left the home she had made in the US for the past few decades, this was a decision based on an innate sense of duty.

Tease photo

Corrections officer denies taping marijuana to his body

A 39-year-old corrections officer denied allegations on Friday that he was caught with $1,000 worth of marijuana taped to his body while at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services last week.

Tease photo

Rethink policy outlawing dual citizenship – Mitchell

FORMER Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Fred Mitchell is calling on the government to rethink policy outlawing dual citizenship as it pursues law reform.

Tease photo

Super Value chief says ‘no’ to WTO

Super Value’s owner says he is opposed to joining the WTO and will never change his mind even if studies determine “it’s the greatest thing for The Bahamas”.

Tease photo

UPDATED – Child abductions: Two women held

TWO women are in police custody in relation to four incidents of child abduction, Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said yesterday.

Tease photo

Police handed water ‘sabotage’ film

The Water and Sewerage Corporation has handed video footage to police relating to the spate of water supply shut offs in New Providence last week along with a list of all staff who were in possession of valve keys.

Tease photo

Sports audit - now recover the money

THE government will now consider whether to launch a forensic audit into the National Sports Authority for legal basis to recover funds, Finance Minister K Peter Turnquest said yesterday.

Proud of my time at ministry

I take full and unmitigated responsibility for the conduct of affairs, administration and protocols of the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture during my tenure as Minister.

Minister moves on US advisory jet ski concern

A Cabinet minister joined Port Department officials in meeting jet ski and water sports operators to address issues that resulted in the industry being cited in the latest US travel advisory.

Tease photo

INSIGHT: An old ally, stuck in the wilderness, looking for friends

“At this moment it’s not possible for us to go into the Bahamas,” conceded Dr Timothy Hsiang, Secretary General of Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF).

Tease photo

WORLD VIEW: Belize: Put the national interest first

Narrow party-political ambitions frequently thwart the wider national interest in practically every country.

Tease photo

Supreme Court judge tours Bahamas Department of Correctional Services

A Supreme Court judge on Friday toured the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services as part of a prominent attorney’s bid to prove that a magistrate’s inability to grant bail is unconstitutional and results in “hundreds” of people having to endure an “inhumane” and “degrading” experience on remand.

POLICE ADVICE: Keep it simple and stay safe on the road

BE responsible while driving and walking. For your safety and the safety of others, you must follow these rules.

Tease photo

Hield ties 3-point record

Buddy Hield continues his year of milestones and has now become one of the NBA’s most proficient three point shooters through his first three seasons in the league.

Tease photo

NIB to investigate non-payment claims

Minister of the Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle has promised investigations will be conducted into claims some Freeport employers have deducted but failed to pay to NIB contributions on behalf of their employees.

Tease photo

Who’s in, who’s out? Carifta team named

The BAAAs ratified a 50-member team to represent the country at the 48th CARIFTA Track and Field Championships.

Why are we still waiting for this transparency?

If the Governments’ scheme to attract Bahamians who have been professionally successful outside of The Bahamas then internally after they have been recruited whatever - whichever institution or organisation they are assigned to must operate daily - hourly under the disciplined parameters that that person was used to…anything different you will find frustrations - annoyance and eventually the final decision - why did I come home for this mess? Corruption or whispers of are not accepted.

Tease photo

Giants defend title

The Commonwealth Bank Giants repeated as New Providence Basketball Association Division I champions and will once again represent the capital and reclaim the Bahamas Basketball Federation National Championship.

Tease photo

Activists to have audience with international human rights commission

HUMAN rights group Rights Bahamas will go back before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) next month to bring reports of abuses against migrants under the international spotlight.

Teenager collapses and dies at plaza

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a teenage boy who collapsed at a shopping plaza on Saturday.

Tease photo

Man arrested with marijuana worth $30,000

A MAN was arrested on Friday after police allegedly found more than $30,000 worth of marijuana in a home.

Tease photo

STATESIDE: Time out in The Big Easy

Many American cities have nicknames. Among the best known are The Big Apple (New York City), City of Angels or La-La Land (Los Angeles), The Windy City (Chicago), The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia), The Hub (Boston), Motown (Detroit), The Queen City (Cincinnati), Charm City (Baltimore), Big D (Dallas), The Mile-High City (Denver) and the City by The Bay or just The City (San Francisco). It might be illustrative that the national capital city of Washington DC really doesn’t have a nickname to rival the others, unless of course you just call it The Swamp.

Tease photo

$500m healthcare plant need requires ‘sustainable PPPs’

The Bahamas can only turn to private-public partnerships (PPP) to help finance its “$500m or more” public healthcare infrastructure needs if there is “a sustainable way” to pay for them.

Tease photo

Bahamas softball legends join global hall of fame

Two Bahamian softball icons were added to the list of World Baseball Softball Confederation - Softball Hall of Fame inductees and were also among a group of 21 inducted into the local Bahamas Softball Federation Hall of Fame.

Tease photo

Ex-sports minister: All pennies accounted for

The former sports minister said “every penny can be accounted for” just 24 hours after asserting he was “not interested in talking crap” over the National Sports Authority (NSA) audit.

Tease photo

Crypto ‘marriage’ with traditional financial services

The Bahamas must take a “holistic” approach that “marries” the Fintech and digital asset space with its existing financial services industry, a local risk specialist is urging.

Tease photo

NHI ‘ready’ for new Cabinet go

The Minister of Health is confident the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme is “ready” for resubmission to the Cabinet, saying: “Most of the heavy lifting has been done.”

Bahamas growing $300m ‘natural fit’

The Bahamas last week sought to grow a $300m private aviation market that was described as a “natural fit” by heavily promoting the jurisdiction at a major Florida show.

‘Movement, finally’ over boating fees

A top Ministry of Finance officials says the government is examining ways to improve the collection of boating fees, with preliminary discussions already held with stakeholders.

PM urges skills deficit solutions

More Bahamians must be trained in technical skills to meet the employment demands an expanding national economy will create, the Prime Minister has urged.

Friday, April 5

Tease photo

Alleged drowning on diving expedition

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an alleged drowning incident that occurred in Western New Providence on Friday afternoon.

Tease photo

04052019 WEEKEND

Friday, 5th April, 2019.

Tease photo

PM opens $4.8 million seawall project in Smith's Point

A new $4.8 million seawall and road repaving project in Smith’s Point was officially opened by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis on Friday, after a long delay due to construction and storm challenges that set completion of the project back almost two years.

Tease photo

Nurses union president repeats appeal for timely overtime payment

BAHAMAS Nurses Union president Amancha Williams on Friday repeated her appeal to the Public Hospital Authority for the consistent and timely payment of overtime each month.

Tease photo

Two PMH procedures cancelled after machines malfunction

TWO procedures at Princess Margaret Hospital had to be cancelled last week when the hospital’s two functioning autoclave machines temporarily ceased to function, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands said Friday.

PM opens high school forum and exhibition in GB

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis declared that “Grand Bahama is once again on the move” and that “ big plans are in motion” for the sale of the Grand Lucayan and redevelopment of Freeport Harbour.

Traffic to be detoured due to roadworks

THE Ministry of Public Works/Bahamix has scheduled milling and paving works for Gibbs and Ross Corners from 9 pm to 2 pm, Monday through Friday, beginning Monday, April 8, for 10 working days.

Tease photo

Fred Smith voices concerns over new immigration bill provision

Attorney Fred Smith, QC, is opposed to a provision in a new immigration bill that would prevent people born in the Bahamas to non-Bahamians from becoming citizens if they are 19 and older.

Tease photo

Former PM Ingraham heads Commonwealth group to Belize

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is now in Belize where he heads a 10-member Commonwealth Observer Group to observe the April 10 referendum to decide the territorial claims between Belize and Guatemala.

Tease photo

A COMIC'S VIEW: Slam dunk! Here are six things we could have done with $1.2m

WHILE I read Tribune Business Editor Neil Hartnell’s column, revealing the sobering fact, that Bahamian taxpayers paid $1.2m to global sporting and entertainment giant -US-based, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). And got nothing, nada, zilch, zero in return, I was dumbfounded.

Tease photo

Confusion over how tuition fees will work

CONFUSION is still swirling over how the University of the Bahamas’ recently announced tuition and fee increases will be reconciled with the government’s long-promised vow that tuition for fall 2019 would be free for all students who meet certain criteria.

Tease photo

Bill changes nothing, says Mitchell

THE Minnis administration’s proposed Nationality and Immigration Bill does not change how Bahamian men and women transfer citizenship to their children, Progressive Liberal Party chairman Fred Mitchell said yesterday.

Tease photo

48-year-old denies he was planning to sell marijuana

A 48-year-old man yesterday denied allegations he was caught with over $100,000 worth of drugs he planned to sell.

Tease photo

We’ll be good together, says Carnival chief

A Carnival Corporation executive believes the proposed purchase of the Grand Lucayan resort and redevelopment of Freeport Harbour by a rival cruise line would be “a good thing” for Grand Bahama.

Tease photo

‘Call out’ public sector on multi-million waste

Governance reformers yesterday demanded that the public sector be “called out” over its multi-million dollar waste and inefficiency, and warned: “Audits don’t make it go away.”

Tease photo

Sports agency broke finance regulations

DURING his audit of the National Sports Authority, Auditor General Terrance Bastian concluded the organisation’s accounting practices did not fully comply with regulations and weaknesses were apparent.

‘We don’t need any new rules’

A prominent Jamaican businessman yesterday called on the government to “stick to the constitution”, saying previous attempts at immigration policy reform have been devastating to migrant communities and their children.

Tease photo

Foulkes tries to calm the waters

LABOUR Minister Dion Foulkes has called for cooler heads to prevail in the Water and Sewerage dispute, telling reporters yesterday that he is “cautiously optimistic” that both sides could negotiate a resolution in the coming weeks.

Tease photo

Couple’s killer appeals verdict

A MAN convicted of executing a married couple in Grand Bahama four years ago after he tried to rob the husband of $2m has launched an appeal.

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SARKIS SCORES COURT VICTORY: CCA loses bid to stop US legal action

Baha Mar's original developer yesterday won a second legal victory against the project's main contractor to reignite his $2.25bn fraud and breach of contract lawsuit.

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Long-term Rebel: Yolett McPhee-McCuin agrees to new deal

The Ole Miss Rebels displayed their long-term commitment to head coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin and her direction of the Women’s Basketball programme with a four-year contract extension.

Too many questions

Being a woman who likes to make lists of “Things to do”, here are a few items that never seem to get off the list:

We want our old garbage system back

Further to my letter of 2nd January 2019, questioning why our government would feel it necessary to summarily dismantle a garbage collection system that was working extremely well for several years and replace it with novice entrepreneurs ( ontropeners in the colloquial ).

Understanding the power of the mind is key for us all

The human mind has the power to believe anything.

EDITORIAL: What’s wrong with the constitution?

IT’S hard to disagree with Rohan Kerr.

Airbag replacement

IN light of a Honda recall, officials from Nassau Motor Company Limited will be hosting a free week-long airbag inflator replacement event.

300 child abuse cases reported in Grand Bahama

SOME 300 child abuse cases were reported in the past five years in Grand Bahama, Paula Marshall, assistant director of Social Services, revealed on Thursday as the department announced plans for Child Protection Month.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: We're selling ourselves cheap and it's got to stop

Once the avenue of luxury shopping dreams, today’s Bay Street is more accurately the ageing T-shirt capital of The Bahamas. All is far from lost.

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Seven cancer organisations to share $90,000 donation

SEVEN cancer organisations will be able to provide free services to even more patients thanks to a recent $90,000 donation from CIBC FirstCaribbean.

Three permanent secretaries on move

THE Cabinet Office has announced the transfers of three permanent secretaries to different areas.

'Treat our businesses with respect and dignity’

AFTER recent power disconnection at several businesses accused of electricity theft by the Grand Bahama Power Company, the Coalition of Concerned Citizens is calling for “a new protocol” to be established when dealing with customers who may find themselves in a similar predicament.

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‘Tip of the iceberg’ on crypto ambition

The deputy prime minister yesterday voiced optimism that proposed fintech/crypto regulations will make The Bahamas a Caribbean leader, adding: “We’re knocking on the tip of the iceberg.”

‘At One with the One’ fans feel the move of God

Great turnout for Christian broadcast celebration

As the theme of the event suggested, conference-goers testified that they felt “the move of God” during the first anniversary celebrations for the live broadcast programme “At One With the One”.

The need for biblical doctrines

There is a need recalibrate and re-adjust Biblical doctrines that are fundamentally Orthodox in today’s Church. The calls for word-of-faith teaching are growing, and with rapidity in a lot of our local churches.

Putting the past behind us

Life evolves from one second to the next. The present is only a fleeting or ephemeral moment and soon becomes the past. For many of us the past is one of ambivalence containing a variety of high and low points in our lives. However, scripture reminds us that we need not reside or dwell in our past. We can look to the future for a more fulfilling and happier existence.

The product of ministry

The key to a healthy growing church

“Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there: and they came not for Jesus’ sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also, whom he had raised from the dead. But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.” (John 12:9-11; KJV)

Meditation – An audience with God

Before the audience begins we have to prepare ourselves. We have to open our hearts and admit our need for God. We have to want the audience and approach God with the humility of one who is desirous of addressing royalty, except that God is Royalty with a capital ‘R’: “You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.” (Psalm 63:1 NIV).

Voices of Praise prepare for Good Friday concert

The Voices of Praise ensemble is inviting the general public to join them as they create an atmosphere of true worship during their upcoming Good Friday concert.

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Several of the best high school basketball players in the country took full advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills at the fourth edition of the National High School Basketball Championships.

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Giants at the double

The New Providence Basketball Association championship series continued in both Division I and Division II.

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Let’s play ball - Bahamians line up on opening day

Minor League Baseball opened play yesterday, and three Bahamians were in participation for their respective clubs in the Double-A Southern League.

Timberwolves reign supreme

The Anatol Rodgers Timberwolves can now lay claim as the dominant soccer programe in the GSSSA junior division.

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‘Old school’ firms face challenge to remain relevant

A Cabinet minister yesterday said “old school businesses” will find it hard to remain relevant in a rapidly-changing world where services are increasingly the preferred product.

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Morton Salt union: ‘We’re not at fault over productivity’

THE union representing Morton Salt line workers yesterday warned “something is going to happen soon” if the government fails to intervene in the ongoing dispute with the salt harvester.

Bahamas builds on 60% boater growth

The Bahamas sought to build on the more than 60 percent increase in boating visitors over the past three years through its presence at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Bank expands services for Bahamas customers

Cornèr Bank (Overseas) has this week unveiled an expanded suite of investment services targeted at Bahamas-based clients, including its “My Cornèr” trading app.

IAN FERGUSON: Methods to attract brightest and best

Recruitment is the process of attracting, short-listing, engaging, selecting and hiring employees. The successful and progressive company skillfully uses a wide combination of recruitment platforms. Successful recruitment, therefore, is a direct reflection of the professionalism of your business.

Unions wary on BTC franchise downsize

THE Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s (BTC) line-staff union yesterday said it remains in a “wait and see situation” over further potential downsizing at the carrier.

Tourism minister boosts Bahamas’ aviation move

A Cabinet minister is boosting The Bahamas’ presence at the second largest aviation conference in the US as it seeks to attract a greater share of the private pilot market.

Thursday, April 4

04042019 EDITION

Thursday, 4th April, 2019.

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Witness claims police tortured him to confess

A MAN claimed yesterday that officers squeezed his testicles and suffocated him with a plastic bag to get him to confess to killing another man in furtherance of a murder plot stemming from gang warfare three years ago.

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New laws will spark a violent uprising, predicts academic

THE rationale behind proposed reforms to nationality and immigration laws is a reflection of xenophobic policies sweeping the world, according to former Director General of Culture Dr Nicolette Bethel, who yesterday predicted a cataclysmic, violent uprising.

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'We can’t have a country where children can’t walk home safely'

IN the wake of a ninth-grade student being fatally stabbed, the National Crime Council is drawing up plans for ways to help end gang violence.

Grounds for refusal of citizenship expanded

THE Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill 2018 features expanded grounds for the refusal of citizenship under the constitution, and registration and naturalisation under the law to include terrorism, human and drug trafficking, as well as gang-related activities.

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Police release new picture in hunt for female abductor

POLICE have renewed their appeal for information that could lead to the arrest of the woman they suspect abducted and later abandoned several young boys in separate incidents in recent weeks.

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Lloyd defends increase in UB tuition fees

INCREASES to the University of the Bahamas’ (UB) tuition and fee schedule will offset the institution’s “significant deficit,” according to Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd.

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ZNS hit by $542,000 satellite breach claim

ZNS has been hit with a $542,000 damages claim for terminating a satellite leasing contract two years' early, Tribune Business can reveal.

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WATER WARS: Gibson threatens to sue and blasts supply saboteurs

WATER and Sewerage Corporation executive chairman Adrian Gibson announced yesterday he has instructed his attorney Ferron Bethell to sue Dwayne Woods for defamation given recent “untrue” statements the union leader made about him.

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Taxpayers paid corporate giant $1.2m for nothing

Bahamian taxpayers paid $1.2m to a global sporting and entertainment giant and got nothing in return, the auditor general revealed yesterday.

$3m sports contracts given out pre-election

CONTRACTS for work issued by the National Sports Authority were not transparent and its financial allocation from the government increased by more than $3.3m in the fiscal year containing the May 2017 general election, a newly released auditor general’s report has revealed.

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Carnival stunned by GB interest

CARNIVAL’S first Grand Port industry meeting in Grand Bahama attracted a large turnout of persons interested in the myriad of opportunities that would be available at the proposed $100 million cruise port that is expected to rejuvenate tourism on the island.

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Web shops split over tax ‘solution’

Not all web shop operators have signed up to the tax settlement with the government, a prominent QC revealed yesterday, suggesting legal challenges remain a possibility.

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Knights and Magics into the final

WHILE it came down to a pair of penalty kicks in the shootout for the CR Walker Knights to prevail 3-1 over the Doris Johnson Mystic Marlins, the Government High Magics doubled up the Anatol Rodgers Timberwolves 2-0.

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Hawks down Falcons

THE Bahamas Flag Football League’s week two action did not disappoint fans. With a full schedule of games on tap at the Thomas A Robinson Field, there was more than enough action to go around.

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Invincible warriors go season undefeated

The Western Warriors Football Club’s Boys U15 Team finished the 2018 - 2019 season undefeated, winning both the Atlantic Division Trophy and the BFA Youth League Championship Trophy on March 30.

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It’s time to earn spot for Carifta

IT will come down to who show up and perform this weekend to determine who will make the team to represent The Bahamas at the 48th Carifta Games, scheduled for the Easter holiday weekend in the Cayman Islands.

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Quartet to represent Bahamas at 2019 Fed Cup

THE Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association has announced that the team of player/captain Kerrie Cartwright, Danielle Thompson, Sydney Clarke and Sierra Donaldson will represent The Bahamas at the 2019 BNP Paribus Fed Cup.

A word to the wise

On or around 20th March 2019, multiple American news outlets and online magazines highlighted a European study, originally published in Lancet Psychiatry, that showed an increased risk of losing touch with reality (psychosis) in users of high potency marijuana.

Choking on a slice of Minnis humble pie

We all knew that the Prime Minister can whip up a mean pot of tasty stew-fish at virtually a moment’s notice. But some were pleasantly surprised to learn that the PM’s other culinary skill was that of pastry chef.

EDITORIAL: Cool tempers down at WSC before they boil over

ALL the water at the Water & Sewerage Corporation must be boiling over considering how heated things are getting over there.

Nearly $6m paid to healthcare providers in NHI programme

NEARLY six million dollars was paid to healthcare providers enrolled in the National Health Insurance programme from April 2017, its inception, to June 2018, a new report says.

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Lloyd waiting on ‘beating’ report

A DISTRICT report detailing the circumstances behind a video which shows a group of students being beaten by an Abaco-based physical education teacher has been submitted to education officials, The Tribune understands.

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Minnis announces extra plans to deal with autism

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced yesterday concessions for the REACH organisation, telling Parliament the needs of those with autism had for too long been ignored.

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Buy a $750,000 house and become a resident

PURCHASING a home for $750,000 or more can make foreigners eligible for economic permanent residency in the country, according to a proposed new immigration bill.

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‘We won’t destroy domestic aviation’

The Bahamas’ aviation director yesterday pledged to resist pressure to open up the domestic aviation market to foreign carriers - something he agreed could “destroy” local carriers.

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Sports Authority’s plea: Help change our governance

The National Sports Authority (NSA) has pleaded with the Auditor General’s Office to “support” efforts to change its governance structure in the wake of damning audit findings.

DPM hails ‘progress’ in tax crimes battle

The deputy prime minister yesterday hailed the “great progress” The Bahamas is making in playing its part to fight corruption, financial crimes and tax evasion.

DPM pledges ‘further strengthening’ of FIU

The deputy prime minister yesterday pledged that “further strengthening” of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is underway to improve its handling of suspicious transactions reports (STRs).

Pelican Bay to host entrepreneurs again

Entrepreneurs and start-ups will be able to interact directly with consumers at the second annual Spring Sip & Shop Soiree to be hosted by the Pelican Bay resort on Saturday, April 13.

Central Bank relaunches finance literacy campaign

The Central Bank of The Bahamas yesterday said it has relaunched its national financial literacy campaign, Get Money Smart Bahamas, to coincide with Financial Literacy Month.

Bahamian realtor attends key forum

A Bahamian realtor was an invited guest at The Crans Montana Forum on Africa and South co-operation, which was held for the fifth time in Morocco under the patronage of its king.

Wednesday, April 3

04032019 EDITION

Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019.

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STATESIDE: Trump’s troubles aren’t just in the White House

Want to hear some more about Donald Trump, Robert Mueller and Bob Barr?

EDITORIAL: Citizenship changes must clarify for both sides

PROPOSALS to make changes to citizenship and immigration laws in The Bahamas have already caused some concern – not least among those who are directly affected by the changes to come.

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THE ALICIA WALLACE COLUMN: Schools have to get in the fight to protect our students

Fights happen in schools all the time. I went to a high school known for its Christian mandate and inflexibility.

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Driver fined $10,000 for death crash

A 25-year-old man was fined over $10,000 for causing the death of a female passenger when the car he was driving smashed into a utility pole two months ago.

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‘We must have transparency over police departures’

THE government should be more transparent about the recent departure of several senior law enforcement officers, opposition leader Philip “Brave” Davis said yesterday.

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Water and Sewerage unions hold 'withdrawal of enthusiasm' demonstration

THE five-day suspension without pay of a trade union member, allegedly due to an “unwritten and unknown” policy, was one of the reasons members of the two Water and Sewerage Corporation trade unions held a “withdrawal of enthusiasm” demonstration yesterday at WSC headquarters on University Drive.

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US report names Bahamas as money laundering jurisdiction

THE Bahamas was listed among major international money laundering jurisdictions in 2018, a newly released United States Department of State report said, highlighting sources of laundered proceeds included firearms trafficking, human smuggling and tax fraud.

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Letter of Intent is first step in long process, admits Thompson

STATE Minister for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson has conceded the letter of intent signed by the government last week with Royal Caribbean International and the ITM Group for the purchase of the Grand Lucayan resort and redevelopment of the Freeport Harbour represents only “the first step” in a long process.

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'Cellphone' killer jailed for 25 years

THEA Williams was sentenced to 25 years in prison by a Supreme Court judge yesterday for stabbing teenage mother Breanna Mackey to death last year because she broke her friend’s cellphone.

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Dismay and panic for what’s ahead

PROPOSED immigration reform that seeks to “maintain this country’s nationhood” has left some activists scratching their heads and migrant children panicked over their ability to remain in the country.

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Woman shot in head is a police reservist

A WOMAN who was shot on Monday is a reserve police officer, Inspector Leonardo Burrows confirmed yesterday.

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WE’RE JUST TRYING TO MAKE IT CLEARER: Bethel defends proposed changes to Immigration law

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel said yesterday the government’s proposed Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill is seeking to establish greater certainty and fairness in its handling of nationality cases.

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Hotels pile up 48% rise in revenue

The hotel industry's "most robust performance for 12 years", highlighted by January's 48 percent year-over-year room revenue increase, was maintained for the entire 2019 first quarter.

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Shipyard suffered ‘significant’ damage

OPERATIONS at the Grand Bahama shipyard resumed yesterday despite the “significant” loss of the site’s largest dry dock, according to officials.

Support real men of God

A few weeks ago while tuned into a radio talk show that was discussing the role of the church.

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High Flyers and Giants in charge

THE two-time defending division II champions Breezes High Flyers and the Commonwealth Bank Giants, going for a repeat of the men’s title, are now in the driver’s seat of the New Providence Basketball Association’s best-of-seven championship series.

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Wolves and Sharks in showdown

IT will be a showdown between the Antatol Rodgers Timberwolves and the SC McPherson Sharks for both the Government Secondary Schools Sports Association’s junior girls and boys soccer championship titles.

Quick action needed

Ministers - MPs - Revs. Can spin as much as they like the reality is we have and have had a serious social problem in the schools and outside of the schools when it comes to social safety of our young people.

Look after paradise

My wife and I have enjoyed three trips to your beautiful islands, two to Eleuthera and one to Andros.

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THE PRESS BOX: More lousiness in Lakerland

Early last Saturday evening, the Lakers announced that after a discussion with the their medical staff, LeBron James will be held out for the remainder of the team’s games.

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Judge orders acquital of man accused in murder plot

A Supreme Court judge yesterday directed jurors to acquit a man previously accused of concocting a plot to have another man killed as part of gang warfare three years ago.

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Customers suffer power outages

PARTS of New Providence experienced power outages yesterday due to a tripped generator, Bahamas Power and Light Director of Public Relations Quincy Parker said yesterday.

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Davis questions BPL team after Alstron quits

THE sudden resignation of Bahamas Power & Light Chief Operations Officer Christina Alstron, pictured right, is raising fresh questions about the functioning of BPL’s executive team, Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said during a press conference yesterday.

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DARE on crypto to ‘stay relevant’

The Bahamas has no choice but to embrace fintech and crypto assets if it wants “to remain relevant” in the global economy, a former attorney general warned yesterday.

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Defence Force on the gridiron

The Officers and Marines of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force took to the grid iron on March 30 for a day of fun during the Force’s 1st Annual Commodore’s Bowl Flag Football Tournament.

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Party time for Jaguars and Giants

THE St George’s Jaguars and the St John’s Giants won the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s National High School Basketball Tournament titles for senior boys and girls respectively.

Tributes paid to bowling champion Pyfrom

With deep thoughts and a heavy heart, the Bahamas Bowling Federation announced the passing of former national champion Richard ‘Ritchie’ Pyfrom Monday night.

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US ‘jumping to conclusions’ on suspect deals reporting

The US was yesterday accused by a former finance minister of “jumping to conclusions” over its assertion that too few suspicious transaction reports (STRs) are filed by Bahamian banks.

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Central Bank’s crypto deposit, credit bar gets mixed reviews

The Central Bank of The Bahamas has received push back to its proposal that banks must not accept crypto currency deposits, or make such loans, to customers.

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Dairy Queen makes Pointe with sixth site

The Dairy Queen franchise has expanded its New Providence presence and created ten jobs with the launch of its sixth location at The Pointe in downtown Nassau.

Minister reassures on GB electricity ‘theft’

A Cabinet minister yesterday reassured Freeport businesses and residents that the government was still talking to the island’s electricity utility over its response to recent “theft” claims.

‘Significant progress’ made in Oban talks

A Cabinet minister yesterday said “significant progress” had been made on several environmental and legal concerns associated with the Oban Energies’ Heads of Agreement (HOA).

Blue Lagoon takes sustainability award

Blue Lagoon Island, home to the Dolphin Encounters attraction, has received the Travelife Partner award in recognition of its efforts to achieve long-term sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Tuesday, April 2

04022019 EDITION

Tuesday, 2nd April, 2019.

EDITORIAL: Two steps forward, one step back

Just when we thought things were looking up for Grand Bahama, the island suffers another blow with the collapse of a crane working on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship at the shipyard.

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THE PETER YOUNG COLUMN: Mother of Parliaments? Rather the mother of all messes

Since Britain’s departure from the European Union is causing political upheaval in a nation divided on the issue, it remains top of the news agenda. So, reluctantly, I am covering Brexit in this column for a third week running. This time, while mentioning the latest developments splashed daily across the British and European media, a brief look at the background that has led to the impasse might be interesting.

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Woman in hospital after shooting

POLICE are seeking the public’s assistance to help them find the suspects behind a shooting incident that left a woman in hospital on Monday.

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FACE TO FACE: A childhood dream to give a life of service

Reverend George Bodie is a prime example of the truth that your circumstances in life do not have to define the outcome of your life. In times like these with violence and crime on the rise and with inner cities constantly threatened by gang activity, Rev Bodie shares his path to a life that is one to be proud of.

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16-year-old accused of killing student Perry Rolle Jr

A 16-year-old was remanded in custody accused of stabbing 15-year-old Perry Rolle Jr to death last week.

Tease photo

21-year-old driver kills woman in borrowed car

A 21-year-old woman was charged yesterday with hitting and killing a woman with a car that wasn’t hers and that she wasn’t licensed to drive before fleeing the scene.

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Lucayan buyers must be Freeport’s Atlantis

The Grand Lucayan’s new owners must have an Atlantis-type impact to relaunch a destination that will have been “off the market” for at least four years, a Freeport hotelier warned yesterday.

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Marine killed friend in crash

A ROYAL Bahamas Defence Force marine was fined $10,000 yesterday after he was charged with causing the death of his 17-year-old friend when the car they were in went out of control and flipped over in February.

Junkanoo bribery report ‘finished’

JUNKANOO officials are awaiting the release of an internal report concerning bribery allegations connected to the recent Boxing Day and New Year’s Day parades.

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CATCH HER - NOW: Police urged to ‘drop everything’ and find abductor

IN Light of recent child kidnappings in the capital, former Social Services Minister Melanie Griffin said yesterday authorities need to “drop everything” and see to it the MARCO Alert system is implemented fully.

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Eight injured in dockyard accident

SEVERAL employees were injured at the Grand Bahama shipyard when a crane collapsed on one of the world’s largest cruise ships around noon yesterday.

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Water Corp unions plan 'wildcat' action

The Water & Sewerage Corporation's (WSC) two trade unions are planning to stage a "wildcat withdrawal of enthusiasm" today amid claims staff morale is at an "all-time low".

It's hard to influence PM

Lawyers are taught that in order to prevail in the courtroom the premise of their argument must be more plausible than the conclusions they draw.

The measles threat: Here’s why getting kids vaccinated is vital

Here’s what paediatricians, emergency physicians and public health officials want parents to know about measles. It is one of the most contagious viruses in the world. Beyond flu-like symptoms and a rash that begins in the head area and moves downward, measles can develop serious or deadly complications, such as pneumonia and encephalitis (swelling of the brain).

Tease photo

One in three men face premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is by far the most prevalent sexual dysfunction faced by men. It is defined as a man ejaculating before or very soon after vaginal penetration, or the inability to delay ejaculation.

Tease photo

An independent woman

Quite often “independent woman” is used as a pejorative phrase to perpetuate the myth that women are allowed to be intelligent, even well-educated and professionally successful, but that somehow should still be “kept in their place” – independent thinking or outspoken women being perceived as a threat to the existing hierarchy.

Tease photo

War on the homefront: Overcoming strife in your marriage

Anyone can do good for people who are nice to them, but what about a misguided spouse who is emotionally or physically abusive? You know, the kind you want to have a Dathan and Abirum experience. That’s when God told Moses to stand back, ‘He’s got this’—then the earth opened up and swallowed some of the rebellious Israelites in one gulp.

Tease photo

Jewels from the sea

Artist and designer Rochelle Wilson-Knowles has accomplished what many entrepreneurs only dream of doing: she has moved her home-based business into a brick and mortar store.

Tease photo

‘Speak’ up for single parent homes

New foundation aims to assist one-parent families

WITH the majority of single-parent households in the Bahamas being maintained by mothers, single fathers like Rasheed Brown, Sr, are a rare breed.

Tease photo

Houses battle it out

The University of the Bahamas North has implemented an intramural programme, holding its first annual Inter-house Sports Day at the Grand Bahama Sports Complex last week.

Tease photo

Western Warriors surge to victory

IT was a weekend of intense soccer action at the RALD Field as the finals of the Under-15 Boys was determined.

Tease photo

Mountain test to bring opportunities for Neely

SPEAKING a little bit of Spanish and displaying some of the skills he developed, Felix Neely is back in town after spending the past three months training in Columbia with their junior national programme.

Softball league to return

AFTER a seven-year break, Loretta Maycock is bringing the New Providence Wholesalers Modified Pitch Softball League back this weekend at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex.

Tease photo

Tank Williams ready for showdown

SHERMAN “the Tank” Williams, with two weeks to prepare for his USBO Heavyweight Championship fight, said he’s in tip top shape and ready for his showdown with Orlando “Knockout” Farias.

Tease photo

Giants undefeated in tournament

A dominant season for the St John’s College Giants Senior Girls basketball team saw them achieve nearly every possible milestone and culminated with the ultimate prize - the 2019 National Title.

Tease photo

From broken bones to MVP

Paul Greene’s broken left hand was in a cast until the day before the Bahamas National High School Basketball Championships began but delivered a series of gutsy performances to lead the St George’s Jaguars to the 2019 title.

A dinosaur position

Very fortunately for BP&L news distractions take what has been going on at BP&L off the headlines but their issues stand and their issues involve all of us for at least 20 plus years forward so they are extremely important.

Self-righteous attack

As the self-appointed defender of this FNM government, the letter writer temporarily dubbing himself ‘the Graduate’ in Monday’s Tribune launched a silly and self-righteous attack on Nicki Kelly for suggesting that our Prime Minister seems weak-kneed before wealthy foreigners yet dismissive of poor and ordinary Bahamians. He suggests she was employing a ‘dog whistle’.

Tease photo

Teacher of the Year nominees urged to keep pace with changing world

CHANCES for tuition assistance with master’s and doctor of philosophy degrees for public school teachers are on the horizon.

Tease photo

Man dies in accident on Carmichael Road

A MAN is dead following a traffic accident early Monday morning on Carmichael Road.

Tease photo

Prepare for this tremendous opportunity, urges Kwasi Thompson

MINISTER of State for Grand Bahama Senator Kwasi Thompson has told Grand Bahamians to “ignore the naysayers” in response to criticism from the Progressive Liberal Party about the proposed development by RCI/ITM Group for the Grand Lucayan resort and Freeport Harbour.

Tease photo

Osborne disappointed by Alston departure

FORMER Bahamas Power & Light chairperson Darnell Osborne is lamenting the abrupt departure of BPL’s Chief Operating Officer Christina Alston, saying it shocked and saddened her.

Tease photo

WTO to ‘modernise 70-year-old model’

The government is “absolutely correct to modernise a 70-year-old economic model” by seeking full WTO membership, a well-known Bahamian attorney argued yesterday.

‘Irreparable harm’: Local broker’s fear dismissed by SEC

US federal regulators have dismissed fears that a Bahamian broker/dealer will suffer “irreparable harm” as a result of its probe, accusing its principal of “forum shopping” to defeat their efforts.

WTO ‘no silver bullet’ for GDP growth woes

Full World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership “is not a silver bullet” for solving The Bahamas’ economic growth woes, a Chamber of Commerce executive argued yesterday.

Monday, April 1

Tease photo

04012019 EDITION

Monday, 1st April, 2019.

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‘Turning blind eye to gang wars will only make them worse’

NOTED psychiatrist Dr David Allen says the stabbing of a teen boy last week highlights longstanding gang wars in inner city communities, adding that as long as the nation turns a blind eye to the issue it will only get worse.

Tease photo

INSIGHT: More than just a uniform

“NO, it wasn’t just the uniform for me. It was the attitude and professionalism of the first officers I came into contact with. It was my admiration for them and how they treated my family during a very serious time, that’s what drove me to the Royal Bahamas Police Force,” was how outgoing Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean summed up his initial interest in the organisation he would help develop over a 38-year period.

Tease photo

INSIGHT: When we have children killing children we are all at fault

Everyone becomes the expert in times of tragedy. There is no shortage of judgment and criticism when empathy would do just fine. When a child’s life is taken - as in the case of the young boy stabbed last week - we fear that in our violent society this could have happened to any one of our children. Emotions run high and people seek to point out who is at fault. However, that is one of the most harmful things we can do in times like these.

Tease photo

Buju brings out the crowds

REGGAE legend Buju Banton wowed hundreds of fans Saturday night during the Bahamian leg of his “Long Walk to Freedom” tour.

Tease photo

Injuries after Oasis of the Seas accident at GB Shipyard

One of the world's largest cruise ships was today involved in a major accident at the Grand Bahama Shipyard.

Tease photo

Testing the water on helping our hospitals

THE preliminary talks between Johns Hopkins Medicine and local health officials continued over the weekend, with the president of the institution’s global ventures scheme touring several facilities in New Providence.

Tease photo

Financial provider set to trigger expansion

A Bahamas-based multi-family office, which plans to double its workforce by launching a new business and investment fund, says this nation must avoid the “rogue country” label at all costs.

Tease photo

Mystery abductor strikes yet again

AN eight-year-old boy was lured from his home on Fox Hill Road south into a silver car and later dropped off near the New Providence Landfill on Friday.

Tease photo

It hurts, it’s been ruined: After 38 years, senior officer opens up on force departure

THE government’s handling of the pre-retirement leave process for several senior police and defence force officers “ruined” their departures, according to outgoing Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean.

Are the PLP anti-jobs?

I must say that I am very surprised at the anti-development, anti-job stance adopted lately by Her Majesty’s Official Opposition. The Progressive Liberal Party was once a party of the people, the party of the working man. This is no longer the case, it would seem. Nowadays, a new-look PLP is everywhere criticising the government for signing deals that create much-needed jobs for struggling communities and give regular Bahamians hope for their future and security for their families.

We need Financial Independence

I entirely agree with your correspondent Brian E Plummer which you published on Monday, March 25, when he points out that developed economies deal more in manufacturing than the developing economies.

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Four face court over marijuana charges

FOUR men were charged with possession of dangerous drugs in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

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Three accused of overstaying

THREE foreign nationals, two Colombians and one Haitian, were arraigned in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court on Friday for overstaying and illegal landing.

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Living the dream

On a small road with big dreams, members of the Lewis Street community gathered on Saturday to unveil their Dream Wall of Respect, pictured, a vibrant collection of murals with powerful messages of love and hope and tributes to heroes.

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The Bahamas matches US in gender equality report

THE Bahamas has been ranked 62 out of 187 nations in a recent World Bank report analysing countries where women are fully equal to men under the law.

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Man found shot at business

A MAN is in hospital after he was shot in Grand Bahama on Saturday, police said.

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Title matchups all set in High School Basketball Nationals

Our championship matchup of the Senior Boys’ division in the National High School Basketball Championships are down to our final teams of the tournament.

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USVI rout JBLN 11-1 to win Invitational Tournament

THE US Virgin Islands saved their best game for the last, routing the Junior Baseball League of Nassau 11-1 to win the inaugural Freedom Farm 12-and-under International Invitational Tournament.

NPBA FINALS: Series tied 1-1

THE Commonwealth Bank Giants’ bid at a perfect season was ruined on Friday night after their Your Essential Giants’ division II team also suffered a defeat in the New Providence Basketball Association’s best-of-seven championship series.

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Nassau native claims victory in Dog Days Half Marathon

FREEPORT, Bahamas – Over 500 competitors enjoyed perfect weather conditions, beautiful scenery and a world-class route at the annual Grand Bahama Dog Days Half Marathon.

Top athletes use Florida Relays to prepare for IAAF Worlds

THE 2019 Pepsi Florida Relays provided an opportunity for some of the country’s top athletes to display their skills as they prepare for the IAAF World Relays and the World Championships.

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Ministry’s Kravitz campaign avoids ‘irreparable harm’

The Ministry of Tourism’s Lenny Kravitz-led marketing campaign has escaped “irreparable harm” after a US court barred disclosure of its commercial terms to a former Bahamian beauty queen.

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CARIFTA Swimming team gets gift of swim caps from Nick Dean of IBS

AS they get closer to their departure to Bridgetown, Barbados, to defend their title at the CARIFTA Swimming Championships, the Bahamas national swim team got a gift from Nick Dean of Integrated Building Services.

Police Advice: Children are watching what we do

Parents, get involved in your children’s lives before it is to late

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GAIN AN EDGE: Kristal’s battle to tackle Bahamas’ plastic pollution

Kristal Ambrose is a changemaker. She has participated in research conferences around the world and has been recognized for her fight in ending plastic pollution. Kristal’s advocacy and the work of a Bahamian non-profit she founded have also been featured in international publications showcasing the work of environmental innovators.

A drummer's letter of thanks

My sincere and heartfelt thanks goes out to the members of The Nassau Beach Alumni Association for an amazingly, spectacular tribute in my honour on March 1st, 2019, at The Barrabas House, Junkanoo World, Oakes Field.

Roberts leads Sun Devils to second top-25 upset of season

JUSTIN Roberts got one of his biggest collegiate victories on Saturday as he led the Arizona State Sun Devils men’s tennis team to their second top-25 upset of the season with a 4-2 decision over No. 25 Arizona Wildcats in Tucson.

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‘Bring in mentorship scheme for children at risk’

THE Ministry of Education should consider a law enforcement-based mentorship programme for at risk youth, departing Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean has recommended.

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BPL chief operating officer resigns

BAHAMAS Power and Light confirmed yesterday the immediate resignation of its Chief Operating Officer Christina Alston.

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Govt ‘within’ $25m budget for Lucayan

A Cabinet minister yesterday predicted the government “will be within” the $25m budget allocated for the Grand Lucayan, adding that he could “see no impediment to a speedy closing”.

Freeport hopes it’s now ‘bride, not bridesmaid’

A top Freeport realtor is voicing hope that the ITM/Royal Caribbean project will reverse the city’s unhappy recent history of “always being the bridesmaid, never the bride”.

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Bahamian dealers beat US extradition

Two Bahamians accused of facilitating an alleged $500m securities fraud and money laundering scheme are celebrating after the courts in Belize quashed the US bid to extradite them.

Bahamas’ WTO bid faces new scrutiny

The fourth Working Party meeting on The Bahamas’ bid for full World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership will take place this coming Friday in Geneva, Switzerland.

Balance key for vacation rentals

Vacation home rentals are the “perfect opportunity” for Bahamians to gain tourism sector ownership but must be taxed and regulated, a senior industry official believes.